May 10th, 2013, 2:42 PM
Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brandon Shue, I'm 24, and have been a huge Pokemon fan since the original cards came out in the 90s. Growing older I kind of lost touch with what's current in the Pokemon world, so I'm here to freshen up & get back into it! Look forward to chatting with most of you!

May 10th, 2013, 3:30 PM
Hey what's up?? It's pretty cool to see another long time fan. I was born the year Pokémon came out so I didn't play the game then, but as soon as I could tell left from right I was on it! There's nothing with being older and liking Pokémon. From what I understand, a lot of the respected members around here are older than you'd think. Anyway dude, hope to see you around! Drop me a line sometime if you wanna chat.

May 10th, 2013, 3:47 PM
Hey man! Appreciate the response! Pokemon will always be my favorite child hood memory. I remember my buddy giving me the 3 starter Pokemon cards and then I was pretty much hooked! Couldn't go into a store without asking my mom for a booster pack! I stopped collecting the cards a little after the Team Rocket set came out. Then it was strictly Pokemon Silver & Gold on gameboy! So I'm not that familiar with any Pokemon after 251. I felt like they started getting less and less creative with the names and stuff. From what I've seen there are Pokemon shaped like Ice Cream cones now? Lol but they had to keep the legacy going & I can't blame them! Hopefully I'll know them all soon enough! I really wish they'd remake Red/Blue/Yellow for the new gameboys. I'd be hooked all over again!

May 10th, 2013, 3:59 PM
Hey there TheBShue and welcome to PC!
Most of the members around here are pretty "old" themselves, so don't worry about that (:
It's nice to see people get back to playing Pokemon and reliving the old days of fun and glory, I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun around here. A lot has changed since Gold and Silver, and i'm going to venture and say it has gotten better, but that's everyone's personal decision. You should definitely try out some Gen3 game and definitely play Black2 or White2, they are really well done.

There is a bunch of stuff to discover and read on the forums, so make sure to check every corner for interesting topics you want to share your opinion on. And people around here are all very nice, so you'll be making friends in no time!

Hope you stick with us for a while, see you around!! ^^

May 10th, 2013, 4:13 PM
Thank you Zorogami! My 16 year old brother raves about Black & White all the time. Might have to snatch one of them from him soon! I just don't know how I feel about not being able to start off with my beloved Charmander :( lol but you will def be seeing a lot more of me! I have something RIDICULOUSLY SWEET in the works that I'll hopefully be debuting to you all in a couple weeks! The project is what really got me to want to get back into Pokemon. So here I am!

May 10th, 2013, 4:20 PM
You are very welcome! Tbh, the original Black/White were kinda meh to me, since you couldn't get any of the old Pokes until the post-game. B2/W2 on the other hand are absolutely awesome, and the National Dex is very large and well balanced!
If you want to have a Charmander early on, i suggest you try VoltWhite or BlazeBlack. These are 2 Pokedex hacks, that make EVERY pokemon to be catchable from the start, and if i recall correctly, Charmander is available in one of the early routes :D

I'm very curious about what you are planning to share with us oO
I'm guessing a Hack? Can't wait to see it ^^

May 10th, 2013, 4:46 PM
He might actually have Black & White 2, I'll have to ask him. But either way, I'm def going to dive into another game soon! But the project isn't video game related, it's about the Pokemon TCG, but anyone who is familiar with Pokemon even if they didnt collect the cards will enjoy it & relate! I've seen a lot Pokemon parody music videos that I feel didn't do the right justice Pokemon deserves. So I have written a Macklemore - Thrift Shop parody called Card Shop, which is 100% about Pokemon. I started writing it back in December & since then have amassed so much Pokemon stuff for it it's ridiculous! Anyways, I can almost guarantee you it's going to be the best Pokemon parody on YouTube. So I'm especially excited to hear the responses from fellow PokeNerds old and young! We are filming the rest of the video at one of Altereality Games card shops next week, so it will be up shortly after that!

May 10th, 2013, 4:54 PM
You should definitely play a pokemon game again, maybe even try a challenge?
they are a bunch of fun and put a twist on your usual gameplay style :D

Oh man that's awesome!! I would really love to see that video soon.
I love the song you are using, i think it's pretty fitting to make a parody.
And if you say it's going to be 100% about pokemon, even more awesome!

I actually loved (or still love) the TCG, i just never had anyone to play with :(
Back then, none of my friends knew the rules, and now everyone i feels to "old" for it
So yeah, that's my dilemma

May 10th, 2013, 5:11 PM
Haha I think I need to get used to all the new Pokemon before I do any challenges! That's gonna be the worst part, not knowing which of the new Pokemon I should be training the most early on in the game.

But that's really a bummer. I don't think I have anyone that is willing to play the card game now, but my favorite past time is def playing in tournaments up at the card shop! Which is exactly what made me come up with the idea. But that's good news, I figured it would be a good song to use since it so popular and Macklemore has such a unique flow. But if you like the card game, you will most definitely LOVE this video! The trumpet noise in the original song is all re-done with 8-bit noises so it's like a gameboy beat! I actually have the teaser video already uploaded, but I can't post it yet since I'm such a noobie to this forum! If you YouTube "Card Shop Teaser" it should be the first video to pop up. The image is a Pikachu mascot head. Lol let me know what you think!

