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September 7th, 2011, 12:03 PM
I want to make a competitive team, and this is the team I'm considering, any good advice?
P.S. I don't use legendary Pokemon, at most, pseudo-legendary.
#149 Dragonite Lvl. 61
Inner Focus
Hp: 206
Atk: 210
Def: 140
Sp. Atk: 117
Sp. Def: 129
Speed: 113

Fire Punch
Sky Drop
Dragon Rush
#448 Lucario Lvl. 64
Inner Focus
Hp: 186
Atk: 189
Def: 100
Sp. Atk: 166
Sp. Def: 113
Speed: 142

Aura Sphere
Hyper Beam
Poison Jab
Brick Break
#479 Frost Rotom Lvl. 62
Hp: 146
Atk: 99
Def: 135
Sp. Atk: 147
Sp. Def: 171
Speed: 124

Volt Switch
Electro Ball
#500 Emboar Lvl. 61
Hp: 208
Atk: 190
Def: 92
Sp. Atk: 168
Sp. Def: 100
Speed: 122

Blast Burn
Heat Crash
Strength (Considered for removal)
#537 Seismitoad Lvl. 60
Swift Swim
Hp: 211
Atk: 117
Def: 99
Sp. Atk: 133
Sp. Def: 101
Speed: 96

Rain Dance
Hydro Pump
#405 Luxray Lvl. 62
Hp: 184
Atk: 153
Def: 133
Sp. Atk: 145
Sp. Def: 114
Speed: 114


September 7th, 2011, 3:00 PM
Hey there! I'm sorry nobody got to you right away. Anyway, there are a few things we need before we can deal with your Pokemon. First, we need to know the EV Spread of each Pokemon, not the Stats. Stats really only make things more complicated. :[ If you need to read up about EVs, please check this site (http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3452592). This guide will give you a comprehensive and detailed list of everything you need to do to EV train your Pokemon, as well as exactly how EVs effect them. It also includes a detailed list of EV training Hotspots in Black and White. If you continue to have problems with EVs for a specific Pokemon, don't be afraid to post in the Q&A Sticky at the top of the forum. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding EVs or movesets for one or two certain Pokemon. [/URL]

The next thing you need to do is re-format your RMT. It's much easier for the raters here to do their job if your team is formatted like this:

Pokemon @ Item
EV Spread
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

If you need any other questions answered, just refer to the rules or ask one of the CBC regulars. Please edit your post to fit the aforementioned criteria and someone will come back to rate your fully fledged team! The last issue I want to address is your inconsistent tier usage. Some Pokemon on your team (Luxray, Seismitoad, Emboar and Rotom-F) fall into the tier, "RU". Which is not standard play. So, let us know if you want to replace these Pokemon for others who are more suited for a standard environment (it is not necessary, however). If you wish to battle in RU, than you'll need something to replace Dragonite and Lucario (this is necessary to play in RU). At [URL="http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/"]this site (http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3452592), you can find a list of all Pokemon and what tier they fall into.

Best of luck! :D