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  • Hello. I hope Sunday works for you. I don't know what time i'll be available on Sunday, but it'll some time be between 1pm-7pm. Will contact you again when I get you registered in my friendcodes (apparently I can only register you at my parents' house because 2DS wi-fi at my regular house is busted). Thanks in advance.
    Not particularly, any of my interests kind of goes in cycles, I get really into X, then move to Y, then Z and then X again. And even then my passions are hard to monetize compared to simply getting a job at an office or something.

    I think what I do now is pretty comfortable insofar as me not hating it lol. One thing I've been trying to do is apply for a job elsewhere that's not as expensive.

    I ended up not getting either after hearing about all those glitches but I might pick up Scarlet in the future when they do a definitive version like with SwSh.

    Also hello, sorry for my habit of just disappearing >.>
    Sorry I don't get notifications for this cause I'm on my phone I'll start the trade and keep it open till you join
    Also thank you so much for this hoopa is my favorite Pokémon and I'm so happy I get to play with it in Violet now!
    Good morning I've excepted your request I'm off to work right now but I can message you when I'm at lunch and if you are still free I'll be able to trade then!
    I'm available whenever! Whatever time works best for you and if my other message didn't send I'm so willing to give you a shiny for this hoopa is one of my all time favorite Pokémon!
    Omg thank you so much sorry if I sent you another message I don't know how to work this website this is my first time using it!
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