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May 18th, 2005, 2:55 AM
Story Polt: It about a oy name Richard and his Zangoose nickname Zip. Richard and Zip are on a pokemon journey in the Hoenn region. But some evil is coming its going to be up to Richard and Zip, his Zangoose, to stop this force. Its up to YOU on how will he beat this force.

This is a chain RP and it works a bit differently. You don't control a character but instade you control the story and add more to the story with each post.

This how it starts, I start the story with a post then the next person can to add to the story by countinuing on with the post above. It must have something to do with what it happening. I am not really need to countinued the RP becuase I turly don't control the RP. It is the people who participate in the RP who control it. So if I not here to post something then another person can add to it then the person after him can add to. People can jump in and add to story when ever thorgth out the RP as long it goes with what is happening at the time. There is one main character but other character can come and stay with the main character (like ash and his friends). I give you an example (actual post):

"Well we can't just leave Mike hanging. He asked for our help and if you remember rigth he help us too." Said Jodi

Seam shook his head and said "She does have a point. We must help but if our expurt on kill-undeads is not at full power. WHat are we to do."

Chezni was thinking but then Cody jump and said "I think there may be a way. I remember reading about an oil. You need to soak the undead in it then hit them with fire and the fire is now made powerful enoght to kill any undeads and for good. But i not sure."

"Sounds good. WHat is need to make this oil?" asked Chezni.

"Well you do need things but the things needed my not be here and i afraid it may not be found in the Door of Doors." said Cody

Sean seeing what need to be done said "Well, we have away rigth. Well we just get the stuff and then we try and see what we get. You do your way to kill the undead and what ever undeads are still alive. We just us the oil."

"It looks like we have a plan" said Jodi proudly

Chezni looked at the rest of the group. "So, we'll check the Door of Doors first?" Sean simply nodded in response. It had been awhile since the group was at the marketplace. Much was bound to have changed.

The group started heading to the east. "So..." Chezni said. "Where is the Door from here?"

Sean replied. "There's one in Blackthorn City. It's just a little ways from Mount Silver. We can also use it to get to the Chanano Region."

With that show lets start the RP!!

IC: Richard and Zip (His Zangoose) were in the Petalburg Woods. Both were asleep under a tree. Richard just gotten done defeating Norman the gym leader in Petalburg. Now he was on the way to battle Roxanne. Richard was dress in blue jean pants, a black shirt with a pokeball symbol on the chest and a red vest. He had a small back pack over his shoulder. He had a red bandana tied arourd his arm. He had spiky blue hair. His Zangoose, Zip, had a red bandana, just like Richard, around his arm too.

Then a loud yell was hread. This yell awoke Zip and he look around. He then awoke Richard and Richard said, "Yes, What is it Zip?"

ZIp responed with "Zan zan." Which Richard then hread the yell again.

Richard then said, "Is that what ou tell me whats wrong. It sound like a girl." Then Richard imange that the girl will give him a kiss as a reward from saving her. Richard got up and ran towards the sound of the yell with Zip behind him.

OCC: NOw come add more too it.

May 19th, 2005, 2:22 PM
OOC: I remember this. I should have posted more but I guess I just quit. I hope Jodi was a good character.

Okita stepped back with wide eyes. "Don't make me ask you again little girl. Hand over your Pokemon and any valuable items you have with you."

"No way!" Okita replied. She stared defiantly at the man who was threatening her with her bright gold eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and dark blue. She had on a green tank top with a lightning streak, like that on the top of a fastball, on the front and flaring blue jeans. On her head was a green headband with a fastball on it and she had green sweat bands also with fastballs on both wrists. She had on a simple belt with six Pokeball on it and a yellow backpack on her shoulders.

"Well then I guess I'll have to take them by force won't I?" Said the man with a nasty smile. He had red hair and eyes to match. His shirt was dark brown and his faded jeans had holes in both knees. He pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it into the air. "Go Destro!" A Tyranitar appeared adn roared angrily. It had many scars all over it's body and it's eyes were full of rage.

Okita gulped but pulled out her own Pokeball. "Go Eevee!" A small brown and white dog Pokemon appeared and stared unflinchingly at Tyranitar. Suddenly Anora heard footsteps running towards them. She hoped it wasn't another thug. She didn't stand a chance against this guy as it was.

May 20th, 2005, 2:46 AM
OCC: Jodi was a good character. She even in the seque of the origenal one.

Richard and Zip finally made it to the spot wherer they hread the yelling. His mind was on saving a beutiful girl but when he saw the Tyranitar. It was like a switch was turn on he was up for a battle.

The red head thug then said, "Use Rock SLide." Zip saw that the attack was aim to a small eevee. So Zip ran as fast as it could and save the eevee from the heavy hitting attack.

Richard then notice the girl and the eevee and he said, "Good job Zip!!"

The red headed thug was angery and said, "You think you can just jump in on my work."

Richard then said, "If your job involes harsing buetiful young girls then your job must suck. Zip attack." Richard thougth of a attack that can hurt the Tyranitar. He comanded, "Use Brick Break!"

Zip then chop attack the Tyranitar and it was doing serious damage. THen the red head thug said "Use hyper beam!"

Okita saw that the Zangoose was in trouble so she yelled out to her eevee, "Use protect!!" Eevee ran up and took the hyper beam attack. But instade of taking damage, protect protected both him and Zip.

Okita then said to Richard, "If we going to beat this guy. We going have to figth him together."

Richard nodded in agreement and said, "Zip use break break again."

May 20th, 2005, 2:17 PM
OOC: Good.

"Eevee use Swift!" Shouted Okita. Eevee opened it's mouth and shot gold stars at Tyranitar. Zip raised it's claw and smashed into Tyranitar at the same time.

"Good job Zip! Now use Slash!" Called Richard. Zip slashed with it's large claws at Tyranitar.

"No you don't!" Shouted the red haired man. "Destro Hyper Beam!" Tyranitar opened it's mouth and fired a huge beam of yellow light at Zip and Eevee.

"Zip dodge!" Cried Richard.

"Eevee use Protect again!" Shouted Okita. Zip spun and the attack missed by inches singing some of Zip's fur. Eevee used Protect again and took the attack head on but didn't recieve any damage. "Great Eevee now use Take Down!"

"Zip use Crush Claw!" Comanded Richard.

May 20th, 2005, 8:18 PM
Crush claw slap on the Tyranitar but it bary damage the pokemon.

The thug then laugth and said, "Use flamethrower"

Richard then said, "Use Sword Dance!" The flame span around Zip and it bary hurt him.

Okita then told Eevee, "Use take down." The attack bary hurt the Tyranitar.

The guy laugth again. Okita then said, "That laugth is very annoying."

Richard said in agreement and said, "Well these regular attacks are not doing the job. We need to attack together. How about Zip goes in with a Brick Break. Then your eevee goes for the spot where Zip attack hit and that will do major damage. By the way, my name is Richard. You know the plan Zip now carry it out."

The thug then said "Use Sandtomb." The Tyranitar shot sand at Zip but he dodge the attacks.

Okita then said to Eevee. "When that zangoose attacks. You hit the same spot he hits." Eevee nodded. Then Okita said to Richard, "My name is Okita."

Richard smile and said under his breath, "Cute name for a girl. A cute one too."

Zip countinued to dodge the sandtomb attack. Zip then aim his claw to the stomach. Eevee then finish the battle with shot at the Tyranitar at high speed Take Down. This attack made the pokemon fall over.

The red head thug then yelled out "What!?!? You beat him."

May 20th, 2005, 8:38 PM
"Yay great job Eevee!" Cried Okita. Eevee ran to her and jumped into her arms.

The red haired man growled furiously and recalled his Pokemon. "You may have beat me this time, but I swear someday I'll get even." He then turned and ran off.

"Good battling Okita." Said Richard smiling and walking forward with Zangoose behind him.

"Thanks. You and Zip were great too. You can call me Oki by the way. That's what all my friends call me." She held out her hand and Richard shook it.

"So where are you headed Oki?"

"Well I'm not sure. I was just training Eevee and that thug showed up. I guess I'll head to the nearest gym." She replied.

"I know where the nearest gym is. It's not to far from here. Would you like me to shwo you to the gym?" Asked Richard. Bhind him Zip gave a slight cough that sounded like a snicker.

"Sure I'd appriciate that." Said Oki gratefully. "We need to head to the Pokemon Center first. I want Eevee to be in top shape for our battle."

"Ok then let's go." Said Richard smiling. He pointed and they headed towards the nearest town.

OOC: I'm not sure what region this is in so I'll let you name what town they're going to.

May 21st, 2005, 9:33 PM
OOC: We in the Hoenn region and we going to Rustboro City.

Richard and Oki were walking in the Petalburg Woods, side by side with Zip and Eevee following behind them. Richard then asked, So how many badges do you have?

Oki then said, Well, I only have 3. I started out in Verdanturf Town. From there I won the Dyanmo Badge in Mauville. Then I won the Heat and Balance badge.

Richard laugth and said, Well, those are the same badges I have too. I started in Lavaridge Town. Then I came down from there. I also just won my Balance badge.

Oki shouted, Oh that is so cool. Because I just won my Balance badge too! Then she grab Eevee and put her in her hands and said, Where are you going now?

Richard thought for a moment and said, Me and Zip were thinking about stopping in Rustboro to beat the leader there. Then go down to Dewford for a battle over there.

Well that sounds like a plan. Mind if me and Eevee join you? Said Oki.

Richard thought and said, Well me and Zip like to be alone but some company would be fine.

The foursome finally made it out of the woods and they can see some of the buildings in the city of Rustboro.

May 22nd, 2005, 4:53 PM
"Cool Rustboro!" Cried Oki gleefully. "i can't wait to get to the gym."

"Neither can I." Replied Richard grinning.

"Vee eevee."

"Zangoos zan."

"I guess our Pokemon are just as excited as we are huh." Laughed Oki.

"Yeah. Come on let's hurry to the Pokemon Center then find the gym." Said Richard. They hurried to the Pokemon Center and gave their Pokemon to Nurse Joy to be healed. After that they asked where the gym was. Nurse Joy gave them instructions and they headed on their way.

"So who should go first in our gym battle?" Asked Richard.

"Why don't we have a double battle?" Suggested Oki.

"Hmm. Yeah sure why not." Replied Richard. Oki smiled and patted Eevee who was riding on her shoulder. They reached the gym in only five or so minutes and entered.

"I think the gym leader ere is called Roxane and she trains rock Pokemon. I think our best bet would be to use water adn grass Pokemon."

Richard nodded absently already thinking about his upcoming victory. "Hello." Someone behind them said. The turned and saw a woman standing there. "I'm Roxane the gym leader here. Have you come for a battle?"

"Yep." Siad Oki and Richard together.

"And could it be a double battle?" Asked Oki.

"Sure. This way." Roxane led them to the battle arena and a judge entered.

"This will be a two on two battle no time limit. Begin!"

"Go Nosepass and Geodude!" Caleld Roxane.

"I choose Misdreavus!" Shouted Oki tossing a Pokeball into the air. Her Misdreavus appeared adn faced their opponent.

"Go Zip!" Called Richard. Zip ran forward and stood next to Misdreavus.

May 23rd, 2005, 2:51 AM
Roxanne then said, "Lets start this battle a little rocky. Geodude use rollout. Nosepass use Harden." Geodude curl up in to a ball and started to spin like a wheel at Misdreavus." Nosepass just got harder.

Oki then said "Use night shade" the Misdreavus shot a beam fron its eyes at the geodude. it seem to not of phase it.

"It must be spining so fast that most attacks can not hit it." Said Richard. "We need to stop it."

THe Geodude was about to hit Misdreavus but then Richard said, "Use Break Break Zip" The Zangoose jump up in front of the geodude and smack it in the middle. THe geodude flew and hit the wall. Zip also was hurt by roll out.

Oki asked "Are you ok?" Zip nodded.

Richard said, "Let me take on the geodude while you take the Nosepass."

Oki smile and like the idea because it seem that if Nosepass defense go any higher. Zip's break break would not do the job."

"Zip use another break break" said RIchard.

"Use protect nosepass. Use earthquake geodude." Said Roxanne.

the earthqauke attack just hurted Zip. Misdreavus was floating so she dodge the attack and nosepass was protected. But this still didn't stop Zip from attack and then geodude was hit.

"Misdreavus use shadow ball" Misdreavus shadow ball went strigth for nosepass and did some damage.

Geodude is about to faint. Zip is at half health from taking a rollout attack and earthquake. Nosepass is at full health and Misdreavus is also at full health.

May 23rd, 2005, 3:34 PM
"Misdreavus use Hypnosis!" Called Oki. Misdreavus's eyes glowed and it locked gazes with Nosepass. Nosepass tried to look away but couldn't. It swayed but stayed on it's feet.

"Zip use Brick Break again!" Zip smashed into Geodude sending te small rock Pokemon flying. But Geodude isn't giving up yet.

"Nosepass Thunder Bolt! Geodude Rock Throw!" Nosepass charged energy and zapped Misdeavus. The small ghost hit the ground then hovered into the air again. Geodude smashed into the ground sending a jet of rocks at Zip.

"Zip dodge!" Comanded Richard. The Zangoose dived out of the way and avoided the attack. "Good bow use Crush Claw!" Zip once again smashed into Geodude with tremendous force. Geodude was down but not out.

"Misdreavus use Shadow Ball!" Shouted Oki. Misdreavus created a Shadow ball and hurled it at Nosepass. Nosepass isn't fast enough and gets hit. "Now use Night Shade!"

"Nosepass Thunder Bolt again! Geodude use another Earthquake!" Cried Roxane.

May 24th, 2005, 2:41 AM
OOC: In the next couple of days. I maynot post as much as I usally do. The school year is about to end for me which means no early visit to PC and RPing. I have a few days left but when school does ends I be posting late nigths then.

IC:Zip was ready this time and he jump into the air to dodge the attack. Nosepass was as lucky because he got hit by earthquake. Roxanne said, "Opps. I forgot that you didn't use protect.

Richard smile and said, "Now finish it off!! Use Brick Break!!" Zip was still in the air then he began to fall but he began his attack. WHen he landed he fire his attack rigth on top of geodude's heads. THe rock pokemon then fell and was out cold. \

The Ref said, "Geodude is unable to battle! Battle countinued!"

Oki then said, "Good job!" To Richard and Zip.

RIchard then said, "The battle is not over let. We still got that nosepass the deal with."

May 24th, 2005, 2:54 PM
"Right." Replied Oki. "Misdreavus Shadow Ball!" The small ghost fired it's most powerful Shadow Ball at Nosepass.

"Zip Brick Break!" Zip dashed at Nosepass with all it's strength.

"Nosepass Protect!" Called Roxane. Nosepass used Protect adn guarded against the attacks. "Good now Thunder!"

"Misdreavus dodge!" Misdreavus swirved out of the way and missed most of the attack.

"Zip you dodge too!" Zip leapt out of the way then steadied himself. "good now use Brick Break again!"

"Misdreavus put everything you've got into another Shadow Ball!" Zip sped at Nosepass while Misdreavus fired a huge Shadow Ball at her target.

"Nosepass Protect!" Nosepass tried but the attack failed.

"Used it too many times. I guess this battles over." Said Oki grinning. The two attacks hit Nosepass causing it to faint.

"Nosepass is unable to battle. Misdreavus and Zangoose are the winners." Said the ref.

"Yay! Great job Misdreavus!" Oki grabbed the small ghost out of the air as it flew towards her amnd hugged it happily.

"You did a great job too Zip." Said Richard patting his Zangoose.

"Well done." Said Roxane recalling Nosepass. "You battled well. Both of you. You both deserve a good rest." She walked over to Oki adn Richard and shook their hands. "You battled very well together. I am honored to present you both with a Stone Badge." She placed handed both of them a Stone Badge then left to heal her Pokemon.

"Alright we won a Stone Badge!" Shouted Oki happily hugging Misdreavus again. "You were great Richard." She said happily turning to him.

Richard blushed. "Thanks you were great too."

"We shoulder head to the Pokemon Center and heal our Pokemon again. I'll show you the Pokemon I've capture so far if you want." Said Oki heading for the door.

"Sure." Replied Richard following her. They arrived at the Pokemon Center and healed their Pokemon.

"Alright come out you three." Called Oki tossing her Pokeballs into the air. Eevee, Misdreavus, adn Trapinch appeared. "I think Trapinch is going to evolve soon. I would have used him in our gym battle but I decided to let Misdreavus have a go. So do you have any other Pokemon?" She asked smiling at him.

May 25th, 2005, 2:46 AM
Richard pulled out a few pokeballs out and said, "Come on out." In a flash of ligth, A tentacruel, an altaria, and a baltoy appear. Richard said, "Tenta" He pointed to the tentacruel, "And Flow" Pointed to the Altaria, "were gives from my parents. THey were train a little so they were ready t evole when I use them in Battle. Spin, I caugth on the way down here. Then Zip is my first pokemon."

"Ohh" said Oki, "Well your pokemon are preety good and nice."

RIchard said, "Well I try. Maybe at the next gym I use them."

Once the pokemon were healed Oki said, "Lets go into town! I heard Rustboro has tons of shops." So she drag RIchards arm and into the busyness of the shops.

RIchard didn't want to be here and Zip could tell. Zi[ try to leave and was planning to come back but RIchard grab his ear and said into it, "I know you are coming back but if I going to suffer so would you." Zip was a bit unsatified.

Oki got out of a changing room and was dress in a pink with red flowered two piece bathing suit. Oki said, "We are going to Dewford which is an island town. THey have a beach too so what do you think of this suit.

Richard was now saying in his head. NOw I glad I came. He then said, "Looks very nice."

Oki then smile and said, "I want to buy it. Thanks for being honest."

She walk to the cashier counter and Richard then said to Zip, "See it was that bad. I also got a good view." Zip just rolled his eyes as if he was embrass.

The group got out of the shop. Then they saw this kid being drag by a bigger guy with a seviper.

Richard and Oki thought they should see what happening. They heard the bigger guy say, "Where is the gem?"

The other guy just shook his head. Richard look to Zip. THey both got to the bigger guy and said, "Leave that kid alone."

THe bigger guy said, "Sorry, this is none of your buisness."

Richard said to Zip, "Now are you glad you came." Zip nodded. Richard then said "Use Crush Claw!!"

May 25th, 2005, 8:00 AM
"Go Trapinch!" Called Oki tossing a Pokeball into the air. Trapinch stared at Seviper as Zip smashed into it.

"Grr. You should mind your own business." Snarled the man. "Seviper Poison Tail!"

"Trapinch Tackle!" Trapinch charges and slams into Seviper.

"Zip use Brick Break!" Zip smashes into Seviper sending it realing backwards.

"Grrr. Seviper get up adn use Poison Tail!"

"No way. Trapinch Take Down!" Trapinch slams into Seviper knocking it out.

"Ahh. I'll get you for this." Snarls the man. He recalls Seviper and runs off.

"Great Trapinch."

"Pinch!" Replied Oki's Pokemon happily. Then all of a sudden it begins to glow and change.

"I think Trapinch is evolving."

"Yeah I think so." When Trapinch stops glowing it is now a Vibrava. "Awesome. Welcome to the team Vibrava."

"Congrats Oki." Said Richard smiling.

"Thanks Richard." Said Oki hugging her new Pokemon. She recalled Vibrava and turned to the boy.

"So what did that guy want?" Asked Richard looking at the boy as well.

May 26th, 2005, 2:56 AM
THe guy then said, "He wanted nothing. That what he wanted nothing."

Richard then said, "It does look like he wanted nothing. He said something about a jem. Why would a person like him want a jem that he can steal from any jewaery store?"

Oki then return her newly evole Vibrava. SHe then said, "Why, Whats your name?"

The boy then said, "My name is Cole. Cole Chance. I just was visiting this place."

"Well" Said Richard, "What about the jem? YOu at least own us tell us why the guy was after you."

Oki then said, "Richard! Let the guy alone. He may have nothing."

The COle said, "He is right. I should tell you. The Jem he wants is able to control the elements. The jem I have is able to control earth. THis Earth Gem is very powerful. There are five others."

"ANd now these thugs want these jems. FOr what." said Richard.

The Oki said, "Well for power. Imange what can you do if you can control an element like fire or water. That can destroy the world."

The guy was a bit surprise but he said, "I truly don't know. But I must warn my other in Dewford."

May 26th, 2005, 5:36 AM
"We're going to Dewford." Said Oki turning to Richard.

"Yeah that's true. We could take you there if you want."

"Really? Thanks I'd really appriciate that." Said Cole happily.

"We might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Okita but you can call me Oki."

"I'm Richard." He said simply.

"And you already know that I'm Cole. So when do we leave for Dewford?"

"How about now?" Said Oki smiling.

"Sure." Said Richard.

"The boat leaves in ten minutes os we should hurry." Okita, Richard, Zip, and Cole turned adn headed for the boat docks. After they bought their tickets they boarded the ship and sat back to wait until they reached Dewford.

May 26th, 2005, 7:27 PM
Richard, Oki, Cole and the pokemon were on the boat that is on it way to Dewford. Zip was relaxing on the deck next to Oki's Eevee while Richard was asleep. Oki was in her brand new swim suit and was swimming in the ship's pool. Cole was just sitting next to Richard. Cole looked a bit nervous.

Richard woke up and asked, "This is a curse-like ship. Relax a bit. Even I am relaxing and I a storge trainer.

Cole looked to Richard and answer back, "Well I afraid if someone on the ship is here to take my jem."

Richard shook his head and said, "Not like they are following us."

Oki then got out of the water and said, "Ok. Lets go back to the room. I getting all wricky." So Cole and Richard follow Oki back on the way to their room.

Elsewhere on the ship, three hooded people enter the captin's box. They knocked out the crew and stop the ship. The female of hooded group said, "We have stop the ship. Now start sreaching for the jem. It on this ship somewhere."

Soon lets of hooded figures appear and round up most of the passagers in the eating place. Richard, Oki and Cole were on their way to their room when Zip pulled on Richard's arm and Eevee pulled on Oki's swim suit. Richard asked, "What is it."

They then heard, "THe guy and that jem is on this ship somewhere."

Richard then saw a broom closet. He open up the closet and push the group into the closet.

Oki asked, "What are we going to do? My stuff and clouthes are in the room."

COle then said, "They after my jem?!? What are we going to do?"

May 26th, 2005, 11:00 PM
"Two crisis at once. We can't et them get hold of the gem adn Oki can't walk around in her swim suit all day." Zip made an odd sound. Richard guessed what he meant. (She can't but you wouldn't mind it.) "Shut up." Growled Richard.

"What about our Pokemon? If we can get to them we can get them to help. But my Pokeballs are with my clothes and I know Eevee's strong but we'll need help." Said Okita quietly.

"Well as long as they're out there what can we do?" Asked Cole. "If we go out we risk the losing the gem. They know I've got it. or at least they know someone on this ship has it."

"Well they didn't mension your descritpion or name so mauybe they don't know it's you. But in any case we can't stay in this closet until we reach Dewford." Said Richard.

"Zangoose." Agreed Zip.

"I have an idea." Said Oki. "They know about the gem adn they might know about Cole. But I doubt they know about me and Richard. One of us can go out and get our stuff. Then we can hop onto Altaria's back and fly the rest of the way to Dewford."

"I don't know if Altaria can carry all three of us safely so one of us should ride Tentacruel." Said richard.

"Good idea. Now who volunteers to go adn get the stuff?" Asked Cole.

"I will." Said Oki. She snuck out of the closet an dashed back to their room. She dressed quickly then returned Eevee to it's Pokeball. "Sorry but I don't want you to get hurt so I guess it's the end of vacation for a while Eevee." She put Eevee's Pokeball back on her belt and hurried back to the closet. "Alright let's go." She muttered.

"First we need to decide who's riding with who." Said Cole. "Two people should be able to ride Altaria. So we need to decide who's going by air, and who's going by sea."

May 27th, 2005, 8:26 PM
Richard then said, "Well, I take you because you need to be protected. We ride Tenta. Then Oki can ride on Flow."

Oki nodded and said, "Well I go and see if they let me go to our room."

Oki got out of the closet and ran down the hall. SHe was only a yard or two away from the closet until a hooded firgure stop her. The guy said, "What are you doing out of the holding bay? Doesn't matter." He look to another guy and said to him "Tie her up."

Oki was a bit nervous but then she heard Richard said, "Use SLash Zip." ZIp jump out of the closet and cut the rope they were going to tie Oki with. Richard hit one of the hooded figure with a metal broom. Then Cole hit the other guy with a trash can. They were both knock out cold.

Oki look at the two knock out figures and said, "Are they ok?"

COle then said, "Well don't ask. We need to get to our room."

Oki then said, "Well thanks for saving me."

"No problem. Just being me." Said RIchard. Zip then sniker as if he fould that funny. Richard just sent him a look telling him to stop. Richard then said, "We need to get to our room."

The three made it to the room. Oki went into the bathroom and change into her regular clothing except she was wearing a brown jacket over her green tanktop. She said, "Lets go!"

Richard then said, "Stop! We shouldn't leave. This ship's people need our help."

Zip was about to laugth but he saw the look on Richard'd face. He saw that he was serious this time. He actually wanted to help the people. ZIp then raise his arm up in agreement.

Cole then said, "What if they find me? What then?"

RIchard then said, "Well we can't leave these people here while they suffer because they are looking for you."

Cole was about to say something but Oki then said, "He is right. We can't leave these people to suffer. I mean all we got to do is find the leader and then the others will fall."

Cole then said, "We don't have time to look for the leader. They may get me!"

Richard then said, "They may be in the control deck. I notice the ship has stop. So they may be there."

Oki then smile and said "Then we go there."

Cole looked a bit unhappy and said, "If they grab hold of the jem. THe future of this world is doom." With that said, the group prepare to leave the room.

May 28th, 2005, 8:09 AM
Oki slings her backpack over her shoulder and looks out. "The coast is clear. Let's go." The three head towards the control deck. It takes them longer than usual because they have to keep hiding from the guys who are searching the ship. the other passengers want to know why the ship has stopped but the captain won't say anything just ot be pationt.

"There it is." Said Richard.

"Alright let's go." Said Oki.

"Alright." Mumbled Cole. The snuck into the control room and hid behind a machine. "I'm sure that's one of the guys who was after me before." Said Cole quietly.

"He's got control of the ship so we have to be careful." Said Oki.

"Yeah but we need ot act fast. I think Cole should stay here. Keep hidden and me and Oki can take care of this ok?" Whispered Richard.

"Ok." Said Cole nervously.

