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  • I just remembered about this place and all the memories are flooding back. Crazy
    I hope you're still doing great! Life is speeding by
    Long time no talk! Again, I haven't been back here to PC (visited), in pretty much forever... But, alas, I am back once again. Stress... Life, tiredness and all that. Tiredness/Depression does not magically ease... Oh, but if only it did.... That'd be splendid. I'm usually on Discord these days to pretty much chat whenever. So, just hit me up for my tag/alias on there and I'll happily provide. If you ever come back again, that is. But anyway, yeah. Hello again. Hope you're good and well, and all.
    Haha ikr, my boi still got his long hair for now but we'll see how long that lasts. And ty! n__n;; I try.

    Just to be sure, I will not do Sceptiplier, on the grounds that they don't like it. But I can definitely make you a cool [channel redacted] flair!
    Awww yay Markiplier! I always point him out whenever I see him because my fiancé looks just like him with the whole short, dark, handsome and refusal to get a hair cut until the absolute last moment motif lmfao.

    If you ever want a flair, profile, or updated sig;avatar, let me know! I can make ya something real Marki-cute if you're interested! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
    It was great journey back to PS1 era. I loved it as kid, even though I never finished the game prior to playing it now, because my orignal cd got scratched, when I lent it to my friend.

    I'll check the rest of the trilogy now, since the first game leaves everything pretty open, with even Logan saying he don't know what was going on in the end.
    omg thank you so much!!! that makes me so happy to hear someone else enjoys my super niche content ahaha. i plan to do more edutainment games so i hope you'll enjoy!! :)
    I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the UK, I can't imagine paying a company for something before they've paid me? I'm not paying to have a job thank you very much haha.
    Have any of the other jobs gotten back to you?
    Omg yay! Congrats :D Are you waiting to accept the one in Pensylvania then? Or has the snow put you off too much in Colorado? haha

    Thanks! :) Can't wait to start diving into developin' stuff, the username colour is just a bonus lmao
    Oh the CTR remake is sooooo good! It's hardly even a remake it's more of a remaster with all the new content that they put into it.
    And I had to buy Crash 4 digitally for switch, it isn't available in a physical copy in Europe ?????? I'm probably gonna import it from the US when I get the time
    I booked a week off work and left my boyfriend for the week to go home and play Crash 4 when it first came out haha. And now that it's out on Switch I bought it again and I can live through the brilliant frustrations again!

    I still think I prefer the OG trio though :P
    Get you! Who knew that you'd end up with all these high status connections :P

    That sounds pretty cool, I expected it to be more animal crossing than minecraft haha
    Oooo you could be broadcast across the state soon! :P Is that something you'd wanna move into or are you more comfortable just writting things up?
    All I ever hear about it is the romance options actually, I rarely hear anyone mention the actual farming part of it lmao
    That's some bs, I can't imagine working full time an not getting paid time off. Have you got any ideas of where you'd move to? Or is it just gonna be a follow the job kinda thing?

    I've been doing that myself, decided to try and get a living dex going in pokemon home and so far I've got all the non-sword and shield mons apart from a mew. How're you liking stardew? My boyfriend bought me it a while back but I never got into it much
    XD I can hear that gif

    I'm on vacation this week! I wanted to get away from home so I'm being safe in the Florida panhandle (and in central time). I got my first COVID vaccine shot a little over a week ago as well and am ready to get my second one at the end of the month.

    How have you been?
    You're a journalist now ye? Is that a full time freelance thing or you just freelancing for covid?
    I've mostly just been doin' the same, working from home then playing games. My ring fit schedule has been lacking lately though haha
    Yeah its been that long that all my stuff got wiped and I don't have the time to make a decent looking profile set ??????
    But how have you been!? I didn't realise how long its been baha
    Yeah I was! Been a long long time, I'm surprised you managed to remember me lol.
    I hope you're doing well too! Especially during these times.
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