View Full Version : Who thinks Nintendo should of put the Eevee Evolutions in the game?

November 2nd, 2003, 8:04 AM
My favorite Pokemon was Vaporeon,they just had to have the other Pokemon.Same thing with Umbreon,Eevee,Jolteon,Flareon,and Espeon they need to be Ruby and Sapphire versions.My favorite Pokemon is Umbreon,and I was heart broken when it wasn`t in the Ruby and Sapphire versions.Now they can put stupid Pokemon in there like Jiggypuff,and not put Pokemon like Umbreon.I mean my old favs Scyther,Houndoom,Umbreon,Jolteon,Vaporeon,Flareon,Espeon,Eevee,Bayleaf,Dragonair.There are a lot more Pokiemon that need to be in Ruby and Sapphire versions.I never cheated in my life.But If getting a AR or Gameshark to Cheat,I will do so.Because if their is no other way to get them,I think it is not cheating.I searched and searched for ways to get them,none worked.So I turned to ARs and Game shark

November 2nd, 2003, 8:33 AM
Like you said, they are in the game. You just can not access them yet. However, when the new remakes of Red and Blue arrive, you should be able to trade with Ruby/Sapphire. Then you can legitly have all the old Pokmon from RBY, or so it is presumed.

Mana Lugia
November 2nd, 2003, 9:14 AM
Since when did Nintendo care about its customers? It's all about the money. There's a load of pokemons that could have been put in the game (and consequently get rid of the new RS ones, eg: Swellow... Fearow?) It's not even about space, I would think. Make Swellow appear in one less area and stick pidgey there instead >.>

No, nintendo wants you to BUY its next product, the legendary REMAKE of RED/GREEN, which we've all played to death, except this time there probably won't be any of the bugs that made RBY interesting (Mew, Missingno), and basically FR/LG are just worthless pieces of poop that gives Nintendo your hard earned money in exchange for something you can just shark up. Seriously though, a gameshark's more universal than FR/LG.

November 2nd, 2003, 12:33 PM
i agree... Nintendo is always money hungry. Why bother with those special Nintendo promotions in order to get Celebi and Mew? They just want you to spend more money for them... come to those special promotions to get ONE pokemon but in return PAY them BILLIONS. if they really care for us so much then simply stick in every pokemon within the game and make them all accessible through normal means, instead of phoney promotions.

the idea of E-card further supports this too. Trading is also a way to encourage people buying multiple version in order to catch them all. Encourage your friend to buy the other version that you'll be gettig in order to catch them all... what junk... it's called gameshark.

and hopefully the new remakes will include new TMs that Ru/Sa don't have, or else it'll be completely worthless except to see how the good old trainers are doing (but that alone doesn't worth my cash... i'll much rather save for my precious PS2/3 in the future)

oni flygon
November 2nd, 2003, 2:42 PM
actually, Gamefreak produces and programs the game. Nintendo does the rest. It's Game Freak (aka The Pokemon Company)'s desicion to take of some pokemon ^^

Mana Lugia
November 2nd, 2003, 6:04 PM
You forget that Nintendo can sway Gamefreak's decisions on the game....

November 2nd, 2003, 6:23 PM
Yeah, they work with Nintendo to make the games. Nintendo markets and publishes the games They do the coding, but one compensates for the other.

November 3rd, 2003, 1:12 PM
"Perfect Game" That was a quote from a game review for Ruby and sapphire versions.Yeah right,the old Pokemon were the classics..... like good ol Charmander and Squritle.I mean come on think back the your very first Pokemon game,first file,first Pokemon.... Charmander,Squritle,Bulbasaur.Pikachu wasn`t a real starter. Yeah the new Leaf Green and Fire Red that is coming out,they sould restore a AWESOME game like ol Red and green.Pokemon Blue is really Green.Does any one agree with me?Please come on!

November 3rd, 2003, 1:56 PM
yeh Charmander,Squritle,Bulbasaur was the best starters thay still are in my opinion.
i was disappointed with r/s when i found out that u cant have the original pokemnon

Mana Lugia
November 3rd, 2003, 4:18 PM
No disagreements there. The Nostalgia of catching my first pokemon, a pidgey, was enough to make me use it all the way up to the 1337 4, where Charizard finished Blue's Blastoise with a well timed Fissure.

November 3rd, 2003, 5:17 PM
They were truly the best Pokemon game ever!!! Pokemon is almost my whole life.I depend on Pokemon.I remember my first file,I started out on Blue version with a Bulbasaur,I picked Jolteon as the Eevee,he was the fastest pokemon then though.

Thunder Pichu
November 4th, 2003, 5:17 PM
Nintendo wouldn't listen to us....
I heard from one of my friends that you can get eevee with a blue pokeblock in the safari zone... -_-;;;;

November 6th, 2003, 3:11 PM
*flips through RuSa guidebook* Hmm...don't think that's true...would have been in the book if it were. I was upset that Eevee and her evolutions weren't in the game. Then again, there is so many pokemon. Get rid of Eevee and you get rid of six pokemon all at once.

pokey a.k.a espeon
March 26th, 2004, 5:03 PM
I really wish Eevee was in R/S.I was so mad when I found out it was'nt in R/S
It evoles into favorite pokemon Espeon.

March 26th, 2004, 6:28 PM
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