May 29th, 2005, 9:38 PM
Richard took a clearer look at the main guy. It turn out that he was the same guy from the alley but this time there was another person. This one had a hood on.
Oki said, We need to sneak up on them and knock them out like you and Cole did back there near our room.

Richard and Zip nodded. The threesome grab a nearby pipe that they were plan to use to knock the two out. They try to get into the cabin quietly and without being notice. They got behind the two and were about to strike. Then a machoke appear and grab the three pipes.

Then the two turn around and the man from the alley said, They the ones from the alley! They defeated me!

The other hooded figure took off the hood to reveal that she was a young woman with blond hair. She said, Well that what you get when you dont train alone. You get defeated Brian.

Brian pointed to Richard and Oki and said, But they they, Sama.

Sama then raise her finger to shut Brian up. She then said, Forgive my associate, he not very well when he alone. Always needing somebody help but he just need to figure his strong point. How about we channage you to a double battle? If you win, we leave and you can take control of the ship. If we win, you give us the kid with the jem that is hiding back there.

Oki then said, No deal. We not giving you him.

Then the machoke came with a kid tied to a chair. The kid tied to the chair was Cole. Sama said, Well not much choice. If you dont fight, we take him. If you do fight, you may get him back. Your decidion.

Richard step up with Zip behind him and said, We accept. Then out of nowhere, the machock use a cross chop on Zip. The zangoose fell to the ground and fainted. Richard yelled, What was that for?

Sama said, I know that your zangoose is your most powerfulest. I had to take him out. Makes it a better chance to win. Then she did an ugly laugth.

Oki said, I using Vibrava." She then threw the pokeball.

Richard then said, "I using..." Not wanting to tired out Flow and Tenta. He send out Baltoy. "Go Baltoy"

May 29th, 2005, 9:59 PM
Sama looked at the two Pokemon. "This will be easier then I had hoped. Get them Machoke." Machoke smiled and moved forward. Sama then tossed a Pokeball into the air and a Seviper appeared. "Unlike my associate, my Seviper can actually win."

"Ok then let's go." Said Oki. "Vibrava Double Team!" Vibrava split inot ten Vibrava.

"Baltoy Psychic!" Baltoy glowed and Machoke did too.

"Machoke Karate Chop. Seviper knock that little bug out with Poison Tail." Said Sama lazily. Appearantly she didn't relize how strong Baltoy's attack was. But Machoke broke free of Psychic and whacked Baltoy hard. Seviper swung it's poison tail at the ten Vibrava until it collided with one.

"Vibrava get up." Vibrava jumped ot it's feet with it;'s eyes burning angrily. "Great now use Gust!" Vubrava sent a blast of wind at Seviper.

"Baltoy keep your balance!" Baltoy stopped spinning after the attack and steadied itself. "Good now use Rapid Spin!" Baltoy began spinning again but this time with purpose. It sped at Machoke and smashed into it.

"Machoke use Mega Punch. Seviper Poison Fang."

Machoke got back on it's feet snarling. It charged Baltoy who spun out of the way. Seviper broke through Gust and lunged at Vibrava with it's fangs bared.

"Vibrava watch out!" Called Oki. Vibrava couldn't move fast enough. But just as Seviper was about to sink it's long fangs into her Pokemon, Vibrava blasted it with a weak version of Hyper Beam. It did the trick though Vibrava was stunned. Seviper was knocked out cold. Baltoy slammed into Machoke agian and again then used Psychic ot finish it off.

Sama seemed stunned that she had lost. "How did two littel twerp trainers beat me?" She stammered. Brian grinned but didn't speak.

"I don't like being called a twerp." Growled Oki. "But that's not my biggest concern right now. You have to release Cole because we won."

May 31st, 2005, 7:55 PM
Sama then step back abit and they heard Brian said, "I told you that they are strong."

Sama looked at him and said, "Shut up! I not a person who keep my word." Then he look at Machoke and said, "Do it."

Machoke then got up and ran to Cole and the chair. Zip's eyes then glowed as if a hidden untap power was let lose. Zip jumped up and did a powerful Crush Claw to Machoke. Richard was a bit amaze and had no idea where that came from. Sama then made an announcement via intercom, "All personal. Leave the ship! Now." The ligths of the ship flashed off then on and Sama and Brian were gone."

Oki untied Cole and asked, "Are you ok?"

Cole nodded and said, "THey couldn't find the jem. But don't worry I have it."

Richard then walked to Zip and asked, "Are YOU ok? Where did that came from?"

Zip then nodded yes to say he ok but shad to say 'I don't know where that came from'.

Richard then said, "Lets heal our pokemon then leave this ship. You agree." He asked Oki and Cole."

May 31st, 2005, 8:20 PM
Oki and Cole nodded. "Yeah I agree." Said Oki. She held up a Pokeball and returned Vibrava.

"Where can you two heal your Pokemon?" Asked Cole.

"Don't worry there's always some place." Said Richard smiling. The three headed for a room at the far end of the ship and found a make shift Pokemon Center. Oki and Richard had they're Pokemon healed then headed for a part of the ship where there weren't any people around. "Ok let's get going." Said Richard. He tossed two Pokeball into the air. An Altaria and a Tentacruel appeared on deck. Tentacruel jumped into the water and looked up at them. Cole, Richard, and Zangoose got on Tentacruel and Oki hopped on Altaria.

"Alright Flow let's get going." The Altaria flapped it's fluffy white wings and rose into the air.

"Tenta we need to get going as well." The Tentacruel jumped into the water adn surfed under Flow. Cole smield with relief form being off the ship.

Oki smiled too but stopped and squinted into the water below. She was sure she had seen a white head looking up at her a minute ago. She shook her head and stroked Flow and said in a soft voice, "Maybe I should catch a Swablu of my own adn evolve it. Altaria are beautiful Pokemon." Oki looked at the water agian and saw a small seal shaped shadow a little bit away following Flow and Tenta. Okita smiled again her mind already thinking of a strategy for capturing a new Pokemon.

June 1st, 2005, 8:09 PM
Flow smile at what Oki said about her being beautiful. Tenta look around and saw a seel swiming around. Richard then said to the tentacruel, "Leave it alone. Don't attack it." Tenta then drop its tentacle and countinued swimming.

The group countinued traveling down the ocean, then Cole said, "Richard, do you know what happen on the ship? YOu know with ZIp?"

Richard then answer, "I have no idea what happen. Zip also have no idea waht happen too."

COle nodded and said, "Well I think your ZIp maybe some decentent of a mystic pokemon."

Richard asked, "Mystic pokemon? What that?"

COle explain, "Mystic pokemon are just like legendary pokemon but on a higher plane. They were train by the legendary pokemon. I not sure which one but when we get to Dewford Island. My friend knows more about this then I do. Ask her."

ZIp was a bit out about hearing that he was like a legendary pokemon. RIchard then told him, "Don't let this information get to your head because you still that Znagoose that I met on Meteor Falls."

They were about to reach the island and Oki notice that the seel was following them still. Oki smile and was thinking about capturing it.

June 1st, 2005, 9:45 PM
"A mystic Pokemon." Muttered Oki quietly. "Hmm. That sounds familiar and I'm not sure why. I've never met one and I doubt I've heard any reports. Must be something else." She shrugged and looked back at the Seal that was still following her. "Hey Richard how long till we get to dewford?" Oki called.

"I'd say about half an hour." Replied Richard still deep in thought.

"So do you tihnk Zip might be one of those Mystic Pokemon?" Asked Oki curiously.

"I dunno. I always thought he was just a normal Zangoose."

"I guess appearances can be decieving huh? Oh by the way. I've been meaning ot ask you Cole. Where did you get that jem? If it's so powerful and rare and valuabe, how did you ocme across it?" Richard and Zip looked at Cole as well.

June 2nd, 2005, 8:01 PM
Cole was wasn't sure if he should answer the question but he said, "Well, the jem has been in my family for a long time. It has been past down from my family from father to son."

Richard then asked, "Why does your family have it?"

Cole then said, "Five families were trusted to protect the jem. My family is one of those families."

"Wow" said Oki. She then saw the Seel jump into the air. The Seel was bright white and looked healthy.

Richard then asked, "Hey Oki, YOu have an eevee., Rigth?"

Oki nodded her head to say yes.

Richard the countined to ask, "What do you want to evole your eevee into?"

June 2nd, 2005, 9:16 PM
"Hmm Well I haven't really thought about it." Replied Oki. "Maybe an Espeon or Umbreon. Chances are Eevee's will end up evolving into one or the other anyway because I don't have any evolutionary stones."

"Well Espeon and Umbreon are good Pokemon." Said Richard.

"Yeah they are." Added Cole.

"But maybe it should be up to Eevee. I think when she gets stronger I'll get my hands on one of each stone and let her choose. That's if she doesn't evolve before then." She shrugged.

"That sounds like a pretty good idea. But what do you really want Eevee to become?" Asked Richard.

"Hmm. Well I think Espeon or Umbreon would be my top choice. Either is fine with me." Oki looked towards the Seel and smiled. "But first I intend to catch a water Pokemon."

Cole grinned. "Are you going to wait until we get to shore to try to capture Seel or battle on the water?"

"Well I don't have any water of flying Pokemon yet. But I do have Misdreavus. I may battle it on the water but it'd be easier on land."

June 4th, 2005, 3:34 AM
Once the Seel heard the words catch, it jump out of the water to attack Tenta. He moves out of the way to dodge the attack and was about to attack back but Richard then said, This is not our battle Tenta. I believe this is Okis to figth.

Oki smiles and said, Ok, so you want to battle now. Then I give you a battle. She then grabs a pokeball and threw it and said, Go Misdreavus. Use nightshade. Her Misdreavus appear and shot a beam from her eyes.

The Seel dives underwater to dode the attack. Misdreavus looks around but then the Seel jumps out of the water and attack Misdreavus. Richard then said, What a smart little pokemon. It use Dive to dodge and attack Misdreavus.

Oki then yelled to Richard, Are you on my side or the Seels side.

Richard got back a bit and said, I on your side. I just pointing out that Seel will be a good pokemon. Zip sniker and laugh at his trainers try to stay on Okis good side.

Oki then smiles and said, Use a swift attack. She wanted Misdreavus to use this attack because she knows that it cant dodge it.
The stars flew out of Misdreavuss month and the Seel try to dodge them but they all hit the mark. The Seel attacks back with an ice beam.

June 4th, 2005, 5:29 AM
"ok use hipnossis Misdreavus" oki said

"aaahhh do you think thats a good idea in water" cole asked

"oops" oki said, but it was too late, seel had already fallen asleep, oki quicky threw an empty pokeball at seel, the seel broke free and woke up, but you could tell it was already worn out

"another swift attack should do the job" oki said , so Misdreavus used swift one more time and oki threw a pokeball and cought the seel

"way to nearly drown a water pokemon" Richard teased

"well not everyone can be a hero like you" oki said nearly falling off flow

"ok lets keep moving" richard said, after a long ride they arived at dawford, "we better get these pokemon a heal after that trip" oki announced

"ok but after that we see this guy who can tell us more about these 'mystic pokemon'


"Fine then i quit" joe of team magma said "i alwayd hated this stupid costume anyway"

"and what are you going to do, join team aqua, or team rocket the no hopes" max said sarcasticly

"well ATLEAST THEY HAVE BETTER COSTMES" joe shouted furiosly as he stormed off

"you cant quit anyway, if you quit team magma, you have to be killed" max said as joe stormed of to his house in dawford, joe got changed into normal clothes and took a aron he resently stole and a pokeball belt ' i cant stay here they'll get me for sure if i just stick aroud' joe thought to himself

(back at the pokecenter)

"there all healed" oki said,
"cool now can we get to this guy's house" richard asked inpataintly
"ok ok lets go" cole said, walking out of the pokecenter they bumped into a kid, he had black hair stood 6 ft 3, had really blue eyes a scar near his bottom lip, he was wearing a long sleeved shirt that looked like two shirts with some sort of design on the front, an old pair of jeans that where nearly falling apart (they even had a leg missing) and a pokebelt with one pokeball in it, and all his cloths looked old and ratty, but where obviosly newish, he was also whering a backpack that had nearly nothing in it

"hey what happened"richard asked"
"oh um my names joe i was just attacked, by t-team magma" joe said not telling them that he was origanly one of them " please dont mind me"

"no no you can come with us to my friends house" cole said

"cole, you dont evne know him" oki wispered

"i know i good guy when i see one" cole said not knowing joe was previosly with team magma........

June 4th, 2005, 11:53 AM
Oki sighed but didn't argue. "Ok let's go." She said.

"Great." Said Richard. "Lead the way Cole." Cole headed down the street and then turned left down another. The entered a nice neighborhood and Cole stopped in fornt of one.

"Here it is." He said smiling.

"Nice place. Let's go in." Said Richard.

"You can't just barge into peoples houses." Said Oki grinning.

"Right. Uh why are we here?' Asked the boy Cole had invited to join them.

"Are you sure we should he should be aloud to travel with us. I don't trust him. And besides, what if he says something to the wrong person." Muttered Oki to Cole.

"Well if worse comes to worse we leave the island." Cole raised his hand and knocked.

June 4th, 2005, 4:51 PM
"well i still dont trust him" oki muttered

"hey you know i hate it when people talk about me while im here" joe siad " i know i look like a street bum but im not, i just got in team magma's way ok?"

"yeah come on oki give him a break, we gotta give him a chance" richard said, cole knocked on the door, a young black boy with dreadlocks came to the door

"oohhh he's so cute" oki said with a huge smile on his face

"are you looking for mum and dad" the boy asked

"yes we are" cole replied the boy ran off to get his parents



the boy came running back and said "dad said you can come in"........

June 4th, 2005, 8:23 PM
OOC: "oohhh he's so cute" I resent that. I based Okita on me. Lol. I'll just wait for Richard to post now.

June 4th, 2005, 8:38 PM
ooc: lol sorry, some1 had to say it, it might aswelll be the girl, it does kinda ruin her character XD yeah so ill just wait too

June 4th, 2005, 8:52 PM
OOC: Thanks Blizts for joining my little RP. HOpe you can stay and RP. Looking forward for the twists you can provide to the story. LETS COUNTINUE ON!!

IC: The foursome and Zip enter the house. The house was small but it seemed to fit the family well. The kid name Sam set up some more chairs at the table. Then he said, "Would you like to sit?"

Cole nodded yes and the others sat down with him. Soon a black man and woman appeared. THe man was dressed in a suit while the woman was dress in a blue pants and a strip tee shrit. The man then asked Cole, "WHats the problem? YOu must have a reason for coming down to Dewford from Rustboro."

Cole then said, "We have a problem. Somebody is after the Jems, John."

The black woman then said, "What do you mean after the Jems. Nobody is suppose to know about these things."

John then asked his wife, "Please clam down Mary. Let Cole explain the situation."

Cole then said, "Sindy from Mt. Chimmey called me. She told me that a gang of people has stole her Jem of Fire. Now they after me!"

Mary then said, "How do they know you have a Jem."

Cole then said, "I have know idea."

Richard then said, "It must have been when that Sindy girl called you. THey must have trace the call to you."

John then nodded and said, "She made that mistake when she called you."

COle thend said, "I guess that too. That why I came to you personally."

Mary then said, " Well at least the other Jems are safe. YOu have the Jem of Ground. We have the Jem of Time and Space. THe Jem of Wind is in Fortree and the Jem of Water is missing and have not appear. THen this gang has the Jem of FIre."

Richard then asked, "WHat about these Mystic Pokemon."

Sam then said, "What do you know about Mystic Pokemon."

Oki said, "Well Cole thinks that Richard's Zangoose is some sort of Mystic Pokemon."

Cole then said, "YOu should have saw him on the ship. This Machoke came and use a powerful Cross Chop and it knock down Zip. THen a few moments later. Zip got up and a surge of power came from and then he knock out the Machoke with one hit!"

Sam then took a close look at Zip. The Zangoose step back abit and RIchard wanted to grab the dredlocks of the kid and pull him back from Zip. Then Sam said, "I feel some sort of power but its faint. Must have been use recently."

RIchard then asked again, "WHat is this Mystic Pokemon junk?"

Mary then said, "Mystic Pokemon are like legendary Pokemon. A long, long, long time ago when pokemon and humans live in peace. Legendary Pokemon took on apperatances and trained them to be like Legendary Pokemon. The thing is that these pokemon could never be Legendary. So the five Legendary Pokemon: Ho-oh, Lugia, Latias, Latios, and Mew, were the ones who train the pokemon to be Mystic Pokemon. They taugh them to look into the power that no pokemon could reach. That only a Legendary Pokemon could reach. That what made Mystic Pokemon so different. Mystic Pokemon could do more if there was record of there existance."

Oki then asked, "What happen to them?"

John then said, "Humans desire the power of the Mystic Pokemon and they try to capture them. This started the drift between pokemon and humans. What I hear from Cole is that this zangoose is a descentant of a Mystic Pokemon. Intersting."

June 4th, 2005, 9:16 PM
mary then walked up to richard, "if this is a mystic pokemon, you cant tell anyone," mary said very seriosly "some people let power go to there heads, and cant stop themselves"

"this zangoose is only a desendent though" sam said "it does't know how to contrall the power, they can only use the power no other pokemon can reach, if someone is in danger" joe looked at sam, then at cole,

"excuse me but are you guy's for real, 'mystic pokemon' 'powerfull gems' how the hell can a stupid piece of rock contain power anyway" joe asked

"joe please dont be so disrespectfull, i know how hard it must be for people to understand, but some people never used to beleve in legendary pokemon untill more sightings where reported" cole explained

"sorry i wasn't being disrespectfull, i'm just interested" joe said as he sat back down

"oh by the way this is joe, we found him after team magma attacked him, hee needs a place to rest" cole explained to john

"please, i only want a hot bath and a clean set of clothes" joe asked as he stood up again

"well we dont have any clothes that will fit you but we can wash your clothes while you cleen up, take as long as you like" john insisted, john escorted joe into the bathroom to make sure joe didn't try to find the gem, john then went to his bedroom and removed the gem from its hiding place, and brang it down stairs so he could keep an eye on it

June 4th, 2005, 9:30 PM
OOC: Last post before i go to sleep. Ok, so if Alana is around, and Blitz, She can post the next one or you can. Doesn't matter. I be back tomorrow. (Hopefully)

IC: John then put the Jem in his pocket and asw that Joe was back and cleaned from his shower. John then said, "So what power do these jems have?"

"These Jems can control thier named element." Said Mary "Like the Jem of TIme and Space controls time. THe user can speed or slow down time but I guess it takes lots of energy. THe Jem of FIre can contorl, well fire. These Jems can alos control some pokemon. Like the Jem of Water can control water type pokemon."


A hooded person walked up to a young woman in a labcoat. SHe asked, "How is the experiment doing?"

THe Hooded figure then said, "Ho-oh is resisting the control of the Jem of Fire but we getting there."

The woman scientis then said, "Good. Ho-oh my be a Legendary Pokemon but the Jem of Fire should allow some control."

June 4th, 2005, 9:39 PM
OOC: Hang on I'll reply in a minute.

June 4th, 2005, 9:59 PM
well then in that case i'll reply (i waited a minute ) *thinks*

"hey you guy's wern't waiting for me where you" joe asked

"oh did you want to go by yourself" asked richard

"um well not perticually, but i didnt expect you all to wait, i thought you didn't even trust me" joe said in suprise as he sat down

"well um we whern't REALLY waiting for you" oki said convinsingly

"we were,nt?" asked cole

"n-no, we where just making sure you didn't um steal anything" oki said not wanting to admit that they where waiting for joe

" ok then i'm off" joe said walking towards the door

"hey wait for us" oki said only just realising what she said

"so you WHERE waiting for me" joe said as he turned around

"n-n0, i-i just wanna make sure you dont umm rip off anybody else" oki said unconvincingly "i mean you are walking around with an empty bag" she said quickly

"did you forget that team magma mugged me" joe asked " anyway i'm over the whole waiting for me thing, where are you guy;'s headed"

" we weren't waiti-"

"oki drop it" cole said interupting oki

June 5th, 2005, 11:50 AM
OOC: Oki really doesn't seem to be very likable anymore.

Oki shrugged. She knew when arguing was pointless.

"UH yeah. Well let's get going." Said Richard. He rubbed Zip and the two of them followed OKi, Cole, and Joe.

"So where are we heading now?" Asked Oki.

"I dunno." Said Joe.

"Well maybe we should check on the other gems and make sure they're still safe." Said Oki.

"Yeah that's a pretty good idea." Said Cole.

"Then that's what we'll do." Added Richard.

"Whatever." Muttered Joe.

June 5th, 2005, 4:02 PM
OOC: no she just has a problem with joe, she dont trust him :D i still like her XD

IC: Joe didn't mind traveling with oki cole and richard, but he knew oki didn't trut him, and that was for good reason, but aslong as they got him away from team magma he didn't care

"so then off to fortree" richard said

"so the fastest way would be to go through slateport, then mauville city" said cole

"but i dont think the boat will be the best choice, dawford is a island, so this gang know we cant go anywhere without going across water" oki said

"Well there is a secret tunnel in the cave to the north, it leads to mauville city" joe said but then joe realised that team magma use that tunnel all the time thats how he knew about it, but he couldn't tell them that, because they would find out who he really used to be

and besides team magma rarely use that cave anyway

"that would b perfect" richerd said loudly

"on seco-"
"yeah and it should cut off alot of time" cole said interupting joe

"well we will need suplies" oki exclaimed

June 5th, 2005, 7:56 PM
The group then headed north. They enter the beach and saw a blue haired boy and his Hariyama. The Kid then said, "Hariyama, Use Arm Trust on the sand." THe pokemon hit hte sand with his plam and sand flew into the air.

Oki then said, "WHat is the kid and his pokemon are doing."

Joe then said, "Looks like he making a mess."

THe kid then said, "Looks like we have some company, Hariyama. Man, do you think they want to have a battle."

Richard then said, "WHo are you?"

The kid then said, "Man, you don't know who I am. Dude, I the Dewford Gym Leader, I am Brawly."

Richard then bangs his hand on his head and said to Zip, "All this Jem and Mystic pokemon junk man me forget about our gym battle."

Brawly then said, "Well you want to do battle with me. Ok. But before you ask, I don't do doubles. Sorry dudes but that the well I am."

Oki was a bit disappointed and said, "Then I will battle after Richard." She wanted Ricahard to battle for she can see what Brawry had up his sleeve.

Richard smile and said, "Well that is very nice. I will battle you first. But lets make this one on one. Ok"

"THats find with me little dudes. My pokemon is Hariyama." said Brawry

Richard then said, "Hey Zip, Do you mind if I use Baltoy. He will be a better choice." Zip nodded because he wanted to make sure that he wins.

Brarwly then commanded, "Use Smellingsalt."

Richard then said, "Use Phybeam!"

June 5th, 2005, 8:09 PM
Hariyama slammed the sand causing it to hit Baltoy but it had little affect. Baltoy shot a Psybeam at Hariyama causing it to fall backwards. "Woah Hariyama balance." Hariyama quickly regained it's balance and grinned. "Good now use Dynamic Punch!" Hariyama darted at Baltoy.

"No way. Baltoy use Rapid Spin!" Baltoy began to spin very fast which deflected Hariyama's attack.

"Great Richard. Keep it up!" Called Oki happily.

"No problem. Baltoy attack Hariyama!" Baltoy spun faster and sped at Hariyama.

"Hariyama Bully Drum!" Hariyama banged on it's stomach raising defense. Baltoy smashed into Hariyama but he kept his balance. "Great now Mega Punch." Hariyama took advantage of Baltoy being so close and smashed it's fist into Baltoy.

Baltoy hurtled backwards adn hit the sand hard. "Baltoy get up!" Baltoy forced itself up and began spinning again. "Good now use Psybeam!" Baltoy shot a Psybeam again and hit Hariyama once more. Hariyama and Baltoy were both getting tired.

"You're doing great Richard." Called Cole.

"Yeah don't give up. I know you can win." Shouted Okita.

"I won't give up. You're right. I can win. Baltoy use Psybeam once more!"

"Hariyama Dynamic Punch!" The two attacks collided and sand shot into the air. When it cleared Hariyama was out cold. "Aw man you're good little man. I'm proud to hand you this badge." He handed Richard the Knuckle Badge.

"Great job richard. Now it's my turn."

"Alright I'm ready little miss. Go Machop!"

"Let's see what you can do. Go Seel!"

June 6th, 2005, 1:30 AM
"hey your pretty good" joe told richard

"Ok machop, use focus" brawly told machop, machop shut tis eyes and started focusing

"seel aurora beem" oki told seel, seel tilted his head back then quickly swung it forward, a colourfull beem came fromm seels forhead, machop still hadn,t finnished focusing, so it hit him dead on

"thats ok machop dude, little miss hasn,t beaten us yet" brawly told machop "use seismic(sp) toss little dude" machop came running at seel "dodge it seel" oki quickly said, but it was no use, sel wasn't quick enough, machop was swinging seel around by the tail, before he finaly let go

"ok seel use surf".............

June 6th, 2005, 12:35 PM
A large wave appear behine the seal pokemon. The wave then hit machop. Brawly then said, "Use Cross Chop" The pokemon hands began to glow and he was about to chop up Seel.

Oki then said, "Use Dive to dodge the attack." Seel then dove into the nearest piece of water to dodge the attack.

"You pretty smart for a little missie and cute too." said Brawly. "After this battle, do you want to go on a date?"

Oki was about to say something but Richard then said, "She can't go on a date with you because she battling you! Anyways we got things to do!"

Oki was happy that Richard intvene because she was unsure of what to say. Zip then smile Richard then knew what he meant. Zip meant that he was jeoase of Brawly.

Brawly then said, "Use Focus Punch!" Machop then began to focus his energy and power to attack.

Joe then said to Richard, "RIchard, rigth? Well who do you think may win?"

RIchard then said, "Well, its anyones battle. Machop kind of have type advange over ice types like Seel but the water type covers that weakness. Oki should have thougth of a better battle plan before this battle."

So you saying she maynot win." butted in Cole.

Richard then said, "Like I said, its nybody's battle."

Seel then came out of the water and attack with Dive. Machop then hit Seel with its Focus Punch attack but also got hit Seel's Dive attack.

June 6th, 2005, 12:56 PM
"Don't worry about me Richard." Said Oki. "I have a plan. Seel Ice Beam!" Seel shot a beam of ice at Machop.

"Machop use Karate Chop!" Machop dodged the beam of ice adn charged at Seel with it's hands raised to strike.

"Seel wait. Wait. Now Slap!" Seel jumped and turned whacking Machop with it's powerful tail."

"Not bad." Said Richard.

"Good one little miss. Machop Sismic Toss!"

