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September 17th, 2010, 10:47 AM
Hello :) I can breed any of these pokemon, and some natures for each of them. When i can give out other natures I will post the changes here. I will add pictures of each pokemon when I can. I can't really do egg moves, sorry. No legendaries.

1. No spamming.
2.Only fair trades.
3. Only legits and clones.
4. BE patient.

About me:
I love pokemon, I have been playing it a while, ever since I was young. I love to read and I love photography, and I am sort of shy. I love making my own things, like bracelets, necklaces, rings...I am very creative. I love to trade pokemon. I play for fun, not for the purpose of finishing the game. The pokemon I ask for are only because I want them. I am very into items so I am open to trading items for pokemon. I also ask for TMs occasionally.

pokemon/ natures available

Miltank/ Jolly, Adamant
Ralts/ Modest, Jolly
Bidoof/ Impish
Vulpix/ Adamant, Timid, Jolly
Gible/ Docile
Duskull/ Naughty, Jolly
Bronzor/ Lonely
Azurill/ Lonely
Chansey/ Serious
Smeagle/ Jolly, Bold, Timid
Riolu/ Bold, Serious
Lileep/ Jolly, Bold
Chatot/ Sassy
Absol/ Jolly
Dratini/ Mild
Nincada/ Calm
Carnivine/ Quiet
Scyther/ Bold
Electabuzz/ Adamant
Lickitung/ Adamant
Seadra/ Naughty, Modest
Pachirisu/ Naive
Clefairy/ Calm
Snorunt/ Bold, Jolly
Wobuffet/ Bold, Adamant
Murkrow/ Jolly
Kangaskahn/ Adamant
Gulpin/ Jolly, Brave, Adamant
Snorlax/ Quirky
Turtwig/ Brave
Seedot/ Adamant
Delcatty/ Quiet
Gastly/ Lax
Jynx/ Quiet
Combee/ Naive
Whismur/ Bold
Misdreavus/ Brave
Magby/ Lonely
Shroomish/ Bold, Adamant, Jolly
Zigzagoon/ Bold, Modest
Lotad/ Adamant, Bold
Bulbasaur/ Hasty, Serious, Hardy
Ledyba/ Relaxed
Cubone/ BAshful
Treecko/ Modest
Zangoose/ Brave
Eevee/ Hasty
Tangela/ Quirky
Smoochum/ Timid, Modest, Adamant
Igglubuff/ Calm
Seel/ Bold, Jolly, Timid
Slugma/ Lax
Gligar/ Bold, Timid, Jolly
Spinda/ Serious
Corsola/ Modest
Surskit/ Timid, Adamant
Houdour/ Timid
Jigglypuff/ Adamant, Modest
Larvitar/ Adamant
Growlithe/ Hasty
Wingull/ Careful
Spoink/ Bashful
Chikorita/ Mild
Poocheyna/ Serious
Tailow/ Jolly
Skarmory/Hardy, Bold
Nidrand(F)/ Adamant
Mantyke/ Docile
Chimchar/ Modest, Bold, Adamant
Spheal/ Bold
Skitty/ Relaxed
Squirtle/ Naughty
Snubbull/ Modest
Lunatone/ Jolly
Exeggcute/ Timid
Torchic/ Modest
Omanyte/ Timid
Manaphy/ Impish
Hoppip/ Adamant
Kabuto/ Naive
Togepi/ (Working on natures.)
Machop/ Relaxed
Meditite/ Bold
Spiritomb/ Hasty
Zubat/ Rash
Phanpy/ Timid
Chingling/ Naughty
Makuhita/ Adamant
Tyrouge/ Rash
Sableye/ Modest, Jolly
Cacnea/ Quiet
Clamperl/ Jolly, Calm
Pikachu/ Naughty
Trapinch/ Docile
Shinx/ Docile
Minun/ Sassy
Wailmer/ Hardy
Snover/ Careful
Cherubi/ Impish
Mudkip/ Relaxed
Burmy/ Bashful
Buneary/ Lonely
Shellos/ Naive
Chinchou/ Naughty
Cyndaquil/ Lax
Shellder/ Impish
Illumise/ Jolly
Skorupi/ Impish
Pineco/ Modest
Charmander/ Sassy
Slakoth/ Hasty
Anorith/ Hasty
Mantine/ Modest
Luvdisk/ Mild
Mankey/ Hardy
Aerodactyl/ Gentle
Totodile/ Modest
Glameow/ Hardy
Numel/ Naughty
Bagon/ Modest, Timid
Manectric/ Naughty
Sandshrew/ Bashful
Shuppet/ Bold
Mr. Mime/ Mild
Croagunk/ Lax
Roselia/ Serious
Mawile/ Hasty
Volbeat/ Quirky
Castform/ Impish
Feebas/ Bashful
Aipom/ Jolly, Hardy
Teddiursa/ Hardy
Swinub/ Hardy
Baltoy/ Adamant
Solrock/ Adamant
Aron/ Naughty
Sheldon/ Sturdy

These are the pokemon/items I am seeking:
Evolution stones
Heart Scales
All power items
Grass Knot TM
Giga Drain TM
Energy Ball TM (2 please)
Overheat TM
Rock Slide TM
Ice Beam TM
Psychic TM

PM with offers, please :) I will consider any reasonable trade.

September 17th, 2010, 10:56 AM
all perfect iv (flawless)??????

September 17th, 2010, 11:11 AM
Well all I do is breed them. I'm trying to find out how to IV and EV train so as of right now, I breed them and give them out....sorry... I know its sort of a turn off..

September 17th, 2010, 12:24 PM
Hey I got beldum can you breed me an admanment one? Let me know thanks.

September 22nd, 2010, 6:48 AM
ain't no rest for the wicked till we close our eyes for good.