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  • Jordan! So it's been a few years, haha, but I just thought I'd pop by to say hi. I see that you logged in a couple of weeks ago, so I hope that means you still come by here sometimes.

    How has everything been? We should catch up sometime! :)
    Oh, goodness gracious. It's kinda funny my apologetic post from last year is right underneath this also apologetic one. Heh. ^_^;
    O__________________________________o MY FAVORITE DORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, AND SO X INFINITY SORRY THAT I DIDN'T WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST JORDAN. I've been so busy and just kinda off and on logging in when I can to see if there were signs of dork and Kayleigh civilization, lol.

    ...Okay. I'm done shouting, lol. And did I reeeeeeeally miss out on a real, authentic dork birthday PM...or were you just gonna send me that message you posted on my wall through a PM? XD And my PM box is full 'cause Kayleigh, my partner in crime, beat ya to it with her PM. EEEEEEHEHE! We've always been the swifter of all three of us! ^_~

    But anyway, I feel like I wouldn't know where to clean anything out...because all the PMs from the past have been too good to delete! But I'll try, so you can send your supreme-o PMs, haha. =D And we should all try to go on MSN again at some point. *nods* Talk to ya soon, Jords!
    Jordan...*creeps in outta nowhere* I'M SO SORRY...I've been sooooooooooo busy it's ridiculous. But I really wanna wish you a belated Happy 21st Birthday! I can't believe I've known you this long. O___o Lol. You'll always be my favorite dork no matter how old ya are! Hope all is well...! *glomp*
    Gee, I wonder where ye got that phrase, dork? Were you perhaps having Chinese food that day? 'Cause it sounds like it came straight out of a fortune cookie. >_<

    Anyhoo, congratulations on the move to Georgia! I'll have to start calling you Georgia Peach now, lol. XD Yet another name to add to the list of "Things To Call Jordan Because It's Funny And We Feel Like It." And gaining proof after you've even moved to another state, it seems no matter where you set foot, Jordan, you will always be cursed with laziness. ^_^; So your excuses no longer surprise me, heh.

    Oh, and so I finished up with my classes last week. College is different than high school; and, thank goodness, 'cause we get longer breaks, lol. My brain now has time to recharge from the information overload it had to handle over the past few months. O_< Marbles? Whatever marbles I HAD were gone and lost FOR-EV-ER when I decided to become your friend. *mumbles under her breath...Psh, worst mistake of my life...clears throat* ANYWAY... =^_^= Oh, my sweet, little dork. *stands on her stool and rustles his hair*

    Anyway, I'll let you know when we can have another little shindig of ours once I found out my work hours this week...and then we'll be game for anything! I shall notify my partner in crime in the process. XD Until then...GODSPEED! *salutes*
    Well, of course the world drops everything and plans for Kayleigh's birthday far in advance, lol. How silly of me to forget I am among one of the unspecial ones to have birthday PMs like, 5 days after the fact. >_< BUT ANYWAY, she's my partner in crime so I care enough to give her happy birthday wishes 'cause she draws me beautiful things such as my beautiful David. =^_^= But, in all honesty, I'm either going to have to do something early...or later. Because the week her birthday is landing on is the same week where I have a lottttt of exams no thanks to my professors. And that means Energizer-bunny non-stop studying. I even feel guilty just doing nothing school-related right now, lol. This year is considerably harder soooo, I'll have to think of something...but that shouldn't be too hard because I haven't STOPPED thinking since the first day classes started! O_< *collapses*

    So... ^_^; Still in Miami then, I take it? What have you been up to in the meantime? Don't be offended if I don't reply back quickly...I'll have to pull a "Jordan" due to school...XD
    So. Here's the game plan Mr. Molasses (though I'm sure you probably stalked my profile already for Kayleigh's answer XD): We're going to meet on MSN around 10/10:30 PM our time to have a chat if YOU'RE NOT SLOW ENOUGH GETTING THERE. *cough* So, looking forward to it. Looking forward to it. O_O
    ...I think I've discovered THE greatest Youtube video of all time. XD

    See why my fear of clowns is completely justified?! I must've watched that episode when I was a little kid or something, lol. Even my mom just about died laughing at how creepy it is.
    Donde esta el dork?! Ya know, Jordan, I think it would benefit you and me both if you just created a PM back to me instead of waiting around for a chat like I know you are...lol. Thinking you can "make up" for not sending a PM, you'd update us all through a chat, lol. Or, I just scared the living daylights out of you with my picture--I really don't know, heh. XD Anyway. Be a good PM-typer-backer if you want to stay on my good side. O_O *dun dun dun*
    (First of all, I AM working on a response to your other message -- I just didn't have time to finish it tonight, lol. XD; I'll try to get it posted before Mel gets here...which brings me to my next point, actually!)

    Since my computer time is going to be really limited for the next month or so, and I obviously won't have many chances to talk to you and Chrystie for a while, I thought it might be fun to have one more chat while we still have the chance? XD; I know my partner in crime has work and college going on right now...and you're probably busy playing games and stuff, lol...so I didn't want it to interfere with your plans. I just thought it'd be worth mentioning, so let me know what you think!

    And, uh, look at this while you're at it? XD (That site is so addicting. All of the Engrish reminds me of several funny things I've read in my letters from Yuki, lol.)

    I' a total Brawl Freak, sweetie. XD I got it the second it was released. I even dressed as Mario and had my Pikachu plushie while waiting in line. XD
    Um, whatever gave you that idea, sweetie? =D *Hides Friendcode.* XD
    Jooooordaaaaannnnnn!!!!! Right when I was going to send you a nice, long PM back...it says your freakin' PM inbox is FULL! Don't send people PMs if you have a full PM inbox! >_< Clean it out, you dork! XD Sorry, Kayleigh, if you're reading this...because, apparently, I could've spent time on YOUR PM rather than the DORK CHAMP'S over here...*shakes fist*
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