"Seel Surf again." Machop lunged and tried to grab Seel but Seel dove back underwater. When Seel reemerged it was riding a huge wave that was heading for Machop.

"Machop keep your balance." Machop braced itself and stood still ready to take the attack head on.

June 6th, 2005, 7:06 PM
The Machop then began to ride the wave like it was surfing it on a surfboard. Brawly then said, Good one little dude! Ride that wave.

Oki then smile and said, Now use Ice Beam on the wave! Seel shot an Ice Beam at the wave and froze the wave with Machops feet frozen to the wave.

Richard then yelled, Good one, Oki! Show that surfer whose boss!

Brawly then said, Use Karate Chop to break out of the ice. Machop then started to break the ice with his chops.

Use Take Down Seel began to gain speed by swimming in the ocean. Machop finally broke out of the ice but by then Seel jump out of the water to hit Machop with its horn. Machop then flew and landed by a tree.

Brawly then said, Get up Machop. Hurry!! Machop got up for a few seconds but fell to the ground. Brawly knew it was over and raise a pokball and said, You did a good job so take a break. I like to declare little missy the winner.

Oki then return Seal and said, You did a great job.

Brawly then walk to the group to hand over the gym badge. He said, You deserve this badge. Now, how about that date I ask to. Are we on for Saturday, little missy?

Oki was about to blush and said Well, I cant. I very busy.

Richard then said, She said we busy and we need to get to Slateport City. So nice knowing you and bye. Richard didnt like how that gym leader was trying to hit on Oki. He then said to himself, Anyways, I saw her first. Zip smile to say whatever you say. You were just jealous.

Soon Richard and Oki got their pokemon healed and they were off to the cave. The soon reach a dead end and Cole then asked Joe, Where is this cave that you talked about?

June 6th, 2005, 7:13 PM
"It's hidden." Said Joe. "How do you think no one else found it." Joe moved his hands along the stone then pushed. The stone moved revealing a passage.

"Not bad." Muttered Oki smiling. She was beginning to warm up to Joe even if she didn't fully trust him.

"Yeah good job. Let's go." Richard lead the others into the cave.

"Let's move fast. There's a feeling I don't like in this cave." Said Cole.

"I agree." Replied Oki hurrying up to walk beside Richard. "There's soethign wrong with this place." She said quietly to him.

"Well I'd say there's something odd about this place but it's nothing we can't handle." Said Richard.

"You sure?" Asked Cole.

"Yeah." Said Richard.

"Right there's nothing to worry about." Joe added hastily. He was nervous and he sincerly hoped no Team Magma members were around.

June 7th, 2005, 6:18 AM
The group continued walking througth the tunnel until it got darker and were unable to see. Richard then threw out a pokeball and said, "Baltoy use flash." The baltoy eyes began to glow and provided ligth for the group to move on.

Cole then said, "Thanks, it was getting a bit dark."

The group went on with Baltoy leading providing ligth. THe group saw some symbols writen on the walls and and Joe knew this must have been some grattffi some of the younger members of Team Magma must have done.

Oki then asked, "So how did you found this place?"

JOe then lied, "I found it by accident. I was walking one day and i just fell in. I not really sure myself."

Oki believe this lie as the truth and they kept on walking. Then they saw another ligth coming in frount of them and comeing their way. Joe then sept back a bit to try to hide.

June 7th, 2005, 3:18 PM
"What is it?" Asked Oki noticing Joe's odd behavior.

"Nothing. The light is starting to bother me." Joe lied again.

"Someone's coming this way." Said Richard.

"Do you think it's a theif?" Asked Cole quietly.

"Well maybe but it's unlikely. How many people would know about this place when it's so well hidden?" Asked Oki.

"Well Joe found it didn't he?" Replied Cole in a nervous voice.

"Well I wouldn't worry." Said Richard.

"Uh well. Ya know they might not be friendly." Joe murmered.

June 7th, 2005, 5:27 PM
"hey is that joe's voice" the foursome heard echo

"oh they know joe" ok said releaved

"dont be so releaved" joe told oki"its time i told you the truth, i used to work for team magma, now there after me because i quit, and there worried i might uncover any plans they might have underway" joe wispered

"i knew we couldn't trust him" oki said

"yeah i know, but nows not the time, we need to get out of here" joe wispered

"and you know about this cave because team magma found it right?" cole asked

"yes, so lets get out of here" joe said, "there are heaps of hiding places in this cave, so lets just hide"

"what if thy find us" richard said

"well we dont have much choice do we"

June 8th, 2005, 5:26 AM
Oki was a bit unsure to follow Joe's lead but then they heard, "We need to find Joe for Master Chun can reward us for rreturning the traitor."

Cole then said, "How about we figth them? We been having good luck figthing these things before."

Joe then said, "If we figth them, they may call for reinforcements and then we will be scarwed."

"He has a point we must hide. If they find us then that when we figth." said Richard.

They followed Joe to a small crack in the wall and Joe said, "Inside this hole. Hurry!"

Everyone went in except Oki who was still mad about Joe lieing to them. Richard then said, "Get in unless you want to get caugth."

Oki then said, "No. After all of this and he lies to us. How can we trust Joe. If that is his real name."

Cole then said, "He got us this far and I sure he doesn't want to get in troble with Team Magma."

"NO! I don't trust him! How can we?" said, Oki

Joe then step up and said, "I sorry if I lied to you. I did it toprotect myself and you. If you saw some Team Magma person in costume looking for me you my get yourself in troble because of me. I counldn't let that happen."

"But the Jems? Aren't Team Magma looking for them?" said Oki

Joe then said, "I know nothing about these Jems and I was a high ranking member. This must be working of another organization or higher power."

"Oh" said Oki. Then she ran into the cave. The others follow her in.

THe crack led into a small cave that is big enothe to fit them all. Richard them return Baltoy into his pokeball to get rid of the effects of flash. NOw they wait and see what happens.

June 8th, 2005, 6:50 PM
The Team Magma member walked past talking in a low voice to his companion. "Where did they go?"

"They must be hiding. Check everywhere."

"Right." There was the sound of running footsteps and more talking. Finally the two men left deciding to look elsewhere.

Oki let out the breath she had been holding and sighed. "That was close. Ok Joe," She snapped turning to him. "You said you were a member of Team Magme that quit. They are hunting for you because you could tell people valuabe information. Yet you say that, as far as you know, Team Magma aren't after the gems. So why are they after you?"

"It would be nice to know so we could be prepared." Said Richard turning to Joe as well. Cole nodded in agreement.

June 9th, 2005, 12:23 AM
"well as i said, i dont know anything about the gems, untill you guy's mentioned them, but they do know about the people hunting for the gems, but they just think its another organisation, their plan is to get rid of this team to prevent any competition" joe said still wispering "but that could be good for you guy's or it could be bad"

"what do you mean" asked oki

"well they could get rid of this team no questions asked, or they could get the informaion about the gems" joe wispered "anyway, team magma know about a secret meating this gang is holding in just outside fortree, so they plan to BLOW the hole place up, thats why i quit, i didn't want anything to do with anything like that" joe told the gang

"and team magma are afraid you are going to join this new team and tell them?" asked cole

"exactly" joe said

"so are they going to go ahaed with it?" richard asked

"i don't think so, i think its too risky now that i have left" joe said

"well when we get too fortree we have to tell someone" oki told joe

"i agree, but while were goping through this cave we have to be carefull. ok?" joe said

"Ok!" they responded

June 9th, 2005, 5:21 AM
After one of them check if the coast is clear, the group got out hole and started walking througth the cave. THen Cole said to Joe, "What is this other organization?"

Joe was uncertian but said, "I don't know much about. I don't think anybody know much about. They operate in secert so our new leader don't know anything about it."

"New leader?" Said Oki, "I thougth Maxie was your leader."

"After the hole legendary thing and people finding out. Maxie and Archie went into hiding and never were seen again. Now some guy name Tanner is our leader. He plan the whole PRoject Forest Fire. THe plan to blow up Fortree."

The ours seem to nodded in agreement. THey countinued walk down the tunnel until something grab Oki. Everybody looked back and saw it was a guy dressed in black with the Team Magma logo on his sleeve. Joe then said, "William. WHat you doing here."

The guy name Willaim then said, "Looking for you of course! I knew you will be here so I hide and waited for you to come. NOw here you are and I gott one of your new friends."

Leave them out of this. It me you want." Said Joe. He then grab a pokeball and said, "Battle me! If I lose you can take me in!"

Willaim let go of Oki and said, "I accpet. Also I not going be like the others and call for help so it just you and me. Go Camerupt." The pokeball was threwn and a Camerupt appeared.

Joe threw his pokeball and a Quilava appeared. "Use Flamethrower Quilava." Said Joe

"YOu use Flamethrower too." Said Willaim. The two attacks collide in the middle.

June 9th, 2005, 1:59 PM
Oki was completely disgusted at being taken captive and imidietly darted back to Richard and Cole scowling.

The two Flamethrowers met sending smoke into the air. "Bad idea." Coughed Cole.

"Quilava Quick Attack!"

"Camerupt Earthquake!"

"Earthquake?" Gulped Oki.

"Uh that's not a smart idea." Said Richard.

"Ha you'll see." Quilava darted at Camerupt smashed into it. But Camerupt regained it's balance and pounded on the ground to create an Earthquake.

June 9th, 2005, 7:58 PM
This created a problem for Quilava but ut caugth it balance. Joe then said, "We not going let an earthquake to stop us! Use Headbutt and then Slash!"

Quilave waa fast enothe to use two attacks in one turn. It first use Headbutt and since it was close by it was able to Slash Camerupt's face.

Richard then saw the scowling that Oki was giving them and RIchard then said to COle, "We need to save her while that WIllaim guy is distrated."

Cole nodded and the two walked behind him to pull Oki away. Oki then said, "What took you so long to come and get me!" Zip then cut the ropes with a Slash and Oki said, "Thanks Zip." He just smiled.

RIchard then said, "We just were waiting for the right time." Zip gave a face to say 'what if'

Then the three went back and watch Joe and Willaim's battle. Willaim then said, "I don't care about that girl. I just want Joe. Earthquake again!"

Quilava then jump up to dodge the attack and JOe then said, "Use Iron Tail!!"

June 10th, 2005, 5:07 PM
the cave started to make noises,

"these earthquakes are going to bring the cave down" oki said

quillava's iron tale was a critticle hit

"dont worry, quillava, use dissable" joe said swiftly

"Use earthquake AGAIN, i dont care if i have to bring this whle cave down" william said not hearing joes command,
quillava dissabled earthquake before Camerupt used it again.....

June 10th, 2005, 6:57 PM
"Good now use Quick Attack!" Commanded Joe. Quilava darted at Camerupt while William was still trying to get it to use Earthquake. Camerupt fell but got back up angilry.

"Camerupt OverHeat!" Demanded William furiously. Camerupt sent a blast of fire at Quilava.

"Quilava dodge and use Slash!"

"Keep it up Joe!" Called Oki.

"I thought you didn't like him." Said Richard.

"Eh." Said Oki shrugging. "If he's fighting Team MAgma he isn't one of them. Besides there's no way I'll cheer for that William guy."

Cole nodded. "I have to agree with her."

"Yeah sure." Muttered Richard sourerly. Zip snickered again. "Oh shut up." Zip snickered even louder while Richard scowled.

June 10th, 2005, 8:47 PM
"Use Iron Tail again." Siad Joe. THe iron tail hit Camrupt again and made him feel back. Camerupt lost his cool and ran towards Quilava.

Willaim then said, "Don't use your cool. It just Joe and his Quilava. Use Earthquake."

Joe knew that this battle needs to end because if there was any other members of Team Magma in the cave. THey may come this way to see whats going on.

Joe then said to the others "Get to the other side. Hurry and run." He then told Quilava, "Now use Iron Tail on the top of the cave."

THe top of the cave was unstable by the Earthquakes so it fell rigth on top of Willaim and his Camerupt. This also cover up the other side of the cave keeping the other member from reaching them.

Richard then said, "Good thinking on the cover up. That will keep them from following us."

Joe then said, "Return Quilava." THen he told the others, "Hurry, lets get out of this cave. It not going to take Willaim long to get out of that and chase us. If we get out of this cave he won't follows us out because of the chance of being expose without orders."

June 10th, 2005, 11:57 PM
They ran to the end of the cave

"All those fire moves made that cave really hot," Cole said being the first to come out

"We should go find a place we can cool off for a while" Joe said sweating like a pig,

"This dont look like fortree" Cole said lookng around

"Fortree is abit more that way, i said the cave lead to a place NEAR fortree, not right smack in the middle of fortree" Joe said leading the way, After about half hours walk they reached fortree

"So are we going to go tell the cops about this bussness with team magma" Cole asked

"Ofcourse we are" oki exclaimed, walking strait toward the police station

"And after that, we should see these people about the gems" Richard told the team

They entered the station and told the officer there about the 'Bomb'

"Yeah right 'blow fortree up' hahaha" the officer laughed "You would need to be some sort of maniac"


"calm down joe!" richard told joe "Listen officer, team magma will do anything, to get what they want, even if it means blowing up a city"

June 12th, 2005, 7:47 PM
Oki was amazed that the police wouldn't beleave them. She opened her mouth to speak but the officer replied first. "Yeah calm down kid. So you all say there's a bomb in Fortree hmm? Now why should I beleave you?"

"Because." Said Joe trying to restrain his anger. "We heard Team Magma talking about it while we were traveling through the cave just now."

"Uh huh. So is Team Magma still in there." Asked the officer.

"Yes." Replied Richard.

The officer sighed and shrugged. "Very well then I will have a few people go and check it out. For now you lot should go and rest at the Pokemon Center."

"Thank you officer." Said Oki with a slight scowl. The four left the Police Station then Oki said, "I don't think he beleaved us."

June 12th, 2005, 7:55 PM
OOC:I had to do a bit of reediting ecause me and Alana posted at the same time and she was first.

IC:One of the cops then came back to the pokemon center. He shook his head and said, "Sorry but we found nothing." He then said, "Sorry but we don't apperecate pranks but since you are new tothe city we let you go. In case you havn't heard, Team Magma has been disbanded for months now. Maxie left and went into hiding and now Team Magma is nothing then a little kid gang. Now leave." The cop then left.

Joe then said ,"THe cops must not know much if they beleive Team Magma and Aqua is disbanded."

The group left the for outside until they reach a small marketplace. Their were clouthes and fruit stands. Richard then looks around and try stealing a piece of fruit. He then said, "ALways works." Then Oki smake him on the head and grab the fruit. He then said, "WHat you did that for?"

"I don'r know who you and Zip lived before me but you not doing that with me around." said Oki. SHe then put the friut back.

Zip then smiled and then he looked around and grab a piece of fuirt. Oki then slap him on the back of the head and put the fuirt back too. Zip had a face of disapproval. Oki then said, "Pokemon like trainer."

Richard then said, "It the other way around."

Joe then said, "WHere is the person who has the Jem here? THe person does live here?"

Cole then said, "The person here has the Jem of the Wind but I really don't know who the preson is."

Richard then said, "Well there a gym here, rigth? Well lets go so me and Oki can get a good badge while we here."

Oki then said, "HOw can you think of a battle while we are looking for something?"

Richard then said, "This is only to past the time. Maybe we can find the person while we are battling."

Oki nodded and said, "Ok lets go."

So the group then went to the gym and climb the ladder to enter the treehouse-like gym. Richard and Oki then started to begin to prepare for thier battle with Winona, the gym leader.

June 12th, 2005, 9:01 PM
Oki went over a strategy in her head adn onered which Pokemon to use. Richard looked at his Pokeballs and made up his mind quickly.

"So do you have any clue who might have the gem?" Asked Joe to Cole.

"No." Replied Cole heavily. "But it must be some one trustworthy. Maybe the gem leader or some one like a mayor."

"That'd make sense." Said Joe nodding.

"Yes it would but if they have it they won't tell us." Replied Oki.

"Well we know that. But once they know what Team Magma's up to I think they'll tell us a little. Plus I have a gem too so it's really only you guys that they might hesitate to tell." Said Cole.

"That's nice." Said Richard sarcastically.

Oki smiled. "Well if the gems are really so powerful they'd have to be gaurded very carefully."

"Yeah but appearantly I wasn't careful enough." Sighed Cole.

"It wasn't your fault. Some jerks just stumbled upon the truth. Things like that happen." Said Richard shrugging.

"Right. I shouldn't have joined Team Magma but I did. Mistakes happen even when we don't mean for them to." Added Joe. Oki smiled and nodded.

June 13th, 2005, 5:36 AM
The foursome enter the gym, once in they saw a huge dome and platforms on each side of the battle arena. THen a girl dressed in what look like a flying outfit said, which of you are here to battle me."

Richard and Oki both rasied there hands. THe gym leader nodded and said, "Wel I battle the boy first." THen she snap her fingers and the dome open up to show the sky. RIchard and Winona took their places on the platforms. Winona then threw a pokeball and release an alitira. THe blue bird pokemon just flew around to warm up.

A ref appeared and said, "THis will be a three on three battle. No time limit. The gym leader is ot allow to make subsitues, the channeger may. Let the battle begin." Once the words begin were said the platforms rose up.

"Lets start this battle of rigth. Go Flow and use an Ice Beam!" Said Richard. Once his alitria appeared, Flow shot an icy beam at the alitria.

"Why is he using the samw pokemon as the gym leader?" asked Cole.

Joe answered and said, "Because he must have a plan. Richard did a good job picking a pokemon that can use Ice Beam because this will do major damage against a flying type."

"Use your Dragonbreath!" BOth of the pokemon took damage but they were both fine. Winona then said, "Let the wind guide my pokemon." THen something glowed inside her chest.

"Ice Beam again." said Richard. THe beam shot out and Winona's Altira wasn't going to be able to dodge it but a gust of wind came and blew the Altria out of the way of the beam.

"What?!" said Oki, "What happen?'

"I guess her pokemon got lucky and the wind push her out of the way." said Joe.

Cole was just silent and watch the battle.

"Lucky miss." said Richard

"NOt luck, skill. YOu will see why they say I the best. USe Take Down."

"Flow fly towards her altria!" said Richard

THe two flew towards each other and they were geting closer then Richard then said, "Ice Beam" Flow shot an Ice Beam at close range. Richard then said, "I like to see this one miss."

Another gust of wind appeared and it push Flow out of the way but the beam bary hit Winona's altria. "Blasted wind. It making it hard to hit this pokemon." said Richard.

Winona said to herself. "Thanks, this is helping us. Keep it up." Her chest then glowed a bit. A gust of wind then blew off Flow off balance.

"Ice Beam again." Siad Richard Flowed then shot a beam and hit WInona's Altria. This was the last hit and Winona's pokemon fell to the ground.

WInona then said, "We tried but maybe we have better luck in the next round.

The Ref then said, "The pokemon is unable to battle. Countined with round two."

June 13th, 2005, 5:59 PM
"Hey her chest glows whenever a gust of wind comes" Cole pointed out

"What do you mean" oki asked

"I saw it too" joe said, "But i didn't realise that it was always when the gust of wind came"

"Well if her 'glowing chest' is interfering with the battle, isnt that cheating?" asked oki

"Only if she gets cought" cole answered

"But surely other people must have noticed it?" asked joe

"Yeah, but they gotta prove it, and if i think whats going on is going, then nobody whould expect the truth" cole said

oki and joe looked at cole suspisiosly, then both said "They Gem?"

"Thats right" cole explained


"Well i know that," richard said "But how is she doin this"

June 13th, 2005, 7:53 PM
OOC: You pretty smart. THat what I wanted you to guess what was happening.

IC:Zip was rigth next Richard. He pulled on Richard's shirt and pointed to Winona's chest. Then he pointed to COle. Richard nodded and said, "YOu are cheating! You useing the power of the Gem to try to beat me! YOu see that Ref."

THe Ref then said, "There nothing in the rules saying she can't use the Jem. It not being use to attack the oppentant or to do major damage. Your pokemon can still battle rigth?"

WInona then said, "I was trusted with the Jem and I don't wish to hurt you ot your pokemon. ANyways I not useing the full power. I could make your pokemon not battle since I have the Jem of the Wind which is able to control flying and electic pokemon."

Oki then said, "Is that true? Can she really control pokemon!"

"If that is true then imangen the power that a person with evil in them can do." said Joe

Cole then said, "She telling the truth. It is possible but that will be cheating."

"Anyways don't you want to prove how powerful you are? If you can beat me while I using the Jem then you must be very powerful." said Winona.

RIchard nodded and said, "YOu know how to keep me in an battle. Me and Zip do like to prove how powerful we are. Right friend?" ZIp nodded.

"Go Pelipper and use Ice Beam" said WInona.

Flow was shot and flew to the ground. Richard then said, "Return Flow." He then look at the ball and said, "YOu did a good job. Now take a break. Go Tenta and use a Sluge Bomb" THe tentacrual appeared readly to attack.

June 14th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Suddenly, a gust of wind appered again, and pelleper dodged the attack, but the sludge bomb hit the roof and exploded on pelliper anyway,

"**** it, i forgot about that" Winona said "But it still didn't hit me with full strength"

"This will only make things harder for Richard" Joe said

"Yeah but richard likes a challange" oki told joe

June 15th, 2005, 6:55 AM
"Your tentacrueal can't attack my Pelliper. He is too high." said WInona. "Use Stockpile!" The bird began to glow.

Richard looked down and notice that Tenta is so low and in order to get a goood hit he must be up close. Richard knew that Winona had a point so he then saw a pipe and came up with a plan.

"Pelliper use Spit Up" said Winona. THe water bird pokemon then shot a purple ball at Tenta.

"USe you tentacle to hang to the pipe and go to the next higher coluem." said Richard. Tenta saw what Richard was talking about and hang on to the pipe and was able to climb on to the coluem. The attack missed.

"Smart thinking but that may not help you as you go higher." Said Winona. "Use Hydro Pump!" Her chest also began to glow.

Cole and Oki were confuse. Cole asked, "Why she want to use the power of the Jem. Hers only controls the wind, not water."

"She doing it to give Hydro Pump an extra boost." Siad Joe. "THe WInd is going to push the burst of wate to hit Richard's tentacrual harder."

The burst of hit Tenta but Richard smile and said, "Use your Hydro Pump too."

Winona's chest glows again and the water attack flew up and hit the ceiling. "That wouldn't have done much damage anyways. USe Stockpile again."

Rigth after Pelliper use the attack, Tenta was seen flying towards Pelliper. Richard then said, "Good job of sling shoting your self up useing your tentacles. Now use Sluge Bomb."

Tenta shot a balls of sluge at Pelliper but WInona, knowing that it was to close said, "Use Steel Wing to block the attack."

Pelliper wing glowed gray and use it as a shild. Then hit Tenta. "Richard said, "Hydro Pump use only a distraction so you wouldn't know what Teta use planing to do. But you seem smart to use Steel WIng to lower the damage of his attack.'

"You seem pretty smart knowing that I was planing to do that." She then saw Tenta being tired out and said, "Finish with Spit Up"

Richard yelled "Use Rain Dance." Tenta raised his tentacles and spin them around. Soon it began to rain.

Then the attack, Spit up hit Tenta. He then fell to the ground. The Ref said, "Tentacrueal is unable to battle. Chanlleger send in your last pokemon."

"I know who I want to take out for this storm." He looked at Zip and siad, "You up. Lets finish this."

Zip jumped on to a coluem. Joe then said, "Why him. What can he do? Rain Dance can't help him. It just going to help Peillper."

"He must have a plan." said Oki.

"Thanks for the rain. Now Hydro Pump will be even more powerful." Said Winona. "Use Hydro Pump."

Richard smile and said, "USe Tunderbolt!!"

"Tunderbolt?" everybody said.

Oki then said, "How does Zip knows that attack?"

"Must have teach that to him before he meant us" said Joe

The attack hit dead on and Pelliper before he was able to attack, then he fell to the ground. Richard the said, "Your control of the wind can't stop an eletic attack. Then the water and flying typeing made the damage on your bird be more. Then the rain was able to do more damage."

Winona retunr her pokemon and said, "Hpp. Well I send out my most powerful pokemon. Go Swellow" A green Swellow appeared.

"This is going to be a tough one" said Richard. "USe Tunderbolt."

"Use Arial Ace" said Winona.

June 24th, 2005, 8:04 PM
OOC: Let's not let this die. Sorry I didn't post earlier.

Oki felt really annoying that Wionna was using the Wind Gem to help her wind. It seemed like a very dsihonorable thing to do. And she was a gym leader. That made it worse. "Come on Richard! Make sure you don't let her win!" She called.

"No problem." Replied Richard grinning. Zip fired a bolt of lightning at Swellow who was speeding at him. The attack brushed Swellow but didn't cause major injury. Swellow was however blown of course a bit and Wionna didn't have time to change it's course. Swellow's attack only grazed Zip.

"Alright now Swellow use Wing Attack!"

"Zip dodge and use another Thunder Bolt!" Swellow sped at Zip with wings outstretched. Zip dodged but Wionna used the gem to put Swellow back on course. Zip charged up his Thunder Bolt and sparked vicously then waited for Swellow to make contact for a close range Thunder Bolt.

June 25th, 2005, 9:04 PM
Then all of a sudden the Swellow move up to stay away from the Zangoose. Wionna then said, "I think we stay away for a while."

Richard was a bit mad and said, "This rain won't last for ever so we better make good of it while it is here" Then he saw zip charging and and said, "Use Tunderbolt!" ZIp shot the Tunderbolt attack to the wet Swellow and it took major damage but it was still up to figth.

"Now you done it. Swellow's Guts just kick in and with the power of the jem we will surely win." said Wionna.

COle then said to Oki, "Seem like she thinks she got this in the bag."

Joe was about to say something back but then somethind caugth the couner of his eye. He then said, "I going out for a breather."

He went out and saw a young girl in a Team Magma uniform. He then said, "Is that you Fanla?"

"Master Joe?" said the girl named Fanla. "Is that you my old teacher?"

"I not with Team Magma anymore. So I am not your master anymore." said JOe.

"So I heard. What you doing here?" said Fanla.

Joe looked to the side and said, "Hiding and stoping what I think you doing. So what you doing."

"Staring the bomb here." said Fanla in disappointment.

"Do you know why you doing this?" asked Joe.

"No" replyed Fanla.

"You know that this will kill lots of people. DOes this feel rigth to you?" said JOe

"Yes I do know that it will kill many innocents but this is what I was told to do." said Fanla.

Joe looked at her and said, "THis is why I left Team Magma. Tried of working for somebody I don't know." said Joe, "I guessing that this one will set off the other bombs in the city but if I turn off and disable this one then the bombs are useless."