May 10th, 2013, 5:18 PM
Yeah i guess that's going to be pretty hard since you haven't played any games in so long :/ But you'll definitely get used to it, im sure ;) Just time and practice.

I tried to participate in some tournaments, but it's not really that big compared to other card games, at least in my city, so you can barely find anything to take part in.
And dude the teaser is AWESOME!! As you said, the 8-Bit trumpet sounds amazing, i can't wait to hear the full version of it! It's definitely going to be fun, i'm sure now ^^

And please please tell me you were the guy in the pikachu costume that tackles the camera? xD
I posted a link on your "wall" as well, fell free to check it out (:

May 10th, 2013, 5:29 PM
WOW! Haha that video was awesome... Had to subscribe to his channel! I haven't seen that one yet! It was really good other than the fact it was just him sitting there. That's where hopefully mine tops the cake! I'm fully replicating every shot of the original video, but somehow relating it to Pokemon. Lol but no I was not Pikachu, I was Macklemore in the sweet Squirtle hoodie thinking "OH NO! I hope my camera isn't mid death fall!" Haha only ended up with a nice scratch. But that's the only blooper we got so far, so I had to use for the teaser! Thanks for the positive feedback! :) I'll def get you the full version of the song once it's officially mastered. I have a rough cut now, but after Monday I should have the legit iTunes version!

May 10th, 2013, 5:40 PM
Haha im really glad you liked it! The lyrics are definitely fun, but as you said, him just sitting wasn't all that spectacular. I'm sure your video will do a lot better in that section, especially if you base it on the actual music video of thrift shop.

So i went to the ShueTube channel, saw the WildWings Video, and after that i just had to subscribe!! Very well done video, i really love it ^^
So if you are Macklemore, that means you are the "protagonist" of all the videos?!
Thats just amazing :D

May 10th, 2013, 5:45 PM
Haha thank you! I need as many subscribers as I can get! But I'm glad you enjoyed Wild Wings! That was def the most popular video so far. You would probably enjoy most of them! I keep them as clean as possible so I can appeal to all ages. But lol yes, I am the protagonist of the whole operation and every video! I'm debuting about $3k worth of new camera equipment in Card Shop as well as all the money I put into Pokemon accessories for the shots! So I really hope this one tops Wild Wings! I think it has the potential too!

May 10th, 2013, 5:51 PM
Well you definitely have me as a subscriber now :P
I've been listening in on the other ones as well, all a lot of fun, honestly!
I think you really have a talent, you do a very good job rapping and look so self-assured.
Oh man that's a lot of work and money you're putting into it, i hope it'll be a hit!
I'll definitely try and spread the word, maybe you'll get some new subscribers ;)

May 10th, 2013, 6:10 PM
Wooow you're having quite a conversation already! Glad to see that. ^~^ Just remember to take the discussions to profile messages soon since your thread is getting a little long, haha.

Anyways, yo Shue! Welcome to PC. :D

The TCG was my life as a kid. My 9th or 10th birthday present was a bunch of card packs and I still remember being in the store looking through all the awesome packs I was getting. Time sure flies, doesn't it? But yeah we have a handful of members who haven't been involved in the Pokemon fandom for a while so you're definitely not alone, but it's also true that PC will serve as a nice way to rekindle your interest for the series. It's pretty ideal for you to be here so let us know if you've been enjoying it so far! And pshaw, we may have an ice cream cone Pokemon but we've also had a pile of sludge way back when. They'll probably keep including new Pokemon based on objects till the series ends!

And we actually do have Red/Blue remakes! FireRed and LeafGreen are what they're called. :3 Pretty cool games since they added the seven islands for you to explore. Yellow would make for an amazing remake though, and I'd love to have Pikachu follow me around once again! Can't wait for the the day they do that.. hopefully it's soon.

Good luck with your channel too! That's a lot of money to put into equipment... I'm impressed. One of these days I want to start my own Let's Play channel or something (whenever I'm not too shy, uuurgh).

SO YEAH, have a great time on PC! I'm here if you ever need anything, as are the other staff!

May 11th, 2013, 8:34 AM
Haha sorry Cirno! I'll take it to messages. But the forum has been awesome so far! I'm raiding my little brothers room today, so I'll be back on here with my list of gaming options. But I should of been more clear, I have Fire Red & Leaf Green, technically that's where I left off. I meant they need to re-re-make them for the newer gameboys! Especially Yellow, because I'm pretty sure that's the only game you can get all 3 starting Pokemon through out the game. (maybe that's changed)

Lol but I see where you're coming from! I guess Muk & Grimer are a little weird. Once I play a newer game, I'm sure I'll come around to the all the ones.

And thank you for the channel support! It's really a good way to bring a person out of their shell. You should def start one! If you do and have any questions, you could def talk to me! I'm pretty knowledgable when it comes to YouTube & video stuff.

Thank you again! I'll probably start another thread in one of the gaming sections later once I find out what my options are!