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January 12th, 2004, 3:34 AM
Welcome to a chain story of Kin(those who know japanese will know how the title came) and this is a chain story about his adventures... Only you make it up. This takes place in the Spectral Islands. There are stuff like red island and blue island and white island( only the more basic colors... not crystal blue and stuff) This story begins in White Island( where everything is pretty normal)

One summer morning on White Island, a young boy with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of brown knee length shorts walked out of his small apartment. White Island was your average place, and cars would roam the place and such. The young boy appeared to be Kin. Greatgrandson of the first Spectral Islands champion, He was practically a chip off the old block. his grandpa was winner of the 30th Spectral Islands league and his dad was winner of the 90th Spectral islands championship. This is the year of the One hundredth Spectral Islands Championship and Kin would love to win it. His messy black hair was in a funny style, it was the same style that all the Kurin family members that were trainers had. Kin had a rival too. He was called Jin. They were the precious little kids of White Island, One Kin One Jin, One Gold, One Silver. Jin has dressed in the exact opposite way of Kin. He had tidily combed hair, a Black shirt with the top 2 buttons unbuttoned and white shorts (the big floppy ones).

Today was the day they were gonna receive there Pokemon.

Their Proffesor, Profesor Finwood( sounds like a tree) took 2 Pokeballs off a conveyer belt.

"These are for you."

Professor Finwood handed Kin an Aipom and Jin a Sneasal.

Continue off here.

(Anyone notice how I based this heavily on Pokemon Special?)

January 17th, 2004, 9:05 PM
Sorry for double posting but is anyone gonna reply to this?

January 18th, 2004, 7:47 PM
Just be patient, I was going to, but I was a little busy...

"Ha ha, you got a stupid Aipom! My Sneasel is much better!" sneered Jin.
"Then let's see it in battle! I'll prove my Aipom is better!" replied Kin.
Kin sends out Aipom, and Jin sends out Sneasel.

"Use your.....uhhhhh...Fury Swipes!" commanded Kin.
Aipom stands there. Both Kin and Aipom sweatdrop.
"Good idea, use your Fury Swipes Sneasel!" ordered Jin.
Sneasel scratches Aipom many times.
"Now, finish it with Scratch!" Jin said.
Sneasel swipes at Aipom one last time, knocking it out.

"Hehe, told you Sneasel was better," Jin said as he withdrew Sneasel and left.
"Don't worry, that was just your first battle. You'll get better, I promise," Flintwood said.
"Aipom," Aipom said sadly.
"Don't worry, I'm sure we will get better," Kin said patting Aipom's head. "We just need to learn some attacks."

"That reminds me!" Flintwood said while getting two devices off a table, "I forgot to give you two your Pokedexs. Could you give Jin his?"
"Sure." said Kin while grabbing the two Pokedexs. "Come on Aipom return!"
Kin withdrawls Aipom and runs after Jin.

January 19th, 2004, 12:04 AM
Kin ran along the shores of White Island, hoping that he would catch up with Jin. He wanted a bit of Company and decided to let Aipom out of its Pokeball.

"C'mon Aipom! We can catch Jin like this!" Kin cried. Aipom nodded.

"JIN!" Kin yelled.

Jin turned back, laughing at Kin.

"Here's your pokedex... Finwood told me to give it to you." Kin panted. Rudely, Jin snatched it from Kin and silently walked off with Sneasal. Sneasal stared at Aipom at the corner of his eye with an evil look. Aipom looked pretty angry.

"C'mon Aipom, we'll need some rest." Kin sat down on the shore, watching the waves wash over to him. Kin then saw a small object bobbing up and down. Kin took his shoes off and started to walk towards the object.

"Hmmm..." Kin said.

Aipom tried to swim over, but was having bad luck. Kin dived and grabbed Aipom up and settled him on his shoulder.

Suddenly, the Pokedex(now its waterproof) started beeping. Puzzled, Kin grabbed it as it automatically slided its protection thing that seems to be his license. The LCD display screen started to load as an Image of the object appeared with its name, type, and description.

