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May 15th, 2013, 8:25 AM
Yeah, so I'm here to say Hi. I need to make 15 posts before I can upload my Rom hack with all the screenies and stuffs anyways so yeah.

I got into Pokémon after seeing my brother play Pokémon Silver :D

I've done a fair few hacks/RPG Maker games before, but I never get round to finishing them. So my idea was to do shorter hacks that actually get finished.

Anyone got any questions?

May 15th, 2013, 9:53 AM
Well hello there and welcome to PC!!
Nice to see another ROM hack fan join us, we surely can't have enough of those (:
The idea of doing shorter, but finished Hacks sounds pretty good, hope it works out!
So what was the first Pokemon Game you played? Do you have any favorite pokemon?

There is a lot to see and talk about besides hacks around here, so make sure to check out all the sections ;)
And if you ever need anything, just ask away, people around here are really nice and love to help
Hope you stick with us for a while, see you around ^^

May 15th, 2013, 5:34 PM
Yeah we have that 15 post rule in place to prevent people/bots from spamming links and images, but luckily 15 isn't hard to make at all. Just remember to be within our rules when posting, of course! We get members every once in a while who make spammy posts just to hit that 15 post mark and it's kinda sad to see. ;( But I'm sure you'll be totally fine!

Welcome to the forum though Avlis, and good luck with your hack! I'm sure it'll be awesome, especially we have such talented hackers here. You're paaart of us now! Hopefully you can finish your new hack since it always makes me sad when we have hack threads for games that never end up finished. I've waited like five years for hacks to be done before and it just makes me lose interest. Cool to hear you're both a hacker and game-marker too.. I tried RPG Maker at one point but gosh was that thing confusing!

Anyways, I have some questions. Have you been hacking a while? What game is your current hack project based off of? :3 And what do you like outside of hacking? Zorogami asked some good questions so make sure to answer those as well, haha. I'm assuming you've been playing the games since you got into the series? What do you think of X & Y?

Have a wonderful time around the community though and make sure to stick around. Looking forward to seeing you around and you can message me anytime if you'd like to chat or need help!