Fanla nodded to him and said, "I don't want to do this. It not rigth."

Joe walked over to her and hug her for confert. He then said, "I know. That why you need to tell me the codes to turn this thing off."

"I will get in troble." said Fanla.

Joe smiled and said, "Just blame it on me. They will believe you."

"Ok" said Fanla. "Lets start"

Back to the battle, ZIp had taken lots of damage while Swellow was ready to attack again and the rain has stopped

Oki then saw that she was only winning because of the Jem. Cole then said, "Wionna, youy know this is not rigth. Using The Jem for this reason is not rigth."

"I know that this is nt rigth but if it make you feel better then. Let me think." said Wionna, "I know! I give The Jem to you guys if Richard beats me. But your last pokemon is about to faint."

"That what you think. USe Crush Claw!" said Richard. But before Zip was able to attack. Swellow attack with a WIng Attack.

Zip was about to fall but then he got back up. Zip eyes then glowed blue just like on the ship.

"He is using his Mystic Pokemon Power." said Cole.

"Use Gust with an boast from my Jem." Swellow shot a powerful Gust. This Gust shold have made Zip faint but it hit him like it was nothing.

Richard was in surprise and said, "Umm... Zip use Crush Claw!" The attak hit it spot and Swellow fell but got back up.

"YOur pokemon is a Mystic. Still that won't stop me and Swellow. I use the wind to softem your pokemon attack." said Wionna. "Hyper Beam!!"

Swellow shot a Hyper Beam at Zip but he just caugth it in his hand then he threw it back at Swellow. Swellow then fell to the ground and the battle was over. Zip then fainted and Richard went down to aid his friend.

"Good job bud. WHatever you did. It was cool." said Richard.

Wionna returned the Swellow to its ball and looked to Oki and said, "I guess you want to battle me too. Let make this an one-on-one battle. I use no Jem. Let me just heal up Swellow for the battle."

Oki then nodded and said, "I guess so."

Wionna then looked to Cole and said, "Don't worry, I keep my side of the deal." Then she left to a healig room in the gym.

RIchard then said to Oki, "You sure you want to battle her?"

June 25th, 2005, 9:23 PM
Oki nodded. "Yes I'm sure. I may not have a Mystic Pokemon but I still trust them and I know we can win."

Richard shrugged. "Well good luck then. I have to heal Zip and my other Pokemon. She won't be using the gem so your battle should be much easier."

Okita sighed. "Yeah. Hey next time I battle first." She grinned and watched Richard leave to heal his Pokemon.

"So which Pokemon are you going to use?" Asked Cole curiously.

"Hmm. I dunno yet. Against her Swellow, I think Seel would have a type advantage but it's slow out of the water and that would be a disadvantage. So I think I'll go with Vibrava. It's faster and it can fly a little." Oki's mind was already going over what strategies she could use. She had watched Richard's battle intensly and now she thought she had a good chance.

Richard and Winnona came back at about the same time. "Alright are you ready Oki?" Asked Winona.

"Yep." Replied Oki.

"Good luck. I think you've got this one in the bag." Said Richard nodding to her.

"I think you're more confedent than me. But here we go. I choose Vibrava!"

"Go Swellow!" The two Pokemon appeared and faced each other then waited for the battle to begin.

June 27th, 2005, 10:35 AM
"USe sandstorm" cried out Oki to Vibrava. He then started a sandstorm by make a noise from his wings.

"Swellow use Gust" said Wionna

The two attacks collide but the sandstorm started anyways. The gust push back Vibrava. Cole then asked, "Do you think that was a wise move to do Richard?"

Richard then said, "It was very good. Sandstorm is a rock attack and flying types like Swellow is weak agaist rock attacks. Vibrava is immune to the damage of its own attack too. Swellow is in a rougth fligth now."

"USe Ariel Ace" said Wionna. The high speed attack hit Vibrava.

"USe Rock Tomb" said Oki. Rocks then appeared and cover Swellow but it broke out of its tomb.

Back outside with Joe and Fanla.

"So this is the last deactivation code?" asked Joe

Fanla nodded and said, "Thank you for doing this. I don't know how I whould sleep knowing that I help killed so many iinnocent people."

Joe smiled and said, "Yep. Nice having that off my chest too."

"I heard that a task force is after you." said Fanla. "They must want you really bad because you left Team Magma. I heard that William is the head of this task force. He is really mad."

"I guess so. I did know about this and now I stop the bomb from blowing up. This bomb is now useless." said Joe.

"So I guess this is good bye," Said Fanla.

"Well good bye" said Joe sadly

"Good by Master Joe" said Fanla and soon after a smokescreen appeared and Fanla was gone.

Joe walked back into the gym and saw that Oki was now figthing. Swellow was beginning to tired out due to the effects of Sandstorm while Vibrava was beginning to tired out because of the hit he took from Swellow. Joe asked Richard and Cole, "So whats happening?"

June 27th, 2005, 8:57 PM
"Well the battle just started and it's already heating up." Replied Richard. Cole nodded.

"OK." Said Joe turning back to the battle.

"Vibrava use Dragonbreath!" Vibrava fired a blast at Swellow.

"Swellow dodge and use Peck!" Shouted Winona. Swellow dodged the Dragonbreath and dove at Vibrava with it's sharp beak aimed at the small dragon.

"Vibrava wait till Swellow gets close then use Rock Tome again!" Vibrava stood still then when Swellow was very lose it used Rock Tome. Again Swellow broke out but it was vissbaly hurt.

"Alright Swellow stay back. Use Gust!" Swellow used a long range attack Gust.

"Vibrava Dragonbreath again!" Vibrava shot a another beam at Swellow. The two attacks hit in mid air and were deflected.

"Who do you think will win?" Asked Cole.

"Well they're both good. Oki has a type advantage but Winona's Pokemon can fly so that gives it an advantage too." Replied Richard.

"Yeah but Vibrava can fly too. Not much, just hover really, but it can still fly. So when you think about it that way Oki has the advantage." Said Joe.

"I guess we'll just wait and see." Said Cole nodding.

June 28th, 2005, 5:51 AM
"Use Gust again" said Winona. THe Gust attack was shot but Vibrava hover away using it wings to a higher pilliar.

"Good job. NOw use a Dragonbreath." said Oki. Vibrava hover into the air to shot a green flame

"Perfect" smiled WInona. "Use Ariel Ace" Swellow cut thourgh the green flames and hit Vibrava in midair.

Vibrava was knock off and fell but Oki then said, "Use Rock Tomb" Soon, some rocks rose from the ground and entombed the bird pokemon. This was the end of the battle and Swellow fell to the ground.

"I guess I lost. Look like I am nothing without my Jem." said Winona.

Oki got off the platform and walk up to WInona and said, "Don't say that. YOu did excellent. You were battling the same as if you were using the Jem. MInus the wind control thing."

"You mean it?" asked the gym leader.

"Of course." said Oki. Your skill is great without the Jem."

"Well like I promise. Here the Jem." she handed over the light blue stone to Cole. "You should hold it since you also have the Jem of the Earth."

"I guess you right." said Cole.

"NOw for your badges." Winona said looking at Richard and Oki. She handed them the wing-like badge.

Oki then looked to the rest of the group and said, "What about the bomb."

Joe smiled and said, "Don't worry. I took care of it. THe bomb is gone and is no good."

"So what now?" asked Oki.

"I have a sugguestion." said Winona. THey looked at her and she said, "I heard that there is some one geting THe Jems. Rigth?"

The others nodded and Cole said, "Yes, They tried getting mines but haven't tried getting yours or Mary's family. Sindy's Jem was taken. While the Jem of Water location is unknown."

"I see that you have been blessed by keeping your Jem and with the help of your friends too. They will be safe to keep." said WInona. "I want to send you are a misson to look for the Jem of Water."

Richard then shook his head and said, "Sorry lady but I just like to get with battling gyms."

"Don't worry, you still be able to battle gymleaders. That would provide a perfect cover. ANways, Liza and Tate, the gymleaders on Deepmoss, may provide information on the Jem of Water. You may want to asked them and the same time get a gym badge." said Winona.

Richard smiled and said, "Sounds good to me. Next battle here we come."

Oki scoled and said, "Why does everything have to be about battling with you."

Zip smiled and Richard just said, "It just a cover rigth? Anyways, how do you expect me to keep Zip happy." Zip smile disappear.

"Oh you just want to keep Zip happy. Understandable." said Oki.

They then said there good byes and left the gym.

June 29th, 2005, 7:42 PM
Oki was happy to be on the move again and Richard was excited about his next battle. "You know, I like to battle. But I think the traveling and adventure are a big reason why I stared training Pokemon. Plus there's the fact that I really hoped ot enter the league and I love Pokemon. But I never expected to go on a quest searching for magic gems with the power to control Pokemon."

"Neither did I." Agreed Richard.

"I don't think any of us did. It's not something you can anticipate." Said Joe looking over at Cole.

Cole nodded. "No I didn't really expect to either. The gems were supposed to be safe. But I guess nothing can remain safe and secret forever can it?"

"No." Replied Oki shaking her head.

"Well look on the bright side. We've got two of the gems so that means that they're safe." Said Richard.

"Yeah that's true." Joe agreed grinning. "I'm an X Magma member so I know about their plans and how they opperate. Cole is like the gem guardian. And Richard and Oki are the battlers and sort of gem protectors though we're all protecting the gems."

"You gave us all title?" Questioned Oki though she was grinning.

"But don't forget Zip the Mystic Pokemon." Said Richard.

"Right." Said Cole. "You won't let us forget. Or more like Zip won't. I think he thinks he's top of the class because he's a Mystic Pokemon. But he still can't control his power."

Zip scowled but Richard grinned. "It's the truth." Zip simply turned his head away from Richard.

June 30th, 2005, 9:07 AM
"You know something" said Cole. " I think there is a lady somewhere in these woods that know more about Mystic Pokemon."

"Sam did said that Mystic pokemon were train by some of the legendary pokemon. Who dod you think trained Zip's ancenster?" said Oki

Richard said, "I didn't thougth much about it. Do you know Zip?"

Zip shug to say I don't know.

"Well here a house coming up. IS this the one you were talking about." said Joe.

The house was a small and an old lady was seen watering the flowers. Cole nodded and said, "I think that her."

When the group got closer the old lady looked up and said, "Cole? Is that you?"

Cole nodded and said, "Yes Mandam Sue. Its me."

Mandam Sue then said, "Look at you! You have gotten so big! Greet me to your friends why won't you!"

Cole then said, "This is Mandam Sue. SHe raise me when I was younger before I moved to Rostbour City. This is Richard and his Zangoose, Zip. Here is Oki and the guy next to her is JOe."

"Nice to meet you all. ANy friends of Cole's is a friend of mines. What brings you to my part of the woods." she asked.

Oki then said, "We looking for The Jems."

"Silly girl. Nobody can just look for THe Jems they to well hidden and protected." Mandam Sue said.

"Well somebody is after them and we need to find THe Jem of Water before they do" said Joe.

"He rigth" said COle.

"Is that rigth. Well I don't know much about THe Jems. SO I no good. I Just know a lot about legends." said the old lady.

"That why we are here. Zip is a Mystic Pokemon and COle say you can see which Legendary trained his great-whatever." said Richard.

"Oh, let me see." she walks up and looked at Zip. THen she back up. "Yep you are rigth. THis is a Mystic. Very young too. You know that Mystic pokemon were train by either Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios, Latias, or Mew. Also that they contain some of the spirt that from the Legendary that they were train by which means they can use that power from the Legendary. I remember seeing a Charmander use Scared Fire. But that was ages ago."

Richard and Zip was getting impatiant and he said, "So which Legendary was Zip's anscenter was train by?"

"I was getting there" said Mandam Sue. "Where was I. Oh. By the energy I see, your zangoose was train by Lugia. Strange. I thougth Lugia would pick something that can fly. Well." THen she sat up strigth. THen she walked and drag Cole from the rest of the group.

"What is it Mandam Sue?" asked Cole

Mandam Sue looked around and said, "I sense another Mystic Pokemon within your group."

"Which one?" asked Cole, "Whos?"

"I can't sense it but I feel Mew's spirit near by." Said Mandam Sue, "Lets talk later." The two walked back to the group and she said, "Well, who wants food?" She then drag the group into her house.

June 30th, 2005, 6:43 PM
"What did she want Cole?" Asked Oki as she entered the house with everyone else.

"Just a word." Said Cole shrugging. He would wait until he found out who the other Mystic Pokemon was before revealing it.

"So how bout some tea?" Asked Madam Sue taking out some cups.

"Uh sure." Replied Richard. The others nodded. Madam Sue put the kettel on the stove and passed cups around ot everyone when they sat down at the table.

"So a Mystic Pokemon is a Pokemon that was once trained by a legend right? And you can sense which Pokemon trained it's ansestor?" Asked Joe to Madam Sue.

Madam Sue nodded. "Yes that's right. I am not sure where I got the talent or why I have it but it has come in handy. And I'm sure my information is useful to you."

"It is." Said Richard nodding. Zip nodded too and scratched his ear. "You'd think a Mystic Pokemon would act royal or something."

Madam Sue laughed. "Nope. They act and look just like regular Pokemon."

OKi nodded. "Yes. Zip doesn't seem any different to any other Zangoose I've seen. Except for the power surges."

July 1st, 2005, 8:06 PM
"The power surges are just the beginning. Later he would show power of the one who trained him. I won't be surprise if he attacks with a Aeroblast." said Mandam Sue.

Joe then asked, "What else can they do?"

"I not sure but they my do more." said Mandam Sue. "HOw about you all take all your pokemon out. I just love seeing pokeon when I have a chance."

The others then sent out their pokemon. Richard send out his Tentacruel, Altria and Baltoy. Oki release her Vibrava, Seel and Eevee. Lastly Joe send out his Quilava and a Solrock.

"Hmm" said Mandam Sue. "THey all seem very impressive." SHe then looked at each one of the pokemon.

"Powerhouses are they? Tenta and Flow really come in handy and Baltoy isn't that bad eirther." said RIchard.

"Yes. They are nice." responed Mandam Sue.

"This Solrock is not as good as Quilava but it does the job well." said Joe and patting its back.

"Yes yes. Good too." repeated the old lady.

"Well they ok" said Oki.

"She looked at each one then she step back and said, "Have some tea. It should be fine by now. SHe then put some tea in each cup. "Cole, good boy. I need to show you something."

Cole followed her to the next room and said, "You found out who holds Mew training?"

"Yes, I strongly believe it is that little Eevee that belongs to the girl" said Mandam Sue.

"Are you sure?" said Cole.

"Postive. But I not sure you should tell her. But she your friend so it your choice to tell her." said Mandam Sue.

July 2nd, 2005, 8:48 AM
Cole thought then nodded. "Well if Eevee starts showing signs of a Mystic Pokemon, then I'll tell her."

Mandam Sue nodded. "Alright now let's get on with that tea." She pored tea into all of their cups then offered them tea cakes. Oki put some Pokemon food down for her Pokemon and Joe and Richard did the same.

Oki blew on her tea then took a drink and smiled. "I wonder why a Lugia would take a Zangoose on as the Pokemon it was going to train. Can Zangoose swim very well?" She asked turning to Richard.

"Well Zip can swim." Replied Richard. "But not well enough to live in the water. but I bet Zip can swim better than most Zangoose. I mean his ansestor was trained by the legend known as the Beast of the Sea."

Cole nodded. "Ya know I wouldn't be surprised." He looked over at the little Eevee that had just jumped into Oki's lap and was washing it's paws.

"Did each legend only train one Pokemon?" Asked Joe thinking about the Charmander that could use Sacred Fire.

"Don't get your hopes hope young man. Mystic Pokemon are rare and your Pokemon may be strong, but they are not Mystics." Said Mandam Sue sitting down next to Cole with her own cup of tea.

Joe shrugged. "Yeah I know." But he looked slightly disappointed.

"Don't worry about it." Said Oki stroking Eevee who was now sleeping. "The fact that Zip's a Mystic is good enough for me. I mean, like Mandam Sue said, Mystic Pokemon are really rare and the chances of seeing one must be really low." She was going ot say more but Zip seemed to be grinning in a way that said he knew he was important.

"Maybe it would have been better if Zip hadn't found out he was a Mystci." Sighed Richard though he was grinning. Zip ignored this comment but returned to his normal self and began to eat some food.

"Hey Oki," Said Joe as though struck by a sudden thought. "I've just noticed something."

"What?" Asked Oki looking at him.

"You've stopped glaring at me. And you don't seem to be bothered by my traveling with you guys."

Oki shrugged. "Well you've proven yourself to be on our side and your not such a bad guy are you?" Joe grinned.

July 2nd, 2005, 8:33 PM
"Anyways, you help us back there in Fortree City with the bomb. While we were battling, you took care of the bomb." said Richard.

Mandam Sue smiled and said, "Well, you seem to be a great member of this here team." She then put another tea vake in his plate.

"Yes. I mean. It takes some true courage to escape Team Magma and be good." said Oki.

"Well." said Mandam Sue. "Where are you guys planning to go next?"

"The next plan is to go to Deepmoss City and ask the gymleader there for information on the Jem of Water." said COle.

"I wish you luck on that. THe Jem has been missing for which seems like forever." said Mandam Sue.


"SOrry sir. But Team Magma's plan on blowing up Fortree was a failure." said a girl's voice througth an speaker.

A man's voice then said, "Well, I should have expect that their plan was to fail. Worth a try. RIght Charizard?" The charizard on the rigth of him roared.

Then the door of the room open and five people came in. THe one in the middle then said, "We have now got you. Team Regis will finally fall." They each sead out a pokemon. A golem, colsola, milotic, ninetails, and a flygon. "Attack!!" they all said.

"When will they learn that there is no true Team Regis." the guy behind the table said to himself. He was dressed in a black overcoat and black jumpsuit. Then he looked to Charizard and said, "Teach them a lesson. Show them what happens when they figth a Mystic Pokemon. USe Flamethrower."

The Charizard's eyes glowed blue and he shot a white flame at all five pokemon. Then it preform a Metal Claw on the trainers. THey were all knocked out.

Then a violet-haired girl dressed in black suit came into the room. It was the girl who was speaking on the speaker. She said, "Are you all rigth?"

The guy acted as if she never came in and press a button on the speaker. "Guards, come and take out the five pieces of trash and the spy." He then looked up at the girl who just walked in.

She step back and grab a pokeball, "You won't defeat me!" She threw the pokeball and said, "Use Protect, Onix."

Before the Onix was able to use the attack. THe guy in black said, "Scared Fire." The Charizard shot a red flame at the rock snake.

A clople minutes later and a group came in to grab the bodies. THe guy in black press the button again and said, "Make sure that the group in Lilycove is readly. Make sure they are wearing Team Regis uniforms. One Magma and one Aqua."

The voice on the other end replied "Yes."

++++Back there++++

Thanks for coming. Keep in contact." said Mandam Sue.

"Thanks for the grub. It was good." said Richard and Zip smiled to say thanks.

The rest also said there thanks to and left the house.

July 2nd, 2005, 9:05 PM
As they were walking along one of Oki's Pokeball's sprang open and Eevee appeared. The little Pokemon jumped to her shoulder and made itself comfortable. "Again? Oh well. You can stay outside for a while then." She turned to Richard." So what's the fastest way to get to Mossdeep?"

"To fly. But we can't fly all the way because we only have one flying type." Richard replied with a sigh.

"I can help with that." Said a voice they recognized. They turned and saw Winona walking toards them smiling. "I think I can help. I decided to do some training anf close the gym for a little while. So you can use my Pokemon to fly you to Mossdeep then send them back. The journey would do them good."

"Thanks." Said Joe happily.

Winona handed a Pokeball to Oki, Joe, and Cole. "Now take of them ya hear."

"Don't worry we will." Promised Cole.

"Good. Good bye and good luck." Winona turned and left.

"So shall we get going?" Asked Oki.

"Yep." Said Richard releasing Altaria. Oki, Joe, and Cole released the Pokemon they had been lent. Oki got Altaria. Joe got Pidgeot. And Cole got Swellow. They all jumped on their Pokemon's backs and took off heading for Mossdeep.

July 3rd, 2005, 8:30 PM
OOC:Happy 4th of July (Incase I not here to log on tomorrow. Remember, nothing says happy 4th of July then blow off a finger or two with a firecraker. ha ha.(bad joke)

IC:The group was flying over a sea of trees. Oki then said to her Eevee, "Amazing isn't it?"

The Eevee replied with a smile and hanged on to Oki.

Richard and Zip were on Flow. Richard then comanded Flow to fly closer to Oki and Eevee and he said, "So any plans? What do you plan to do once you get all eigth badges?"

Oki thougth about the question for a while and said, "I not sure. I enjoy fighting gym leaders but not the same way like you."

"What do you mean by that?" said Richard.

"Well, you seem to enjoy it. YOu like the challenge of a battle. Like with Winona. YOu knew that you may lose but you just wanted to keep figthing. YOu just like to keep on battling." she told Ricahrd.

Richard then said, "Are you saying that you are scared when you battle or you don't enjoy battling?"

"Its not that. It just that you have a different...umm...sprit then me. I like to battle but I guess me and Eevee just like to battle a bit different. We, I just don't know. Maybe we will compete in the Ever Grande competion but not with the same sprit as you and Zip." said Oki

"Oh, well you battle pretty well. More then just well. Excellent." said Richard. Zip laugth knowing that he was just saying that to make her happy with him. Eevee scolded at Zip which made him stop.

Oki smiled and said, "Thanks for saying that. But it ok."

"Well you two. We about to fly over Lilycove. Do you want to stop for a suppy check. We may need to resuppy on a few things on this trip." said Cole.

"If we stop here. I going to need a disguise. There may be an Team Magma team here and they may be looking for me." said Joe.

"SOunds ok with me." said Richard

Soon the group were on the grond of Lilycove. Joe was in a disguise of sunglasses and a brown hat. "Call me Bobby while we are in this city." he said. THe others nodded in agreement.

While in the market a girl with blue hair just like Richard's that reach down to her back. SHe had a red skirt and a blue blose and red jacket cover in white stars. Once Richard saw her he find behind Joe and Cole. "Is that you. It can't be."

"Who is that?" asked Oki.

"You don't want to know." said Richard.

The girl walked over to the group and said, "It is you. Well stop hiding and introduse your friends to your big sister." said the girl.

Zip pushed Richard foward and he said, "Well this is Oki, COle and jo, I mean Bobby. Guys this is my sister, Trish."

"Well nice to meet you. My brother is a loner but I see he has made some friends on his trip. Me and Lia, thats my Gardevoir, just got done defeating the gymleaders out on the sea and now I off to Fortree. The same you guys too." said Trish.

"Well we off to Deepmoss. We going to." Richard cover Oki month.

He said in her ear, "Don't tell her about our mission if you know what I mean." Oki nodded in agreement. The other two, Cole and Joe, seem to know what he said.

"Well there a coffee shop over there. Lets get a drink and catch up on whathas happen with you." said Trish and she force led Richard over to the shop and the others followed.

July 5th, 2005, 3:16 AM
They entered the shop, Joe recignised a member of team magma straigt away, he wasn't in uniform but Joe knew this person very well, Joe tried to pull a different face, because even with the long brown hair and glasses, this guy would notice joe from a mile away

"So jobobby, whats with the wig" Trish asked, Joe stared at her for a while and finaly said

"I'm inbareced of my bold head" Joe answered in a voice that sounded abit like richards, "and the names bobby".

"Hey no need to get touchy." trish snaped

"Trish please dont make a sean," richard said

"Well he's hiding something, i can tell" trish wispered to richard, richard ignored what she said

"So you wanted to catch up, lets catch up" richard said, Joe wasn't listening atall, he was too busy trying to spot team magma members, the one that he new kept staring at him, he had long black hair in a pony tail, a scar in the same place as joe's and light orange,

"well are you going to say something or just keep staring at that orange eye'd freek" trish asked joe

"What sorry i wasn't listening" joe asked

"Hey yout voice changed, Dont tell me your still going through puberty" trish said

*grumble* "Did you want to say something or not" Joe said annoyed

"Yeah your wig fell of, I thought you said you wher bold" trish said,
Joe put his wig and said
"So i lied"

"You look cuter without the wig" trish saidsmiling

"Do you think we should just tell her" wispered oki

"Not here" Joe wispered back

"Hey Bobby! Why dont youtake your glasses off" trish asked

"Just leave the guy alone, He has enough problems without you bugging him" oki said over the table

"Doesn't everyone" Richared snickered, trish glared at richard "So how are you getting to fortree" Richard asked trish

"Well by foot dah"

"What you havn't got a bird pokemon yet?"

"Birds just dont like me" She said "The last one I had ripped half my hair out"

Zip snickered

July 5th, 2005, 11:26 AM
"It's not funny." Snapped Trish glaring at Zip.

"Please calm down Trish." Whispered Richard.

"Fine. But tell that abnoctious Pokemon to be quiet." Replied Trish.

"Alright. Zip cut it out." Said Richard. Zip shrugged and quit snickering.

"So uh, how many badges do you have Trish?" Asked Oki taking a stab at making conversation.

"Four." Replied Trish turning to Oki. "So how long have all of you been traveling together?"

"Not long." Said Cole simply.

Joe still had his eye o the man from team Magma. The guy kept looking over at him too. I hope he doensn't recognize me. Thought Joe keeping his face turned away.

"Hey Joe do you know that guy?" Whispered Oki.

"Yeah. But I'll tell you about it later." Joe replied with a quick glance at Trish.

"So what Pokemon do you have?" Asked Cole because Trish was now trying to eavsdrop on OKi and Joe's conversation.

July 5th, 2005, 8:02 PM
"Well, I don't like to brag but I have six pokemon and they all powerful. I have a Gardevoir (as you already know), a torcoal, wailmer, sunflora, primeape, lairon. They are cool" said Trish.

"Sounds like you have a very diverse group of pokemon." said Oki.

"If you want to go for the gold you must have different types of pokemon." said Trish, "So how you pokemon are. Still withe ones with mom and dad gave you. I know you caugth Zip yourself or did he follow you? I can't seem to remember."

"We MET! Anyways, they have evole and I have caugth a baltoy." said Richard a bit angry. Zip also flet the same and Richard can sense it too.

"Oooo, You caugth something but you still haven't caugth a full group. ANd how many badges do you have?" asked Trish.

"FIve" said Richard

"It must have been a mircle for you to make it this far with that many pokemon. Like I said you need many different type of pokemon." siad Trish.

"She does have a point." said Cole.

"Who side are you on?" said RIchard in a low tone voice.

