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May 22nd, 2005, 7:52 PM
[The scene opens with a large, dark corridor. The sound of footsteps approach, and as they do, a pair of torches light by themselves. Upon doing so, the light reveals cathedral benches next to the torches. The sound of footsteps continue, and the visual starts moving closer along the walkway between the benches. Suddenly, a clattering sound can be heard. The visual goes toward the ground to reveal a boot stepping on a pile of bones. The boot steps back, and the bones start to move on their own. The bones start coming together, the visual panning upwards as the bones grow higher, until they eventually form an errect skeleton. The skeleton slouches forward a bit, then looks up toward the visual. It proceeds to open its mouth.]

Skeleton: "Kaettekure yo!" [Leans closer to the visual.] "Kae...tte...." [Raises hand and points a finger forward.] "...kureeee...." [The bones begin turning to a dusty complexion.] "...yooooo...." [Disintegrates to dust that blows away. The skeleton's voice can still be heard on the mysteriously-appearing wind.] "abunai... abunai.... abunai.... abunai... abunai...."

[Shortly after the skeleton's voice dies, the sound of footsteps can once again be heard approaching, and the visual continues pressing forward. After the sound of about 5 footsteps, more torches begin to light on their own, then more torches behind them, until whole rows light up, the sound of the flames bursting out being easily audible all the while. The entire cathedral becomes illuminated, and the slow sound of an organ begins playing. Shortly afterwards, a Latin choir is heard singing along with the organ's music.]

Sound FX: ター ター ター ターッ

[Despite this radical change in environment, neither the footsteps nor the visual hesitate in continuing forward. They go up the steps covered in red carpetting, and behind the sherman's stand to see an old manuscript covered in dust. A pair of glove-clad hands move in from the sides of the visual and pick up the book. The manuscript is held by the hands for a moment, then the surroundings begin to rumble. The visual looks overhead to see a wooden beam falling down from the roof. The visual swings back down and zooms towards the cathedral's entrance. The footsteps are heard at a quick, dashing pace, and the sound of the place rumbling and the giant wooden beam impacting the ground can also be heard. The organ and choir stop.]

Sound FX: タタタタタタ

[The footsteps sound like they're further increasing their pace, and along with the visual, they zoom out of the cathedral's door. From the door can be seen a stone room with stone staircases leading upwards. The visual and footsteps dash up them, into the main chamber of what appears to be a castle. They dash out of there and into what appears to be a cave, and they continue dashing towards the light of the entrance. Outside the cave is a beach with a motorboat. The visual runs toward it, and sand can now be heard crunching under the footsteps. The footsteps stop, and the visual bounces up and forward towards the boat. Feet coming in contact with metal is heard, and the visual momentarily recoils downwards momentarily. Turning around and panning up, it shows a volcano above the cave opening, smoke streaming up from and ash and small rocks being thrown out of its crater. A motor starting up is heard. The visual pans down to the boat's motor, which has its cord being pulled repeatedly by the gloved hands. Eventually, it starts, and the visual turns around to show the front of the boat zooming across the ocean. Then the sound of the volcano erupting is heard, followed shortly by a large impact sound, and then the visual shakes before going black. Nothing is seen or heard for a moment.]

Voice: "oi.... OI!!!!"

[The visual goes from black to showing a clear blue sky with a few clouds and seagulls passing by. The sound of small waves crashing against the sand can be heard. My face suddenly leans down over the visual.]

Yamato: "Daijoubu?"

[The visual turns to show my whole body. The visual quickly backs away, but a thudding sound is heard. The visual turns to show the hull of the boat, then it pans up and looks down at the boat's interior, which contains a large rock. The visual turns back to me.]

Yamato: "Ee? Dousita?" [Snaps fingers and widens eyes.] "Sou ka! Ore wo oboette ne?"

[The visual slightly pans up and down, like a head nodding.]

Yamato: [Crosses arms and closes eyes.] "Hontou da yo..." [Turns head and scratches upper-lip.] "Mae ga iru hito kono ore wa Poketto Monsutaa Kuronikuruzu (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=18956) no chosha" [Opens eyes and looks toward visual.] "Yuumeina Yamato da ze!" [Turns to visual.] "Tokorode, kimi no na wa ee?" [Gapes and stares down. Points finger forward.] "Nan da sore wa!?"

