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  • Hahahaha I can't believe some of these VMs are almost 10 years old what a time

    What brought you back to checking PC :'D
    That seemed like such a long time ago though! Glad some folks remember lol. I'm doing better now than ever.

    Yeah they're very helpful like that. Do you do competitive battling on the games or in the simulator?
    I'm only well known to some people. Others have no idea I exist! How have you been? You've been gone for a hot minute.
    Im ok thanks just had a few personal problems and been working and trying to fix shit etc.

    Fuck it. I might try and find a new server when sun/moon are released and get back into things. Its really sad how dead that place has become now but its been a self fulfilling prophecy tbh lol cant be doing with thought and joke policing, double standards and hypocrisy etc. :\

    Overly liberal autism basically. Everyone gets offended by everything, even when its an inside joke and takes every little thing out of context. Not surprised considering its 2016. Funny though cos the place is now dead rofl. But thats none of my business. ;)

    How are you doing anyway?
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