View Full Version : Feedback: bullying on PC NEEDS to stop

Moltres Rider
June 14th, 2013, 4:58 PM
Bullying NEEDS to stop on PC!!! EVERY TIME I post a thread regarding something I don't like or something weird I may like about Pokémon... I get bullying from SEVERAL people with NO admin or moderator intervention!!! I think bullying needs to be handled on PC instead of ignored!!! like my thread in Pokémon X & Y or example...

it's ONLY when I post stuff I like or dislike regarding Pokémon and members bully me and mods DO NOT take care of it!!!!


June 14th, 2013, 5:42 PM
It's all well and good to say BULLIES SHOULD BE STOPPED in capslock at us, but it does us no good if you don't actually go and use the report button for it. If you report the specific post, then we can actually look at it and decide if it's breaking any rules.

Also note that stuff like infractions or talking-tos are done privately not publically, so don't assume that someone hasn't been dealt with.

Lastly, mods are not on 24/7. We have lives, and do not know the moment a rule is broken until we see it ourselves or get a report and are actually online.

Going to close as there's nothing else to add to this. Use the report button, and please tone down on the capslock and !!!. Again, this is shouting and comes off as rude.
like my thread in Pokémon X & Y or example...And if you mean your latest thread in that section, it's already closed and has absolutely no bullying in it that I can see.