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January 7th, 2004, 3:27 AM
Since the Pokémon Academy idea seems to be doibng quite well, I'll start one, with my Made-Up Region that hasn't been in use for quite a while, the Alpha Region. The whole Pokémon Academy idea was by Houndour AKA Mario. I am just reproducing a Pokémon Academy RPG based on my Made-up Region.

You will be 5 years old (Kill me) in this and in Grade 5 (when ur 10) you will have a chance to become a Pokémon Trainer (But it depends on your luck) if you graduate from Grade 6, you will automatically be a Pokémon Trainer. (The Pokemon Trainer bit I will ask you a quiz via an Instant Messaging Program so I know you won't cheat.)

Pokémon- Any base form Pokémon no bigger than a Sneasal

Name- Kou Shiro (Those who are crazy about Digimon know wher this came from)
Pokémon- Aipom

EDIT: Who votes for a sequel?

Roxy Parkington
January 7th, 2004, 8:17 AM
Name: Roxy Parkington
Pokemon: Chikorita
Gender: female


Neko Keeshi
January 7th, 2004, 11:11 PM
Name: Keeshi Christoph
Sex:Male ^_^;
Pokemon: Pidgey

January 8th, 2004, 12:25 AM
Oops I forgot about the Gender..... so add ur Gender too... sorry


Room 101- Kou +
Room 102- Roxy +

And I dunno if Keeshi is a boy name or girl... but I'm guessing boy

Roxy Parkington
January 8th, 2004, 1:43 PM
Just let us know when we can start! :cool:


Neko Keeshi
January 8th, 2004, 4:40 PM
Yes, I can't wait. Though, playing a 5 year old may be diffrent.

January 8th, 2004, 5:38 PM
Name- Zera

January 9th, 2004, 12:00 AM

Room 101- Kou + Keeshi
Room 102- Roxy +
Room 103- Zera +

Ok... these are the rooms for the moment, when one more girl and one more boy joins then we can start...

Monday Day 1


10:00- Meet at hall. Get Pokémon
11:00- Pokémon Quiz
12:00- Lunch Break
12:30- FREE TIME
2:00- Combat Classes
3:00-Library Session
4:00- Trainer Tips
4:30- Video; Ash VS Harrison. Johto League Battle
5:00- Free Time
6:00- Breeding Class
7:00- Dinner Break
8:00- Video; Pichu Bros
9:30- Bed Time
10:00- Lights Out!

January 10th, 2004, 8:39 PM
Pikachu Is'nt To Big Is He?

January 11th, 2004, 11:50 PM
nope, Pikachu isn't too big...

Room 101- Kou + Keeshi
Room 102- Roxy +
Room 103- Kera + Drake

Roxy Parkington
January 15th, 2004, 4:00 AM
I wouldn't mind having a room to myself since no girl seems to have signed up yet... ^_^


January 15th, 2004, 5:08 AM
ok then, if that's so... WE CAN START!

Kou went out of his house. He was confident in himself on riding his 2-wheeled bike. He slowly rode it pass a few roads and arrived in Cation City, the home of the academy.

Kou went in to get his key. It was 101, he waited outside and peaked into his bag to see what he was going to get.

Roxy Parkington
January 15th, 2004, 6:03 PM
"Wake up, Roxy," whispered Sabrina Parkington, quietly shaking her five-year-old daughter awake. Young Roxanne Parkington, more commonly known as Roxy, rubbed her hazel eyes and sat up in bed.
"What is it, Mommy?" she asked as her mother brushed Roxy's dark blond hair out of her eyes. It was the crisp, early days of September and the Parkington family had moved to the Alpha Region so Roxy could begin her education in Pokemon training since New Bark Town in Johto didn't have an academy for Roxy to attend.
On July 23, Roxy's fifth birthday, Officer Jenny had appeared on their doorstep and informed both mother and daughter that Jonathan Parkington, Sabrina's husband and Roxy's father, had been killed by Lugia. Jonathan had been a noted Pokemon explorer in both the Orange Islands and Johto before his death. Roxy found herself at Professor Elm's lab, and he had taken her under his wing, teaching her everything he could about Pokemon. Roxy grew to love these wonderful creatures, and a month later in August, Sabrina rented out a house in Cation City, so Roxy could recieve a first-class education in Pokemon training. Sabrina and Roxy moved to the Alpha Reigon, but planned to move back to Johto when Roxy turned ten. Now Roxy was five years old and about to begin her first day of school.
"Don't you remember, honey? Today's your first day of school at the Alpha Reigon Pokemon Academy!" Sabrina said brightly.
"Yes, I'll get to meet kids my own age!" Roxy exclaimed. She was very intelligent for a five-year-old when it came to Pokemon, but it couldn't hurt to learn more.
"Oh yes," Sabrina said, pausing at the door. "You'll get your own room to sleep in, but I'll come visit you on the weekends. Okay?"
"Don't worry, me and my new Pokemon will be best friends!" Roxy said, her eyes shining.

