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August 16th, 2009, 6:32 AM
Ok, im making a new pokemon game called Pokemon: Legends Revenge. And im just asking if anyone wants to help me. Im also going to update on anything new about the game, so if you feel like it come on and help. I hardly got it done though. I only got a small part of it. And if you do decide to join dont just pick what you want to do, ask first, and i will let you know what i need most at the time.

The main player wakes up from a nice morning sleep, comes down stairs and the players mom says "Honey, come look at what i found by the lake!" the player runs over and is shocked, the mom is holding a pokeball in her hand and gives it to the player, the mother says "open it you will be suprised" The player throws the ball and a Phione comes out. the mother goes "I found it, and, on the news, they are saying something about a pokemon called ARCEUS." the player is very suprised, and the game continues on, you battle trainers, then after you pass Zeck city, the Phione is trying to say something, so the player takes it to a chansey docter (who wrightes english) and chansey wrights on her Board "Phione is saying we have to find all of the legendary pokemon before its to late" and the player is suprised, the phione says another thing "I can only call 2 legendarys, Manaphy and Celebi" and the player asks the docter to ask why we need the legendarys, docter asks Phione, and Phione says "Because thousands of years ago, Arceus attacked all the legendarys just for one reason, cause they betrayed him cause of fainting in a battle against one of the chosen pokemon, Giratina. But Arceus attackes giratina cause he bumped into Arceus, knocking over the Life Sphere, breaking it, Thats arceus' main power, and was weak, but powerful enough to attack them, now Arceus has awakened from his recovery nap, and all the legendarys sence he is back, and they want revenge." So, the player thanks the docter, but the docter stops the player for a moment and gives the player a Microphone of some kind, Chansey says "It will help you understand what anykind of pokemon says exept Arceus, in order for me to understand i need to hear its call, then i can track down some stuff and Download it onto there. Anyways, good luck!" The player puts it on and Phione says "Do you want me to get Manaphy and Celebi?" and player nods head, then Phione Flys up and goes "PHHHHHHIIIIIIOOOOOONNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!" and comes back down, after about 10 minutes they see Celebi and Manaphy, Phione says "Can we be at the beach? cause me and Manaphy cant be out of water for long" Player nods head and they all go down to the beach, Phione is talking to manaphy and celebi, Manaphy and Celebi say "All the other Legendarys know about this, and they also know that we are teaming up, but we dont know when." then Phione had an idea and says "what if we go to Temporal tower and let Dialga use the Legendary call to gather everyone to the temporal tower?" and everyone nods and runs off, and the player now also has Manaphy and Phione in the players party. The game continues on until you get there, they talk to Dialga and he does the call, then theres a scene where all the legendarys here the call and all come. And they all start talking when they get there.

Thats most of the story, if you want to know about more of it then Pm me.
(sorry that its so long ^^)

EDIT: I dunno where im suppose to put a hack, animation type thing so i will put it in artwork and stories cause its mostly an animation.

I got the intro done! http://www.iaza.com/work/090817C/18234719500-iaza.gif Now im going to get the start done.
Episode 1: My first pokemon....a legendary? http://www.iaza.com/work/090817C/11601147735-iaza.gif

August 16th, 2009, 11:40 AM
This... really isn't art, so it doesn't belong in the Art Gallery.
It's not like you're hacking a game, so it doesn't belong in ROM and Hacks.
I'd say this probably goes in Graphics & Photography, but you sort of need four images to make a gallery there, and you technically only have two.

So umm.... get four images, and then post in G&P?