"Horsea. The Seahorse Pokemon. This Pokemon is a water type and is known to be a dragon type as well as its water attribute." it said in a robotic voice. Kin pressed a button on the LCD display screen. It showed a Pokedex with every pokemon in the Kanto order. Their was a small image of a Binocular to the left of the name Horsea, Aipom and Sneasal, to the right is a small Pokeball image that only appeared on Aipom. "Seen 3 Pokemon... Caught 1"

Kin pulled out a Pokeball from his belt with Pokeball holders. "Tail Slap!" Kin ordered.(I'm just making things up) Aipom slapped his tail across the Horsea.

"Oh shoot!" Kin just threw the Pokeball at Horsea, He got it back with Horsea in it, only the Pokeball seemed to be covered in ink.

"Ew..." Kin shrunk the Pokeball and put it back in his Pokeball holder. He pressed a button on the cide of the sphere that says Wash. He heard sounds of water rushing.

"Nice." Kin said. He was happy with all the techonlogy he now has.

He walked back to the beach and tried to dry up.

BTW whoever's next might want to do his adventure in Brown Island

January 19th, 2004, 2:14 PM
Kin, with Aipom on his shoulder, runs to the harbor where the ferry to Brown Island is. He sees a man in a blue uniform standing on the dock near the ferry.

"Excuse me sir, when is the ferry leaving?" Kin asked him.

"In five minutes," the man replied. "Are you a Pokemon Trainer?"

"Yes I am," Kin said. He thanked the man and he ran off to board the ferry.

The man pulled out a cell-phone and dialed a number.

"The ferry is about to leave," the man said into the phone, "and a trainer just boarded at the last minute."

"Excellent, just don't fail me!" The man on the phone replied, "This whole operation is depending on you Nesbit!"

"Yes sir!" Nesbit replied as he hung the phone up.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Kin leans on a rail and looks out at the neverending sea. Aipom is standing near him while looking excitedly at all the people and Pokemon aboard. The ship starts to depart as it heads towards Brown Island. A waiter, who is holding a tray of food and drinks walks up to Kin.

"Would sir care for an orderve?" he asked, "Or perhaps your Pokemon would like one?"

Kin turns around and takes two small glasses of water and some cookies. He hands Aipom one glass of water and some of the cookies.

"Thank you." He says before eating one of the cookies. The waiter walks away and Kin and Aipom drink the water and eat the cookies. Not too long afterwards they both faint as well as all the other passengers.

Hours later Kin wakes up to find he is tied to a chair in the luggage storage room. He looks around to see several other passengers tied up too, but still unconsious. Jin is among those tied up. Aipom and his Pokeballs are gone.

"You woke up earlier then all the others," said a voice coming from ahead of him, "But we already got what we came for..."

"Who are you?" Kin demanded.

"That would be none of your business." said Nesbit while walking out of the shadows, carrying a tied-up Aipom.

"Give him back!" yelled Kin.

"Why would I?" Nesbit said, "He'd make a rather fine target for training other Pokemon that can actually grow to be strong, don't you think?"

January 20th, 2004, 4:41 PM
Kin struggled. He looked at his poor Aipom and eyed his surroundings to see if anything might be useful. He saw Jin and he saw a Sneasal being bought in.

'Now what!?' he thought. Then he got an idea. He hopd Jin could still remember hwo to lipread. He mouthed the words. 'swing your chair at the man'

Jin nodded. He tried to stand up, a chair stuck to his bum as he started to twirl around, knocking the man. Sneasal was loose of his grip and he cut the rope that was tied onto Jin, Sneasal fury swiped Nesbit as he got cut, Aipom fell down and Sneasal cut the rope that was tied to him, SNesal did the same to Kin as the two of them both stared at Nesbit and the other man called Tibsen(not very orginal eh?)

"Go! Murkrow!" Jin ordered. a Murkrow appeared from his pokeball on the floor.

Kin picked up his pokeball amongst a box of pokeballs. His automatically came to him.