January 15th, 2004, 7:53 PM
"WEEEEEEE" yelled a little boy rolling down a hill,on his way to the pokemon acadamy.he hit the bottom of the hill adn got up then shook his head and started to run to the acadamy...after 10 minutes of runnig adn walking he got there and he walked in and saw some people and he walked over to one and said "hello i am Zera and you are((this is Kou))*he said

January 15th, 2004, 8:00 PM
ehh!!!!!1can I join?
*jumps in quick*
name:nick mattson

January 16th, 2004, 3:33 AM
yup you can join, but if you don't mind being in a room by yourself...
Kou turned backwards, He saw an extremely energetic boy behind him, as he mouthed the words. "Hello! I'm Zera! And you are..." Kou interrupted him in a much lower tone. "Kou..." He turned around. 'Ah, an energetic one, not what I expected but better than nothing...' he thought. He was about to get bored. He was pretty mature for a 5-year-old, and saw a girl walk towards the Academy. Kou's eyes turned up onto her. 'Oh man... a pretty one...' Kou slowly walked towards the girl. Zera was just plain confused as the kid walked away.

"Hi..." Kou said shyly. He waited for response as she stared into the girl's deep eyes.

(5 year olds fall in love with someone that they think is pretty or handsome don't they? I remembered that I said I wanted to marry my older sister when I was about that age...)

Roxy Parkington
January 16th, 2004, 4:26 AM
(Most of the time. I was never like that, however. :laugh: )

Roxy, unlike the kids around her, had decided to take a brisk walk to the Pokemon Academy instead of a two-wheeler bicycle. After her mom had left the room, Roxy hurried and stuffed a good supply of outfits and books into her backpack for the days ahead, getting even more excited about having a bigger room to herself.
She hugged Sabrina goodbye and began walking to the Academy just a few blocks away. All the while, her starter Pokemon was on her mind. Professor Elm had done an excellent job of educating Roxy over the summer by letting her play with certian Pokemon and making a game out of it; they would both take turns describing the Pokemon Roxy was currently playing with. Pretty soon she was memorizing the names of Pokemon with ease.
Even though Professor Elm can't be here, she thought, I'm still getting my starter, she thought with anticipation. Lifting her gaze from her sky blue sneakers, she caught sight of the Academy in front of her: a yellow brick cluster of buildings surrounded by a fancy iron gate fence. Standing at the entrance were two boys, one looking hyper, the other...blushing? The blushing boy walked up to her as she drew nearer and introduced himself.
"Hi..." the boy said shyly.
"Hi, I'm Roxy Parkington, but my real name is Roxanne," Roxy said, introducing herself. "I'm a tomboy, and I want to become friends with Pokemon and be a trainer." Unlike the average five-year-old girl, Roxy had no bow in her blond hair and wore jeans and a t-shirt with a Pokeball on the front. "I would rather be called Roxy, Roxanne is too long and fancy," she said, wrinkling her nose with obvious dislike. "I'm in Grade 1 too."


January 16th, 2004, 1:24 PM
Nick lived far away from the academy.
.He took out the firestone his mom,sabrina a gym leader, had given him before she died.Nick was alone in his own world.His farter was dead,both his parents died in a accedent on orange islands.Nick took a rest as the academy came into view.
''Wow a flygon..." he said,taking out his camera and snapping a few shots of the clouds
"too bad it wasnt real"he said to himself
He looked at the academy and stood up.He shiverd as a slight breeze came over him.he picked up his bookbag and contiued.As he stepped past the gates at the entrance he saw a boy and a girl talking.He pulled up his camera(its around his neck)and took a shot.Afterwords walked a distance away from them,to try and get to the doors of the acdemy without being seen....

