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April 27th, 2011, 10:56 PM
Weeee, I guess it's about time I post some feedback, right? Here goes nothing I guess...

I know it hasn't even been a year for me. but I honestly have a lot to say about the PokeCommunity. Excuse my super-duper long post, because I spent the last four days working on this in-between breaks in school, and free time and I almost lost it. >_<. xD This maaaay take an hour to read, but I am just warning you.

~~First of all, the forum atmosphere. Out of the three forums I'm currently a member of, I've nevereverevereverever seen a forum that's so active...especially that it's a Pokemon forum obviously. No other forum has about 100 members online, or every day you'll see five or more new topics. Here at PC, you can expect something new to happen everyday, or sometimes, be surprised. During my newbie days, I got so overwhelmed of all the activity. I have a slight feeling that's what most new members these days feel when they first join. But, I was so glad that there were people that are so nice and helped me get through the basics. If you're new and you need help, don't be afraid to ask someone. The members of PC (and the staff members, which I will get to next) are super nice. 10/10

~~Next, I'd like to talk about the lovely staff. I've never seen an extensive group of staff working hard to keep PC safe, clean, and efficient. What really bothers me is regular members making rude comments, and "back-talking" (yes, I've seen this before) to the moderators and the higher-staff. It's just sad really. A member of the staff is working so hard, yet they get the criticism they don't want. If you are stuck with something, ask one of them. They will listen.

Staff members, keep doing what you should do. All I want to say is y'all are amazing. :) 10/10

~~Third, the forum styles. I haven't had much exposure to the previous styles (more like from Johto Elite and behind), but PC has a wide collection of them, whether it's April Fools day, the anticipation of Black & White, Christmas, or pretty much anyth ing. I can't keep track of how many skins PC has at the moment, but I can say that a lot of them are pretty well designed. I have more than one favorite, because I can't really decide on one skin! XD. To the lovely skin designers and pretty soon when I get out of school, I might work on one, keep up the amazing work, and keep those skins coming. :) 9.5/10

Alternative brought this up in his feedback thread. So, I'd want to say my own side of the welcoming committee. Everyday, PC has a few new members and they want to be welcomed. They make a thread at the New Users/Welcome board, and they await for us to respond. I enjoy reading new member introductions a lot, it's like getting to know a new student at school, or getting to know a new co-worker at your werkplace. It's really interesting to get to know a new member of PC, and without thinking, the new member may end up being your best friend. We could really use a lot of members to welcome new members. Yeah, I can be shy at times, but it doesn't hurt to help a new member. If you haven't welcomed a new member, or maybe you haven't done so for a while, do it. You may make a new friend there. 10/10

Overall, PC has become my new home. I've taken a leave of absence before from August to November because of school, and I regret doing that, because I missed so much stuff. I plan not to take another one anytime soon. PC has grown on me in terms of the rules, as I became so happy that the “No Trolling” rule was implemented. This made the community much safer, and I'm really glad. Yeah, there were some “dramatic” moments, and those other roller coaster moments. But it's normal, right? I told two of my friends (my PC Brothers, Snivy and Tepig), to come back to PC, because I loved the place. And so they did. ^_^ PokeCommunity is a fun place to be in, and if I haven't heard of it at all, I wouldn't have met my amazing pair (Buizel), my little Ninetales brother, Twilight Sky, Nica, Fabio, pretty much EVERYONE. :P Thanks, PC for being an amazing community.

~Megan ;)

April 28th, 2011, 7:19 AM
I'm glad you're enjoying your time here, and thanks for the feedback!

I also like how we're active enough to support such a huge community of people, it's nice to log on every day and see a bunch of new discussions ^.^