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  • No... Watch it then! To know the thing! And like, they say it's awesome.

    DD: That's too bad.

    Oh, that's too bad. ;;
    Um, not really. Most likely an open-ended one. The animation was meh, but the emotion was really good.

    EDIT: Oh! Alternative version of Tsubasa Cat op in the web stream! REALLY, REALLY DISTURBING. sugar sweet nightmare. Better than the live-action op.

    Pack for what?
    But, I wonder if how's that possible. I hope it's not like Yu-gi-oh, where if you're playing an rpg you get hurt...

    Meh, Actually, I'm not good at making friends at both IRL or online.
    OHHH. Is that so? Technology is really amazing.

    Yeah, me too. I'm not really the type that makes friends easily.
    What's different about 3DS anyway? couldn't they make the graphics in 3D games more 3d-ish?

    Oh, those PMs are waaaaay old. My PMs are like, from Midori Chi or someone.
    3DS, oh great. Another thing to buy. I just bought my DSi too...

    Oh, really. I wish someone would PM me ;;
    Yeah, they don't have any markers on where will supposed to go. ;;

    Yes, but it's quite annoying when you go to PC after such a long time and see a PM of someone wanting your account. multiple PMs.
    Hm, I should have it rated by Shira-chan...

    Oh, yeah. Ive heard of it and yeah, it's pretty whackjob.

    Yes, buy B/W! The graphics is really cool and the sprites are actually moving~ Though HG/SS bores me. ;;

    Yes, but that was in like, 4 (or 3) years ago?
    What? Don't ignore them! Say no firmly or they're gonna bug you to death, and by PM? Oh, facebook stalking is useless...
    Yes, that's right! My gfx sux!

    I think it was worse in other forums but I can't for the life of me remember.

    heh, lol.

    What!? B/W is coming and YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR DS!?

    Yes, I am. See my join date?
    What the hell? Hm, that's a weird thing to ask for an account for. Stalking times!
    It's supposed to be staples... ;;

    people at mal are harsh. They're saying he deserves it? Hello? Look in the mirror much?

    Huh, isn't that when many main characters die?

    Whoa. I HAVE a lot of time ib my hands.

    Enjoy every moment you've got. It's a wonderful world. The world ends withs you. Only you can expand you horizon.

    It's rude to call ppl noob, as I am one and why?
    Lol, a 14 year old got arrested for uploading manga chapters few days prior to their official release on youtube. MAL is a funny forum.

    Anyways, here's the banner. It was supposed to be an Angel Beats banner...
    Yeah, thankfully I'd never will again. It took me more than 4 hours to make that crap, it's going in my recycle bin.

    Heh, I still haven't finished the first season!

    Speaking of which, Queen's Blade S2 has a nice ending. Buddy-body by Rie Kugimiya, Yuko Goto and Kanae Ito. Never knew Kugimiya can sing with a mature voice.

    Ah, nice. It must be nice to have a dream, it's not like I'll know how it feels...
    Argh. I was supposed to start on a banner but got distracted. D:

    New Code geass? But it's not a sequel or a prequel, it's like a new story entirely with C.C.

    Lol, there's an ageing population there, so most people there are adults. They eve have vending machines of cigarettes left un-guarded, so most teenagers there smokes.

    Medicine, huh? A Nurse or a doctor?
    XD, when did the tables get turned? Well, it wont for long. I'll let you see the banner I'm currently doing when I'm done. (My PS finally got less f'ed up)

    That's too bad, but Angel Beats is still in progress there. Well, atleast you watched Saki and that's what matters and ...half of Bakemonogatari.

    Lol, read the manga, and it's much more extreme there. Ayana Taketatsu's voice is <3, but that girl can't sing.

    Ah, well, what career are you choosing then?
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