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January 14th, 2004, 2:21 PM
About. This part of PC is dedicated to the Pokmon fanfictions we all love! Spread your creativeness! You are not limited by what you may do, other than the rules written below by Shadow.

Fanfiction of the week. The mods will be around to check out your creative stories. If they follow grammar, look good, have a good plotline, etc. then your story may get "Fanfiction of the week". It will be stickied up the top.


It's a tradition to do this....

As always, follow the Pokemon Community Rules. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=1411) But there are some rules for Fan Fiction only...

1) Some double posting is allowed here. If you are adding a chapter to your own story it is OK. If you are just double posting and not adding to a story you're writing, then it is not OK and action will be taken.

2) If a person says to not comment on their thread then comment in the Fanfiction lounge.

3)No rude comments, only constructive criticism and good reviews are allowed.

4) Please try to make an addition to your story at least two or three paragraphs.

5) PG and PG13 Fan fics are allowed, but please state they are that rating in the title.

6) Please do not link to Fan Fics you have posted on some site. It is very simple to copy and paste it, chapter by chapter into the reply box.

7) Fanfiction that does not deal with Pokemon goes in Other Fan Fiction and Role Play.

8) Please spend more time with your fanfictions and plan them. Don't rush your fanfictions or you might just have thought of a good plan then rushed it in the reply box.

9) Try using Microsoft Word or any word processor that corrects grammar.

10) In this forum, only authors can double post. (But only if they add a new chapter or something). Also, authors can revive their own stories but they have to add a new chapter or something.

I believe that is all. If you would like to contact me or ask questions, you can PM me, e-mail me, or IM me or any other moderator.

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