[Gloved hands hold up the old manuscript from the cathedral. The hands wipe away some dust on it to reveal text on the front saying]



Yamato: [Grabs manuscript away and stares at it momentarily, then turns head to the visual.] Temee doko de mitsuketta ka? [Glances at manuscript again.] Kore ga ore no himitsu demo [Turns again to visual and shouts.] Naze koko ni!!?

[The visual backs away slightly.]

Yamato: [Tilts head.] Kimi wakaranai ne? [Sighs.] OK, Ive practiced enough for the day in the event that you happened to understand all that, howd I do? Be honest? Am I getting a better grasp on the language? Well? [Looks back at the manuscript in hand.] Oh, right. [Puts hand over mouth and coughs.] If you didnt understand all that, basically I introduced myself, but you know me, right? The author of Pocket Monsters Chronicles (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=18956), the great Yamato. I wouldve also said you appear to have been knocked unconscious by that big volcanic rock over there [Points finger slightly to the side of the visual.]

[The visual turns to look at the rock in the boat again. Visual turns back to me.]

Yamato: But uh. I didnt know enough words to describe that in Japanese. Anyway, where the hell did you find this thing? [Holds up manuscript and points at it.] I thought it wouldve been safely hidden in the old cathedral in the basement of the buried castle underneath Forbidden Island please dont ask how the hell I got it over there in one piece and yet here I see you carrying it around. [Holds manuscript up toward the visual, where a gloved hand grabs it before going down. I fold my arms, look down, and forcefully exhale. I look up at the visual again.] So youre probably wondering what that is, right?

[The visual nods up and down.]

Yamato: As you may have heard, before I revised Pocket Monsters Chronicles to a scripted format, I was under the assumption that Serebii didnt allow any scripts whatsoever. For a while, I wrote PMC as a narrative, and it wasnt until 30 chapters down the line that I discovered scripts are acceptable, so long as theyre well-done. [Points finger forward.] What you hold in your hands is that old version.

[The visual looks down at the title of the manuscript, which is still being held by a gloved hand. It looks back up at me.]

Yamato: Read it if youre that interested, but I must warn you, its pretty different from the version of PMC youre used to, quite a bit of the content Im pretty embarrassed about today. The most obvious thing being that its not scripted, and youll see the horrors that arise when I attempt a narrative. But thats not the only thing I changed when I revised. No, I decided to take it upon myself to touch up several things I felt wrong with the plot while I was at it.

[The visual tilts.]

Yamato: Like what you may ask? Well, for one thing, I felt it was rushed as hell. I was trying to immediately get over to the cool stuff that happens later on, thereby living little to no character development. Hiro started his journey in, what I think, was a very stupid and cheap manner. Speaking of which, Hiro suddenly becomes a pro at Pokemon battling, you could almost call him a Gary Stu. There were also several characters that ended up being useless as hell, one of which being a cameo character from the anime that my brother wanted to join Hiro in his original plans.

[I walk over to sit on the edge of the boat. The visual turns to me and lowers.]

Yamato: And, like most anime fans, I went through a phase where I found randomly spouting Japanese words in English sentences to be cool, plus some of my knowledge of Japanese wasnt near as accurate as it is today. Not only did I use random Japanese, but you know those How To Say It In Japanese notes on my current PMC chapters? In the old version, I didnt do that. Instead, I actually used the Japanese name, untranslated, in the writing. Speaking of Japanese names, several Pokemon names are written differently. This should be understandable, though, since there are several different ways to interpret Japanese spellings in English, and I apparently went through a lot of them. For example, Eevee, Eievui, Ibui, Ivi, E.V., its all the same thing. The only difference is that my current method of writing the name, Eievui, more closely resembles the English spelling of the Japanese name that supposedly appeared in various official sources.

[The visual nods up and down.]

Yamato: Another thing worth pointing out you know how I said that PMC exists in its own continuity but has some anime references and similarities with the world in Toshihiro Onos Dengeki Pikachu manga? Well, back in the old version, it wasnt like this. Instead, the storyline tried being consistent with the animes plot as best as it could. I personally found it was more trouble than its worth, so Im just saying its its own continuity now. Oddly enough, in the old version, Sakura wasnt out on a journey like the anime, and shes still older than the anime portrays her to be, seeing as Hiros still 14 years old in this and hes supposed to be the youngest of the siblings. Also, it still borrowed some elements from Dengeki Pikachu, not the least of which being the holographic Pokemon Encyclopedia.

