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September 8th, 2013, 9:36 PM
Welp, I'm not one for big introductions or anything, so I'm just going to pop in and let you all know that I'm being silly and trying to complete the national dex right now. Almost done with Gen 5's pokedex, but I've got a looong way to go. x.x;

I'm willing to answer just about any question you have though. ^^

September 8th, 2013, 9:43 PM
Hey Kino,
Welcome to the forum and I'm sure you'll have a great time here :)

How far through the Pokedex have you got so far? I've actually only just started playing Black so it's gonna take me quite a while yet, especially considering I'm yet to complete 4th Gen :/


September 8th, 2013, 10:21 PM
Well, I'm almots done with the Unova dex. I only have to get Braviery tree, Electabuzz tree, White 2's psychic tree.... and all the legendaries including the storm trio (which I have no idea how to get so I'm probably screwed on that aspect. TT_TT) ANd theeeen leveling everyone up so they evolve into their final stages. XD

I've only got about... 18 guys to level up before all I need are the game/trade exclusive pokemons.

September 8th, 2013, 11:38 PM
Hey Kino and Welcome!!

Completing the Pokedex is a difficult task indeed. I have yet to do it myself. Even more harder to complete in never games cause of all the Pokemon! But I don't mind the challenge. I almost have the Unova dex complete in my White , just need a few more Pokemon such as Landorous and Genescet. Unfortunately, I missed the oppurtunity to get an authentic Genescet and with X and Y coming out, it's unlikely they'll make a new one for the Gen V games. :/ That makes me sad cause I may not be able to complete the Pokedex ever! But anyway, if you want to complete the Pokedex faster why not try the Quick Trade Thread in Trade Corner (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=161)? You can ask for Pokemon your looking for and hopefully someone has that Pokemon and responses! You can also browse trade shops and see if anyone is offering any Pokemon you need and then try trading them for Pokemon they're looking for. Hopefully with these tips, you can complete your Pokedex in anytime! Good luck man!

But anyway, have fun here! There's a lot to explore and look at here. You can talk about almost anything here even thing not relating to Pokemon. You should easily make friends here hopefully cause we're a really nice group of people. I'm always up for a chat with someone so go ahead and send me a VM in the box on my profile! And if you have questions, you're always welcome to ask them to a staff member in blue, orange or red. See ya! Enjoy yourself!

September 9th, 2013, 12:09 AM
Hello Kino, welcome aboard!

If you were looking for a great place to get help with your Pokedex completion, I'd follow the advice my good buddy AWsquared there mentioned and check out the Trade Corner section, which has the Quick Trade Thread or several trade shops where you can request any Pokemon you need. I'm sure you can finish your Pokedex someday so good luck, but feel free to stick around and check out other parts of the forum as well.

Anyways, I'm sure you can stick around because we have so many great members and we're a diverse community with more than just Pokemon. Don't hesitate to contact any staff members if you need help, and remember to read the rules if you can. Have fun and I hope to see you around PC, Kino!

- Hikari10

September 9th, 2013, 1:21 AM
Hello, welcome to Pokecommunity!:)
That mean you have complected all generation one to four? Good luck with your generation five!:)

September 9th, 2013, 8:53 AM
Awsquared & Hikari,
Thanks for the warm welcome and advice to go to the trade center area of the forum to help complete my national pokedex! I will definitely be sure to do that soon enough so that I can finish up my national dex much faster.

And I will definitely make sure to have a look around the forum when I can. Thanks again for the warm welcome and helpful advice. :D

Sadly, I'm working backwards from Generation five, since I wound up taking a break from pokemon when generation 4 came out, and I just recently started getting back into pokemon. So I've only got about 285 pokemon of the national dex completed. x.x;

Precious Tears
September 9th, 2013, 10:11 AM
Hi there, come on in and have a seat! :)
I'm serving some Barbecue Octillery in Teriyaki Sauce! *gives out a pair of chopsticks and plate*
Since you're trying to complete the Pokedex, our Trade Corner here in PC might be handy to you.
You might want to check out other various sections such as Rom Hacking, Pokemon X and Y sections and more!
If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask the staff members!
Please eat all that Barbecue Octillery in Teriyaki Sauce, before you go! ;)

September 9th, 2013, 10:23 AM
XD Why thank you good sir. I'm definitely checking the trade center out, but I'm finding lots of people wanting things I don't have. XD I've no idea how I'm going to get any event pokemon when all I have is a shiny Dialga everyone was able to get a few days ago. Need to remember to go to Gamestop to get two shiny Palkia's, one for myself and one for a friend of mine. ^^