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August 21st, 2013, 11:06 PM
Hello to everyone of the PokemonCommunity! I'm HearttheWolf.. But you guys can call me 'Heart'. Found this forum looking for a cool ROM Hack, and I thought it was right up my ally! So, I'll be stalking around the site, occasionally posting... Maybe joining an rp. 'Ya know. Casual stuffz.

I'm kinda an artsy person. Love to draw and write (love making stories and real deep characters), and I LOVE to roleplay. Like, a lot. Rping's my thing, man. It's my style. It's how a move.
.... I'll stop that now.

Anyway! Hope to find some new victims friends, and have a fun time! ^.^

See 'ya!

August 21st, 2013, 11:46 PM
omg YOU SHOULD JOIN A ROLEPLAY. The Roleplay Corner is awesome, and you will love our lovely RP community here. We have a lot of roleplays out there who are looking for more roleplayers, as well as you have the opportunity to create your own. <3 It's also a fantastic way to meet friends, too! Really, you'll love it :)

Welcome to the forums, btw! Not only you can roleplay, you can also post your art & your writings as well. Art & Design and Fanfiction & Writing are two other sections you'll find interesting. So, there's literally a ton to do here, why not give yourself time to explore the rest of the forum? We have a ton of sections ranging from games, to the anime, to ROM Hacking and so much more...even an off topic section where you can interact with other members about....anything else :D

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time here. :) Have fun & I'll see you at the RP corner! :)

August 22nd, 2013, 8:50 AM
Heh, thanks a lot ^.^ I might just do that. *thumbs up*