WHile Trish and the others were talking. Joe kept his eyes on the pnytail guy. He was think why he was in a different uniform. He was sure that he was still in Team Magma. He was dress with a brown hood. This was not a Team Magma uniform but why does this hood have a R with a three cirles behind it.

Trish then asked Joe, "So Bobby? HOw are you?"

Joe then said, "I ok. How about we go outside. Maybe the beach."

"SOund ok. DOes that sounds ok Trish." said RIchard.

"Yes it does. Let just pay the bill." said Trish. Eerybody put some change on the table to pay for the drinks. The guy that Joe was watching also got up.

The group walked to the beach. Oki then pulled Richard to the back of the group and asked, "What up between you and your sister."

"It just big sister-little brother thing. We just not on good terms." said RIchard.

"Hey littler brother. Do you need some protection?" Trish yelled back to him.

Oki saw that Trish sees Richard as her weak little brother. "Poor Richard." she said to her Eevee.

July 5th, 2005, 11:57 PM
The ponytail guy was still following, until a member of team magma and team aqua appeared,They both cought up to him, the ponytail dude said something, then they walked off

"So who was that guy?" oki asked

"He used to be a member of team magma, his name is zeple" Joe replied

"Zeple, what a wierd name" oki said

"Yeah it's some tribal name, apparently he originated from some tribe found somewhere neer the orange islands" Joe explained

"So this zeple dude is he a friend of yours?" Trish asked

"You shouldn't have been listening" Joe said

"I have very good hearing" She replied "So. Is he a friend of yours or not"

"pfft, with a previos member of team magma, rediculus" Joe replied

"'bobby. Its obvios you used to work for them, why else would you know so much about them, not to mention the rediculus descise. So what is your real name?" asked trish

Joe walked silently with his head down
"I belive it startes with a J?"Trish said,

"My name isn't inportant" Joe answered

"Fine" Trish answered as she put her nose up and walked ahead

July 6th, 2005, 10:45 AM
"Nosy eavedropping...." Oki continued to mutter to herself but made sure Trish couldn't hear. She approached Richard and said quietly, "Hey Richard."

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Why don't you and Trish have a battle?" She asked.

"A battle? I don't know. I'd lvoe to show her just how 'weak' I am."

"I'd say go for it." Said Cole grinning.

"Yeah. She's too nosy for her own good." Added Joe nodding.

"I can't see why no. What do you think Zip?" Zip nodded glaring at Trish. "Alright then. Hey Trish!" Richard called hurrying up to her.

"What?" Snapped Trish in annoyance.

"How bout a battle?"

"No way little brother. I couldn't humiliate you in front of your friends." Replied Trish.

"So you tihnk I'd lose eh?"

"I know you'd lose." Said Trish.

"Fine. If you tihnk your so tuff then battle me!" Demanded Richard heatedly.

July 6th, 2005, 7:57 PM
"Sorry little bro. But I not going to be pushed like that." said Trish, "Catch one more pokemon then we talk about a battle."

"YOu just scared." said RIchard. Zip and Richard was about to dash out at her until Oki grabed him and stop him while JOe and Cole holded Zip.

"Like always." said Trish.

THey walked on the beach in slience until a guy appeared. He said, "Trish! I found you at last."

Oki asked, "Who is this guy?"

"Some guy name Frank. He wants to go on a date with me. THe problem is I told him that He needs to beat me first." answered Trish.

"This time I will win. I got a new pokemon and hes unbeatable." said Frank.

"Whatever. Heres teh new deal. If you can beat my baby bro then MAYBE I go out with you." said Trish.

"THis should be esay after all ypu did say he is weaker then you." said the kid.

"TRISH!! I show you. Right Zip! I chose you! Use Crush Claw." said RIchard.

Frank thorw a pokeball and a houndour appeared. "Flamethrower."

The Flamethrower seemed to cut by Zip's Crush Claw. The attack hit Houndour and he was hit hard. THe Houndour got back up. "Get up you weaken. Use BIte."

The Bite attack sank deep into Zip's fur but Richard commanded, "USe TUnderbolt" The Houndour was shock by the attack.

"DOn't let him beat you! Get up and figth." said Frank.

Oki then said, "He not some brainless drone of battle. Stop calling him bad names."

"She is rigth. Treat him with respect." sad Richard

"Stay out of how I treat my pokemon." said Frank

"This is why I don't go out with him." siad Trish.

"Finsh it Zip. Please. Just use a Ariel Ace." said Richard to Zip. Zip attack knock out the Houndour.

"That it. I leaving you and don't even think about following me back." said Frank in anger and he ran.

"He abonened his pokemon how sad." siad Oki

Richard and Zip walked to the fallen Houndour. The houndour tried running but it couldn't. Zip handed Richard a Hyper Potion. Richard appied the Potion to the pokemon. Richard then said, "YOu need somebody to help you. That was a pretty good show. Would you like to travel with me and my friends?"

The Houndour was unsure but then he got into Richard's lap. He smiled and Richard said, "I call you Flame. That a good name rigth?"

Flame nodded. Richard then put him in a pokeball. "Thats my brother. Always shows a kind heart to pokemon."

July 7th, 2005, 4:19 AM
"So i guess i can battle now that i cought another pokemon?" said richard

"You didn't catch that, it was abbandond and came to you for simpithy" trish argued, "But I guess one battle wont hurt!"

"Yes" richard shouted, "Zip ill use you again"

"This could be a long one" Joe said sitting down by a rock

"You know you shoukld use your pokeomon more" oki said to joe

"Richard doesn't give me a chance" Joe laughed

"Yeah right your just lazy" Oki laughed

"Yeah i know, but it's a good excuse" Joe said

July 7th, 2005, 7:56 PM
Oki also took a set to watch the battle.

Cole then said, "I wonder what pokemon she will use."

"THis will be a one on one battle. Just to make it short." siad Trish.

"FIne with me. I stay with Zip." Said RIchard.

I be smart and use Primeape." said Trish and threw the pokeball. "Use Cross Chop."

The Primeape hands glow and try to attack Zip. Zip jumped up and Richard said, "Use Ariel Ace." Zip then spin around and strike the ape.

THe Primeape took lots of damage and Trish said, "Looks like little brother got smart. Use Karte Chop." this attack hit Zip but was still up to figth.

The two counituned to figth with each not giving up. Then a bomb was threw and intpruted the battle. It was the guy from the cafe, Zeple.

"Looks like you still lazy as ever Joe." said Zeple.

"So that your name!" said Trish.

"I not lazy. ANyways. When we were in Magma.I did way more work then you did!" said Joe. "At least I quit with diginty."

"Who said I quit. I just doing a job. To beat your friends first." said Zeple.

"Should we quit our battle and beat this guy." said Trish.

"I still getting a battle. Why not. YOu ok with this Zip?" said Richard. ZIp nodded.

"No. Let me take care of this. GO SOLROCK!" said Joe.

"GO Flareon!" said Zeple.

July 7th, 2005, 8:25 PM
"I'm here to help out if you need it." Said Oki letting Eevee jump out of her arms and land in front of her.

"So am I." Said Richard.

Joe nodded. "Thanks but I intend to take care of this guy myself. Solrock use Psychic!"

"Flareon use Flamethrower before Solrock can attack!" Flareon hit Solrock before it could use Psychic but it didn't have much effect.

"Alright Solrock use Flamethrower too!" Solrock fired a jet of flames at Flareon who half dodged.

"Flareon counter with Quick Attack!" Shouted Zeple.

"Dodge by flying out of reach then use Flamethrower!" Commanded Joe. Solrock moved out of reach and dodged Quick Attack then fired Flamethrower.

Flareon jumped backwards and dodged the Flamethrower. "Flareon use Double Team then Flamethrower!" Flareon split into many.

"Solrock find the real one and hit it with Psychic!" Solrock closed it's eyes then smashed into one of the Flareon sending it flying. It caught it with Psychic and caused it to hit the ground hard.

"Errrr. Flareon Agility then Flamethrower!"

July 7th, 2005, 8:31 PM
"Flamethrower back!" said Joe. The flamethrower collided and an exporsion was made.

"Use Rock Slide." Said Joe.

Rocks fell on the Flareon and hw took major damage. "YOu think that will work again. Double Team" said Zeple.

"Flamethrower all of them" said Joe.

THe flamethrower hit Flareon and then soon Joe said, "Rock Slide."

The attack hit and Flareon fainted. Zeple said, "Ok you two. COme and help."

Two other people dressed in the same hood as Zeple came. THey had a R with three cirlcles on the hood.

July 7th, 2005, 8:48 PM
"That's cheating!" Shouted Oki. "Go Eevee!"

"Yeah you can't have three on one. Zip you help out too!" Said Richard.

"Go Mightyena!" Called one of the new comers. A black dog and white dog with sharp fangs appeared.

"I choose Charizard!" Shouted the other. The giant fire dragon appeared and roared a challenge.

"Flareon return. Go Umbreon!" Commanded Zeple. A dark dog with yellow circles appeared and barked.

"Mightyena take out that Zangoose with Bite!" The Mightyena bared it's fangs adn charged Zip.

"Charizard wipe out that puny Eevee with Flamethrower!" Charizaed grinned and lazily fired Flamethrower at Eevee.

"Umbreon take care of Solrock with your Shadow Ball!" Umbreon shot a dark orb of energy at Solrock.

"Zip dodge and use Slash!" Shouted Richard.

"Eevee dodge and use Double Team!" Said Oki angrily. She would show them how puny Eevee was.

"Solrock Psychic! Send Shadow Ball right back at Umbreon!"

July 8th, 2005, 1:45 AM
"Mightyena use strength on zangoose"mightyena picked zip up and trew it toward a huge rock pillar

"ZIP"richard chouted, zip's eyes glowed blue again, intead of hitting therock he landed on the side of it and rebounded toward mightyena with a spining

"Grrr charazard use smoke screen" the charazard smoked up the area, suddenly one of the Eevee's started coughing, "Thats the one, use stomp charazard"

"Umbreon dont let theat shadow ball hit you" zeple said, but it was too late "okay umbreon, use faint attack"

"solrock, wait untill that faint attack hits you then use solar beam!" solrock got ready to defend the attack

zip hit mightyena and sent him flying into the water

July 8th, 2005, 7:30 PM
OCC: I say this now incase I don't make it to PC this weekend. Next week (July 11-15) I be at a leadership camp. I not sure I be able to find and/or use a computer on the campus. So I maynot be on PC to RP next week until maybe Friday nigth of next week. While I gone next week just kee on RPing here on C:SoH(r) without me until I come back. Rigth now just get to Deepmoss and add to the story as you see fit. I be adding until Sunday if possible. Have fun and I just catch up when I come back.

IC:"Eevee!" shuoted Oki in pain as she sees her Eevee about to be crush. Eevee then disappear and the Charizard attack missed. Eevee then reappear in front of Oki. Oki then said, "Wow. WHere you came from. DOesn't matter. USe Quick Attack."

Eevee ran at a fast speed and hit the Charizard. That pokemon fell back. "Flamethrower." said the trainer.

"Protect" said Oki

"Rock Slide" said Joe.

"Faint Attack" said Zeple.

THe Rock Slide missed but the Faint Attack hit and did major damage on Joe's Solrock.

"Use Fire Spin to trap the Umbreon" said Joe. It shot a torando of fire at the Umbreon and it span around the pokemon.

"Mightyena, use Take Down on the zangoose." said the other trainer.

Richard said to himself, "Zip must be in Mystic Pokemon mode." Then he said to Zip, "Get ready to figth back."

Zip nodded with his eyes still blue. THe Mightyena was about to hit Zip but he just grab the dog by its head before he was able to hit Zip and he threw the Mightyena and was slam on a rock. "Crush Claw." said Richard.

"Richard and Zip sure have gotten stronger." said Trish

July 8th, 2005, 8:29 PM
OOC: Ok. We probably won't get too far.

The battle was heating up and Richard, Oki, and Joe seemed to be winning.

"Eevee Quick Attack!" Shouted Oki. Eevee moved with amazing speed as it slammed into Charizard.

"Charizard Fire Blast!" Shouted the fire dragons trainer.

"Eevee dodge!" Eevee sped out of the way. Oki looked at Eevee. It was moving very fast which was amazing enough. But something else. Maybe it was a trick of the light but Eevee seemed to be glowing purple. "Maybe it's evolving. It'll become Espeon." But Eevee didn't evolve.

"I think, after this battle, I'll no choice but to tell her what Mandam Sue said." Said Cole watching Eevee battle.

"Solrock use Psychic followed by Flamethrower!" Solrock hit Umbreon with a blast of psychic energy then followed it with a jet of flame.

"Umbreon Shadow Ball then Faint Attack!" Umbreon countered Flamethrower with a ball of dark energy. The two attack canceled each other out. Then Umbreon pretended to stumble.

"Don't be fooled stay back Solrock." Solrock didn't get hit by Faint Attack then fired Flamethrower.

"Mightyena Bite!"

"Zip Slash!" Zip charged fprward with it's mystic strength and slashed Mightyena fiercly. The dark dog couldn't take much more but bit Zip's arm.

"Zip shake him off!" Zip slung his arm sending Mightyena flying.

"Solrock Rock Slide!"

"Umbreon dodge and use Quick Attack!"

July 9th, 2005, 4:47 PM
Umbreons quick attack hit but didn't seam to effect it

"Ok solrock enough playing around" joe said remembering the solar beam he told solrock to stor earlyer "That solar beam has been storing for more then long enough, Release it and finish this battle" solrock released the solar beam, it hit Umbreon with a critical hit, The umbreon fainted

"**** you" zeple said

"So why dont you take out your next pokmon?" Joe asked

"I need that pokmon for later" Zeple explained

"Zip its time for you to finish up aswell" richard told zip, zip nodded and headed at mightyena with a powerfull crush claw

"Eevee use fury attack" Oki told Eevee, Eevee ran at charazard with amazing speed, jumped up into the air, kicked charazard in the head with both feel, double kicked its stomich on the way down and triped him over with a powerfull headbut

"Wow that has to be the strongest fury attack Eevee has ever done" said oki as joe reterned his pokemon

July 9th, 2005, 8:51 PM
"Well there's a good reason for that." Said Cole looking slightly sheepish as he spproached Oki.

"What do you mean?" Asked Oki turning to him. Eevee jumped into her arms. The three crooks left, perhaps to get backup. Richard and Joe walk over to listen to what Cole has to say.

"Well." Said Cole again looking at Eevee. "While we were at Mandam Sue's she told me she sensed another Mystic Pokemon. One trained by Mew. After she examined all of your Pokemon she determined which one it was. Eevee."

Oki stared. Then she bent down and picked up Eevee peering into it's eyes. "Eevee? You're, a Mystic Pokemon?"

"Oowee." (I guess so.) Replied Eevee tilting it's head and twitching it's ear.

"Eevee a Mystic Pokemon. Wow. It seems odd. Eevee are cute, lovable, normal Pokemon who has five evolutions and is a favorite among trainers." Said Joe. "Now that just doesn't seem to fit the title Mystic."

Oki grinned. "You're right. No offense but you just don't seem like the right Pokemon to be a Mystic." Eevee shrugged and snuggled into her arms then began to lick it's paw.

"So we have two Mystic Pokemon in our group. Why didn't you tell us earlier Cole?" Asked Richard.

"I dunno. It just seemed like a good idea to wait until Eevee began to show Mystic powers before saying anything." Replied Cole shrugging.

"What are you four talking about?" All for of them jump adn turn to see Trish with her hands on her hips. "You've been muttering together for at least five minutes so what's it all about?" She seemed annoyed at being annoyed.

"Let's not tell her." Oki whispered.

"Good idea." Agreed Richard just as quietly. Joe and Cole nodded.

"We were discussing those three goons. That odd symbol they wear, it's not one I've seen before." Said Joe to Trish in a convincing tone.

July 9th, 2005, 9:24 PM
"Ooo. That. Well, I know that the R stands for Team Rocket." said Trish, "But they are mostly in Kanto."

"She is rigth. The thing is that it had three circles behind the R. So it can' be Team Rocket." said Joe.

"Well who can it be then?" said Oki

"Some organization with lots of power." said Joe.

WHat do you mean?" said Trish.

"Well, I know Zeple a little and he not a guy who will leave a place for well just like that. He is loyal to what he does."

"What you getting to?" asked Richard.

"I saying that maybe Team Magma is being contol by some other oraganization. I alos reconize the other girl with the charizard."

"I think it is crazy. Because it doesn't seem possible." said Cole

"Niether does anything else here." said Trish

"What do you mean." said Richard

"I been here for a while. YOu know, looking at shops before I lave for Fortree and I notice that there has been lots of planes flying over here." she said.

"So planes fly it what they do." said Cole.

"Well these were flying low and looked like they were looking for something in the water." said Trish.

Cole looked into the water and he said, "When was the last time you saw them?"

"A few days ago. I just they left. Must have went to Deepmoss I guess." Trish responed back.

Richard then led Oki back a bit and said, "Do you believe Eevee is a Mystic Pokemon?"

"NOt sure. I think but what does a Mew want with Eevee." she said.

"I think it cold be. Eevee's are just like Mews" said Richard.

"In what way?" said Oki

"Well I know a little about Mew. Like how they have all the DNA of the pokemon. Eevee are also have a strange DNA too rigth. I seem like a perfect chioice for a pokemon like Mew to choose."

"WHat are you two talking about?" said Trish.

July 10th, 2005, 3:13 AM
"Should we tell her?" asked oki

"For the last time no" Richard said

"She is your sister" oki said

"Maybe later" richard said

"Well you guys going to answer me or what" trish asked

"Its nothing, just the planes" Oki said

"Well why do you have to leave me out of it" asked trish

"Um we didn't mean to" said richard

"Your a really bad lie..."trish siad not finishing her sentince because zip stole her shoe to destract her

July 10th, 2005, 11:15 AM
"Hey get back here!" Shouted Trish charging after Zip.

"Go get it back." Whispered Oki. Eevee jumped out of her arms and darted to Zip. She snatched the shoe then darted back to Oki.

"Thanks." Muttered Trish walking over ot her.

Okita raised her eyebrow. "I tell ya what. How bout a deal?"

"What do you mean? A deal for what?" Trish bent down to get the shoe from Eevee but Eevee jumped away.

"You stop eavesdropping and stop pestering us about what we're tlaking about because it's none of your business. You promise and Eevee will give your shoe back." Replied Oki.

Richard grinned. "Yeah. Promise Trish."

Trish was furious. But she had no choice. She had seen how fast and strong Eevee was in the battle. "Fine I promise. I have to get to Fortree anyway."

Eevee darted up and dropped the shoe at Trish's feet then jumped ot Oki's shoulder. "Thanks." Said Oki rubbing Eevee's head.

"Well at least we won't have to worry about having our conversations pried out of us anymore or having an eavesdopper." Said Joe grinning.

"Yeah. But no more chit chat. If they did head to Mossdeep we have to hurry. They could have already found it by now." Said Cole anxiously.

"Find wha...never mind." Trish scowled but she had promised and she wouldn't break her promise.

"Let's get going." Said Richard pulling out Flow's Pokeball.

"Yeah." Said Oki pulling out Winona's Pokeball.

July 10th, 2005, 7:01 PM
The group was about to fly away but Trish grabed Richard's shoulder and told him. "I wish you luck little bro. Remember taht I care about you and that I love you. Sorry I was a bit of a pain but I just worry about you."

Richard was a bit sad about being a bit mean to her so he said, "I sorry that we were a bit secertive to you but we just have our reasons. I know you care about me and I guess."

"Guess what." said Trish.

"I guess I just want to keep you safe too." SIad Richard.

"Well, you have my number on your Pokegear so you can call me when ever you need to. I love you, bye." said Trish. Then she walk away and blew him a kiss.

"Bye." said Richard.

"Hurry up Richard!" said Joe getting on a Pidgeot

The group were in the air again above the sea. Oki then said to Richard, "How did you and Zip met."

Everybody got close and Richard then said to ZIp. "Should we?"

Zip just sug to say 'I don't care. Tell away'

"So how did a pokemon like Zip met a kid like you?" said Joe

"Well it happen on just a regular day when I was 11. I didn't really felt on going on an gym journey at all. My sister Trish left a few months ago and I was bored. So I went out to the fields near my hometown of Lavaridge Town."

"So how did you meet Zip?" said Cole egery.

"I getting to that. Well I saw Zip being attack by a Seviper. He was getting beat." Zip made an 'as if' sound. Richard just smiled and countinued with the story, "I wasn't sure to help him. I felt like I was weak and couldn't do anything. I then heard him cry so that when I decided to help. I ran to him and hit the Seviper with a stich I found."

"Must have been a bad idea" said Joe

"He attack me back" siad Richard, "I hit him but I found myself getting hit back. THen Zip stopped him. The Seviper then hit us both at the sametime with its tail and cut us both on the arm." Zip and Richard looked at there bandana on their arm. "We then attack the pokemon together and beat him. We walked home together and my parents were surpise. Soon after that we left home and did the gym thing starting right at home."

"SOunds like you were a wimp." Said Cole

Zip showed aff his claws to tell him to shut it.

"BUt it looked like you two have made each other stronger" Cole said back

"He rigth you know and I glad we met." said Richard

Zip gave a 'what if' and smiled back but he knows it true.

July 10th, 2005, 11:03 PM
Oki smiled. "So you saved eachother. No wonder your such great friends."

"Don't get mushy on us." Said Richard.

"I'm not. I'm merely stating a fact." She replied grinning.

"So how did you and Eevee meet?" Asked Cole. They had heard the tale of how Richard and his Mystic Pokemon had met, now he wanted to hear how Oki and her Mystic Pokemon had met.

"Yeah it's a long ride. Tell us a story." Joe grinned and leaned back then grabbed Pidgeot's feathers to prevent him falling off.

Oki laughed and Eevee barked. Joe shrugged like he had meant ot do it. "Well it's not that long of a story really. It was the day before I was to get my first Pokemon and leave on my Pokemon journey. I was ten. I decided to take a stroll because I knew I wouldn't be back home for a long time. I was near the forest when I heard a soft whimper in the trees. When I went to investigate I saw a small Eevee with an injured leg. Eevee was scared but couldn't run. I wondered how Eevee had managed to get there. I still do. Eevee was injured there. There were small drops of blood from that spot to to another part of the forest at least half a mile away."

"Half a mile?" Said Richard slightly shocked. "It crawled all that way with an injured leg?"

Oki nodded. "Like I said I still wonder how she got that far. Well I took Eevee to the Pokemon Center and Nurse Joy patched her up. Because I found her she gave Eevee to me to take care of while her leg healed. The next day I went to the lab with Eevee in my arms because I didn't want to leave her alone. We had already become attached. When Prof. Elm asked which Pokemon I wanted, I asked if I could take eevee with me as my first Pokemon. Prof. Elm seemed to think it wasn't a bad idea and we've been together ever since. Eevee healed really fast and we left on our journey only a week later."

"Yeah she healed fast." Said Joe looking at Eevee. "Hey Cole, do you think maybe Mystic Pokemon choose their trainers? I know Zip and Richard helped each other out but Zip could have just thanked him and left. Same with Oki and Eevee. Eevee could have gone back to the wild. But both of them chose to stay."

"It's possible." Replied Cole shrugging. "But I think it's more cowincidence(SP). Mandam Sue would know if people were chosen to be the trainers of Mystic Pokemon. And she's never mentioned it."

"He's right. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time." Said Richard. Oki nodded and Joe shrugged. He was sure Cole was right and let the thought drop out of his mind. After all there were other Mystic Pokemon. And one of them had to have been captured by a Pokeball or, the Charmander Mandam Sue had mentioned was probably some one's starter. They couldn't choose trainers that way could they? No. Though it would have been interesting if they had.

July 11th, 2005, 12:41 AM
"Well now that where on the subject of how we got our pokemon, it looks like its your turn Joe." richard said

"well actually i stole both my pokemon, quillava was the first, it was only a quillava, but i had to steal it to get into team rocket, I stole it off a begginginer, so it wasn't very attatched, and i stole solrock of a bad trainer, so he was rather happy with the situation" Joe replied with his head down fealing dissapointed with himself

"Hey that reminds me, i've been wondering for a while, how did you join team magma?" oki asked

"Well you remember zeple?" Joe asked

"Yeah" oki answered

"Well he's my uncle, when my perents died he agreed to teach me how to fend for my self using pokemon, at the time i didnt know he was involved with team magma, but when he told me i had to join team magma I had no choice" joe explained "unless i wanted to be homeless, Zeple was my only family, So i stole my first pokemon and joined team magma"

" So you've never actually cought a pokemon" Richard asked

"Neather have you" Oki laughed.

"ctually i caught my boltoy" Richard snickered back at oki

July 11th, 2005, 2:27 AM
OOC: I leaving fo camp in an hour. I just do one more post.

"Well it doesn't matter if you caugth the pokemon. It just matter how you are with your pokemon afterwards." said Joe.

"He is rigth. Look at Richard and Zip. They may have a stronger bond since they share that experence then any other pokemon." said COle

"I like Tenta and Flow but they were given by my parents as a tentacool and slablu." said Richard. "We still are great together." Flow smiled after that comment.

Cole then looked at Oki and said, "So how did you and Eevee. and the rest of your pokemon met. Did you caugth all of your pokemon?"

July 11th, 2005, 2:33 AM
OOC: Ok see ya later, ill let alana post before me (im not fealing very creative at the moment XD)

July 11th, 2005, 11:34 AM
OOC: Me neither but I'll post anyway. ^^' Bye charizard_maa.

"Well I already told you how I met Eevee. I met Misdreavus in a forest not long after I started my journey and challenged it to a battle. That was my first capture. I caught several more Pokemon but after I entered the league I left all of them except Eevee and Misdreavus behind. I met Trapinch during a sandstorm. I had gotten lost and I was stumdling around when I ran into Trapinch. He helped me find my way through the storm. After we got out he followed me around. I asked if he was going to follow me everywhere adn he nodded. I thought it was funny but then I placed a Pokeball on the ground and he walked right into it. Then you saw my battle with Seel."

Richard nodded. "So you caught all of your Pokemon except Eevee and Trapinch."

"Yep." Replied Oki nodding.

"Hey Cole do you have any Pokemon? You've never used any but that doesn't mean you don't have any." Said Joe looking over at Cole.

Cole shook his head. "No I don't. I'm not a trainer. I thought about becoming a trainer but I changed my mind. Guarding the gem and keeping it secret was hard enough."

"Well maybe a Pokemon would have made it easier to keep the gem safe." Said Richard.

"Yeah maybe. I may catch a Pokemon someday." He shrugged then they continued on in silence for a while.