"Go Horsea!" Kin yelled. Horsea came out. Kin held it in his hands and it started to fire ink rapidly.

"Go! Larvitar! Go! Hounder!" NesbittibseN(see?) said. "Flamethrower!"

Houndour blasted a jet of flame at Murkrow.

Murkrow was weakened.

"Water gun!!!!!!!!!" Horsea started pumping gallon after gallon of water at his 2 enemies. Soon the enemies fainted.

"Argh..." Nesbit ran away, as everybody else woke up, Sneasal cut all the ropes and they arrived at Brown Island.

Kin and Jin looked at each other. Nodded, and the left. Kin went right and Jin went Left...

To Be Continued...

January 23rd, 2004, 4:05 PM
"We should find the Pokemon Center," Kin said, "Then we can challange the gym leader!"

"Aipom!" Aipom yelled while pointing towards a small village.

"Yeah," Kin said, "That would be a good place to look."

Kin and Aipom enter the town and see that the streets are empty and all the windows are boarded up.

"Well this is just perfect," Kin sighed, "It's completely deserted..."

"Quick! Get inside!" a voice yelled. Kin looked to see a man opening a door, gesturing for him to come inside

"Why?" Kin asked, but it was soon answered by several Gastly appearing in the street as well as one Haunter. Kin ran into the man's house and he quickly shut the door.

"We're safe in here." Tha man said.

"Can't they come in through the walls?" Kin asked.

"They can, but they don't. They recently claimed the streets as their territory." The man replied, "And by the way, my name is Nelson. I'm the mayor here."

"I'm Kin, and thanks for saving me. Do you happen to know where I can find a Pokemon Center or a Pokemon Gym?"

"There's a Pokemon Center here, but those Gastlys keep cutting the power so it had to close. And all Pokemon Gyms are on the other side of the island. You should have taken a left at the first fork after the harbor."

"Doh," Kin said "Jin went the right way....."

"But maybe you can help us since you are a Pokemon Trainer. We will give a reward of course. And free transporation to the gym." The mayor offered.

"I'll do anything I can!" Kin said excitedly.


January 24th, 2004, 12:34 AM
"Maybe I can just get that Haunter in the lead!" Kin cried. He let out Aipom and opened a small opening in the door.

"Scratch!" Kin yelled.

Aipom jumped up towards Haunter and struck his paw against it, but it just went through haunter!

"HUH!!?" Kin cried.

"Don't use Phsyical attacks!" the Mayor shouted behind the door. His voice was muffled.

"OK... Horsea! Water Gun!" Kin held Horsea in his hands as it fired gallon after gallon of water.

"Go Pokeball!" Kin yelled after he though Horsea had dealt enogh damage. The Pokeball went through Haunter.

"Oh god... that wasn't physical!" Kin complained.

"Oh yes, use this Illusion Ball... It can capture Ghost Pokemon easily." the mayor said, making the smallest opening as he can in the door.

"ok... Go! Illusion Ball!" Kin threw the ball. It was white at the bottom and dark purple at the top, there was this white fog design on the upper layer.

The Pokeball of Haunter fell down and rolled across to Kin. His Pokedex started beeping. And 3 cards came out from a slot(ok, just thought of this so Kin has these cards... Aipom, Pokedex, Pokeball, Potion, Antidote, Horsea, Sneasal.) one that says Illusion Ball, one that says Haunter, and one that says Gastly.

He pressed a few buttons on his dex and a silver case started to form. They were just the right size to put his cards in so he did so. He put that in his backpack and he put everything back.

the Gastly flew away, no that they have no leader.

"Ok then, free ride to the gym and a buffet for you." The mayor said, handing him 2 coupons. "Oh and... Take this. It's called an e-reader" (notice the TCG in this)

"Oh... thanks!" Kin took the e-reader and his pokedex beeped. It shot out a laser display thing that said UPGRADE Kin plugged the e-reader into a slot as it started to disappear until only the card slasher was left visible.