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  • No worries. Same here! I don't come back to check very often.. just when I'm feeling a bit nostalgic I guess!! :D Glad to know you're doing well!
    Lawl how bout no. No more bbys plz thnx. Omg I love him but he's such a little troll, he just fucks with me all day. So appropriate for my child. He can be good sometimes tho. And yes, I'm still purdy awful.
    You always were a delicate little flower. But if being passed out drunk/stoned and tan on a white sand beach is wrong, who the fuck wants to be right? He's why I need a vacation. He's almost 2 now, we named him Emery after... Uhhh... The Engrish version of Emily? Idfk. I just thought it sounded cool. He's a mini troll. Besides, you have a 90's teen drama name, his class mates wouldn't understand. ;|
    Ooh fancy. I bet it was pretty. Been good, trying to save up some cash for a vacation too, I think we're going camping. Just been busy with family stuff mostly.
    Naw, I'm still an immature little shit. Whatchu been up to?
    I got married and have a kid. So yeah, basically prison.
    Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Hope your friends are OK. One of my housemates had to be evacuated from his gym, but nothing really happened as the area was being defended by the local Turkish community.
    I'm in London now, but the worst that's happened was that the Argos and Tesco closed for an afternoon. All the other stuff's been going on in the outer boroughs. What about you?
    Oh well. Nice to hear from you on one of your irregular soujourns. Am I going to be able to ask you how you are, or is this another flying visit?
    Hey mate, you need to be more active for someone with 10,000++ posts.. Come do some posting in my thread :P
    I don't know what happened but everyone seems to have become inactive last year, pleeeease come back Dawson :)
    How dare you post something so un-kawaii and realistic in a thread about cancer.

    The Pokecommunity gods will smite you.
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