July 12th, 2005, 12:20 AM
"Come to think of it i should learn how to catch pokemon sometime" said joe

"Hey i can see mossdeep" said richard, "it wont take too long now"

"You can tell that thats mossdeep" said oki "If thats mossdeep its gong to take atleast another hour or two"

"Thats nothing compared to how long it took to get here" said joe

July 15th, 2005, 7:26 PM
OOC:I back from camp! I feel so good with lots of ideas.

IC: The group finaaly made it to Deepmoss CIty. "Wow it is so beautiful." siad Oki

"DOn't forget why we here" said COle

"First thing." Oki then put the pokeballs of Winania's pokemon in their month and said to them, "Now fly back home." THe bird pokemon nodded and they flew off.

"Now what?" siad JOe.

"We find the gym leader to help us." siad Richard, "THen we battle!" Zip nodded and had a smile on his face.

THey walked to the gym and saw it was just a regular gym building. THey walked into the gym and Cole said, "Liza. Tate. Where are you." A woman with blound came to them and said, "YOu here for a challenge."

"Are you Liza or Tate?" said Oki.

"I am niether. I am there mom." said the woman.

"WHAT!??!" said the group.

"Who is it mom? IS it a trainer wanting to battle." said a young girl in a blue koiako.

"Call you sister, Liza. Ok Tate." said their mother.

"I here mom. " another young girl appeared. "I heard you Tate."

"Ok." siad Tate.

"We are here for a battle but also for information." said Oki.

"What information?" said Tate

"You may know me but I am Cole" said Cole. "I protect the Jem of Earth"

"And you are here to find the others. Right now Mandam Sue said we can help you look for the Jem of Water." said Liza.

"How you know?" said Oki in amazment.

"We just that good." siad Tate "But we want a battle. I double battle. I say you and that kid with the zangoose want to battle. Two double battles ok. One of you go first against both of us. Then the other one can try after we beat the first one." said Tate

Liza said, "If you battle us then we give you the information."

"That doesn't sound fair. One against two?" siad Oki

"It is fair. Because when my daugthers battle they battle as one." said the two mothers.

"We battle" said Liza

"As one" said Tate.

"Together" said Liza

"We are" said Tate

"Un" said LIza

"Stopable" finish Tate

"Are you" said Liza

"Ready" said Tate.

"Ok. I remember that you wanted to battle first in Fortree. SO you go first Oki." said Richard trying to be good to Oki. Zip shook his head.

"Ok. THat good." siad Oki

"GO Lunatone" said Liza.

"Go Solrock" said Tate.

The gym battle begins. Liza and Tate verses Oki

July 16th, 2005, 2:45 PM
"Alright let's see. Go Seal and Eevee!" Oki tossed a Pokeball and Seel appeared. Eevee jumped forward and grinned. "Both Solrock and Lunatone are part rock so Dewgong should have an advantage." She whispered.

"Alright." Said Liza.

"We'll make," Said Tate.

"The first move." Added Liza.

"Go Lunatone Psychic!" Shouted Tate.

"Solrock Flamethrower!" Commanded Liza.

"Eevee Quick Attack and Seel Water Gun!" Lunatone sent a wave of purple energy at Seal and Solrock fired Flamethrower at Eevee. Eevee dodged Flamethrower and charged at Solrock. Seel was hit by Psychic then fired Water Gun in retaliation. Both attacks hit but Lunatone took more damage because it was weak to the attack.

OOC: Sorry but I'm having a case of writers block.

July 16th, 2005, 7:48 PM
Tate then looked at Eevee. "That"

"Is a" said Liza.

"Mystic Pokemon" Said both at the same time.

Oki fell back and said "How did you know?"

"We just do." said both twins.

"Double Team, Eevee. Dive, Seel" said Oki when she got back up.

"Flamethrower Solrock" said Liza

"Use Psychic to guide the Flamethrower." said Tate.

The Flamethrower was surrounded by a blue arue and was hitting all the illision Eevee's until Eevee was hit.

Seel appeared to attack Lunatone but it missed because Lunatone went up higher.

"Levitation." said Tate

"Is a" replied Liza

"Great" siad both.

"That creep" said Richard.

"Use Psychic" said both.

A blue shot was fired but Eevee got in frount and formed a pink orb around itself and took both hits.

"Good job on useing your Mystic Pokemon power." said Oki.

"Use Calm Mind" said Liza and Tate together.

"They going to make their pokemon more powerful." said Joe.

July 16th, 2005, 8:14 PM
OOC: Oh sorry. I typed Dewgong instead of Seel. ^^' Sorry I'm used to RPGing with Dewgong. I'll edit my post.

"Eevee use Quick Attack then Protect! Seel Water Gun thrice!" Eevee charged at amazing speed and slammed into Lunatone and Seel fired three Water Guns one right after the other at Solrock. Two hit and Solrock dodged the third.

"Good strategy." Said Tate.

"But you will," Said Liza.

"Need to do," Said Tate.

"Much better than that," Said Liza.

"To win this battle." Finished Tate.

"Use Psychic!" Said Liza and Tate together.

Lunatone and Solrock both attacked together.

"Eevee jump in front of Seel and use Protect!" Shouted Okita as the two beams of purple light zoomed towards her Pokemon. Eevee darted forward and used Protect to keep herself and and Seel safe. "Now use Dive and Surf Seel! Eevee Quick Attack then Double Team!" Seel dove then a huge wave appeared with Seel riding it and heading for Solrock. Eevee charged at Lunatone. With a quick leap, she smashed into it then split into many. The wave smashed into Solrock who had drifted to avoid some of the attack.

July 16th, 2005, 8:43 PM
"Use Solarbeam" said Liza

"USe COsmic Power." said Tate.

Liza power up the Solarbeam attack but Oki then said, "Use Take Down" to both Seel and Eevee.

"COsmic Power!" Tate said.

"Fire Solarbeam at Seel" siad Liza.

Eevee jumped in front of the beam knowing what to do. It then glowed pink and the Solarbeam shot off to hit Lunatone.

"That should knock out Lunatone." said OKita.

Lunatone just stay in the same spot and Tate said, "COsmic Power rises both"

"Spical attack and speaical defense." finish Liza.

"We knew." said Tate

"What you" Liza said.

"Were planning" said Tate.

"Clam Mind" said Both

July 17th, 2005, 4:35 AM
Solrock and lunatone both used calm mind,

'Wait a minute, This is my chance to attack, They always use thier defensive moves together, And while they use defensive moves, They cant use offensive moves' okitathought to herself

'But then again, Its the defence thats the problem, Not the attacking!' Oki thought again

"Hurry up"

"don't just"

"Stand there" The twins said

"Ok eevee, use double kick, And leal you use aurora beam!"

'**** I should have used a move to lower their stats' Okita thought to herself knowing it was too late

July 17th, 2005, 7:48 PM
Eevees attack didnt do much damage but Aurora Beam seem to do a lot more.

Fighting attacks said Liza

Will not. Said Tate

Do that said Liza

Damage. Said Tate

Psychic said both.

This attack was even more powerful then the last Psychic attack and Eevee and Seel was bary able to dodge this attack.

I need to find a way to stop them from doing anything. Said Oki. Use Ice beam Seel on Lunatone. Eevee use Protect.

Ice Beam did some damage but Oki was disappointed. It didnt freeze. Eevee sense this.

Use Clam Mind. said the twins in unison.

This our chance. Use Ice Beam Seel said Oki then she look at Eevee but Eevee was also using Ice Beam too.

Must be said Tate

Mystic Pokemon said Liza

Power of Mew said both.

Eevee using Ice Beam. Crazy! said Joe.

Shh. Let watch the battle said Richard.

This froze the Lunatone in place and he fell. Use Take Down both Seel and Eevee.

Seel hit Lunatone first. Eevee then follow but was surrounded by a pink orb. When Eevees attack hit, Lunatone was knock out.

One down. One to go. Said Oki.

It wouldnt be that easy to beat us. Said both in unison. Use Clam Mind, Solrock.

July 19th, 2005, 12:02 AM
"Eevee, Try and use psychic" oki said remembering its a mystic pokemon, But she wasn't sure just how well eevee could do, So oki thought now would be the best time

"Seel, Let eevee handle this one utill it gets in trouble, But for now use defence curl!"

July 19th, 2005, 8:14 PM
"Charizard use Flamethrower." siad a guy in black. Blue shades cover his eyes.

A charizard, the guy in black, and a young woman in white was in a large gym. Scorch marks could be seen in some spots.

Another young woman appeared in the room. She then said, "Good Afternoon Master. Good afternoon Master Charizard. I have a update to report to you."

The one called Master, one in black, looked to the girl in the labcoat and said, "Are you forgeting someone." in an angry tone and looked to the girl knitting.

The girl in a labcoat said in an annoying voice, "Good afternoon to you Miss Lizbeth."

Lizbeth said back in a clam voice, "Good afternoon Dr. Tenc."

Dr. Tenc, woman in labcoat, said and inoring Lizbeth greeting said, "Project Dark Ho-oh is doing great."

"How great?" asked Master.

"Ho-oh is obaying 70 persent of the time. If we increase the Gem of FIre power then we soon have Ho-oh under our control." said Dr. Tenc

Master said, "Good. Soon we will have your master under our control. Then with the Regis under my control we will be unstopable." he said to his charizard.

Dr. Tenc then said, "So.."

"Get back to work." siad Master

"Thanks for coming" siad Lizbeth in a kind voice.

"The day we met. I knew we were meant for greatness. You choose me and I chose you. YOu are a Mystic and have great power." siad Master.

"I see you at dinner, dear." said Lizbeth. Picking up her stuff and left.

"Me too. We have more training to do. Go Regice, Registeel, Regirock"

--Back in Deepmoss Gym--

Eevee looked in confussion. Oki then siad, "YOu must not know that move. It was worth a try."

"Trying isn't good enothe here!" Siad Tate and Liza in unison. "USe Psychic."

"Ice Beam you two" siad Oki.

The attack collide but it seem that SOlrock got the cold freeze of Ice Beam and froze.

"Flamethrower" siad both. The attack melted the ice.

"Protect and Dive." Said Oki. Eevee use protect while Seel dived.

"They will win" said Ricahrd and Zip nodded.

July 20th, 2005, 6:49 PM
OOC: I'm really sorry I haven't been replying. I have a nasty case of writters block for this RP so please finish up the battle with Oki.

July 20th, 2005, 8:38 PM
OOC: I guess I post something? Be like be and make it up as you go. Post what you see fit. Spoiler, you be surprise with Richard's battle.

IC: The flamethrower attack seem to miss but Seel's atack miss too.

"Use Clam Mind" siad the twins.

"Our time to finish it. ICe beam Seel. Take Down, Eevee." said Oki.

THe SOlrock was caugth by surprise and was frozen by Ice Beam. Eevee seem this time to but all it energy to form the pink orb and charge at the Solrock. Both Eevee and Solrock fainted.

The twins mother announce, "Oki is the winner!"

"Oh no!" said Tate.

"We lost!" said Liza

They ran to return their pokemon and their mother siad, "Let them heal their pokemon before they battle again. We heal yours if you want."

Oki nodded and handed her the pokemon that battled.

"You ok" asked Richard.

"I ok" said Oki.

"YOu seemed scared. Was it that tough?" he said.

"No it just that." she said.

Richard pulled her away from the rest of the group and even Zip and said, "YOu felt you have lost control of Eevee during the battle. Whne he went on the Mystic Pokemon surges. Rigth?"

She nodded.

Richard countinued, "I feel the same thing too when Zip does. I feel Like I just there watching and I can't do anything and like my request are ijnore and that bad because how Zip is already."

The two saw the twins return and they stop talking.

"We ready" yelled the two little girls.

"We ready too" said Richard as he grab Zip. Zip sniker and got out of Richard's grip. "I use Zip and Flame." He threw a pokeball containing the houndour.

"We" said Tate.

"Use" said Liza

"Solrock and Lunatone" in unison.

"They doing the creepy twin thing again" siad Cole

"We not scared" siad Richard.

July 21st, 2005, 3:15 AM
OOC: I hate battle sceense XD


"Solrock/lunatone" The twins said

"Ok zip, Use crush claw on solrock, Flame you use.... Flamethrower on lunatone"

July 22nd, 2005, 8:08 PM
The attacks did little damage to the pokemon.

"Clam Mind" said Both

"Use Faint Attack on Lunatone and TUnderbolt on SOlrock" said RIchard

Zip eyes glowed blue and Richard got a bit scared and knowing that he just went into a power surge.

TUnderbolt did some damage while Faint Attack did more damage.

"Rock Slide on the Houndour" comanded the twins to their pokemon.

Tons of rock fell on Flame and made it faint. ZIp then slap the Solrock. "I didn't say to use Crush Claw" siad Richard.

"Clam Mind" said the twins again.

Zip just stood their waiting for their attack. Richard had some fear inside him.

"Psychic" said Both

Zip try to hold the attack in his hand but it was too powerful for him. THen with a push Zip fell over and the battle was over. Richard fell over too.

After a monment both Zip and Richard came back up. They were both silence.

"Well that was nice" said Oki lefting Richard up.

"We knew that yu had a Mystic so we were being smart and power up before we attack." said Tate.

"Grandma told us these tricks" said Liza.

"Grandma also know something too." said Mandam Sue.

"Mandam SUe. YOu their grandmother." said Cole whil looking at her by a PC screen.

"Yep. Richard I meant your sister. She doing fine." said Mandam SUe

"Richard just lost." said Tate

"Well, that is possible with a Mystic. DO you know that your sister Gardevoir is a Mystic too. Trained by Latios." Said Mandam Sue.

"What you say!" said Richard and Zip bolted up.

"I saw it when they pass by. She said once she defeats Fortree gymleader that she seeing you." said Sue.

"Richard got beat" said Liza. RIchard and ZIp head sunk.

"You guys may want to go to the Space Center before you decide to figth my granddragths again." said Mandam SUe to the group.

"SHe rigth, lets go." said Richard and ZIp follow him out.

"Bye, see you later." said the others and follwed RIchard out.

Once The group left. THe twins mother said to her daurgths, "This reminds me of another trainer I battle when I own the gym. He had a charmelon. I beat him the same way."

"What happen" said the Tate.

"YOu guys luckly that Zangooses don't evole." said their mother.

"Why?" said Liza

"He came back two days later with a charizard and beat us in one move." said their mother.

"He beat Claydole and Xatu with one move?" said the twins.

"I don't believe Richard and Zip were defeated" said Oki while walking out the gym and started walking to the Space Center.

July 22nd, 2005, 10:08 PM
"It was a good lesson" Joe said following richard out the door

"What do you mean!" Asked oki

"Well, It tought both richard and zip, that just because zip is a mistic pokemon, doesn't mean it will win every battle!" Joe explained

"Yeah I guess your right" Said oki

"Maybe now zip will listen abit more" Saods richard, Zip put his head up as if to say 'yeah yeah'

July 23rd, 2005, 8:23 PM
Richard didnt meant what he said thorth. Zip listens to him when the time comes. Except when he goes Mystic, something happens and Zip is just different.


Three figures can be seen around a table. A charizard, a man and a woman. An old lady in a black robe appeared in the room. She wore a necklace and a large bracelet that had five pokeballs on it.

Good evening Master Michael, Master Charizard, Miss Lizbeth. She said.

Good. Said the guy. The charizard nodded to address her.

Good Evening too Mandam Fixfair. Said Lizbeth.

I have some information. Said Mandam Fixfair, It about a Mystic Pokemon. I had a vision. This one has not awaken either.

Interesting. Where is it? asked Michael

In Deepmoss. Maybe at the Space Center. This one has not even been born. Still in the egg. Said Fixfair.

I send some Team Aqua people there to pick up the egg. Said Michael.

The lady disappears. Bye Mandam Fixfair. Said Lizbeth.


Stop feeling bad about yourself said Joe and he put his arm around Richards shoulder. Zip pushes the arm off and Joe felt offended.

Must be something you said said Cole.
Just leave him alone. Said Oki, He needs sometime to think. Maybe at the Space Center he will find himself and Zip too. Why would Mandam Sue send us there anyways though Oki.

You, there with the zangoose. Come here. Yelled a lady in black. She had a large necklace and a bracelet.

Richard and Zip looked up and he said, You mean us?

She nodded and the group went to her. You seem like you lost a battle. Do you want to know why you lost?

Because he put too much faith in a pokemon that is strong said Joe.

No! It because you two lacks trust. They both do. Said the old lady. But I can help. Come closer. She said to Richard and Zip.

They obeyed and she started to say some words in a whisper. Oki didnt like what she was hearing and ran next to Richard with here Eevee following. By the time they reach Richard and Zip she stop whispering and the four fainted.

I come back when you two guys sort your problems out. Said the old lady.

What she did to them. Asked Cole.

Just get her. Said Joe and they got up but the old lady was gone.

Wake up Richard said Oki shaking his body.

Richard got up but he felt weird like he was not himself. He open his eyes and saw that he had white claws.

Just as I thought. You also switch bodies with Zip. Said Oki. Richard looked to where Okis voice was coming from and saw that it was coming from Eevee.

You saying that you switch bodies with your eevee and I switch bodies with Zip. Said Richard in amazement.

I guess you right. Said Zip using Richards month. The three then heard a voice and saw that Eevee in Okis body was awake.

They saw Eevee flipping Okis hair over her head to cover her eyes.

I see that you guys are awake. So is it right that you guys switch bodies with your pokemon said Cole.

Great deduction Sherlock said Zip in a rude manner.

Has he always been this rude? said Joe to Richard in Zips body.

Richard nodded and said, He has always been like that since that day I knew him but never understood him.

Joe and Cole looked at Richard like they didnt understand.

I think they are having a communication problem. Said Zip.

Eevee and Oki nodded in agreement. Eevee then open up Oki shirt and looked down into it. Giggles could be heard before Zip made Richards hand into a fist and hit Eevee on the head. Dont do that. You human and that is not needed.

Yes Eevee, thats my body you in. siad Oki.

Eevee was now crauling and stoping to flip Okis hair into place. Eevee just said, But it so fun being in your body Okiy. Flip flop.

Well I think we may need to postpone our visit to the Space Center. Said Cole. Until we can get you guys into your right bodies. All the others nodded in agreement.

July 24th, 2005, 5:40 PM
"When I get my own body back you're going up for adoption." Muttered Oki as she stumbled over her four feet.

Eevee grinned and picked Oki up. "Sure. But for now you have to be my Pokemon and I get to be you." Oki growled but perched herself on Eevee's shoulder.

"Same goes with you." Said Zip grinning.

"I'll kill that old woman." Mumbled Richard. Joe and Cole looked from one to the other trying to figure out what they were saying.

"Tell them we'll tell them later." Said Oki trying not to fall off her shoulder.

"They'll tell you later." Mimicked Eevee.

"Uh ok. Let's jsut get to the Space Center as soon as we can." Said Cole turning towards the large building.

"Yeah. It'll be nice when you two are back to normal." They all agreed and started running towards the Space Center. It took Eevee adn Zip longer because they weren't used to the bodies they were in. Richard was also having trouble. Oki grinned because she got a free ride. It wasn't too bad being an Eevee.

July 24th, 2005, 8:23 PM
"Break time." said Eevee and sat down on a rock. THen she fell down and Oki fell off her own shoulder.

"Watch it. I could have gotten hurt." said Oki

"Sorry. I be a bit more careful." said Eevee with a giant grin on her (Oki's) face.

"Why break? We almost there. We like a mile, maybe less from the Space Center thing." said Zip

"Give them a break." said Joe and he layed back on a rock.

"Yeah. Eevee isn't use to walking on two legs. You, since you are a Zangoose, is use to walking on two legs. But we should get there as fast as possible" said Cole.

"WHy we need to get there in a rush?" asked Joe

"Mandam Sue said we have to go there for a reason." siad Cole.

"Well just give the ladies a chance to rest." said Ricahard. Eevee and Zip looked at Oki, who was in Eevee's body.

Oki then said to Eevee, "He means you." Eeve smiled now that it knew what was going on.

"Rigth. Whatever. Anyways I don't want RIchard to mess with my cool self." said Zip.

"Never knew you were so self center when it came to your image" said RIchard.

"Ok. We break. Just be ready to move when it time. I don't want to be here that long. THere may be something important in that Space Center." siad COle.

JOe was already sleeping. Zip just said, "Aye aye Captain Hie Pants" Then he sat next to Ricahrd.

"HOw does it feel being a pokemon?" Asked Oki to Eevee. She made herself comfortable in here own lap. Strange to be laying on my ownself when I not even in my body. thougth Oki.

Eevee was thinking about how funny was Oki's hair and body was. She thougth, I never had have the chance to see Oki's full body. Whats under these human's things called clothes.

Zip and Richard was a bit father from the group so they won't be over heard. Richard then asked first, "What did that lady mean be we not trusting each other."

Zip shug and siad, "No idea. I just don't like the idea of you in my body. I know how you can be with preety girls and I bet that those girls would think it cute if a zangoose came and started to hug them."

"Don't worry. I won't do that. Just as long as you don't tell Oki. If you haven't notice, I been resiting that since we started traveling with her. It was hard with that Winnoia girl back in Fortree. She was nice on the eyes." said RIchard.

"Whatever I wouldn't tell. Like she understand me anyways." said Zip. "Maybe that what the old lady meant by not trusting each other."

"I don't think that. Must be when we battleing." siad RIchard.

"I trust you when you give me attacks in battle." said Zip

"Until you go on a Mystic Pokemon Surge Trip." said Richard.

"Well, I guess so." said Zip

"But I have also distrust you too. It scares me when you go all Mystic. I don't know whos in control." said RIchard. The two then sat in silence.

"Well when I go Mystic. I just lose control. I don't trust or listin to anything and whatever comes to me I do." siad Zip

"Then I feel like you not even in contact with me." siad Richard.

"I trust you." siad Zip.

"Then lets promise." siad Richard.

"I promise to try my best to Keep away from power surgs and try my best to listen to you when I go Mystic." siad Zip

"And I try to stay by you and guild you." siad Ricahrd

"Promise" said Zip and Richard in unison.

"Let just stay here and make Mr. Boss Month wait." Siad Zip looking at COle.

"I agree. I is a bit bossy and I do like to take a break too." said RIchard.

July 25th, 2005, 4:13 PM
Oki looked up into her own eyes and blinked. It was a very odd feeling. "Listen Eevee, if you make me do anything I wouldn't do, you'll be very sorry. There's a reason humans do what they do. I might as well set some rules. One, stop messing with my hair, two don't mess with my clothes, three don't say anything crazy, four try to walk and act like me ok?"

"Why are you so picky?" Yawned Eevee.

"Just a little human quirk. You don't have to wear clothes but we do. You can be as obnoxious and annoying as you like but I have to be good. There are lots of rules you wouldn't understand because they don't mean anything to you."

"Why didn't you just tell me this stuff before?" Questioned Eevee.

"Because I never thought you'd end up being me and I'd end up being you." Oki replied with a sigh.

"Hey are you two ready to go yet?" Asked Richard as he and Zip returned.

"Well?" Oki asked her Pokemon inhabited body.

"Oh alright." Sighed Eevee. She stood up and Oki fell off her own lap. She glared at Eevee and tried to regain balance on her four feet. Walking was a problem. Richard and Zip were both used to walking on two legs so switching bodies wasn't so bad. But Eevee was used to using four legs and OKi was used to using two. This made it hard four Eevee to balance and Oki kept tripping herself.

"Maybe you should ride on your shoulder." Said Joe. "That sounded weird." He added grinning.

"I can manage." Insisted Okita. Eevee repeated everything she said to Cole and Joe. Richard and Zip grinned. "Shut it." Oki grumbled as she stumbled again.

"Come on. Quit arguing. It's not too much farther now." Said Cole looking at the large building in the distance.

July 26th, 2005, 7:12 PM
"Hey are those team aqua people following us" Asked joe looking back

"I think they are, Its time to go" Cole said, Suddenly the team aqua members started running after them,

"There catching up" Zip said,

The two team aqua members where getting very close, Then eevee started glowing. In oki's body

"Eevee what are you doing?" Asked oki

"I don't know, I thought I could only turn mistic when i was a pokemon" Eevee said, Oki looked back at zip, He was glowing aswell, But zip was trying to resist it

"This doesn't feal right in this body!" Yelled zip,

Suddenlyt zip picked richard and cole up and started running, Eevee picked up oki and Joe and ran as fast as she could, Eevee could runn faster then zip,

"Well she lurnt to use my legs quick" oki mumbled "And I was really looking forward to becoming mistic" Oki added

The space center was getting closer, Or rather they where getting closer to the space center,
"Zip you have to slow down, Your going to crash!" Richard yelled

Eeve and zip both stopeed running, But kept skiding, The skid past the front doors and softly crashed int othe desk

"Holy crap, How the hell did you just run so fast" The lady behind the desk asked, Eevee and zip had stoped glowing now and put everyone down, Joe and cole couldn't stand up straight

"I dont know, But lets not do it again!" Joe said struggeling to stand still

July 26th, 2005, 7:28 PM
OOC: I was planning to stop this body switching thing about right now before we go into the Space Center but I find this entertaining. I put them in their bodies before a leaving the Space Center.

IC: The lady then walk off and said, Wait here. You guys must be here to see the hatching.

The group took a set in some seats while Richard asked. Having problems with Eevee being in your body?

Okita tripped but got up and took a set. She said, A little. Just explaining the rules to her.

Zip smiled and said, I expected she would act like this. Your Eevee is a very interesting thing you know.

Joe laughs and said Your Eevee is a girl. He stopped and said, By the way she acting I would guess it was a boy.

Before Oki did something about Joe said Eevee jumped at Joe and hit him. Just leave me alone about that. She then looked up at Oki and said, Sorry.

Okita acted as if she saw nothing. Inside, she was glad that Eevee did that. She then looked at Zip and said, What you mean an interesting thing?

Well you my not understand her but I can. She very curious about things and not afraid to speak her feelings or mind. It hard to control her when you guys arent looking.

Oki was now feeling a bit bad about what she said to Eevee. She tried walking to Eevee and said, I sorry that I kind of yelled at you back there.

No, I sorry. I should have been considering your feeling about what happening. Said Eevee.

I guess we are both sorry. Said Oki.

It so big when we were coming in. said Eevee.

It even bigger from my view. Said Okita.

I think we should watch what we are doing incase those guys come in here and Richard. Said Zip. Then he whispered, Remember.

I will if you will. Said Richard.

You guys are strange. Said Cole.

Soon a guy in a lab coat appeared to greeted them. Are you here to see the birth of pokemon too?

What birth? asked Cole.