[I put my hand up to my chin.]

Yamato: What else was there. [Takes hand off chin and holds up finger.] Oh yeah [Puts down finger.] Even though its not a script, I still attempted making the descriptions seem very anime-like. in fact, as I keep saying, this was intended to be a doujinshi, and my descriptions actually tried to describe manga pages. If there was supposed to be a little text box in a panel describing the location, Id describe it as a little text box with the following text. At one point, I also described an arrow pointing to an object and scribbled text saying something about it. However, these manga bits dont pop up too often, but they are there.

[I reach over toward the visual and grab the manuscript, which I flip through.]

Yamato: The first three chapters are mostly my brothers fault. He attempted the doujinshi thing. Id actually consider it a crudely-drawn, non-colored web comic done in pencil, but anyway he drew up pages for the first three chapters, and when he wasnt able to scan them, I took it upon myself to get the story out there by writing a fanfic. Lazy ole me decided to, for the most part, adapt these comic pages, with only alterations to the dialogue, since my brothers horrid when it comes to grammar, and just a couple added scenes here or there to make it seem less rushed than it already was. My brother eventually walked out on the thing altogether and gave me permission to do what I wanted to the story he partially planned the setting of. He just requested that I write in a couple important events he wanted to occur, like the appearance of his favorite Pokemon, and the introduction of a certain villain, and some of the Pokemon he wanted Hiro to catch, and everything else progressing until the end of the storyline could all be my own material. Anyway, with this in mind, chapters 4 and up are all my doing.

[I hand the manuscript toward the visual.]

Yamato: So. do you still plan to read this abomination? Or should I once again lock it away in the depths of hell?

May 22nd, 2005, 7:52 PM
[The gloved hands grab the manuscript from me and opens to the first page.]

Yamato: [Smirks.] So youre that curious after all, eh? OK then. Just remember, I said my Japanese knowledge wasnt as accurate in those days, so dont take some of the notes to heart. Yes, it is spelt as konnichiha, but the ha is pronounced wa, kinda working like a sentence particle there. Japanese grunts and other onomatopoeia arent very accurate compared to today neither. Also, as you mayve heard, its been confirmed that Kentas dub name is Jimmy, but of course, this name chart was written when it was believed his English name was Yoshi. And yes, this is almost purely adapted from my brothers comic pages, about the only thing I did add was Hiro sitting down and talking with his grandfather. As weak as it may seem, I still found it to be an improvement over what the comic had. In there, Hiros sisters just come up after Eievui started liking him, suggest Hiro start his journey, and get on the phone to set up an appointment. as if you should even need an appointment to get a trainers license. And just a little fun fact, but the comic had a scene where Hiro tried to nickname Eievui Inuyasha, after his favorite anime. But considering he doesnt stick with that nickname anyway, and if he did itd be really awkward to have the main Pokemon named after a popular character, I decided to ditch that scene. As you can see, with that nickname and a fan-made Digimon within the first chapter, my brother seemed to really like using cameos. Anyway, do go on, and be sure to keep your sanity in constant check.

-Enju City=Ecruteak City
-the 'Kyoudai' in Kimono Kyoudai translates to Sisters, so Kimono Sisters
-Pokemon Zukan=Pokedex
-Monster Ball=Pokeball
-Speed Star=Swift
-Kenta=Yoshi (yes, this is the same guy from the Crystal Raikou special)
-Wakaba Town=Newbark Town

-In Japan, students are required to wear uniforms much like the ones that were described. You'll see these all the time in anime.
-Japan has many suffixes said after a name. -kun is used to indicate someone being a boy or someone as a close male friend.
-Rather than students changing classes each period, the teachers are the ones who walk to different classes. In between these periods, students are free to walk around the class to converse with eachother or play around a bit.
-At the beginning of every period, students are lead by the class president to make a perfect greeting bow to the teacher in unison.
-The family name comes first and the common name comes last, so it's Kimono Hiro instead of Hiro Kimono.
-despite popular belief, it's 'konnichiha', not 'konnichiwa', however, the 'h' sounds alot like a 'w'.
-jii-san means grandfather.