January 16th, 2004, 5:48 PM
He had his bag on,when he walked over ot a bench then sat down and took out his Magaman X action figure along with Zero and play with them for a bit.when he finished with the toys he put them back nad let out his dratini."hello dratini.are you hungry" he said babyishly and gave it some food....then he got up and walked over to a girl and said "Hello,i am Zera who are you"(to roxy)

January 17th, 2004, 4:08 PM
Kou stared at Zera who had just joined into the conversation. '****... seems like I'm not the only one that likes her...' Kou interrupted quickly and said; "Hey Roxy, which Pokémon do you plan on getting?" Then the PA boomed outl; "May all new trainers go to the Academy Hall immediately" it repeated what it said 2 more times and it was quiet. Kou walked into the academy as the whole academy stared at his Nike Sneakers(kid ones that look really good...)
NOTE- You're not supposed to have your Pokémon yet!

EDIT- What's wrong with the word D A M N?

January 17th, 2004, 8:37 PM
"Ahh Iam Late" I Say To Myself As I Run To Acadamy..........5 Mins Later I Get To The Acadamy Just Barley Hearing The Anocement And Run Inside And Get In Line For My PokemonI Say "Hello" To Everyone(My Charcter Is Shy) And Start Taking Notes On A Lecture That The Person's(Dont Know Name The One Thats Giving Us Are Starters)Leacture On Pokemon Care And Nutrition......

January 17th, 2004, 9:02 PM
Kou sat on a desk next to Roxy, having no place else to sit. He waited silently as the Teacher, Mr. Prot handed a few Pokéballs out to many students. Kou opened his Pokéball up and out came an Aipom!

"I always wanted one!" He said. Aipom sat on Kou's Shoulder.

'A one with talent... I suppose' Mr. Prot thought. He handed a few more Pokéballs and then he boomed out a few words.


"Gooood Morninnnnggggg..." everyone replied. It was obvious that they didn't get much sleep last night because of the excitement.

"Good Morning!" He said in a quicker tone.

"Good Morning!" Everyone shouted.

"Well lets see... Kou, you're in a room with Keeshi." Mr Prot began. He threw a key. It was number 101. Kou caught it and passed it onto Keeshi who was behind him.

"Roxy Parkington, you'll have a room by yourself..." Mr Prot tossed the key with the number 102.

"Zera and Drake... Room 103." He tossed 2 keys over to a kid that Kou had met before.

"And room 105... Nick" He walked past and settled the room key 105 on Nick's desk.

"Now... We will be having a Pokémon Quiz to put you into groups..." Mr Prot said. Reading from a piece of paper.

"First Question... How many different evolutions does an Eevee have?" Kou put his hand up first.

"Yes.. Kou..." Mr Prot answered.

"5" he said quietly.

"Speak up lad, I can't hear you." Mr Prot said.

"5..." Kou put 5 fingers up to indicate what he said incase Mr Prot didn't listen to him.

"Good, I thought that question was a bit hard for you."

"Who is the Elite Four Champion, Lance's starter Pokémon?" He asked.

Zera was first to put his hand up. Loudly he cried out;


"Good" Mr Prot ticked Zera's name off the list.

And the whole day went on...

Everyone had similar scores but Roxy was just a little higher than everybody. Kou was in a pretty bad mood as he thought that he was going to get first place.
Whoever is next can do the Lunch bit...

January 17th, 2004, 9:42 PM
After everyone had gone back ot ther rooms to unpack they all went to the lunch room but before any one got there Zera was there checking otu what was for lunch and he walked in and saw a sign that said "Today---Lasagna" and he said said ot his new pokemon Dratini "oo boy Lasagna..yummy" adn Dratini just looked at him...After ten minutes everyone else cam in and Zera was first a line then 2 other people and Drake then Keeshi and then Nick then Kou about 10 others and after then Roxy.They all got there food and sat down at the same table,then Nick said to Keeshi "i dare you to throw some of your food at that kid over there" and giggled then Zera got a spoon full of it and flicked it at Nick's face then Keeshi throw some food at the kid and a huge food fight started and then the Princeable came in and got hitr in thee face by some lasagna....then she walked out after cleaning it off.After lunch every one went back to there rooms....

now you just say what you did in your room

January 19th, 2004, 12:12 AM
Kou went back to his room which was just a few steps away from the dining hall.

