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Fernando Torres
August 17th, 2013, 4:50 PM
Woah woah woah huh? Your not a new user! You've been here since February! You can't post here!

While that is true, I never made one of these and I'd like to share my likes with you guys! :3

First off my name is Kevin but you can call me Mudkip :3. I'm a cool, calm, sometimes outgoing, sometimes shy, music loving guy! I like to listen to any type of music no matter the genre, and as long as its upbeat. I like creating music and creating video games for others enjoyment.

I also love Pokèmon. When I was a child I played Pokémon silver all the time even though I didn't read ( I looked at the pictures) My favorite moments were beating that Miltank (grrrr that Miltank) and catching Schyther! When gen 3 came around I was the only one who actually liked it at the time, (in my school) and then I met Mudkip. Excuse me for a moment... Ehemm. STKGDOYRSJDOCLJZURSZhjgKjhbvhnMUDDDDDKIP IS THE BEST THINGEVERSINCECHOCOLATE ASDFGHJKLMXBJDGCNVVDMMKK!!!!11111111111
Sorry folks...

Any way I'm really friendly and I'm trying to learn how to help people in PC!

Yes I read all the rules months ago. Ask a mod, don't ask to be a mod or you won't, make good posts, I got it.

Well there's my intro that I should've made in February! Hope y'all like it!

August 17th, 2013, 6:27 PM
Muuuuudkip! :D You're still eligible for an intro so it's awesome that you finally made one! Very belated welcome!

D'aww, Pokemon really helped me with learning how to read. I got the game when I was 8 or so and wasn't the fastest reader in the world so playing the games really did me wonders. Miltank was a huge pain though, my gosh.. surprised that was your favorite moment! xD; Has to be my least favorite because the darn thing always Rollout'd my Quilava to death. Nice job on getting Scyther, though! That guy took me forever and I had to restart the Bug Catching contest probably ten+ times. G/S/C are amazing and hold so many awesome memories, don't they?

But yeah.. the third generation's awesome. Mudkip is ridiculously cute and he was the first starter I chose in my Sapphire game so he holds many dear memories. Swampert had an awesome moveset so beating everything with Surf, Earthquake, and Ice Beam was just so very fun (albeit a little too easy, haha). Now that I think about it, I might even have a shiny one sitting away in my box in Black 2.

Glad you've been having so much fun here already and know how this place works, that's great. <3 I'm sure you don't really need very many suggestions so have a great time and keep being awesome! Hope to see you log in and post for a long time to come. ♥

August 17th, 2013, 9:05 PM
Hey there, my good friend Mudkip. Your introduction is really "wow", you should have made one a long time ago as good as this one. Anyway, I am happy to say all the thinfs you said about yourself is true. You are truly a nice and calm guy, which brings out the better side of you. I never knew you liked music though, so do you one day plan on making your own music? It would be cool to have a good song artist on PC, you could probably sing us some tunes. I have faced your state many times with Milktank, when I was young I drew a picture of me squeezing milktank to death while its milk spilled everywhere. Yeah, I was pissed off then. Mydkip is also a adorable pokemon, and very strong as well. I hope you have a great future on PC bro, U wish ya the best.

Fernando Torres
August 18th, 2013, 5:35 AM
Da'www thanks guys <3 it seems we all HATE that Miltank some more than others (Squeezing Miltank to its Milky death) Yeah I really love Pokèmon. When I was young it was how I made friends. I owe life to pokemon basically. It taught me math (TCG), reading and how to make friends.

I love PC too and everyone in it. I will make posts everyday as well as threads.

<3 thanks for all the awesomeness guys. Now I'm even awsomer (lol) than I was before.

Cirno:As I said I will be posting everyday. It seems we have a lot in common! Look forward to seeing you!11

DarkScrambled: Thanks so much :3 I don't know where to showcase any music so that will have to wait. I hope to see ya around for a longgggggg time! :3

Thanks guys. Gbye!

August 18th, 2013, 6:25 PM
Very nice to see you happy man, but when you do find a section to put your music, be sure to put some. And I shall also plan to see you around during my time here.

August 18th, 2013, 10:42 PM
lol 101 posts and makes an intro now lol

I can't really say welcome since I have seen you in the forums alot and its kind of out of place like saying to the queen oh welcome to monarchy since she has been the queen for the last 400 years (I am a little inaccurate its more like 50000 years)

Hope I didnt offend anyone with the queen stuff