The man said, Well our head scientist found an egg while she was on vacation and if we are right. It should hatch any time this hour. He wave to them to follow him. The group follows the guy.

They walked to a room which had a young girl rocking a blue with gray topped egg in her arms.

July 29th, 2005, 8:56 PM
Oki's eyes lit up. She loved flying types and an unknown bird Pokemon hatching would be an awesome site. "What a cute Eevee. Is it interested in this egg?"

"Umm, yes. She's a very curious little Eevee." Eevee replied trying to conceal a grin. Oki scowled slightly but was too interested in what would hatch from the egg to care much.

"Do you know what Pokemon is inside the egg?" Asked Cole looking at it curiously.

"No we don't. That's what makes it so special." The girl smiled down at the egg.

"So it could be anythign right?" Questioned Joe.

"No it couldn't be anything. Some eggs are easy to identify. We know it's not a Spearow or Pidgey egg."

"Well if you know what it's not, then maybe that'll help you figure out what it is." Said Zip with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"I'm afraid not. There are so many flying types in the world adn it could be a new species so we won't know what it is until it hatches."

"Look." Said Oki. She was staring transfixed at the egg. The girl looked at her, as did Cole and Joe, but Zip, Richard, and Eevee all looked at the egg. A small crack had appeared. There was the sound of russling inside the egg.

"Oh my." Said the girl noticing where the others were looking. "Sir it's......hatching!"

July 30th, 2005, 11:51 PM
OOC: I dont know what type of pokemon is in there so this post will be short XD

IC: The scientist came rushing in the room

"Ricky document everything!" The scientist said to his assistant as he started at the egg as it cracked further!

August 1st, 2005, 7:12 PM
THe egg started to glow a brigth white and then. A pokemon was seen. It was a bagon.

"It isn't a flying type?" said Oki.

"I just not" siad Zip.

"It so cute" siad Eevee and try patting the head but decided not to remembering what she and Oki discussed.

"So whats so speacil about us being here." siad Richard

COle answer back, "Mandam Sue wanted us here for some reason."

"WOuld you jump off a bridge if she told you to." siad Zip. Eevee smiled at the joke.

Cole didn't heard that. Joe siad, "Well it seem so ... little."

"Its only a baby." siad a scienticist.

"We thougth it would be a flying type but my be we got sonfuse with Salmance." siad another one.

"Well this bagon is very important" said an old lady in black.

Richard, Zip, Eevee, Oki, Joe and Cole looked at her. Richard said, "YOu the lady who did this to us!"

"Yes I did. Now I here to undo it. Follow me you four." she said

THen the door slamed open and four people in Team Aqua uniforms appeared. One of them said, "We here for the pokemon!"

The girl holding the bagon yelled, "No!"

THe old lady shot a look of 'Leave me alone' to the group of Team Aqua people. THey seem to unstand and pretend that she wasn't there.

Joe saw this and said, "YOu guys do your business while I take care of these goons. I protect the girl and the baby bagon."

The old lady drag the four and started to wisper the spell to change them back to their rigth bodies. WHile Joe try to hold off the Team Aqua force.

OOC: I let you guys decide if Richard and Oki can understand Zip and Eevee. Todays my b day. yep! also have you guys been getting a message whne you come to PC saying the sever is too busy because I getting that a lot laty.

August 1st, 2005, 8:08 PM
OOC: Happy B-Day. ^_^ Yeah the server does that to me a lot to. My post is gonna be short because I don't feel very creative right now.

Okita, Richard, Zip, and Eevee all felt an odd sensation. Everythign went black for a moment then came back into focus. Oki looked down. She was standing on two feet and had her human body back. "Yay!" She said joyfully hugging Richard then scooping up Eevee. Zip grinned and Richard blushed.

"I'm glad I'm human again." Said Richard looking down at Zip.

The Zangoose agreed. "But it was fun while it lasted though I could never stay that way forever. It'd get annoying."

"Yeah and human rules are annoying." Said Eevee.

Oki hugged her and grinned. "Maybe sometimes. Now we have work to do. Ready?" Eevee nodded then jumped out of her arms and faced the three Aquas. Richard nodded to Zip adn he stepped forward to.

"Alright let's teach em a lesson." Said Richard grinning. "Zip use Crush Claw!"

"Eevee Quick Attack!"

"Go Solrock Psychic!" Called Joe releasing Solrock.

"Go Crawdaunt!" Shouted one of the Aquas. The other three released a Crawdaunt as well.

"Water Pulse!" All four shouted.

August 2nd, 2005, 4:13 PM
"Solrock use heatwave!" Blitz told solrock, A powerfull blasto f heat came out, and evaperated the water pulse to nearly nothing

"Now solrock use rockslide!" Blitz commanded, Both the Crawdaunt jumped to dodge it

"Now eevee use headbut!, While its still in the air" Oki commanded

"Thats it?"asked eevee

"Just do it you'll see!"

"Is oki talking to herself?" Asked cole

The eevee headbutted the Crawdaunt and sent ot flying into the wall, The Crawdaunt rolled down the rocks from solrocks previos attack, whitch started the rocks rolling again

The Crawdaunt was burried
" Crawdaunt return!" One of the team aqua team yelled

"Crawdaunt use crush claw!" Said the other

"I told you"said oki "Now dodge"

" Zip, Use..."
"Hey can i try a new attack?" Asked zip cutting richard off

"Sure go ahead?" Richard said

"I think oki and richard can understand their pokemon now!"Joe said "Solrock stand by for backup!"

Joe looked back and saw the bagon running toward him, Joe let out quillava

"Its trying to help, Keep it back quillava!" Joe told the quillava

The quillava picked up the bolty and kept it in a corner

August 2nd, 2005, 8:07 PM
The girl picked up the bagon and said, "I take of him" Joe smiled now knowing it is safe.

"Solarbeam" said Joe and a beam of ligth shot at the Crawdaunt but it still stood.

"Bubblebeam" commanded the Aquas to their pokemon.

"Show then one of our new moves Zip" said Richard.

Zip then span around and said, "Whirlpool" and water appear and suck up the bubbles.

"Amazing. THis needs to be documented" said a scientis

An Aqua was walking trying to grab the Bagon from the girl but Cole then knock the guy out cold. "I protect this guy." he said.

"But who will protect you!" said one of the Aquas. "Hyper Beam."

A beam was shot from the Crawdaunt's claw. Joe looked around and saw Oki and Richard figth their own Aqua Crawdaunt and his pokemon were too far to take the hit. The then push Cole out of the way and took the Hyper Beam hit.

"What? Why?" said Cole.

"YOu need to protect the Jems. If you get hurt and the Jems damage that may be bad." Joe then fainted.

"Fool. We are only here for the bagon. NOt for jewlery. Hand it over." said the Aqua who cammanded the attack.

The Bagon, glowed blue, shot out of the girl's arm and hit the Crawdaunt that shot Joe. The Crawdaunt fall and fainted. Bagon then flew back to the girl's arm.

A scienthis said, "HE fine but that pokemon is amazing"

"Lets show this guy our new move." said Richard.

"I agree." said Zip and he began to glow.

"This may take a while" said Eevee and Oki knew what she meant.

August 2nd, 2005, 8:41 PM
Joe's quilava (who was still out) ran up to joe to see if he was alright, quilava licked joes face, but joe was still out cold

zip continued to charge as eevee kept battleing

"What are you guy's talking about, when did zip get new moves?"

"Just watch and see!" Richard told cole

Suddenly their where three zips,

"When the lady changed us back, she tought zip and eeve some very rare moves," Richard explained

"But this attack looks like double team!" Cole said

"Yeah but all three zips are real, none are illusions!" Oki said

"So now its three on one?" Cole asked

"ZIP1 Use water gun!, Zip2 use thunderbolt, Zip 3 use protect"

A protection field appeared around all the zangoose's, as one and two continued their attacks

"So if you use a move like protect, it works for them all!" Cole said watching carefully

August 3rd, 2005, 6:47 PM
"Amazing" said one of the scienticist.

"Use Protect." said the Aqua.

THe Crawdaunt then raise it claw to protect itself from Zips Attacks. "Use Crabhammer."

THe shot hit but Zips was protected. "TUnderbolt, Zip1. Crush Claw you other two."

Tunderbolt hit the Crawdaunt but it did little damage.

"How is that? Tunderbolt did little damage." siad Cole.

"Zip's power must have been divided into three when it did that seperation thing." siad Oki.

"RIgth then. ALl three of you use Tunderbolt then." siad RIchard.

The three attacks hit and knock out the Crawdaunt, Joe woke up and said, "I see we doing good." THen he wimper a bit in pain.

"Time to see our new moves then. Ready" said Oki and Eevee nodded.

August 7th, 2005, 1:47 PM
Suddenlt eevee's tail started glowing, It started flying up into the air, Her cheeks grew large and yellow, untill finaly milions of yellow bursts of energy came flying to the ground

"Wh-what is that?" Asked clole

"L-looks like an airial blitz" Joe said in suprise

"Thats right, Or a blitzkrieg, Whitch is what the attack is called" Oki explained

All the enemy's where defated, But eevee had used all her energy and was nearly ready to faint

"But this attack uses all of eevee's power, It should only be used as a last resort!" Said the old woman who was watching all that time "Both the attacks have down sides to them, as do alot of other powerfull attacks, After using blitzkrieg, Eevee cant attack for the rst of the battle, and her hp decreeses alot, As for zip's attack, he can split into three bt his attack's aren't as strong yet," The old woman coninued

"So isn't it a waist of an attack?" Asked joe

"Not exactly, As their mystic powers get stronger, their attacks i gave them will too, But their will always be a small downside to their attack" Said the old lady "So who gets the bagon?" she asked

"Well, I think joe should get it, Because richard and okita already have a mistic pokemon, And i'm not a trainer, So I vote Joe!" Cole said

" ME! But um shouldnt...." Joe said studering

"Yeah i think Joe should get it," Said oki

"Me too" said richard

"I think we should get it" Zip told richard

"We," Richard asked "Don't be so selfish"

"Who ever said it was a mistic pokemon?" Asked the old lady

"Um,i, um... I seen it, Its a mistic for sure" Cole said

August 7th, 2005, 8:35 PM
Everybody looked at COle until Cole broke the silence and said, "Well, think about it. Why did Mandam Sue sent us here. There must be an important reason why. This bagon must be the reason because it is a Mystic Pokemon."

"Make sense. But maybe we should le the bagon decide." said Oki.

THe Bagon look at the three trainers then went to the girl who was carrying her when it was born.

THe girl said, "I don't know much about these Mystic Pokemon but I dod know this bagon will be safer with your guys. As in who gets to keep it I believe the Joe guy. YOu know the one who took the Hyper Beam attack should get it. He most really care for it in order to do that." THe bagon smiled about her decide.

Joe smiled to and said, "Come to me then." He let out his hand but the bagon tried biting it. "I think it may want you to capture it like a wild pokemon." siad Richard.

"He does" said Eevee waking up from her attack.

"I hope Joe knows how to catch one since he never had to." siad Zip

"Oki looked to where the old lady was but the old lady was missing. "Where she went" she asked.

THe group looked to and found that she had disappear. "At least she didn't left us in each other bodies this time" siad Zip.

"So its a battle you. It a battle you get. Go pokeball" said Joe and he threw a pokeball.

THe pokeball was hit by the Bagon head and it hit Joe. "I no trainer but I no that you must weaken a pokemon before you capture it in a pokeball."

Oki nodded in agreement and Zip said, "Sir Highpants has a point for once."

Joe then said, "I guess so. Go Solrock and use Fire Spin"

August 7th, 2005, 9:51 PM
The bagon jumped out of the way and ran toward solrock as if to use take down, the bagon wasn't very fast yet, but theattack still did alot of damage for a new pokemon

"What?, A newly born pokemon shouldn't be able to use take down!" Joe said

"Remember when you breed a pokemon, sometimes the pokemon adopts some of the parents attacks!" Richard said

"Oh, I didn't know that" Joe said, While joe was talking the bagon headbutted the solrock, none of the attacks where very strong, But the bagon took advantage of the situation, that was a good sight,

"Solrock, Use fire spin, But dont let it faint!" Joe said

The solrock let out a small fire spin, but it didn't hurt it much

"Your underestimating it!" Said oki "Remember its a mystic!"

eah yeah i know"said joe "Ok solrock use a flame thrower!"

bagon first used scratch, then was cought by the flamethrougher

"You should be able to catch it now!" Cole said

"Right!" Joe said throwing a pokeball, the pokeball shook for abit then the bagon came out again

"Ok solrock, Use tackle, make it a strong one!" Joe said, The solrock charged at the little bagon and attacked it with a massive tackle, the bagon had nearly had enough and the solrock was about to attack again

"WAIT!" joe said "We dont want to kill it" He added as he threw anbother pokeball

It was finaly cought,

"How does it feal to catch your first pokemon" Richard asked

"Its abit of a thrill actually" Joe saidsitting back down "Did i um.. did i doo ok?" Joe asked quietly

August 8th, 2005, 3:29 AM
"Yeah you did ok, for and idiot who knows nothing." said Zip.

Eevee rolled over and and laugth like crazy. "Funny haha idiot that knows nothing. ha"

Richard smiled abit while Joe had a look of confusion. RIchard then said, "You did fine."

Joe threw the pokeball and Bagon appear. "I think I leave you out since you are a speacal pokemon."

The girl then came to them and said "Thank you for protecting us. You willl be a great friend to Bagon"

Joe smiled and said, "Well we got to be going."

After saying good byes the group left the Space Center. Wonder where the old lady went thourgth Oki.

They then made it to the Pokemon Center. "It late. We may want to rest the night here and battle the gym in the mourning. Remember we still got to get the information from the twins."

RIchard and the others agree since it was so late. "Tommorrow we will win." Said Richard. Zip made a yell of excitment.

After dinner and perpareation for sleep. Everybody wen to sleep. Cole shook while he was sleep. He was dreaming too.

There was descretion and fire everywhere. A black figure was destorying everthing it sees. THe Jems were broken and destoryed and the Legendaries were gone.

COle woke up with a yell in cold sweat. Then a show hit him and a voice said, sounded like Zip's, "Some people are trying to sleep. LIke me!" IT was the middle of the nigth. COle thougth it be best to go back to sleep but was afraid of what he saw.

August 8th, 2005, 7:09 PM
The next morning was hazy and warm. Oki woke before everyone else and headed outside. Awoken by the movement Richard followed her. "What are doing out this early?"

Oki jumped. "I," she blushed slightly. "You'll laugh if I tell you."

"No I won't."

"I just like to watch the sun rise. I think it's pretty." She looked ready to retort because she expected him to laugh.

"A lot of people do. What's wrong with that?" Asked Richard.

"Well I tihnk it's rather humarous." Came Zip's voice.

"Shuddup you." Eevee's voice replied.

Before either Oki or Richard could look round there was a thump and a "OW!" Then, "Why you! Come back here you litte...." They both turned and saw Zip chasing Eevee in a circle.

"Do you think you should stop them?" Asked Cole who had joined them.

"No. Zip needs the exercise." Replied Richard.

"But what about your gym battle? You don't want Zip wearing himself out do you?" Asked Joe who was carrying a sleeping Bagon.

"Well that's true." Richard sighed. "Zip cut it out. You'll never catch Eevee anyway."

"Who says?" Demanded the Zangoose not giving up the chase.

"Because I've trained Eevee to be a speed Pokemon and her mystic powers enhance her speed. Plus she's part psychic." Said Oki lazily.

"Right. So quit wasting your energy." Zip glowered but stopped chasing Eevee who sat down and scratched her ear.

Later on, after they had all eaten some breafast and chatted a bit more, Zip and Richard were back at the gym and ready for the rematch they had been waiting for.

August 8th, 2005, 7:37 PM
"Back again for another defeat." said Liza

Tate butted in and said, "Remember what mom said. Neverunderestimate an opppant. This one is even a Mystic."

"Well, I see you have return early to try to beat my daugthers. Well like last, I will refuree the battle. Get to your sides and sent out your pokemon for the doulble battle."

"GO SOlrock" said Tate.

"Go LUnatone" said Liza

"Go Zip and Flame" said RIchard.

The Solrock, Lunatone, zangoose and Houndour appeared on the flied ready for battle. "Let the battle begin" said the twin's mother and wave her arms.

"Is it wise to use houndour even if Richard haven't use it." said COle

"This time it is different. NOw I know to protect him." said Richard. "USe Crush Claw Zip. USe Faint Attack Flame!"

"Rock Slide on the houndour Lunatone and Solrock" said the twins in unison.

Bagon and Joe shever in fear. "That just creeps me out when they do that."

"Use Whirlpool to suck up the attacks and trap the Lunatone." said Richard.

"It must have learn one of Lugia's powers. Tis zangoose is a Mystic of Lugia." said the Twin's mom to herself.

"I remember what you say. THis houndour is the key to do major damage to these two guys." said Zip

"Rigth" said Richard.

The Whirlpool trap Lunatone and the attacks miss. Faint Attack then hit Solrock and it seem to do major damage.

"Dark attack hurts Psyihic a lot" siad Oki

"That why he protecting Flame. In order to do lots of damage in one hit since most of Zip's attacks won't do that much damage to them." siad Joe

Oki nodded in agreement

"USe Cosmic Power" said the twins. "To raise your defenses."

"Faint Attack again Flame. Now Whirlpool SOlrock Zip." said Richard.

August 12th, 2005, 12:38 AM
Both attacks hit, even though it the pokemon's deffence had been rose, the faint attack was still a critical hit

"What a powerfull attack" Joe said in amaizement "Maybe you can learn that attack" He said to his little bagon, His bagon smiled and nodded his head

August 13th, 2005, 7:31 PM
The whirlpool surround both of the twins pokemon. "They look like they taking alot of damage" said COle

"THey both part rock so they weak against water attacks." explained Oki.

"Psyihic on the zangoose" said both.

Zip then flew but got back up in an insant.

"Use Faint Attack again but on Lunatone. USe Crush Claw on Lunatone too." said Richard.

"Rock Slide Lunatone on houndoom." said Tate

"SOlarbeam Solrock on zangoose." said Liza

Zip Crush Claw broke the Rock Slide attack and hit Lunatone in tha face. Flame then finish the pokemon off. Lunatone fell. Tate and Liza fell but they got up and said "Fire the attack"

"Same thing on the Solrock" said RIchard.

"NOt going" said Tate

"Work this time" finish Liza.

THe SOlarbeam was shot and ZIp got in the way in order to protect Flame. "For you only" Zip said. "I want to beat these girls"

Flame attack hit the SOlrock after the beam was shot. THis one was even more powerful then the one that was use on Lunatone.

"I guess you beat us" said Liza.

"You get a badge and the info." said Tate

"First heal your pokemon. We heal yours too" said their mother.

The three left and then the gym doors opened with a slam.

"Richard you got some explaining to do. THat old lady said you can answer them!" said a girl with blue hair.

Cole said, "I forgot Mandam Sue told her Gardevior is a Mystic"

"My sister" said Richard in a grim voice that only he could hear. Zip also yelled in respose as if he heard Richard even from that far away.

August 13th, 2005, 7:40 PM
Oki grinned. "Let's see, me, you, Joe, your sis, and some kid with a Charmander. Five mystic Pokemon and we know about them. That's got to be really rare. Espesually since we're traveling with three of them."

"Yeah it's really rare. But then this adventure isn't exactly normal is it?" Cole replied.

The girl with blue hair crossed her arms and drummer her fingers. "Hey did you forget about me?" The girl demanded irratably.

OOC: Sorry it's so short. My next post will be longer.

August 13th, 2005, 7:57 PM
Trish stood their waiting for an explaination

"Well, What do you want to know?" Richard asked with an annoy'd look on his face "Come on I can't answer them if you dont aske them"

" WELL, For starters, Why didn't you tell me? " Asked trish

"Tell you what?" Richard asked

"Don't act stupid, Why didn't you tell me about these mystic pokemon?" She demanded

"You didn't need to know" Richard answered

"Wrong answer" Joe mumbled to cole

"This could get messy" Cole wispered

"Do you think we should take the window?" Asked Joe

" Yeah " Cole said

Suddenly oki heard the window shut, She turned around to see that Joe and Cole where gone, She looked at the window and saw joe's head

"Joe, I can see you, Your too tall for your own good, Did you know that" Oki said beside the window

Joe turned around and smiled as if to say (he, you cought me)

"Now get out of the way and let me out" She said climbing out

" WHAT? " Trish asked

" WHAT gave you the wright to decide what i need to know and what i dont?" Asked trish

"Well if I told you you would have get involved" Richard refrased

"And what makes you think I cant handle it?" Trish asked

August 13th, 2005, 8:03 PM
Oki stepped back in fear becasue Richard's sister scared her. Eevee then said, "She scary!"

"Try living with her" said Richard to the eevee.

"Do you know how surprise I was to discover my Jewel! My Gardevior is some wort of apprantice to some legendary pokemon. A Mystic Pokemon. Jewel!" said Trish

"I going to check on my pokemon." said Richard.

"They are ok. WHile my daugrthers heal theirs. Explain a bit more to your sister about Mystic pokemon." said the twin daugthers. Zip and Richard seemed disappointed to stay in the same room with Trish. Soon Jewel, Trish's gardevior joined them.

"So has your gardevior showed any strange stuff. Like power surges?" asked Oki.

August 13th, 2005, 8:22 PM
Joe and cole peeked through the window

"Do you think she's settled down yet?" Joe asked

"I think we better stay out here for abit longer, Just incase" Cole said

"Well no, not really!" Trish said

"Did she tell you what pokemn it was trained by?" Asked richard

August 13th, 2005, 8:48 PM
"She said it was trained by Latias. But I didn't believe that." said Trish

"Well beieve it lady" said Liza walking in with Tate beside her.

"Because Grandma is never wrong about these thins." said Tate.

"If I remember right. Your pokemon attacked us with a Mist Ball." said Liza.

"We couldn't see a thing after that attack. Nobosdy not even mommy." siad Tate.

"But I did!" said Trish.

"Because of Latias's abity to let people see what she sees. YOur gardevior did that with out it self knowing." said Their mother.

"Now the story." said the sisters in unison. Joe and Cole fanlly join the group.

"Long ago their was a ruthless pokemon. THey were so powerful that humans and pokemon fear it. Anicent people then fougth against it but one day people with magic jems came and divide that evil pokemon into three. THen seal their chamber with the jems. Those things today are know as The Jems. Each representing an element." said the twins in unison.

"Fire, water, wind, earth and time." said COle

"Yeap, Those people who use the Jems became the first gym leaders of Hoenn." said The twins.

"That why we see a jem close to a gym. The time one near Brawy. WInd with Winania. Earth when we were with Roxanne." said Oki

"Then fire with Flannary before it ws stolen" said COle.

"That means the water one must be near the Sootopolis gymleader." said Trish.

"We get to that later. That one is unable to be found." said The twins, "The gym leaders are suppost to protect them."

"What about the Jem of Water." said RIchard.

"Giive us a chance to look for it." said the twins. THen they fainted. The group try to help them.

THeir mother stop them and said, "Let them. THey trying to find where the jem is close to. Just talke among yourselves while they look. I believe you and your sister have some catching up to do. A lot has happen since you seen each other last Richard."

August 13th, 2005, 9:06 PM
"Yeah you should have seen eevee in oki's body" Zip said

"Shut up" Eevee said sharply

"Trish can't here you remember" Richard told zip

"Oh yeah, I got so used to talking to you that i expected her to understand" Zip said

"What do you mean I can't understand him, Yout not telling me you can?" Trish asked

"He, thats sortof a long story" Oki said

August 15th, 2005, 4:06 AM
"One that I would like to tell." said Richard.

"We swich bodies with our own pokemon for a while and becasie of that we are able to understand our pokemon." siad Oki

"That the short verision." siad Joe.

"Can you understand other pokemon?" asked Trish

RIchard shook his head to say no. "We can't and that may be good. YOu thougth Zip was rude before. Try listining to him."

"I not rude." ZIp responed back "I just not nice."

The twins woke up and Tate said, "Did you see what I saw."

"I found where mom hide the cookies. We going to need Lunatone to help us reach it." said Liza

Tate giggle and said, "They that high? OH!"

"Girls! Did you found where the Jem is?" scoled the twins.

"Yep!" they said.

Everybody got close to listen. The twis then said, "Well. We saw it. But..."

"But what?" said COle.

"We don't know where it is." said Tate

"What do you mean you don't know where it is? We were told you could find it." said Joe. His bagon started to get mad.

"Well I can tell you that you need to go to Sootopolis City." said Liza.

"THe Jem will reveal itself on the way over there." said Tate.

"That all we can say." said Liza.

"Great" said Joe.

"At least it is a clue. That all we have" said Cole

"Well that good." siad Oki.

"There a gym there rigth RIchard?" asked Zip

"I believe there is one there." Responed RIchard.

Then the doors opened and Brawly and Sam were there. They ran to them and Sam said, "We need to give you this Gem. It is the Jem that my family been holding."

"Why?" asked COle.

"Dude, they been attacked. We thougth you need to be given it since we heard about what happenin Fortree and luck with protecting them." said Brawy. Then he saw Oki and kissed her hand, "Hi there little missie. How about we get something to drink before you leave?"

Richard was please with Brawly action. Eevee jumped up and slamed into him. "Stay away. Dude."

"I don't think we have the time." said Oki. Richard smiled.

Sam walked over to Oki and said, "Also. I want you to have this. This Fearow was how we got over here. They may saw that we came here but we got a boat ride back to confuse them." HE then hand her a pokeball. "May it help you on your quest."

Trish then stood and said, "Before we leave. Tell me about these Jem things. What are they?"

August 15th, 2005, 4:06 PM
"Thanks Sam." Oki smiled then turned to Trish to answer her question. "They're elemental powerers." Oki replied simply.

"What?" Trish seemed confused.

"There are several gems and they all hold a different power. The water gem holds the power to control water Pokemon. The wind gem can create wind and control flying types and so on." She said.

"They're pretty powerful." Said Trish thoughtfully. "That's cool. Well what are we waiting for. We can't let those jerks get hold of it."

"Yeah." Said Richard grinning. "We were planning to move out soon anyway."

"Right so what you said was completely pointless." Said Zip sarcastically.

"Quit the chit chat let's go." Said Cole. He seemed to be worried about the gem.

"Hey wait up dudes." Said Brawly. "I figured I'd tag along and help you guys out." He winked at Oki who hid a scowl.

"I don't think..." Richard began but Brawly interupted him.

"Don't worry little dude. I won't be any trouble."

August 15th, 2005, 7:30 PM
So how are we getting there? asked Trish

We fly over here the first time but now we kind of a bit more. Said Cole.