"Free time!" Kou cried. He went into his room and grabbed a comic book from his bag. He was reading Pokemon Special Vol.8.

"Hey Keeshi! Check this out!" Kou showed Keeshi a picture of Gold playing SNooker.

Roxy Parkington
January 19th, 2004, 7:12 PM
Roxy was quite pleased with herself by the time the lunch bell rang. She had answered all of Mr. Prot's questions correctly, but then again Professor Elm had grilled her on these questions every Friday before she and Mommy had to move. During lunch she sat apart from the boys in her class, unzipped her backpack and pulled out the Pokeball Mr. Prot had given her in first period, the cold metal rubbing against her small palm. I'll let him or her out after lunch, she thought. Roxy preferred male Pokemon to females and hoped it would be a male Chikorita, for she had been dreaming of finding a dead Chikorita in a forest for some time.
After lunch she left the cafeteria and took the elevator to the second floor, which was designed to look like the interior of a well-to-do hotel. Roxy used the keycard to open Room 102 and stepped inside the hallway of her new room, her hazel eyes scanning her surroundings. The room was large, airy, spacious and newly cleaned, the citrus air freshner hanging in the room. A writing desk with curved legs was pushed against the wall to her left, a computer sitting on the desktop. Next to the computer was a colored brochure that told all about the Alpha Region Pokemon Academy and its' education programs.
On the other side of the room was a sliding glass door opening onto a balcony that overlooked Cation City's skyline. Next to the sliding glass door was a bed covered in Vaporeon-themed bedsheets. A widescreen television set, couch, and coffee table were in the middle, a spot for entertaining visitors.
"Wow, I always wanted a Vaporeon," Roxy exclaimed, running a hand over the bedsheets and smoothing them of any wrinkles. She dropped her backpack by her new bed and reached for the Pokeball containg her starter Pokemon. "I guess it's time to let you out...whoever you are," she whispered softly, releasing her new friend. It had never been Roxy's goal to be a Pokemon master, like the boys she shared classes with, just to be friends with Pokemon and battle because of the competiveness and what fun it was.
Roxy released her Pokemon; it was most definately a Chikorita, and a male too! "Chiko!" he exclaimed happily, running straight for his friend's open arms and looking into Roxy's five-year-old face. When Roxy looked into Chikorita's red eyes, she saw the same anticipation and excitement reflected in herself.
"We're going to be best friends, I can feel it," Roxy whispered as Chikorita jumped to her shoulder and nuzzled her neck. She giggled, savoring her happiness.


January 19th, 2004, 7:42 PM
(sorry bout the messup,fixed)
Nick had wondered who,or what was in his pokeball.inside his room he niticed the vulpix theme right off the bat,as the walls had a muaral(SP??) of vulpix.
Nick had been trying to look for any cute girls but only found a few at lunch.
He opened his pokeball to find a vulpix licking its paw.Cool wow he thought as he setup the play area for her.He then sat on his bed practicing his phycic abilateys(SP)(he dosent get superhuman powers like flying,and they dont develope compleatly for a few years)on binding a spoon....

January 20th, 2004, 12:01 AM
Kou rolled around his bed while flipping the pages. His room didn't have any theme in particular, it was modeled just after his own room at home. Everything was where it was. He went into the small fridge and pressed a button on a box that had the words HAMBURGER printed under it. after a lot of rumbling, a tray with a hamburger came out.

"Cool!" Kou said.

January 20th, 2004, 10:00 PM
(hey flygonruler nice thing on looking for cute girls! lol)
*he was also looking for cute girls with nick but only found 2 and after he went to his room with drake and he hadn't opened his pokeball yet so when he got up there he opened it and a Dratini cam out*OHHH MY GOD!!!....yes i got it i got it....

January 21st, 2004, 12:58 AM
Kou stopped reading and went for a little nap. He was dreaming of Team Rocket attacking the Academy...

"Marek!" A female voice yelled.

"Kary!" A Male voice yelled.

"ATTACK!" they both yelled in unison.

Marek and Kary went through every room as they took everyone as prisoners, soon it was the room Kou was sleeping in... He suddenly woke up, only to find the 2 people he had dreamed.

Kou was terrified. He took the pendant his Mum gave him for his 5th birthday, he held it. Tight. Then there was a silver glow, it shone so brightly everyone covered their eyes. It stopped. Marek and Kary were gone.

"What happened?" Kou's new friends' asked.

