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  • Sorry I just saw this. I don't come on here much anymore. Glad you're well man! I'm doing alright. Going through anxiety still (which is never fun) but I'm ok. What have you been up to?
    You're welcome. Figured I'd say something because it came up with an error. The article written by Sweet Serenity also didn't have a "read comments" button, but I can't seem to find that one anymore.
    Hello, I can't seem to comment on this daily article because the thread says I don't have permission to view the thread, could you fix that? Is it in the wrong forum?
    I'm right there with you brotha! I recently I noticed some thinning spots on the top of my head. Feeling old is definitely going around xD
    Happy to be back! I'm excited to check out some rom hacks for sure. I'm a pixel artist and I occasionally make maps, and the nostalgia brought me back here since I initially came for ShinyGold. Crazy to think I was in jr high when that game was being worked on xD
    I remember seeing your name a long time ago, it's nice seeing a couple old names on the staff from back when I used the sight when I was a kid. I don't think we ever talked and I honestly can't even remember my old username, but I hope you've been well ??????
    Me too, chief. Dailymotion had a pretty good looking version when i sought it out.

    Anyway, the one thing i don't like regarding Interstella (besides the entirety of Veridis Quo, that bit makes me kinda uncomfortable) is the fact that we didn't get more of it. We didn't get to experience more of the world or characters after that one movie! It would have been so great to see everyone's favorite blue musicians again!
    That's pretty interesting, seeing how the quality isn't that great on Youtube. Not a lot of HD versions! Imagine being a kid during the Toonami air and seeing the film up until Harder, Better, and wondering what the heck happens next. I know for a FACT i would have been invested, lol.
    [lmao don't worry about it dude]

    I first saw a few bits and pieces separately since each song is connected to the movie, but i never saw the whole thing in full. That changed a few months ago in March and i LOVED it to bits. The animation is epic, the songs are (mostly) fire, the wordless storytelling is great, what's not to love?

    It introduced me to the rest of Discovery and i've gained a much bigger appreciation for Daft Punk ever since!
    Nice! if this was a top 5, I probably post on developers' threads.
    I guess I should clarify that I'm not really learning anything in school. I take my older dog to obedience school once a week. She's really smart and picks up commands fast. I'm checking with the teacher tomorrow to see if my dog is ready to move up to learning actual sports, and I'd love to get her into agility.

    I also have two new puppies! So I guess you can say that my life has gone to the dogs!

    New job? And back to Australia, eh? I honestly forgot that Australia has civilization on the western side. When I checked it out, Useless Loop amused me greatly. But good luck with the new job!

    I'm super fortunate that my state is doing rather well with dealing with covid. A lot of people in my area are getting the vaccines, and the government is quick to respond with proper mandates. Even though the town I work in doesn't have a mask mandate, the majority of people are still wearing them. I'd like to think that next year will be better.

    Quarantine in a hotel would be the worst. D: Especially having to pay for it yourself. At least when I was under quarantine, I was home and able to do my own thing.
    Greetings! I started writing a response to this weeks ago, and then fell asleep. I had just gotten back from school.

    How was the birthday? How has everything been?
    Bruh that's got to be brutal trying to find something in a lockdown. How tight is it out there? Unfortunately, state side it's literally the wild Wild West where every state gets to mandate how they want to handle it instead of the federal government taking charge…it ain't the best.
    Not really anymore.. sadly when you start making games you kinda have less time to play them :( it's like "ugh I had like 8-10 hours of this already lemme do something different haha"

    How about you? Fav games recently?
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