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November 15th, 2003, 8:33 AM
hey, if you could make your own anime wat would it be like?

Sapphire Titan
November 26th, 2003, 3:48 PM
Oooohhh, It'd be about someone with magic powers capturing something. This person would have lots of flirtaciousness with another person. No gay or incest.

November 26th, 2003, 6:08 PM
I'd probably make mine about dragons (I'm a dragonaholic) with some humor and a very beautiful main carecture dragon and one of her human friends, a girl named Merr, going out on an adventure and ending up haveing to save the world frome a deadly red and silver dragon.

November 27th, 2003, 4:52 PM
I'm one step ahead of you. I've got all the main characters' designs and backgrounds all layed out. I just need a plot for my manga(/anime if it ever gets big, rofl). XD

:3 Actually, one of the main characters is the girl in my sig. (The pink image... not Yami Malik. o_O) Her name is Eiki Yume (last name, first name). ^_^ She has pink hair. She irritates me. I like Cameran. I should post pictures sometime. XP

December 17th, 2003, 5:00 PM
Well. I few days ago. I drew some characters for a anime i would make. Rather more maga! It's called Naomi Adventures. Hey it's just a fighting thing! But I haven't got into the making tho. I just amde the logo and 3 characters on it! I wish I had a scanner!

Sayuri no Hoshi
December 18th, 2003, 12:09 PM
I'd probably make mine slightly bishoujo. I'd want it to take place in school with lots of romance and even more comedy. I know there are tons of anime out there already like that, lol, but I'd do it MY WAY and how I'd want everything to happen without doing constant annoying cliffhangers. I just have a lot of various ideas that I know I'd like to put in mine. I just can't name 'em at the moment...^_^;

Sapphire Titan
December 18th, 2003, 12:40 PM
Destiny Warriors

Three teenage kids end up witnessing the merge of a great evil on Earth and the only spirits that can stop the evil land in their bodies as hosts. Now, they have the ability to summon great weapons and, led by the cute little winged spirit Rulurii, defeat the fifty demons of darkness. The Destiny Warriors are Keira Hoshizagwa, Toni Hiro, and Yorika Linimoto. But what about that mysterious new teacher, Ms. Donichi.....???

(I love my anime/manga! :laugh: Copyright 2003)

December 18th, 2003, 2:02 PM
That sounds cool! Umm. I drew 2 new character for mine today!

December 18th, 2003, 3:26 PM
I've done this before!!!! Actually, like, 10000000 times^^ It's really fun, but aggervating, because every time I get a new idea, I create a new manga, and at times, I make so many that it's hard to keep track of them all, so I merge my ideas into my other manga (Plural. I like it better than "Mangas."). Plus, every time I think of new characters and abilities, I have to write them down the moment I think of them. If I don't, I forget them, then spend all of a school day trying to remember the stuff I thought up. Very hectic. Anyway, I'll go into three of them here.

Arishia-hime (Princess Arishia)
Ah, alas. My first manga. First created at midnight on New Years Day, 2001 (I'm dead serious! I was drawing the lead character when the ball dropped^^), I'm still working on it^^;;;;. Well, obviously, it's about a fifteen girl named Bosuueruru Arishia (Alicia translated into Japanese. I made up the last name. Yes. It was created at a time when I didn't have a clue about Japanese names.), and she finds out she's the princess of a small valley, and she's set to become queen in less than a year, when her godmother, Akechi Hikaru, comes to inform her father, Bosuueruru Yoshihiro, and her sister, Bosuueruru Michiru, that Arishia and Michiru's mother, Hyata Hotaru, was murdered. So, Arishia has to take her duty as princess, save her country from becoming ruled by evil people, blah blah.

Sakura Kokoro (Cherry Blossom Heart)
A young, orphaned girl, Aizawa Mei, is a con artist. One day, she's being chased by the police when she falls off of a cliff and faints. When she wakes up, Mei's laying in a green field, and off in the distance, there's a small town. Suddenly, she hears a voice that tells her that she will be allowed to live, but only if she gives up her evil ways and only does good deeds for the rest of her life. She also has to move to the little town as punishment, as only women who live very modest lives, and she must change her identity. If anyone finds out who she is, she will be killed. The town's name is Sakura Kokoro.
Mei moves in, to find that she's the youngest to live there in 100 years. All of the current residents are 19+, except for her. She's 17. But, she quickly makes friends with others. Then, one day, an evil force is taking the souls of children (Those below 18.). Everyone in Sakura Kokoro thinks that their town will be passed, as no one ther is a child. But, because of Mei, the force is looking for her, so he can take her soul and have ultimate power. Mei only has one choice: Admit who she is, and die.