"I don't know..." Kou said.

Roxy Parkington
January 21st, 2004, 12:59 PM
"That was...awkward," Roxy commented, Chikorita sitting contendly on her shoulder. "Who were they, anyway?" she asked Kou. Chikorita was still suspicious, and his red eyes shifted to the door.
"Chiko..." he whispered to himself, not wanting to let Roxy worry.


January 21st, 2004, 7:24 PM
Kou looked down on his pendant. It was just a small rock, had a shape of a moon(forgot what its called) engraved on it. Kou stared at Aipom. Aipom stared back at Kou.


Kou decided not to go back to his room and asked his new met friends, Keeshi, Zera, Drake, Nick, and Roxy to go to the lounge. They watched TV there. "WAIT!" Kou cried. He took control of the remote and pressed rewind.

"Look! It's those scary people!" Kou said.

Kou walked over to a teacher and told them what he saw.

"Hmmm..." Mr Prot said. He took control of the remote and pressed PLAY.

"We are Team Rocket!" A male said.

"Jessie!" the female said.

"James!" the male said.

Mr Prot ran over to tell the other teachers what was happening. Kou and his new friends went into Kou's room to have a discussion about what was happening.

Roxy Parkington
January 22nd, 2004, 7:17 AM
"I've heard of them before," Roxy said angrily, now holding Chikorita in her arms. "Team Rocket captures Pokemon and uses them in illegal experiments. It's inhumane." She paused to scratch Chikorita's fur. "What should we do?"


January 22nd, 2004, 5:44 PM
"Maybe they'll come back at night." Kou said wisely. He looked at everyone else. They nodded. "Ok, you guys can just stay awake, I'll be looking at that eyehole thingy to make sure that only we are here. Kou paused. "I know! Wait!" Kou took the elevator and went to hsi room, he returned with 6 watch-like devices. "Dad gave me these. It's called a Pokegear." He gave one to everyone including himself. "We'll communicate through these."

Roxy Parkington
January 22nd, 2004, 6:32 PM
"Oh, I don't need Pokegear," Roxy said, handing the Pokegear over to Kou and showing her left wrist to the group. On her wrist was a silver wristphone, a wristwatch and videophone combined. Lined along the bottom was a keypad used for dialing numbers like a normal phone. "The person's face that you're talking to shows up on the small screen, so I can use this," she explained.


January 23rd, 2004, 12:44 AM
"Ok." Kou put the light blue Pokegear back where it belonged. Kou wore a Black and Silver Pokegear. Kou pressed a few buttons on his Pokegear and Roxy's wristphonewatchvideophone thingy rang. "Ok, it works. Now everyone we'd better hurry to Combat Classes." Aipom ran after Kou as they took the elevator down to Class Number 101(the one represents the year) Combat Class.

"Ok now." Miss Tac(comes from Attack). "Can all your pokemon use one of their attack on hit target over there?" she asked. Everyone went to a small station(like the ones in bowling clubs) and sent their Pokemon to attack the target. Zera and Kou did best because their Pokemon had the height to hit it.

After class...

"Ok! Now everyone can choose a book today!" Mrs Libra(from Library) said. All the kids grabbed their library cards and started to rumage through many books. Kou decided to choose a book about Team Rocket.

I just realized I'm turning the RPG into a fic...


January 23rd, 2004, 2:30 AM
"well that was easy today..any way this pokegear is kool as i attached some really kool action's to it...well i got a book on lance how he care's for dragon's"*he say idiolizing lance and holding dratini*"well this thing staying up and all.."*he whispered*

Roxy Parkington
January 23rd, 2004, 7:19 AM
"What were you saying, Zera?" Roxy asked, edging closer to the other boy she had met that morning (She had returned Chikorita to his Pokeball after class since it was apparent that he wanted rest). "There's no need for you to worry," she said with a confidant grin. "I found a book about Team Rocket and their history."


January 23rd, 2004, 3:38 PM
Kou went to check out his book about Team Rocket and went to the lounge along with his new friends.
" I shouldn't have borrowed this book... Its' got way too many words" a few kids complained.

Kou opened his book and started flipping through pages... It was huge hardback book with at least 700 words on each page(dunno how much that is but...)

"How are you ever going to read that?" Mr Prot said, walking past. he then noticed that it was a book about Team Rocket. "Look, I don't need you to worry about no Evil Team." Mr Prot grabbed the book and replaced it with a book about Pikachus.