Let take out our pokemon that can swim and fly out and see what we have. Said Richard.

Richard took out Flow and Tenta. The Altlaria and the Tentacrule sat there waiting. Oki sent out her newly obtain Fearow and Seel. Lastly Trish took out her Wailmer.

Ok, dudes. Let see what we have. Said Brawly. He then looked at Joe and said, How about you dude. Dont you have any flying or water. Dont hold out on us man.

Sorry, but I have neither one of those two types. Said Joe.

He doesnt have that many pokemon because he a loser. Said Zip. Bagon jumped out of Joes hands and head butted Zip and before Zip was able to strike back, Bagon ran to the safely of Joes arms. Why you little. Richard held him back. Knwing that he deserve what he got.

I guessing that the bagon is also a Mystic because it was able to do that so fast. Said Trish

Rigth. But let see what we have to travel with. Siad Cole.

After a few minutes of decision making. It was agreed that Richard would be surfing on Tenta with Zip. Jodi, Eevee, and Cole will be flying on Fearow. While Trish, Joe, Bagon, and Brawly be surfing o Her large Wailmer. Jewel hated the idea but Trish but her in her pokeball.

You know she may not like that. Said Richard.

She a pokemon. She suppose to go in their. Said Trish

Well she also a Mystic and well need to be treated as she is. Said Richard

WIth that said, they started their long journey to Sootpolis CIty.

August 15th, 2005, 10:47 PM
As Joe trish and bagon rode on trish's wailmer trish asked "So whats the full story"

"What do you mean?" Asked Joe confused

"When I last saw you you where in a disguise, You must have been hiding from someone!" Trish answered

"Ok, ok, the truth is that I used to be apart of team magma, But I quit!, The reason i was in disguise is because there where alot of team magma members there at that time, I really didn't want to run in to any!" Joe explained "But don't worry, I'm not like the rest of them!"

"Why do you think I would be worrie'd?" Trish asked "I hope you wheren't thinking I would be afraid just coz i'm a girl!" Trish said getting abit mad

"Forget it!" Joe said getting annoy'd

August 16th, 2005, 7:37 PM
Soon the group saw an island. That strange said Cole, This island isnt on the map.

Oki also saw the map and said, He right.

Looks like it made out of metal. Siad Zip.

Zip says it made of metal. Repeated Richard and Okis Fearow agreed.

Maybe we should stop there a the night. It going to be become dark soon. Said Trish.

We cant stop. We need to get to Sootopolis. Said Cole

Dont worry about him. Said Oki, He gets like that when we on a Jem Relate hunt.

No I dont said Cole. The others didnt listen to him.

I don feel tried too. Let stop and see if there is a pokemon center where we can rest. Said Joe. The others agreed with him.

Rigth before they reach the metal island. Joe took out a bag full of clothes and, glasses and other disguises. Trish, Bagon, And Brawly looked at him while Joe tried on a wig. He looked up and said, You never know when we may see a Team Magma person.

Trish went over to Joe and fix his wig. Last time we meant. You didnt have your wig fix right. I think I can help you with that.

Joe smiled and said, I was never good with wigs. I failed the hair part on Team Magmas disguise test.

They landed on the metal island. It seemed like Zip and Fearow was right about the island being made of metal. The island looked like it was floating above the water.
The group was looking around the island for a pokemon center but couldnt find one. Then a voice was heard. A guy in a dentist coat, a brift case and what looked like a fake goatee came up to Joe. He asked, Is that you Joe?

Joe walked backed but the guy came closer and said, It is you! I remember you couldnt put on a mustache on the right way. Joes fake mustache was side ways a bit. Joe looked puzzeled and said, Its me. Frank. Well here just call me Fran. I in disguises too.

I remember you. You still in Team Magma. Said Joe.

Yeah but what I heard is that you got out. Some members are looking for you. They got a reward too said Frank

Joe step back in fear and said, You not going to report me in. Right?

Nah said Frank, You help me get into Team Magma. I wouldnt be a good friend after what you did to help me in.

Joe hugged him and said, Thanks man.

But first put on this. It matches your glasses. Make you look like a dentist like me. Said Frank handing him a dentist coat from his case.

Joe then said to introduce Frank, Hey guys. This guy is ok. He a friend that I help get into Team Magma. I helped him in the training and testing.

The group introduce themselves and Oki then asked, Where the pokemon center on this place?

Frank then said, Well, There is no pokemon center on this island. But if you looking for a place to stay the night, then I let you stay in my place but first we need to check with the wife. He walked off with others following him once they said it was okay.

Joe walked up to him and said, You married?

Yeah, I a married man. The wife is wonderful. Meant her here on this place when I accepted the job here not too long after you left. Things have change since you left.

Like what? said Joe.

Well, I not suppose to tell you this but I been doing some outside jobs that have nothing to do with Team Magma But Like I said, Not suppose to tell. And Frank left the subject close.

They reach the house and Frank open the door. A young woman was on the other side to greet him with a hug and said, Fran, you home. I just here not to long ago. Who are your friends?

This is John pointing to Joe, And these are a few friends of his. They need a place to stay for the night. Their place is being fix.

He then pointed to his pink-hair wife with ruby red eyes. Joe step back once he saw her. Frank said, This is my wife. Jennifer. Joe then took Frank to the side and said, Away from where his wife and the group, Do YOU know who that person is. That is June from Team Aqua. We been fighting her since you came, Cant you see?

Frank then said, Cant be! She my wife. I know she cant be part of Team Aqua because she a business woman. She just came back from Rostboro City. Joe was sure that is June in disguise.

Jennifer then said to them and the group, We about to eat dinner. Would you joined us.

Sweet food! I in. said Zip

I think we be eating said Richard with a smile.

Thank you for your inviatiation to dinner bow Trish with her garvedar at her side.

Fran, will you get the twins ready for dinner? asked Jennifer.

You had kids? siad Joe.

Yes, She had them a little after we married. Said Joe.

Oki then said, Let me and Trish help you with the table Jennifer. Trish agreed and Jennifer nodded to say yes.

Cole then went and took a set in the living room and the other guys followed him.

Nice to have a place where we can relax that isnt a pokemon center for a change said Zip. Richard agreed with him.

August 16th, 2005, 8:05 PM
Trish oki and jennifer went to the kitchen to get dinner ready while frank brang out the twins

"This is matt, and this is adam!" Frank said introducing the twins, They where hardly old enough to talk,

"Ooohh, There so cute" Cole said as Joe laughed at him "What i'm allownd to call things cute!, Just coz i'm a guy, don't mean i cant see when somethings cute!" Cole said inbarresed

August 17th, 2005, 7:33 PM
Master, I almost had them but that witch a Team Aqua man from the Space Center pointed to an old lady in a black robe who was seating next to the Master. The girl Lizbeth was on his other side. The Aqua continued, She did something to those two kids and there pokemon and they became like powerful

Micheal, I think I go outside. I hate watching you work. Said Lizbeth.

No, dont go. This wont take long. Said Micheal, also known as Master. He then looked at the Aqua, I dont care what she does in her spare time. What she do is her buiness. All I care is that YOU fail your mission and YOU need to be punish. Take him away. He then push a button and was soon taken away.

Looks like you not getting a new pokemon. Said the old lady in black.

Look like no. Oh well, wasnt your fault. It too late too because it is with somebody else and it wont listen to me. Didnt chose me so not my problem. Anyways I have the most powerful Mystic and not like there is others beside that one. Said Micheal.

Would be nice if there was another pokemon around. It was a baby too. Said Lizbeth.

Then a buzz was heard and siad, Master, There is a group of six with four pokemon aleast on them. They are currently at June and Frank house. Do you wihs for me to get rid of them?

Micheal looked up but said, No, Bring them to me. I like to meet them. Anything else?

The voice then siad, The Ho-oh project is also almost done. You soon be able to control it using the Jem of Fire.

Excellent. Said Micheal. The buzz mean it was turn off.

We having guest for dinner? said Lizbeth. Micheal nodded and she said, Yeppy. Do I use the good silver and china? I should. Not many come for dinner.

I be leaving. Said the old lady.

No stay said Micheal

Yes please stay said Lizbeth.

Sorry but I leave. I have my own dinner and stuff to do. Said the old lady and left.

LIzbeth also left to start dinner. MIcheal then said, Make sure you make your Meatloaf. I bet they will love it. I sure do.

I will yelled Lizbeth back.

Hey I would not be laugthing after what you said about that bagon when you first saw it said Richard.

The others laugth and the phone rang. Frank answer it and a look of fear hit him. He said, Yes, umm. Ok. They be there.

What is it? siad Joe.

Umm. Looks like you not having dinner with us. The umm Mayor of this island want to have dinner with you at his place. Want you their ASAP. It a great honor to eat with him. Not many do. Said Frank.

Jennifer walked in and said, Well cant leave him waiting. Got get going. His place is the big fance place. Cant miss it. She push everybody out and close the door.

They were nice. Said Eevee. Oki force a smile on her face.

That was polte but I guess we got to see this mayor dude said Brawly and he started to walk with the others follow.

"Let not tell this mator guy about the Jems" said COle. The others agreed with him.

"We tell him we doing gyms" said Richard. THe others ageed with that too. Not wanting to expost their true journey.

They enter the house and saw Lizbeth and Micheal their. Micheal was dress in a blue polo instand of his dark black clothes

Micheal whispered his to his charizard in a voice that only they can hear, I can sense the power too. It from four pokemon. I surprise too. Let not talk to them about it. Charizard nodded in agreement. Micheal then walked up to Richard and said, Welcome. This is my charizard and My wife looking to Lizbeth.

She said with a blush in her face, Lizbeth.

And I like you to call me Mikie. What are your names vistors from a far. Siad Micheal with a simle.

August 18th, 2005, 1:14 PM
"I'm Andrea." Said Oki smiling. The others glanced at her but got the jist. They didn't know if they could trust these people.

"I'm Julie." Said Trish concealing a grin from her psychic Pokemon.

"Zack." Said Richard simply. Zip snickered slightly. Richard grinned and said, "And this is Fluff."

Joe was having trouble keeping a straight face but he said, "Chris."

"Er Mike." Said Cole thinking fast.

Brawly said simply he was Mack.

"Well hello everyone. I requested to speak with you as you know. So will you all please have a seat."

OOC: Sorry. I had to get Zip. ^^

August 18th, 2005, 4:33 PM
The six sat down, Not one of them trusted this man, The "Master" Sat at the other side of the table grinning

"Do you know why your here?" He asked still grinning

"Dinner!, RIght?" Said trish looking up slightly

"Foolish children, All shall be revealed soon" He mumbled under his breath

"What?" Asked richard

"I said, That is exactly right, You are here for dinner, and nothing more!"

August 18th, 2005, 7:30 PM
OOC: Ha. That was funny! Both were funny. Oh. school starts in a few days and I don't have my morning internet time anymore due to new school times. SO my post my be fewer then they were. BUt the RP is still going! I be posting still! I just going to enjoyrest of summer vac and PC! Just thougth I tell you guys this.

IC: The food was brought and everybody started eating their food. This stuff is good! said Cole.

So you like the food, Mike? Was it? said Micheal, the Master, My wife made it herself. Lizbeth blush at being called his wife.

This is good! Best I have eaten. How you able to make this is great said Trish

Thank you Julie siad Lizbeth.

Everybody finish their food and plates were put up. Before we start on desesrt who about some entertainers. I hope you like belly dancers.

Three girls walked into the room each in belly dancers skirts and tops. One in yellow, red and blue. Joe couldnt take his eyes off the red one. She had red hair. Fana? Cant be her?

What was that Jo I mean Chris asked Trish.

He just being stupid siad Zip.

Shut it Fluff said Richard.

Yeahwhat ever Zack said Zip

The three started to dance to excoit music. Richard notice the pictures on the wall. They had imanges of what look like ancient pokemon. Some looked like legendaries like Ho-oh and Mew while others look like others stange pokemon. One that caught his eye was the imange of a Zangoose. Their was also one of a Salmance, Espeon, Gardevoir, and a charizard.

What are those? asked Richaard.

The Master looked up and said, I like this music Zack. Oh. Well these things are just picture of ancient junk I like this stuff too. You know that there is legends of regular pokemon that are sid to have power like Legendaries. They were train by legendaries they said.

I never believe that is possible. Siad Oki

Oh I saw this pictures with him. It was amazing. Said Lizbeth.

The dancers left and Joe got up with bagon following. I going to the restroom he lied.

Just down the hall said Micheal.

Joe caught up with Fana and siad, What you doing?

Fana was surprise and said, How you got here? I was what you say promoted to do other things. You know I am also a belly dancer when not working for Magma.

I know that but how you doing? he asked, Last I saw you, we left each other in Fortree after defusing the bomb.

Let sit. I havent got marry like Frank did. She smiled.

So what are you guys doing. You must be just like me when I was young like you. Just like me. I bet. Fighthing gyms and traeing with best friends. Micheal said to Richard and looking at Lizbeth.

August 19th, 2005, 4:51 PM
"Heh, yeah, Just like you!" Richard replied

Blitz was still talking with Fana while the others ate there food

"Maybe its a trick!, zip said, Maybe he's trying to get rid of us!, Maybe this food is poisoned" Blitz said

"Stop it fluff!" Richard wispered to zip

"SO whats the deal with this Micheal dude, Is he with team magma or aqua?" Joe asked Fana "Are we in any trouble?"

August 19th, 2005, 7:05 PM
"I have no idea. At first I thougth that Aqua got a ew leader just like us but now that I have been here. I seems like... He controling both. Like the new leaders are only puppets in his hands." responed Fana back.

"Puppets?" said Joe.

"Yeah. He tells then to do commans to send to their own teams. Or he gets us to dress up in these brown uniforms with hoods on. THese uniforms even have their own logo." Fana showed him the logo. It was a bold R with three circles behind it.

"I seen those! We were being chase by people dress like that." Said Joe. "DO you notice if the people under the hood are Aqua or Magma?"

"I have no idea. I only been on a few missions under this logo but I can't tell." said Fana.

Micheal let out a great big laugth and said, "I like you kid! Just like me! We are very much alike!"

"SO how long have you been traveling with Zack? Andrea." said Lizbeth to Oki.

"Oh! Not long. Me and Eevee just meant him but it has been an adventure." saod Oki.

"Eevee then yelled, "OH!! What a meal!! Best I have had!! Oki, this lady cooks a mean piece of meatloaf." Both girls laugth.

"What an eevee. I wounder what it said. It be nice to understanded it like Micheal and his Charizard." siad Lizbeth.

"Yeah." said Oki. "What do you mean by Micheal and his Charizard?"

"Michael and Charizard? Well...it silly but it seem like they havea bond that allow them to understand each other. They know what each other one. Like magic." said Lizbeth.

"Zack I have something to show you. It very speacial too me. Means power if you know what I mean. Follow me." motion Micheal.

Richard, Zip, Micheal and his charizard went out to the living whose walls were cover with wallpaper of Legendary pokemon.

"NIce touch" said RIchard.

"For a freak." remark Zip. Richard shot a look to Zip to 'be nice.' Micheal's CHarizard tried to hit it with it's tail but missed.

"Yes it is nice." said Micheal injoring his charizard action.

"What was it you want to show me?" asked Richard.

"Oh." MIcheal reach into his pocket and pull out a red jem cover in a towol, "THis! THis has power bejond anybody's dreams." The Jem had a crack. "It may be cracked but it works still. A piece is being used rigth now but it can be reunited when I want it too. I heard this thing can control pokemon and much more. Power right?"

September 29th, 2005, 11:05 PM
Richard stood there not looking suprised at all

"I don't believe you" Richard lied pretending to know nothing about the gems

"You are really good at lying!" Micheal said "I already know everything about you, RICHARD!" Micheal added

"I think you have me mistaken!" Richard said

"Oh no, I have heard all about the boy with the zip, And the girl with the eevee, Fortunetly for you I don't know your other friends name!" Micheal said "I have went along with your little game long enough," Micheal added "Hand over tbhe gems you have!"

"Listen Mr, I don't know anything about any gems, I wouldn't have enough money to buy siomething that fancy anyway!" Richard said trying to make micheal think he got the wrong guy


"That man is an idiot!" A lady said

"Don't let him hear you say that, You will be killed" A man said

"He shouldn't have told the boy he knew!" The lady said looking at a sacurity screen

"I agree, But it is the masters decision!" The man said

September 30th, 2005, 4:43 AM
OOC:Thanks, time to go to work.

IC: "He use to be a nice guy but now he ... change." said Lizbeth

"WHat you mean?" asked Oki.

"NOthing." she said back.

In the other room, "So you not going to tell?" said Micheal.

"Looks like he not going to be nice about THe Gems." said ZIp to Richard

"I notice. But we can't let them have them." said Ricahrd looking at the broken Jem of Fire.

"Well you better." Zip and Richard looked up and saw that it was Micheal's charizard spoke. "They do have the Jems Micheal"

"I know" said Micheal. "We are much a like. I have done the switch with my charizard so I can understand him and other pokemon and people have switch."

"Great." said Zip

"Lets do this a pokemon battle way. Mystic vs Mystic. We been doing this a for a while too." said Micheal.

"I like battling and we have been doing this for a while too." said RIchard. "Ready, use Shadow Clone."

"Just like I wanted." siad Zip and then three copies of Zip appeared.

"THey have learn a Mystic move Charizard." said The Master.

"We know one too. Use it." said Charizard. Micheal nodded. Then Charizard shot a flame the form a snake.

"We call it the FIre Snake. We maynot be able to use fire attacks when it out but Charzard can do more. Brick Break!" Micheal said.

September 30th, 2005, 4:42 PM
Zip dodged the brick break and all three hit the charazard at the same time, But zip forgot about charazards other attack, The snake shaped fire, The snake hit two of the zips,

"Zip, This is going to be different than the other battles!" Richard told zip

"You think i don't know that!" One of the zips scolded "DOn't wory i have a plan"

Suddenly All three zips started using aggility, They where all in a line, Not one of them had a move out of place, Until suddenly two of them jumped up and used thunder After The other one used surf

"Such week attacks won't win against my charazard!" Micheal said with a smerk on his face

September 30th, 2005, 8:30 PM
"Gust?" asked Micheal's charizard.

"Gust" siad Mike. With that command charizard flap it wings and shot a gust of wind at the wave of water and it crash down leaving Charizard unhurt. Then the tunder attack came but was taken by the fire snake.

That snake can think on it own. Said Richard and Zip in unison.

Not really. It just go around and attacks but with this, Mike pulls out The Jem of Fire. I can control it because it made out of fire.

That one of the jems abilities to control fire. Said Richard.

No dud. Any idea on what to do now. I thought that would do the job said Zip dodging another of Charizards attacks.

Jem of Fire! Mike said pointing the jewel at the fire snake. The snake rose up and shot a beam at Zip who bary dodge the attack.

They are a different class then we have ever fought. Because of that jem they are able to work together thought Richard.

A crash could be heard from the next room.

Oh no said Lizbeth. He must be fighting.

Richard, if he fighting Richard then he may be hurting him. Said Oki.

I not worrying for Micheal but for your friend. That Charizard of his is no regular charizard. It a mystic pokemon. It has great abilities. Explained Lizbeth.

So is Zip and my Eevee too.

Eevee looked up and said, That pokemon was powerful looking but if it a mystic then it must be like.

You right. Micheal is well skilled with Charizard. And with that Lizbeth ran to the room where Micheal and Richard were holding their battle. The others followed.

Sounds like The Master is battling said Fana to Joe.

Time to meet this Master then. Said Joe. With that he and his bagon rose.

Wait Fana siad and followed him out.

Joe and Oki enter the room at the same time to see RIcahrd and Zip fighting Micheal and Charizard with the fire snake commanded my Micheal. They were both at rest, pokemon and trainer.

Cole saw the Jem of Fire in Micheal hand said, Get back right?

Joe nodded and said, Me and Trish protect you if things get bad. I think our mystics together can take care of them and then the other pokemon too.

Yeah, I can feel it power and things can get bad. Trish said.

Oki was ready to help Richard but she felt she need to wait in order to help.

Why are you doing this? asked Richard

To fulfill Ho-ohs want. Peace on earth between human and pokemon by using the jems to control both pokemon and humans. Said Micheal. This is how I thinki it could be done. Ho-oh never said how but I think I have now.

Lizbeth repeated what he said. She had heard this so many times from him and always unsure if it is right.

Why did you ask that? said Zip who was now one again.

We need to get rid of the snake. Said Richard, Can you use surf again?

One surf coming up! said Zip. A wave was form and was going towards the fire snake. When the wave was gone the snake was gone too.

Reappear! yelled Charizard and Micheal. The snake shot out of the ground and warp around Zip.

Help me! yelled Zip with his eyes blue trying to use his mystic strength.

What to do. It dug under ground to dodge the attack and now Zip is in it. Richard saw his eyes and said, Lugias power. Whirlpool!

Whirlpool! said Zip and he span around to form a whirlpool to evaporate the snake. The evaporation smoke then went into Charizard and he seemed happy.

Fire power back. Said Micheal. Flamethrower. A white flame was shot but dodge it.

Zip was ok and Ricahrd said, Try a recover. If I right he will be able to recover like Lugia is able too thought Richard.

September 30th, 2005, 9:48 PM
Zip tried a recover
"Yes it worked !" zip said quitely as he started to feal replenished

'Now what?' Zip thought He had never been up against a strong pokemon

"Ok bagon, I think we should help!" Joe said as he rushed in, Oki still wanted to wait, She thought that if she went in now, It would only tire eevee out, And she would be no use

"I'll help in a minute!" Oki said "If i step in now, I wont be any help!"

October 1st, 2005, 8:29 PM
"So you want to help?" said Micheal with a grin on his face. He raise the Jem of FIre in the air. "AWAKEN MY POKEMON!!! I USE THE JEM OF FIRE TO COMMAND YOU!! I CHOOSE YOU...HO-OH!!!"

THe room open up to the outside and from there they were able to see a dark red bird rise into the sky. It eyes were red and it feathers were black. A dark aura was seen around it and smoke was rasing out of it.

"I present you Dark Ho-oh." said Charizard. "THat Ho-oh taugth my ancenter what I am today."

"By using the shadow techonogy in Orre and inserting a piece of the Jem of Fire into it forehead. I am able to control it. Dark Ho-oh, attack!!" said Micheal.

Dark Ho-oh was going stright for Ricahard and Zip. "Eevee use Protect to protect Zip and RIchard." said Oki.

"Psyshic" Trish said to Jewel, her Graverior.

"Dragonbreath to try and keep Ho-oh away from them." said Joe.

"THis one is tougth! IF it wasn't for the psyshic and dragonbreath to cushion the hit. I would have flew in my protection orb" said Eevee.

"Richard, we take care of Dark Ho-oh while you fight that guy." Oki motion to the others leaving Brawly and COle with Lizbeth.

"I hope and wish them saftly." said Lizbeth.

"Now back to the battle. Scared Fire!!!" said Micheal to Charizard.

"Zip be ready for anything!" said RIchard.

October 10th, 2005, 6:04 PM
OOC: Time for me to post. I really don't want this to die.

"Eevee use Protect again!" Oki shouted.

"Jewel use Psychic to help Eevee!" Trish commanded quickly. Joe commanded his Pokemon to once again use DragonBreath and Zip braced Eevee from behind. Together they stopped Sacred Fire.

"Now use Crush Claw before he can retaliate!" Richard said.

"Eevee Quick Attack!"

"Jewel Psy Beam!"

"Bagon DragonBreath!" The four Pokemon attacked in unison and managed to do some damage to Dark Ho-oh but the battle was far from won.

OOC: I can make a sprite of Dark Ho-oh. Describe it a little and I'll make it.

October 10th, 2005, 6:59 PM
"Don't even think you can stop Dark Ho-oh that easy." said Micheal. He made the Jem glowed again and said, "USe Earthquake"

He then look at Charizard and said, "USe Earthquake too."

The double attack made all the pokemon shake but Jewel was able to levitate the group pokemon to lessen the damage.

Thanks sister. Said Richard.

Watch it siad Trish to her brother as Micheals Charizard slam into Zip.

You mine said the CHarizard. With that Charizard started to beat Zip with hit after hit.

The others try to help but Dark Ho-oh shot a flame out to surround the two battlers.

Zip, break out of it! yelled Richard.

Umm..cant siad Zip.

Looks like your zangoose is down said MIcheal. Then Charizard flew off to Micheal.

It cant end like this. Get up, Please said Richard as he ran to his fallen pokemon.

Zip smiled and said, That Charizard is tough.

Richard then petted the spot where the bandana cover and with that Zip began to glow and transform.

Mystic Evolution. Said Micheal. this is going to be great.

Zip stopped glowing and looked different. He had large lugia wings and the black fins on his back. He had the eye marks too and a thick black outline on his red mark. What is this power? I feel renewed.

Mystic Evolution. It when a Mystic transforms to become more power and be like it Legendary pokemon. It gain all abilities of that pokemon too while in this form. Said Micheal.

Zip then flew and slamed into Charizard and started to rip him up Crush Claw after Crush Claw.

That the way of doing it. Said Richard.

Oki and Eevee tried getting to the other side but the flames seem to rose up again. Dark Ho-oh then shot another flame right at the two but this time something glowed bright blue inside Okis chest. A huge wave rose and evaporated into steam when touch by the flame but was able to shield them from the attack. It also gave them a path to Richard and Zip.

What was that asked Eevee.

Oki looked around and saw that nobody notice that blue glow. She look into her shirt which had a small bag on it and pulled out a box. Oki was given this box by here parents right before she left on her journey in Hoenn. She open the box and saw a Jem. IS this the Jem of Water?

She dare not to take it out in case Micheal or the others may see it. I keep in my pocket. Then she looked at Eevee and said, And you tell nobody about this. Eevee understood.

They then ran to where Richard was battling and saw Zip had transform.

Use Hydro Pump. Charizard was bray getting up when zip shot a blast of water at him. This seem to be able to do the most damage to him.

Time for us to stop playing with him now. Charizard. said Micheal.

I think so too. Said Charizard

Mystic Evolution. They said together.

Charizard began to transform to and once it was over he had feathers covering his leather wings. A golden tail feather to start off where it tail was but it still had the tail with flame. A golden mo-hawk on his head.

He can do that too. Said Richard

Great. Said Zip.

I have always been able to do this since I was about your age. But now it just easy and I can do it when ever I want too. Said CHarizard.

Time to really test out your power. Said Micheal.

December 15th, 2005, 8:30 PM
Mike you said I could join right?

December 15th, 2005, 8:33 PM
OOC: Yep. You can. Just read to get the recent events and if you have any questions just PM me.