View Full Version : 9 Event, 2 rare, 13 starters & 25 Egg moves

August 8th, 2010, 1:21 AM
I am looking for shinys with nick names, preferably at Lv 1,

(Before I start, you should know, all the pokemon hatched or caught by me have nick names, I may be able to hatch some without nick names, but... having a nick name makes your pokemon more friendly, (or so I've heard) and I never liked the idea of calling a pokemon by it's species name... That would be like giving you the name Human! But I can hatch a pokemon with a nick name you like!)

I have the fallowing pokemon to offer:

3 gamestop Pikachu colored Pichus,
3 gamestop Jirachi, (Naive, Mild and Hardy in nature)
1 Cresselia, (Nick named "MoonDancer")
1 Shaymin from Platinum, (nick named "Shay-Nay")
1 female Combee (wild caught, nick named "Hive Queen")
5 male Squirtle, egg moves: Aqua Ring, Mirror Coat, and Ice Beam, (Nick names/natures: "Chiller"/brave, "Bruser"/gentle, "Dr.Who?"/relaxed, "CoolMan"/docile, & "Ace"/mild
3 male Mudkips, egg moves: Mirror Coat, and Ice Beam, (nick names/natures: "BigJim"/relaxed, "LuckIsDumb"/docile, & "BoomBoomBa"/naive)
5 male Piplups, egg move: Aqua Ring, (nick names/natures: "BigBoy"/brave, "Luppy"/brave, "LittleLump"/docile, "Pippy"/lonely & "Mr.Pip"/quiet)
25 Aipom, egg moves: Bounce, Endure & Frustaration, (nick names*/gender/nature/abilities: 01/Female/Serious/Pickup, 02/Male/Lonely/Pickup, 03/Male/Lax/Pickup, 04/Female/Quiet/Pickup, 05/Female/Naive/Pickup, 06/Male/Serious/Run Away, 07/Female/Mild/Pickup, 08/Male/Calm/Pickup, 09/Female/Quiet/Run Away, 10/Male/Hardy/Run Away, 11/Male/Modest/Run Away, 12/Female/Sassy/Run Away, 13/Male/Bashful/Run Away, 14/Male/Bashful/run away, 16/male/jolly/pickup, 17/male/hasty/pickup, 18/female/timid/runaway, 19/male/quiet/runaway, 20/female/sassy/pickup, 21/male/docile/pickup, 22/male/lax/pickup, 23/female/docile/pickup, 24/male/lax/runaway, 25/female/relaxed/runaway, 26/female/hardy/runaway, 27/female/careful/runaway)
And two Manaphys, That I got from some one who may have cheated them... They have nick names too... (one has pokerus)

*the Aipoms were hatched in a failed attempt to get a shiny Aipom, their names are ##s so you must request a new name unless you don't mind that...

If any of these sound good, once again, I'm looking for shinys with nick names. Time zone: West Coast of USA, but I'm on vacation so I'm up late.