View Full Version : Avalon:Web of Magic Offical PC fan club!

April 29th, 2011, 1:52 PM
I am cerently reading the 4th book and I think that this series deserves a fan club!So yeah lets get on with it!

1.You gotta know what this is!
2.You gotta love it!
3.You have to fill out the whole sign up sheet (its not that bad!)
4.No being mean!
5.Be active!(1 post a week at the very least)
6.Only three of each animal is allowed!

Sign Up Sheet:

Your AWOM Name:(not ur real name any name thats not used and they can't be Emily,Adrian,or Kara,1st and last,middle is optional)
Your Mage type:(Healer,Warrior,or Blazing star)
The animal your bonded with:(any magical creature,and it can't be one u made up elese you give a very very very good discription or a picture of it(like a picture you've made)
Your stone:(What does ur stone look like?)

Okay I know the sign up looks like its for a rp,but its not.Everyone here in the fanclub is to call you by your AWOM (Avalon:Web of Magic) name.

My Sign Up:

Your AWOM Name:Aqua Rose Serestial
Your Mage Type:Healer
Stone:A very durabal stone made of light purple crystals

Co Owner:None (yet)
Members:1 (the owner)

So yeah Sign Ups are allowed to anybody.I hope we all have fun in our magical land.