"Argh..." Kou started to read through the book and found a bit on Team Rocket.

"Hey,hey,hey! check this out!" Kou pointed at the paragraph about Team Rocket.

Team Rocket has been known to steal Pokémon from trainers. When the 560th duo was here. They aimed to steal a Pikachu from World Famous Trainer, Ash Ketchum

"so they steal Pokémon..." Kou returned Aipom to his Pokéball. "Keep these hidden deep into your room. Wait... then there will be nothing to protect us... Keep them next to you at all times then... OUT of their Pokeballs..." a tired Aipom came out.
"Or maybe just heal them..."

January 23rd, 2004, 8:54 PM
"Uhh I Cant Believe I Could Not Find My Room" Snore.............Uhh Ohh Cool Libary About Pokemon! Look At The Wall He Could See A Hole Section Of Books Based On The Individoual Pokemon "Hmm I Think To Myself Ohh Ya Thats Right Come Out! Cool A Black(Shiny)Pikachu! As It Jumps Up On My Shoulder A Black Pikachu! So I Check Out A Book On Pikachu Care And Head Towards My Room(Finally Looks At Map Of School He Down Loaded Into His PokeGear) To Drop Off My Books Later I Meet Everyone At The Libary And Formaly Intruduce Myself

(Is It Okay If My Pikachu Is Shiny?)

January 23rd, 2004, 9:22 PM
*sitting on his bed reading his book on lance and how his dragonite got so strong*"this is interesting as ****"*then Drake walks in and zera looks at him*"hi,whats the book you got"

Roxy Parkington
January 24th, 2004, 8:40 AM
"Don't worry, Kou," Roxy whispered coming to sit beside her friend, Chikorita sitting on her shoulder. "I managed to find this with Chikorita's assistance," she said, passing Kou the Team Rocket book. "It's quite informative."


January 24th, 2004, 2:24 PM
A Book On Pikachu.........Ohh Ya Meet My Pikachu I Say As I Call My Pikachu Out What Pokemon Did You Get I Ask

January 24th, 2004, 3:47 PM
Erm, Dragonair, could you try to use correct grammar and punctuation? No one capitalizes every word... and A.J. opposite of that... BTW what word did you type got censored?
Kou blushed. He took the book of Roxy and started to read through several pages.

"Team Rocket's action time on Academies are usaully at dinner time where everyone is eating at the dining hall..." Kou stared at Roxy with a confident look.

"We'll have to skip Dinner today... Either that, or Zera or anyone else can bring some for us."

Roxy Parkington
January 25th, 2004, 12:36 PM
Roxy chuckled; Kou was funny without even trying. "Yeah, it's pretty pathetic that they choose dinner as their attack time. Either dinner, or late at night," she said.


January 25th, 2004, 6:11 PM
Kou smiled, "Next session... Trainer Tips?" Kou walked towards the elevator. "You coming" he asked with a smile. Kou got into the elevator and reached to press the 5th button up.
"Aipom, don't worry, we'll get those naughty Team Rocket." he said.\

"Ai pomuuu" it muttered.

"Ah we're here..." Kou walked out of the elevator... only to realize that he was late for class.


Roxy Parkington
January 25th, 2004, 8:19 PM
"We'd better get to class," Roxy muttered to Chikorita, hurrying to catch the next elevator to class.
"Chiko," Chikorita replied hurriedly as the two friends raced up the stairs to class. Roxy slid into her desk five minutes before the bell rang, then Kou and Aipom entered class. Roxy was alert, eager to learn all she could.


January 26th, 2004, 5:30 AM
Kou was about to fall asleep during class. His dad had taught him a lot about catching Pokemon already. Aipom had to slap Kou a few times to keep him awake.
After class...
"Video Time!" Ms Dire said, She searched through shelf after shelf of VHS tapes and finally found what she was looking for.

"Now everyone, this is the battle between Ash and Harrison in the JOhto League. You will have to answer some questions about the Video later..." Ms Dire announced. She passed some sheets out.

After watching the boring bit, it was finally the Charizard VS Blaziken part.

"I've been waiting for this bit!" Kou said, entertained, he leaned forward and observed every single detail, including the audience and saw in the background, a small jet plane with a message hanging down from it that said. TR ATTACK Ctn Cty Acdmy. January 16 2004

"MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kou scream at the top of his lungs. He took control of the remote and pressed pause, and pointed out what the tiny message said.

