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  • If you are then you love the attentin you get from people idolising you.

    Kuroneko best girl
    You've broken out from the TV show to the Land of Pokecommunity

    Are you sure you not Kanako cosplaying as Meruru?
    Thanks! I will try and go for both. :3
    Okay then, I'll check it out! :D

    But I am deciding between Adventure Time and Pokemon... hmm... what do you think?
    Oh, lol. xD

    Well in that case, I may watch it. ^^
    I read that towards the end it begins to get really close to hente. :/

    Okay, thank you! :D
    Thanks! I'll check it out! What I'm looking for is something funny and really clean from start to finish. Like, K-ON get's close to hente when it is supposed to be cutesy and funny. I guess there isn't much clean anime, huh? :c
    Well, right now I'm looking for something good and clean, so if ya know anything, drop me a VM. :P
    Is there a particular anime which your profile picture involves? I am looking for good, clean anime so I have to keep asking. xD
    Oh, that's awesome, I am a fan of K-On!, and am looking for similar things at the moment. Oh, and thank you! I'll add you on gaia. :3
    I'm quite well, thank you. I see that you like anime, well, that's what I figured, judging from your Avatar.
    I don't get why Kiss X Sis exists. Isn't incest wrong regardless on whether or not they're blood-related?
    Oh I know about the G36 has always been borderline unfair. Lol. Well for those who don't pay money, anyway. Lmao.
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