View Full Version : Dual Sim Phones

Ayano Katagiri
March 7th, 2010, 12:51 AM
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a new phone and had been looking at a few dual-sim card phones (mainly because all my friends keep complaining about how it costs them extra to send to my network o_o). I'm thinking of bidding on a Docomo (SHARP) T9020. (Go rotating screens!~)

To be honest, I don't really care about the features as I've long got over having a "cool phone" but I'd really like the dual-sim function. Has anyone ever had/or used a dual-sim phone before and could possibly tell me if they're any good? I've heard from someone that they run slower and can have network problems; which isn't all that appealing.. but I really would like to have the two sim function so people would stop complaining about me predominantly being on another network (and I don't want to carry two phones around in my pockets!!).

EDIT: I just realised the one I'm looking at is a "copy" of SHARP's 9020, not the real thing. I'm still considering buying it though seeing as it looks like all the dual-sim phones (within my price range) are copies or ones made in China.