Roxy Parkington
January 26th, 2004, 10:01 AM
"I never noticed that before!" Roxy exclaimed loudly, awakening Chikorita, who was sleeping on her desk. "Why would they be telling the world that they were doing something wrong?" she asked.


January 27th, 2004, 2:07 AM
*turns desk around and looks at it*"i don't get it".......Dratini"draaaaaaa"*dratini says angrily*

Roxy Parkington
January 27th, 2004, 12:45 PM
"Miss Dire, would you mind looking at this?" Roxy asked politely, pointing to the paused TV screen.
"What is it, Roxy?" Miss Dire asked, looking at her pupil with a puzzled expression. "Oh my...when was this?" she asked the class, her eyes growing wide as she saw the blimp with the banner about Team Rocket's attack at the school.
"I don't know," Roxy replied, stroking Chikorita in her arms, whose red eyes looked worried.


January 28th, 2004, 10:46 PM
"well i really don't get it"*about 20 mins later and then they had more free time they were all in Roxy's room sence she is by herself*"well we better disgus this matter.....ok"*they are in a circil of chairs"

January 29th, 2004, 12:31 AM
"I think that the blimp with the message is to tell those people in Team Rocket... Either that, or Team Rocket is stupid... We'd better tell Mr. Prot" Kou said, patting Aipom on the head.

Roxy Parkington
January 29th, 2004, 2:20 PM
"Right, do you know where his office is?" Roxy asked of the two boys, getting up and letting Chikorita hop on her shoulder. "Come on, Chikorita, let's get going." She followed Kou out the door.


January 29th, 2004, 10:39 PM
"NO DON'T!!!!"*he asy runnign over and stoping them*"we can't tell him......cos u said we have to deal with this matter one our own"

Roxy Parkington
January 30th, 2004, 7:15 AM
"Okay..." Roxy said slowly, turning around. "Then what are we going to do? If the grownups won't do anything, what can we do?"


January 30th, 2004, 3:51 PM
(hey roxy can u unblock me in msn plz u know dbz_king1)

"well we have to deal with it if the grown ups know they'll watch us night and day"*he sits back down*

Roxy Parkington
January 30th, 2004, 4:59 PM
"Well, what's the plan then?" Roxy asked Zera. "I say we go after them ourselves...even if we are only five," she said, letting Chikorita climb to her shoulder.


January 31st, 2004, 5:07 AM
Kou followed Roxy and Zera down towards the lift and towards the lounge.

"Well... I have no idea on what we should do... But the teachers have to know... Or at least the PokéPolice(bad name, I know) needs to know..." Kou pointed out.

"Maybe we can train our Pokémon just outside Cation City. They are a few Rattatas, Pidgeys, Zigzacoons and Sentrets there." Kou ended, he picked Aipom up and they walked out the door.
AJ mentioned you hving MSN so I decided to add you, if you see someone's email as [email protected], don't worry, it's only me.

Roxy Parkington
January 31st, 2004, 9:40 AM
"Maybe we should go inform the police before we train," Roxy contemplated as she stepped outside with her friends. "I'll go do that now." Chikorita jumped from her arms and the two friends hurried off in the direction of the Cation City Police Department.


January 31st, 2004, 6:07 PM
"well all we can do is wait..."*his dratini sliming all over him*

Roxy Parkington
February 1st, 2004, 6:36 AM
Roxy and Chikorita soon found themselves in the spacious lobby of the Cation City police department. Officer Jenny stood at the front desk, a Growlithe at her side. "How can I help you?" she asked, looking at the five-year-old girl and her Chikorita.
"Ma'm, was there security at the Silver Confrence when it took place?" Roxy asked.
"Of course there was!" Officer Jenny responded brightly. "Why do you ask?"
"Well..." Roxy faltered. "We were watching a video in class of the Silver Confrence and a Team Rocket blimp was hovering above the stadium. Something about breaking into the Academy..."
"Can I see the tape?" Officer Jenny said, authority now in her voice.
"Yeah, we'll go get it," Roxy replied, hurrying across the street to the Academy.
"Chiko! Chiko!" Chikorita exclaimed, trying to catch the two boys' attention.
"Kou, Zera!" Roxy yelled, sprinting across the grass. "We need that tape!"


