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  • I'm generally fine. Problems here and there but I like my job and it's weekend so can't complain much. Though I wish I could sleep better.
    Haha, I getcha. :) Well glad things are good though.

    And I'm working in aviation, which isn't where I saw myself a few years ago. Haha.
    That doesn't sound like you at all. ;D

    And aw. That's great. I'd love to get a dog. And yep! I'm a year into my career, and it's going super well. :)
    Haha! Exactly. I hate time. It almost depresses me how you blink and it's another year. Or another moment gone. Weird stuff, time.

    Well I'm sure they'd be happy to help you there. They're always looking for new people to create stuff with, so do check it out! :) And we can all be douches, but I guess that's why growing up is good as well. Let's you see perspective.
    Yeah! Haha. It really wasn't so long, but at the same time, it seems like forever. Crazy.

    And thank you! I hope so too. :) Hope you do get back into the art!
    Thanks! And it was close, I believe. Started in 09, finished '14. And thanks! It can be. Already had a few toughies, but I'm hopeful for this one I'm about 50% through now. :)
    The Art section here would love to have you, I'm sure. :) And I got busy with school and couldn't really commit to PC. I graduated from uni and have been looking for a career path for about a year. Made some headway on stuff, but I applied for a lot of long-term hiring process jobs.
    ...well, your last post was three years ago, it's so very good that you still lurk after so long!
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