View Full Version : Might get me banned : o WARNING! xP

August 13th, 2009, 2:47 PM
I didn't find any rule topic only the WHER IS REP and REPORT GM PM bla bla so I don't know all about this side of the forum, I just read ''here you write about anything''
And well those words are saying that I can write whataver I wan't to ofc I never readed any of the rules on this forum : o


Cuz I don't really manage to do it : )

I havn't been banned yet so Everything is ok right? xD

OooOoOO well I am going to write about ''ANYTHING''

here goes nothing xD

Ok so here it goes you just read that I am going to write about anything here it is : )
Don't know why I keep writing meaningless stuff but if you are reading this, I wan't to ask you a question. Why are you reading the stuff I do not know why I write? : o

ooooOooo right I do know why I write this : )
I am bored and well I wan't to see if this is against the rules, to make a topic about ANYTHING : o

oooOooo anything can be feelings right? : o

Well I wan't to write about feelings, Feelings are feelings!!! : o OMG!! yeah I know that were a lame sentence.

''Feelings are feelings'' riiiiight I didn't know that from befor xP

Well it is xP

Sorry if this is really boring.
And sorry if the gramma and everything is enoing : )
But if it is that enoing you don't have to read it : D

I don't really like gramma and stuff, cuz I like to say it like this, If you understand what the dude sayes he don't have to improve.

But I bet I say this cuz I can't spell and my gramma sucks xP
well well I say what I say and do as I do if you don't like it you talk to me : )

That is how stuff goes :P
I bet it goes like that for you to xP

God sake if you still are reading I am surprised x)

Well now I will write about something else : o

''Life'' the word containing 4 letters but are so much more than 4 : o
Life is a word that the ''human race'' created, I think I ain't sure but I think its like that : )

Life is a bunch of things like, feelings : ) and stuff allot of other stuff that I can't really write : s

Cuz well the word feeling kinda comes into it all xD

Life is ''eating'' and well eating may come from the ''feeling'' hunger so eating kinda goes into feelings : )
Love is a feeling and life is allot of love, hate and bla bla bla bla allot more xP

I am getting kinda tired of this writing so I think I soon stop x)


I shall also say that you are welcome to talk about ''ANYTHING'' yourself if you have a crush on somone or if you just argued whit somone and really feel that you wan't to kill them. Trust me it helps to write about anything xP

OoooOoo and if you know that writing about anything is against the rules on this forum

DO NOT DO IT!!! : )

I like rules, I just have problems to learn them :)

oo one more thing may everyone that read this ''Live a happy life'' live a happy life : )

If you just read that I wish that you are living a happy life : o

if you need anyone to spam to spam me : )
I like spam and I think its fun xD

ooo and allot of ppl like ice cream and cookies why ? cuz its sugar ppl that don't like sugar like banana's and apples and some ppl like them both xD


PS: Sorry if this is considered ''Illegal to the forum rules : )''

August 13th, 2009, 3:15 PM
Write about anything as in a story about anything..;>__>
Not something out of the blue. A story that's not relevant to Pokemon.
A fanfiction of maybe a different series of a game,show,anime or something else. This place isn't for random writing..

August 13th, 2009, 3:20 PM
well we should have a place wher we can write about anything : o

Well I didn't know this now I do : )

I think its fun to write out of the blue (H) xO

August 13th, 2009, 6:03 PM
i must say even if this is against the rules(im not sure because this my first time in this section) it was acually... very funny... im not sure how... but it was...

August 13th, 2009, 6:09 PM
I never readed any of the rules on this forum

Maybe you should. Just a suggestion.