View Full Version : What's your mobile phone ringtone?

March 22nd, 2005, 10:12 PM
Forgive me if this has been done before. I haven't seen one though.

Yeah, so what's yours? And do you download yours, buy them or program them? My phone has programmable ringtones so I do my own, usually my tone is either Simple Plan's "I'd Do Anything" or one of the New Found Glory tracks "This Disaster" and "All Downhill From Here".

March 22nd, 2005, 10:23 PM
I just use the Cingular "Happy Birthday" tone. :P I'm scared of a too high phone bill. xD;

Mr Cat Dog
March 23rd, 2005, 1:54 AM
My ring tone is actually one of the default ones with my phone, and I like it so much that I haven't bothered to download any and whatnot. It's called "James Bond" but in truth it sounds absolutely nothing like the theme tune. I can't realy describe it to you, as it's all polyphonic and polyrhythmic and stuff XD

March 23rd, 2005, 2:45 AM
Ive got the ocarina of time

doo doo doo-doo doo doo- doo doo doo day doo- doo dah day doo doo

ok, that doesnt look or sound like the tune. I am really bad at doo'ing >_<

Lion Heart
March 23rd, 2005, 5:51 AM
I've got I'll Be Watching You by Sting :P

Well, not really since my phone doesnt support Polyphonics I really have Banderina or something..

March 23rd, 2005, 6:00 AM
I have the full , 3mins midi , of Neon Genesis Evangelion - Title Theme as a ringtone, its really wonderfull ^.^, i download all stuff free by the net .

March 23rd, 2005, 6:01 AM
I have mine on vibrate, haven't really bothered to download anything yet :P

March 23rd, 2005, 6:34 AM
Like Toy Soldiers by Eminem. It used to be Sunshine by Twista because they both sound awesome on my phone!

March 23rd, 2005, 7:24 AM
I also use one of the default rings that my phone has as well,it's called Badinerie.

Alexander the great v2
March 23rd, 2005, 7:35 AM
007, got it from one of those lame ads in mags. Decent replica.

March 23rd, 2005, 9:28 AM
o.0 I don't have one yet..
But I would probably just use one of the defaults if I did.

March 23rd, 2005, 10:42 AM
"Gangsta's Paradise" is the one i'm using right now, but i have one for everyone in my phonebook so...yeah XP

March 23rd, 2005, 10:57 AM
I got the Mortal Combat Theme O.o
I like it :P

March 23rd, 2005, 11:07 AM
Teh Bro Town theme!

Morningside 4 Life!

Shikon no Tama
March 23rd, 2005, 11:08 AM
Mine's Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day. It's really cool. ^o^

March 23rd, 2005, 1:13 PM
Simiens Swing... ^^;;
I'm never using my Simiens MC60..

March 23rd, 2005, 1:55 PM
I don't really have a ringtone... I set my cell phone to vibrate most of the time anyways...

Forest Grovyle
March 23rd, 2005, 4:46 PM
I've got the theme from the computer game "Monkey Island" :D It's a really fun, bouncy tune ^_^ Other than that, all I have are the default ones which aren't very good at all...


March 23rd, 2005, 5:43 PM
I'm using 'Let Me Love You' by Mario.. it actually sings it.. oO;; ~origin

March 23rd, 2005, 5:49 PM
Wow, you have a phone with True Tones? *jealous* XD I leave my phone on vibrate during lectures ._.

Mysterious Mew
March 23rd, 2005, 6:06 PM
I am using the music that plays when you fight the Elite Four in R/S

The Fallen
March 23rd, 2005, 6:10 PM
Candy Shop XD.Im gonna change it to How We Do though.

March 24th, 2005, 12:11 AM
I hate that song, DSS, haven't heard How We Do XD

I don't even have a mobile phone =P

March 24th, 2005, 5:22 AM
Mine is like a girls yelling "somebody pick up the phone!" either that or the fire alarm one.

March 24th, 2005, 9:14 AM
My ringtone pwnz all! XD It's the song "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. =3 I love that song soooo much. XD And to answer the second question, I downloaded mine. <3


March 24th, 2005, 12:30 PM
I hate that song, DSS, haven't heard How We Do XD

How can you hate that song?

I have the "Bad Boys" song. The one that's on cops.

March 24th, 2005, 12:31 PM
american idiot by green day

March 24th, 2005, 1:20 PM
I have the Duke Nukem Theme song, its catchy :P i download any music i can (hugs phone which has USB cable :)) I have some true tones but... they are rude :P

March 24th, 2005, 11:29 PM
sucker train blues by Velvet Revolver
Thank You LightWav (http://www.toysoft.ca/lightwav.html)!

P.S. I have tickets for their performance on April 15 at the Santa Barbara County Bowl!!!

March 25th, 2005, 6:13 AM
Dude, does anyone know where I can get some free ringtones? I need some baaaad

March 25th, 2005, 6:23 AM
Mozart because he r0x0rZ. Seriously. <3

March 25th, 2005, 12:42 PM
well, I've one of the standard ringtones on my phone and the melody doesn't remind me of anything so I can't explain it further^^
If someone owns a Motorola 171: it's ringtone number 12 I think^^

Mozart because he r0x0rZ. Seriously. <3

Really? which song do you have?