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  • Benny's adventure team, assemble!

    ....Don't mind me, I'm just a Bennett Main in Genshin Impact, lmfao. Just a passing comment, ignore me.
    You're not behind. There are still some of us holding out for the American release before playing it. XD

    I agree though, the little garbage baby is awesome-cute. ^_^
    Tentacruel also gets Rain Dish from the Dream World. With Defensive EVs, holding Leftovers or Black Sludge, and rain in effect, he just became one of the best tanks in the game. :D
    Don't forget Cross Poison.

    ...and a lot of the stronger poison-types have a lot of potential for being mixed attackers anyway, except for Gengar and Roserade who're pretty much made to be special. XD
    Those are the effects of the new GenV poison attacks?

    They're all special attacks it seems, but they look pretty decent. I wonder if this will increase the use of Poison-type sweepers/supporters for their STAB with these moves.
    With its current defensive stat spread, if it got a poison/steel evolved form, it would be one of the best tanks in the game. XD
    none of the three poison-types we got seem like good OU material, and that's saying a lot considering how many genV pokemon have extremely high speed and attack. D:
    I just looked it up. The highest base Attack stat among poison-types is Toxicroak's 106. Somehow I figured there to be more high-powered poison-types. They could definitely use more high-powered physical attacks. D:

    I also posted an idea in the GenV New moves thread. What about a new weather condition, Acid Rain? It will work like the inverse of Sandstorm, cutting the defense of nonposion-types and restoring health to poison-types every turn. :P
    Anything that hits steel-types is made of win...

    ..but what poison-type other than Gengar and Roserade can make good use of it? XD
    dam tyranitar...it's like the ultimate "love to use them but hate to fight them" pokemon. D:
    Poison/Dragon eh?

    By my count, that's seven resistances...more than any non-steel-type pokemon that I can think of. XD
    A much better idea than making it dragon-type like a lot of people seem to want. After Torterra, I don't want another grass starter with 4x weakness to ice. D:
    I actually sketched a Weezing evo with the same typing a while back, but I definitely think Qwilfish needs it more than Weezing does (Plus with how tankish Weezing already is, the evolved one would be unstoppable). XD
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