February 2nd, 2004, 12:15 AM
Kou heard the word 'tape' and ran back to get it secretly. He hid it behind his jacket, hoping no one would notice and ran towards the police department.

"And its at that bit!" Kou shouted. Pressing pause and showed the very message.

"Group A, guard the doors of Cation City Academy, Group B, guard the windows, Group C on lookout!" Officer Jenny ordred. Many cops rushed out and went to there positions. Officer Jenny had a little chat with Mr Lewis, the school's principle(my school's principle at least) and Kou just sat on a bench, stroking Aipom to see what would happen.

"Er Roxy..." Kou said blushing. "I never got a chance to say this but-"

"To proctect to world from..."

And the motto continued.

"Now what!?" Kou cried. He took a battle stance with Aipom on his shoulder.

Beams of fire shot from the growlithe and the Team Rocket activated a bubble barrier.

February 2nd, 2004, 1:31 AM
*turns around*"what idiots!!!"*they fall over liek they allways do*"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT"*team roket say*"well i don't care you are stupid..dratini"

Roxy Parkington
February 2nd, 2004, 3:40 PM
"Chiko..." Chikorita growled softly, jumping from Roxy's shoulder with his red eyes blazing.
"I figured they'd come back after I'd informed Officer Jenny," Roxy muttered, balling her hands into fists and turning to her starter Pokemon. "Use your tackle, Chikorita!" she exclaimed.
"I wouldn't bet on it, we have this bubble barrier to protect us," James, the purple-haired male member of Team Rocket, taunted. Chikorita was insulted even more by this comment and broke through the bubble barrier.


February 3rd, 2004, 1:20 AM
"DRAGON BREATH"*he ordered*

Roxy Parkington
February 4th, 2004, 7:30 AM
"And what do you think that will do?" Roxy snapped at Zera, clearly tense with the situation. "Chikorita, tackle them!" Loyal Chikorita did so, knocking Team Rocket out.


February 5th, 2004, 11:00 PM
"ok..Miss big shot..you get you pokemon to do it and what"

February 7th, 2004, 6:16 PM
"Hang in there guys!" Kou cried. He quickly order Aipom to send a scratch attack.

"Ai! Pomuu!' Aipom whacked his tail and Jessie, the tall red haired woman of the duo and scratched her leaving a mark.

"Argh... Aipom! Hang in there! You can do it!"

"Go! Ninetales!" Mr Prot yelled. His Ninetales moved swiftly towards Team Rocket and aimed a flamethrower at them.

"You think that's gonna harm us! Hahaha" Team Rocket laughed.

"Go Seviper!"

"Go Cacnea!"

2 Pokémon were released from their Pokeballs and they sent a fury of attacks at everyone.

Roxy Parkington
February 9th, 2004, 7:04 AM
"I don't think this will work, but we have to try," Roxy told Chikorita in a low voice. "Use your Toxic attack on the Cacnea!" she exclaimed, her voice now full of determination.

"Chiko!" Chikorita nodded, dashing forward and spraying Cacnea with a splash of purple poison.


February 17th, 2004, 12:30 AM
Minutes after the battle...

"Aipom, are you ok?" Kou was filled with disappointment. Aipom was in the state where it might not be able to heal him, He had bruises everywhere, as a tear dropped from Kou.

"Take this... you kids did a lot." Mr Prot handed each of them a Pokéball.

Kou took his Pokéball and out came a young Pokémon. It wasn't one that Kou had seen before.

"Fer!" it growled. It had the shape of a young cub, it was a blazing gold in color with an undeveloped orange main, it had a long tail.

"What kinda Pokémon is this?" Kou asked.

"Infercub, It's a new species and can only be found in the ALpha Region. It's the new fire starter..."

Roxy Parkington
February 17th, 2004, 10:11 AM
"Wow, it sure is cute," Roxy said, tickling the Infercub's belly. "Wonder what I got," she mused, opening her Pokeball.


July 16th, 2004, 5:33 AM
OOC:This is Odd,back again its me A.J.
BIC:Zera Grabed the ball and looked at it a bit exited but he didn't want to over react. He let out the pokemon from the ball and it looked like a Kangaroo with boxing gloves but more bush like "Wow, a kangaroo looking thing...what the heck-a-rooni is this" Zera said a bit exited but confused. "It's a Boxaroo the grass type only in the Alpha reigon" Mr.Prot explained.