This is my latest idea. All that I have so far is that there's these triplets, a tomboy, a prep, and an antisocialist. For the prep, her dream is to be a movie/TV star. So, when an network executive-substitute teacher comes to school to teach their science class, she's sure to tell him about her school life, "hinting" here and there that she'd die to be on a TV show. The sub is on the verge of being fired, so, he takes an idea to his company: A reality show about life in middle school, focusing on three seventh-grade groups, the preps, the sports fanatics, and the freaks/goths/antisocialists^^

December 19th, 2003, 2:36 PM
I already have my plot, characters, and stuff planned out..

Its called Yuu-Ri

Yuu's a 16 year old girl, her family is rich, and all that good stuff. She however, is a loner, and hates boys ^^; Her family HATES homosexuals..

And Yuu's best new friend, Ri, is one.. O_o;;

And I made an adorable friend for Ri, her name's Ruru and she's just 13, Ruru's family sails around the world and she's Ri's best and longest friend.. ^_^;;

I did that in order to stop discrimination and to let people know that just because of someone's preferance, doesn't mean they are any different..

If u look and know the title Yuu-Ri, then you'll know why I named it.

Yuri is japanese for homosexual, and I just got the two syllables and made them into names! ^^;;

*gets killed by manga*

December 19th, 2003, 4:26 PM
Technically yuri is girl x girl, but I like the title... very creative. :D

I also like the premise for it. XD It's amusing. :x You have to draw your manga and show me~~~

December 19th, 2003, 4:35 PM
I know. It would be nice to see it! Umm. I'm not good at drawing. But igf I get a scanner for christmas I will post my stuff!

December 20th, 2003, 5:05 PM
Technically yuri is girl x girl, but I like the title... very creative. :D

I also like the premise for it. XD It's amusing. :x You have to draw your manga and show me~~~
Yep, that's what I meant for Yuri! I just didn't remember it.. >__<;;

What's a premise?

BTW, I've been reading some lesbian books in order to let me know about them.

I made my little story thingy because I find homosexuals interesting.. ^_^;

*gets killed by Yuu*

December 20th, 2003, 7:41 PM
I don't know if this is actually consudered manga/anime, whatever, but I do already have a comic book series and it's pretty funny. I started it when I was about 7or 6. I really haven't developed a huge background for it yet, but it's good none the less. It has 2 main characters (it gains a third later on.) a superhero monkey (in case anyone has every heard of the monkey on dexter, I did not get the idea from it. In fact,I think I made it before it was released....) a shaggy dog, and later on an alien....what a mix right? Super Monkey's name is,well, Super Monkey, The dog's name is Mr., he's the smart one, and Yurko the alien. It's mostly comedy with a little fighting incorporated within it, and the funny thing is to be quite honest, having only about 11 issues(and a few short ones) Super Monkey is pretty much a mediocre fighter, and is the main source for comedy. The comic has clean comedy, there's no bad words or anything bad in terms of comedy. Another interesting thing is that when I show the comics to people I know, they always seem to like Mr. the best. I would of posted my comics a long time ago, but yet again my scanner does not work.

December 20th, 2003, 9:57 PM
Yo, haven't we all done something like this before! LOL!

December 21st, 2003, 10:53 AM
I don't know if this is actually consudered manga/anime, whatever, but I do already have a comic book series and it's pretty funny. I started it when I was about 7or 6. I really haven't developed a huge background for it yet, but it's good none the less. It has 2 main characters (it gains a third later on.) a superhero monkey
Hee hee! A Monkey hero! That's kawaii ^-^ Do u have a pic of it? O_o;

*gets killed by monkeys*

Sapphire Titan
December 21st, 2003, 11:07 AM
I seriously developed my entire anime in my head and even made a movio!

