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December 27th, 2012, 9:27 AM
What is your favorite campaign that you have ever played in a game?

Out of my favorite game, comes my favorite campaign. Far Cry 3's campaign. It really is what you expect from an amazing campaign; the action, the quotes, the choices and you can decide how you play, the game does not simply guide you through the game. When you do a mission, which you can ignore, you choose how to encounter it. There is a lot of action within the story, there is really no place where you would get bored, being alert is very handy and there are a range of things to do that would satisfy you. Again, the quotes, mainly Vaas' and Citra's, are very creative and you can see how much Ubisoft really went through the effort of producing the right ones at the right time. Furthermore, there aren't an awful lot, but there are choices which affect your gameplay, and the most significant is at the very end. Overall, the FC3 campaign is just massively enjoyable, and I think people who don't heavily favour FPS' should still give it a try.

So, what about you?