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    Thanks for your birthday wish five years back, Nichole.
    Hope you're doing well! I still remember you and you made an impact here <3 <3
    You were the only person on here who was really good to me and though I still don't really know what went down with you, you made a lasting impression on me. Hope you're well.
    Nichole if you ever read this I just want to say thank you.
    It saddened me to know you've left the community, and our short conversations always put a smile on my face. Hope you come back someday. Cheers...
    Hey Hika, how's your birthday? I hope it's a good one c:
    And I wish you a happy birthday, as well :)
    But why'd you come back and talk to me then?

    I don't know, he's also on YOUR side. Don't write him off. You're talking to me, you should him too, especially since he was an actual friend.

    I think you care more than you want to. And yeah, most are overly sensitive and those in power have a serious hivemind going on, but an infraction really isn't as bad as you make it sound. I have my fair share too and at least they expire.

    It's just me, but I don't think running away from problems solves anything. Especially when you're hardly alone on it either.
    I saw that topic, and it's so ludicrous to even suggest that episode is anything racist at all; or let alone anyone posting about IT is doing anything to black people at all.

    I was surprised to see you came back. What happened?

    By the way, you should message your friend CodeHelmet too. He's been pretty worried about you, with no way to reach out, and I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I don't think he's up and left yet himself.
    Also I checked out your twitter link, and saw the stuff about TTTE. I grew up with George Carlin's narration of that show and I saw the way it is now, overcome with agenda and greedy merchandising. Reverend Awdry must be rolling in his grave right now.
    They punished you for that one comment that didn't seem racist at all? I knew some of the staff get a little sensitive sometimes but wow. But it's not like they can actually compromise your safety other than some bans and stuff.
    Hey, I've seen your posts on PC and I don't know about discord but you're not racist, seems like whoever claims so is overreacting. Anyways I don't know you that well but I enjoy your posts and hope you get well.
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