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Blue Screen of Death
February 17th, 2011, 7:51 PM
Well, I'm back from more than a years absence. I may not be on to frequently, but I do not intend to be gone for more than a week.
I first signed up when I was thirteen. Posted some crappy fanfiction, got in a few roleplays, nothing much. It feels weird to think that I was thirteen when I first found this place. Wow, overwhelming nostalgia. Meh, I wonder if any of my old friends are still here.

Miss Doronjo
February 18th, 2011, 4:53 AM
BOO! [I CAN BE SCARY TOO!] Cool username! It reminds me of the good ol days: GAH! The Blue screen of Death! My mortal enemy...buuuut yeah, I always remember those blue screens of DEATH from Nintendo wifi OR WHEN I TRY TO SHOW OFF SPREME HAXXOR SKILLS

Well, welcome back! Well, no one's gonna shot you down for activity, juuuuust do what you should do first and you can visit anytime. <3 I can't tell you how much times I posted a crappy fanfiction at another forum. x-x' It was more random than understanding. D= I also got into a rew roleplays, which I did follow the similar random style to my stories, and it was pretty fun, I stopped because I was going to University then, and I just got lazy. cause laziness do make the world go round'!

Maybe your old friends are still there! Just give em' a VM or PM'. Oh yeah, we haven't met before, but its cool! Glad we did now. <3

February 18th, 2011, 12:48 PM
Your username is awesome, thought I'd say it.

Anyways, welcome (back) to PC! Glad you remembered the site! You missed quite a bunch while you were gone. Make sure you re-read the rules, though. Some of them have changed recently. Well, I hope you remain active from now on, and I'll see ya around!

Have fun!~