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May 22nd, 2012, 2:22 PM
Hey to all you forum goers. I'm Chadwyck.

I'm a sixteen year old, English high school student who is starting college in two years. I'm a huge fan of the Pokémon series (otherwise I wouldn't be here XP) and of the Legend of Zelda series, though I mostly play a variety of video games. I'm a budding artist and author. I hope to improve in both aspects during my time here on the forums. Music plays a large role in my life. Although my own musical talent hovers somewhere around zero, I love everything from Japanese metal bands to Josh Groban. I also enjoy sports, such as track and football. If I'm not watching them on television, I'm outside physically playing them. As well, I enjoy a good text-based roleplay in the long run. I have gained some expirience from other sites I have RPed on, and this one looks promising.

I'm not to fond of introductions, being shy, but find it polite to do them anyway. I guess I'm not a complete noob because I had done a bit of lurking beforehand. But, hopefully you'll all welcome me into your community!

May 22nd, 2012, 2:33 PM
*opens intro*
*spots Josh Groban in intro*

.....I love you already. xD

Anyways, welcome! Every single Pokemon fan, new or old, are welcome here. :D And you're an RPer. YAY! *hi-fives* Not only I mod this section, I am a roleplayer as well. Though I consider myself as a rookie still, so not sure about your own experience. Here at PC we indeed have a Roleplay Corner. The sections is really, really friendly so you'll fit in just fine. I'll give you a few recommendations though: The Pokemon Trainer Academy, The Shattered Era, and The Elite Army. I'm in all three, though, and they all have open spots. :3

But anyways, there are other RPs for you to join in that may have a spot for you if you desire~. So, I hope to see ya around in that section, yes? Be sure you read the rules, visit the Adoption Center if you like, and I hope you stay active, yes? :D See ya!