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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary,
    I'm doing well just relaxing and watching a show called Suits. Ever heard of it?
    Also your profile background is awweeeesome!
    Oh yes, certainly. My FC isn't what it says in my signature, by the way. It changed when I got my new DS. My code for Heartgold is 3741 2758 2370.
    Gifted but cba describes me pretty well. :P

    20 resits sounds difficult to cope with, but you got there in the end. Thanks for the vote of confidence anyway.
    I can imagine, haha. I had a nightmare with mine and it was only for one thing. Got me some good offers, though, so hey. Where was your first choice? Engineering is pretty brutal to get into. >__>

    It's more a much more focussed version of biochemistry than a BioMed/Med crossover; indeed, biomed is rather broad as far as the biological sciences go while medicine is essentially applied anatomy and physiology, from what I've seen. Medical biochemistry rather looks at the fine details of how cells and their components interact with each other on the molecular level and how diseases can play into that, and using that information we're able to look into treatments and whatnot. Really interesting stuff but absolute hell to cram before exams, haha.

    Indeed. Perhaps I'd be more aware of it if I was to switch to a non-RG university. The big stuff in research doesn't really come into play until the second year (which I'm about to start) in any case, though.

    Oh, how was last night for ya? I presume you were out celebrating. d:
    Oh wow, well, congratulations! Uni's awesome. You're more than likely gonna love it. Got in for geography, I take it? And some personal statement that's able to apply for both of them at once haha. The extent of flexibility in mine was... medical biochemistry vs biomedical science, haha. I do the former now.

    As I said in my reply, I feel RG importance is really overblown by teachers. But it is always nice and undeniably better in most cases; just how much better is debatable.
    I'm pretty prone to have overly optimistic teachers as well because I was somehow on the Gifted & Talented program at my school, even though I totally didn't deserve it. At GCSE I was told to get all As and got one in the end. :P If I just resit one Psychology exam to fix that D I should be good.

    Oh well hope you have fun at uni then. :D
    Well mine were just AS levels so less important thankfully, but also pretty varied, ABCD. :P

    As long as you got into uni it's good enough though, well done. :D
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