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April 11th, 2011, 11:54 AM
*Japanese in the title says konnichi wa.

Ok, so I'm Kjt. If you're wondering, my name's just my initials. On other forums I'm: Kjt (Serebii, Smogon), and Oshawott (Mt Moon Community). My Serebii user name was my initials 'cause I was being lazy, and it's the same here to be consistent.

I visited the forums briefly a few years back, when I was dabbling in hacks. I made an account to view certain forums, but I've forgot the name now . . . I don't believe I ever posted anyway. I had a brief time at Serebii, then broke the rules and left; I left for Smogon and eventually got sick of it. After a while, I didn't post anywhere, until I found Mt Moon Community (aka Pokejungle Forums). That's my "main" forum where I post often. I've returned to Serebii, and have made an account here, mainly to post my fanfic - but I'll try to post in other sections too.

However, I'm not a one trick pony. My other (Pokemon) interests include the anime (thought I'm behind on Best Wishes) and, of course, the game. I've dabbled in drawing and spriting, but you're unlikely to see any of that.

So, my other intestest? Well at school, I'm taking japanese (mainly for Pokemon), economics, graphics and science, as well as the compulsory maths n' english. My favourite Pokemon is Oshawott, and I hate Samurott with a passion. My favourite anime character is Dawn, and my favourite games are GSC (for the nostalgia).

Does anyone think I've overdone the intro?

April 11th, 2011, 12:39 PM
Konnichi-wa, kjt! Welcome to the forums! Glad to see a fellow Oshawott (<3) fan join in this amazing community! I kinda like the Oshawott line, including Samurott. It's tough to like a Pokemon but hate their final evolution. When you get the chance, I totally recommend you to visit the Pokemon Anime board if you want to mainly discuss about the anime in general. Every section on the PokeCommunity has something interesting to discuss about, so you will not be bored! :D

Anyways, make sure you read the rules and the FAQ, and most importantly, have fun! See ya around! :)

April 11th, 2011, 12:44 PM
はじめまして、kjt-さん! いらっしゃい!(hope I got that right, I haven't done Japanese in a while. XD) Nice to meet you, Kjt! Welcome to the PokeCommunity. :D

Looks like you've been exploring some other forums in the past (and broke the rules in a few as well :P). Well that's similar to what I used to do before I came here and dabbled in hacks. I made an account here and then forgot about it. XD Let's hope you stay here for a while. :D And good luck with your fanfic!

I'm not a big fan of the Pokemon Anime or Manga, but you'll find plenty of other people who are fans around here. You'll find plenty of people around here who share interests about pretty much anything, not just Pokemon.

So you take Japanese? I tried self-learning for a while, but then other things came in the way and I had to drop it. But now that I have the time, I'm thinking of taking it up again. And I love GSC too. What do you think about their remakes?

And no, you didn't overdo the intro. XD I think my one was just as long as this one when I first arrived here, and probably longer at some other forums. XD

Anyway, if you need any help, or just someone to talk to, just send me a visitor message or private message, whatever you feel is easier. I'm happy to talk about pretty much anything. XD

April 12th, 2011, 10:13 PM
KJT! You decided to come here! Welcome, we maybe you can use the time spent here to ask me some tips for language perfect?

You should come to the other chat section, there are some great topics there.

Ninja Caterpie
April 13th, 2011, 1:06 AM
How can you hate a samurai dialga narwhal with a beard.


um, anyway, hi and welcome. Read the rules, etc, have fun, and stay, yeah? :D