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  • Is the deep discussion forum still archived or has it been lost in the merge? I remember being able to access it after it was delisted.

    It's not a big deal either way. I liked going back and reading the topics from time to time.
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    It's still around but archived! All the archived forums are around if you know the links to them ^^
    Apologies for interjecting on this. Figured out how to alter links on XenForo. Thought you needed the subforum's name in the URL. Nope. First off, the requested link:

    Want to go to GT-2019? Replace 39 with 453. Works even if you keep "deep-discussion" in the URL.
    Hi there. Can I ask you for change Title in my thread. I mean POKEMON RUBY RENEV in case of version to 1.3.7? Since Soon I will release that update.
    im sure you can guess but you don't need to be sorry for the slow replies lmfaoo, how's your dream aus life going for you Janna? And how was your tour of Japan? Did you get to do mario kart racing in Tokyo and beat up the Johto E4 while you're at it. Spoke to Risa earlier today she says hello!!!!!!
    I've returned. Still feeling pretty down, but I am coming back around slowly. The forum is always nice. I'd like to push towards being more active again.

    Sooo it's kinda interesting. My neighbor actually has a GameCube copy of TTYD he paid $300 for. I went next door and played through it a couple years ago. So while I am excited for the remaster, not as much as I could be. Don't get me wrong - I love the game. But the original is still very accessible if I crave to play it.

    I tried Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a couple days ago. I'm already done. I can't do open world games. They don't click with me. I decided to buy Kingdom Hearts instead.

    I've been messing around with other avatars. Have been using the cyndaquil forever.
    Hello, hope you had a good couple weeks. I've felt lethargic (hence slow to get on here) but hopefully we can pick back up.

    If I finish gen 9, I feel I'm due to restart with the other version. Even without its issues, I'm not huge into open world games. My track record for finishing them is absolutely awful. Did you end up watching the Nintendo direct?

    Oh, and hope you enjoyed the Ice Cream. I got a free ihop breakfast with my mother. We accumulated a $25 gift card. It was exactly enough to have a meal without actually paying. (aside from the tip of course).

    But yes, I am doing well. Falling into a rhythm of sleeping early. This wasn't intentional, but habits are super easy to get sucked into.
    I'm okay now. I wanted to do some posting this morning - however our internet is being so slow. It's taking 30 seconds to load a page.

    I hope you got the suitcases back?

    I've never heard of Pokemon GO fest. I think I'm a little out of the loop with pokemon right now. I didn't even finish any of the Gen 9 games. However, yes, that is quite a bit of walking. I think the most walking I did was at Disney World Epcot. We arrived early and didn't stop until night. (aside from lunch and dinner).

    Also, how are you doing?
    I won't be able to participate in the get together. I'm sick. We were on a crowded boat with 2,000 people. In such an instance, it's hard not to come home with an illness. If I do join, it'll likely be late into the event. I feel terrible and can't quite concentrate.

    The trip was awesome. I got to swim with a dolphin. (amongst many other cool things). Hope that your own current traveling sees you through safely and nicely.
    Oddly enough - not too concerned about seasickness. Yes it could happen, however modern boats are typically much more stabilized and smooth. We leave early in the morning tomorrow. I hope that your own trip goes safe and well. I haven't actually been to Idaho. Yeeeah I was initially not looking forward to this trip, but I've eased up on the idea. I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I'm not totally stressing either. Packing for it has been tedious.

    Ah, in other news this week, my older sister got engaged. Wedding will be in 2024.

    Curiously, which gaming handheld do you use?
    I'm going to be on a boat for three days. I have mixed feelings. It's a long time to be in a crowded space and honestly I do have moments on trips that I crave to be home. Hope you've been feeling better now and everything. Yeah can't imagine sleeping on a plane would feel decent either.

    I love the atmosphere of amusement parks. Depending on the park, it can be so uplifting and cheerful. For some reason, Roller Coasters only make me anxious while waiting in line. It's more of the thought of riding that scares me. When I actually get strapped into the seat I feel okay. Coming to realize this has made me feel less afraid.

    My older brother gifted me Stardew Valley on Steam. I would like to try it before leaving late this week. Do you still play Animal Crossing or has that faded out?
    It's okay. I'm leaving the US next week. Looks like our conversation will be out of commission for a while. (but it's okay, you will always be a cherished friend to me).

    Oh, I have to bring up the ridiculous prices at six flags. It was $16 for a single pizza slice. That's the sole slice of pizza alone. Not even with a drink or anything. $7.00 for a Gatorade. $12:00 for a slushie. Needless to say, I did not eat each much at the park.

    Speaking of health, I haven't aged out of my metabolism yet. It bothers me when I drop below 140 LBS because it visibly thins me out. But it's hard to maintain the weight unless I eat like crazy. Ah well.

    Are you planning on playing anything else now that Xenoblade is done?
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