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October 16th, 2004, 1:12 PM
An accident has caused three adventurers from another world to become trapped in the Pokemon World. It is up to the Trainers (you) to help them get back. Beware though. The three adventurers might not be the only ones that were transported here...


I've condensed the rules down to the ones that matter the most. Breaking these rules will ruin the RPG utterly, so please follow them...

1: No Legendaries. This RPG assumes that there is one of each Legendary Pokemon, and uses them as integral characters. This is the MOST IMPORTANT rule, as the basis of the RPG depends on it. There are a few exceptions on the one of each, but this rule MUST be followed.

The Legendaries are: Mew, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Lugia, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and ALL Deoxys. MewTwo isn't considered Legendary, but he applies to this rule.

2: No Level 100 Pokemon. We don't use Stats here, but your Pokemon are even with the enemies for the most part. Please don't use any unbeatable creatures.

3: If you are part of a Team, (Team Rocket, Magma, etc...) that's ok. But please act in character. Would a dedicated member of Team Magma join a group of do-gooders out of the blue? The only rule is if you rob your own party after you join it, expect repercussions...

4: It is OK to put the dialogue in script format, but please let me know what the character is doing.

e.g. Jim is going to the Pokemon Center.

After getting there,

Jim: I need my Pokemon healed.

5: You have a limited amount of cash. People do this more than one might think. There are shops and I will reward the victorious in battle, but in the start, limit yourself to only a little money (up to 1000P). It just makes for a better challenge.

6: No Pokemorphs, or clones. Thought I was gonna forget this one, huh?

Other things for the most part, I can tweak for. If you steal someone's Pokemon, I can add things in for that if you are seen doing it. This is just an example and not binding, so don't panic...


When you introduce a character, include a brief description and a little background. Also, list the Pokemon that they have, as well as a little bio of each. Please use discrecion here and only limit yourself to six in the beginning...

You may join any time, but make it appropriate to the situation. For instance, during a battle, maybe break in with an attack. This is ok to do before introducing your character. Just make sure the bio is in your first post here.

Don't worry about stats. They're not really used. I will let you know how hard you were hit and you use your discrecion to determine if you should pull out or if you can still keep going. Kind of like the REF of a Pokemon Battle; they can't see the Pokemon HP, so...

Also, you can assign 6 attacks per Pokemon. If you switch an attack out, it is NOT FORGOTTEN! It goes into your 'Attack Box' and can be reequipped later. Just remember, it can only be done overnight or at a Pokemon Center, so you must choose them wisely...

Lastly, there is NO LIMIT on how many times attacks can be used. The reason for this is it would give the later enemies a horrible advantage if the limit stood for this.

Now, onto my Good NPCs:

1: Roan Solmiur
Race: Moon Elf
Class: War Priest
Diety: Aphrodite

Roan has grey skin and white hair. He stands about 5'9'' and seems to have more refined features. He wears a Breastplate and has an odd looking Mace. Also, he carries a strange looking dagger on him.

Roan has a semi-Brock-esque attitude, except he will often involve himself in others' love affairs. He often goes on a whim, tending toward the good side. Thus, he will likely help those in need, especially females.

2: Allicko
Race: Half-Fiend
Class: Paladin
Diety: Olidamaara

Allicko has blue skin and black hair. He stands about 6'5'' and seems to be more toned. He wears various armors, but tends toward the light Plates. He carries his trusty Sun Sword at his side.

Despite being a Half-Fiend, Allicko bears a kind nature toward others. He dedicates his life to helping others out and will NEVER willingly commit an evil act. His ability to transform into his Demon form was stripped away as a semi-punishment for losing control of himself in a battle. This was a blessing as well, as he now has complete control over his actions. Aside from this, he has an affinity toward orphans. He prefers for his friends to call him 'Al' and I will use that abbreviation after introducing him in the RPG.

3: Nebulon
Race: Human
Class: Thief/Illusionist
Diety: Olidamaara

Nebulon has blue hair that he dyed himself. He stands about 5'10'' and seems slender. He appears to wear a leather jacket and loose-fitting leggings that reach his ankles. He also has a hole in his right side where he holds a bladder for storing items that he... acquires.

Nebulon carries himself more casually than the others. He will speak on a whim, and often make witty remarks. His ability to bluff will have even the most ungullible adventurers believing every word he says. His proficiencies in finding and removing traps, as well as picking locks are useful on any adventure. He prefers to be called Neb for short and I will use that abbreviation after introducing him in the RPG.

Well, let me whip up a little intro here.

It starts in Saffron City. Everyone is doing their own thing, whether waiting for the Gym to open or attempting to steal Pokemon. After awhile you all see a number of people run to the South end of the City. This is where you start.

paige pelletier
October 16th, 2004, 4:55 PM
................???................. are we suposed to be magical??? and isn't it like name age race ect ect? Ps just need answers but it sounds cool!

October 17th, 2004, 7:08 AM
Basically, you can be any race that exists in the Pokemon world. And remember, the Pokemon are magical in and of themselves, so the Trainers don't really have to be magical since the Pokemon do the fighting for them. Besides ESP, there isn't really any known magical power that humans in the Pokemon World could use.

While you could be a race from the Realms (just let me know which and remember that you are still a Trainer), the focus of this RPG is for Pokemon Trainers to help our adventurers get home, without too many run-ins with any potential villains, though that is probably unavoidable...

I'll probably use some strange races as well, so...

Of course, the three adventurers will think that the Pokemon are magical and that all Trainers are Summoners.

Finally, yes you can state the character's age if you want. The reason I left it out of my bios is because I'm going to tell you how old they appear to be.

Burne Starcofski
October 17th, 2004, 7:34 PM
Well, I'll join, but I need a form or something to fill out.

October 18th, 2004, 8:41 AM
Oh, right...

The form would be like this:

Age (optional):
Race (optional):




For the Pokemon:

Nickname (Optional):
Actual Name:
Type: (Fire, Grass, etc...)
Short description:
Attack Box:

Readied Attacks:

Note: There is NO LIMIT to how many times an attack can be used. Also, you can have up to 6 readied attacks per Pokemon, and unreadied ones stay in the Attack Box. If you are switching out an attack, let me know in the post, and remember that it can only be done overnight, or at a Center in Town. Remember, switched out attacks are NOT forgotten!