View Full Version : RuneScape 3 is out!

Purple Materia
July 23rd, 2013, 5:59 PM
The newest generation of RuneScape 3 has been released with a reworked graphical engine, a new interface, and a worldwide event that's... pretty pointless but still cool in theory!

If you're playing, what do you think of it so far? Members and free-players alike can participate in the event, although members will have added benefits, obviously.

I really like the interface so far! It makes the game more customizeable, which allows you to tweak your setup to your exact needs. I just wish there were more custom preset options so I can save various setups for different activities, two just isn't enough.

As for the event itself, it's pretty cool. The two oldest and largest gods apparently rose up and started a war, and the players align themselves to a side. You then have to collect these things called divine tears which are used to strengthen your side. The battle is pretty much pointless since one faction is at 12M followers and the other is just at 5.7M. My biggest gripe are the rewards: they're limited edition! Which means if you want to own everything in RuneScape, you HAVE to participate. Getting everything is so slow and painstaking that I'm not even enjoying myself.

July 24th, 2013, 6:42 AM
My honest opinion is they have shot themselves in the foot with this update.

First off, they have concentrated the amount of players at Lumbridge even more. When I logged in earlier it was noticably clunky, running and other actions showed lag and weren't at all smooth.

Then there is the 'graphics' update. Runescape always promises graphics updates, this time you can kind of see it, however it is still nothing compared to other free MMOs. For example I play Aion, which is beautiful (and not at all laggy).

I played runescape for a year or two, collectively over the past decade, and sure it can be fun - but this update seems really cliché and I found the new interface clunky and ugly.