View Full Version : I'm like, "Do I suck that much"?

September 6th, 2009, 2:50 AM




cnc I guess

September 6th, 2009, 2:51 AM
The green future one is awesome!

September 6th, 2009, 2:56 AM
That's the oldest one there lol

September 6th, 2009, 4:17 AM
I like 1 and 4 the best. The other too are... uhh, too boring for my taste. Especially the Luxray banner.

September 6th, 2009, 5:08 AM
I like 1 and 4 the best. The other too are... uhh, too boring for my taste. Especially the Luxray banner.

The first one is from today. I'm trying to learn how to work with illustrator.

September 6th, 2009, 7:31 AM
http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww24/MadsenART/bleachtagpng.png?t=1252234059I'm not an amazing graphics artist or anything, myself, but in my opinion this is just..too one toned. You'd be better off making the darkness of the circly bit a lot less prominant and fading into the background a little more, as for the character - he's hidden - which isn't a very good thing, as you should want the character or render that you have used to be standing out a lot more than the filters and brushes that you have used to create the design. And well, to put it bluntly; don't like it, it's just..odd, and messy.

http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww24/MadsenART/Taginmonths2.png?t=1252234143This one would probably look a lot better if it wasn't grey, and was colouring instead. But, I just don't understand this one, it's messy, and just perplexing. Much like the first image.

http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww24/MadsenART/Luxraysigimg.png?t=1252234163 As for this image, I like it, the colour, that is. As for the rest of it..it's too empty. You should have the Pokémon nearer to the front, and larger, in my opinion.

http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww24/MadsenART/jh7f4h.png?t=1252234167This one is a little better, the text it just a bit too blurry, that's all.

Anyway, sorry for tl;dr'ing on you. :o I hope I helped. ^^