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October 24th, 2010, 2:24 PM
Okay, so, this is a challenge I haven't seen!

Basically, you pick your team out the listings of all the game antagonists...this means you pick pokemon from the inventory of:

- Blue / Silver / Brendan (May too, they're the same) / Wally / Barry / Lucas (Dawn, akin to Brendan/May).
- Team Rocket / Team Aqua / Team Magma / Team Galactic Grunts and Admins.
- Giovanni / Proton / Petrel / Arianna / Archer / Maxie / Archer / Cyrus.
- Elite Four / Champion.

This is for all generations, although obviously it's easiest in Gen IV.

The rules:

- If you pick a rival, you can take any starter, you don't have to have the same one. You also don't have to have the exact pokemon they have, you can have their alternate listings, i.e. your rival Barry has an Empoleon, but you choose the team he'd have if he had a Torterra.
- If you pick an evil team, you have three difficulty levels:
- Grunt Level: Only the pokemon of grunts are allowed.
- Admin Level: (Not Gen II/IV Rocket Admin): Only pokemon of grunts and admins allowed.
- Boss Level: Pokemon of bosses, admins and grunts are allowed.
- Trading is allowed, but only until you have 3 of your team members (unless one is a version exclusive and you can't catch it in-game).
- HM Slaves can be used as you wish, but you have to use all your full team against your final opponent (Champion / Steven / Red).
- No egg moves! That's just too much!
- You can use their manga-counterpart's pokemon too, but not alongside game-exclusive pokemon. Same goes for the anime.

Where you finish:

- RBY / FRLG: Defeat your rival at the Indigo Plateau. Either 1st or 2nd round, your choice.
- GSC / HGSS: Defeat Red or Lance 2nd round.
- RSE: Defeat Steven (that goes for Emerald too! Not Wallace...he's too easy).
- DPPt: Capture Heatran.

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