Destiny Warriors: The Movie

After sealing away all of the demons, Keira, Toni and Yorika resume life, and Keira and Toni's love blooms (Yup! A couple!). But when strange mysterious forces and happenings are present in Ms. Donichi's house, she has to leave and doesn't tell the kids why. Little do they know that following her all the way to Tokyo was the greatest risk they ever took and now the Destiny Warriors must stop the evil that created Count Dombre(The villain they destroyed): Ms. Donichi's mother!

( Yes, Ms. Donichi and Count Sombre are sibs, yes!)

December 21st, 2003, 1:02 PM
Wow, that sounds awesome! Tell me more! What's the evil force? What's the risk?! O_O

*gets poisoned*

Sapphire Titan
December 23rd, 2003, 6:46 AM
Eh, it's complicated. Ms. Donichi-good. Father-good. brother, Count Dombre-Evil one who set out the demons in the first place. Mother-Worse......

The mother tries to take Ms. Donichi's magic but the destiny warriors try to stop her. They get trapped too, but after a long battle.........

they destroy the mother....happy endings for all!

December 23rd, 2003, 7:11 AM
Hmm. Demons. I aint soo crazy about them . It should be mystical creatures!

Sapphire Titan
December 24th, 2003, 11:46 AM
Actually, some are, but I call all of them demons.

December 24th, 2003, 5:01 PM
Very interesting ^_^ I love anything fantasy-like! They're mostly the best ^^

*gets killed by comics*

December 24th, 2003, 5:39 PM
Ah, I have an anime. I've worked on it for ages...Characters...plot...places...personalities...
Some have heard of it...'Marshmallow town'
I have already finished my first issue draft and am working on my second!
I can't really tell too many details becuase then if I ever get my manga-style
comic published everyone will know stuff about it!
I can say it's basically got a little bit of action,with comedy and bits of romance qualifying it as what some people call a 'cartoonime'

It's about 6 kids who live in a town called Marshmallow Town, having fun adventures and stuff.

They are Andrew, Jack, Monica, Ryan, Ashleigh, and Julia.
all of them are 12 years old except for Ashleigh and Jack.
Andrew is a boy with a cool red robe or something with a gold collar.
he likes basketball, and playing with Jack.
I'm not too good at describing personalities. I let the personalities fold out themselves. His brother is Jack.
Jack is a kid who always wears a black shirt. Except for random occasions where he wears his 'moonlight' shirt.
He really likes Japan, and shows it quite a bit! His brother is Andrew.
Okay, that's all I can say about it. I do have an early version of the first issue written as a story, but it's early and in my final script many things are changed.

copyright 2003. If you steal any of my stuff, I will get you. All this stuff I got out of my mind, so I didn't steal anything, so you better not either.

December 24th, 2003, 6:14 PM
Sames, girlyish, pokemonish. But whateva. Maybe i will use my friends scaner to post some my pictures. ( i didn't know he had one for like til today lol ) I will post some drawings!

Sapphire Titan
December 24th, 2003, 6:49 PM
I wish I had a team of artists to create a manga that's a LOT better than my art!

December 25th, 2003, 2:22 PM
I wish I had a team of artists to create a manga that's a LOT better than my art!
Well, do you have a link to your art? Maybe its not bad ^^. Anyways, if you want great manga artists, here are the ones I know are good ^_^


That's it ^_^; I do draw manga, but I tend to draw them looking sad, angry, etc.

*gets killed by manga guys*

January 10th, 2004, 3:59 AM
Believe it or not, I'm actually trying to do this. It's a "fanime" though, not a true Anime. It's a cry to Toei to continue Digimon.
www.digimonip.tk is the URL if you want more info.

January 10th, 2004, 8:23 AM
I'm still trying to design mine.. I have 2 ideas but their plot isn't anywhere.. The first idea is is like mideviel Japan. Something close to Inuyasha or Rouroni Kenshin and the other is a High-Tech anime with teenagers. I'm tryng to decide if the High-Tech one will have Giant fighting robots or if there is a rip in space and time and the teenagers are flung to the past (mideveil Japan).

January 12th, 2004, 4:28 AM
Why not combine them? The teens get flung back to mediaeval Japan, and then go through the things that happen in the first one.