A boy with black hair pointing out from his yellow cap, shorts, and a red jacket walks up to a hill with a Magmarashi trailing behind him. From his point, he's able to overlook a large city.
"Finally, we made it to Enju City." says the boy.
The scene shifts to inside a classroom, where we see a black-haired teacher in glasses lecturing on Pokemon training, he's currently talking about feeding Poroks to increase Pokemon qualities for contests. All the students are in Japanese school uniforms, boys in gray suits, girls in sailor uniforms with long blue skirts. One particular student, a boy with short purple hair, is sitting with a book on Pokemon training propped up and opened in front of him, but unbeknownst to the teacher, he's actually reading a manga hidden in that book's pages. This manga involves a cute blue raptor creature with 2 black and red striped horns on the back of his head in some kind of battle (inside joke: this is Shimamon. Shimamon is a fanmade Digimon of my brother's). The teacher notices he's doing this and thwacks him on the head with a ruler.
"Pay attention, Hiro-kun! You need to know this if you want to become a Pokemon trainer."
"I keep saying I'm not interested!"
The teacher is pretty steamed up with the boy, but looks at the clock.
"I need to go. This period's ending. See you tomorrow, students."

The teacher leaves the room, leaving all the students to have their free time before the next teacher comes in. Hiro picks up his manga again and resumes reading it. A blond boy goes up to Hiro to converse with him.
"Hey Hiro, why aren't you interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer?"
Hiro puts down his manga for a minute.
"I don't know, Chris-kun. I personally don't want to leave on some journey. I like it here in Enju. I'd prefer just staying here to help out my sisters. Besides, I'm 13 now, people are usually bugged to leave for their journey by the age of 10."
"That's only for trainers who only went through the basics of Pokemon training in school. By staying around longer, you get to learn more in-depth stuff. I'm one of those who decided to go that path. You do realize you get to take a temporary trainer's leave from school, right?"
"Yeah. I plan to leave in about a week. If you want, I can show you my Pokemon after school."
Suddenly, the literature teacher comes in. He's a gray-haired man who looks to be in his 50s. After all the students are back to their seats, they all stand up and bow to him.
"Thank you" says the teacher.
"Today, I want all of you to write me a little essay about you and your family."
Hiro pulls a sheet of paper and a pen out from his desk and starts writing. As Hiro does this, he begins to narate.

"My name is Kimono Hiro." You see a picture of Hiro in his casual dress, which is jeans and a baggy white sweater with a purple zigzag pattern at the end of each sleave.
"I live in a Shinto shrine with my grandfather, who's a priest there. I have no parents because they're both deceased, but it's alright with me because I was very young when it happened, so I never knew them that well, and my grandfather seems to be a fine guardian for me." A scene with an old man splashing pure water onto the stone walkway to a shine. The man is in priest's robes, his long gray hair tied up in a ponytail, and he has a shaggy beard that goes down to the bottom of his neck.
"I also live with 5 older sisters. Not many people believe me when I say this, but they're the Kimono Kyoudai, the 5 famous dancers who wear traditional kimonos on stage and perform with Ibui evolutions." We're treated to another picture with 5 girls, each standing next to the five Ibui evolutions, Showers, Thunders, Booster, Eefi, and Blackie. Just as Hiro finishes this last part of the naration, a ruler comes crashing down on his desk.

"Uwaaa!!" shouts a surprised Hiro.
"What is this bull****?" says the teacher. It's revealed to us that Hiro's narration was in fact what he was writing on the paper.
"I will not believe for a second that you're the younger sibling to the Kimono Kyoudai" continues the teacher.
"But.... but I'm telling the truth..." says Hiro.
"Impossible. I know everything about them, I've been to every single one of those lovely girls' shows!" As the teacher says this, a ton of the students stare at him, and most of the girls have a disgusted look on their faces, and a murmer can be heard about him being a pervert. The teacher coughs into his hand.
"I mean, I'm a fan of Ibui evolutions" the teacher tries to correct himself.
"Anyway Hiro, I don't want you to write me a paper full of a bunch of lies, understand me?"
An annoyed Hiro holds up his fist, closes his eyes, clenches his teeth, and has a big X vein popping out of his forehead. In cartooney anime style, Hiro's head grows very huge and yells "THEY'RE NOT LIES YOU PERVERT!" to a now frightened teacher.
Hiro's head goes back to normal size and he storms out of the room. Hiro's then seen walking down a street with his arms crossed behind his head. He sighs.
"No one ever believes me about my sisters. I live here my whole life, my sisters are heard of by everyone, but not a single person could take note of me."
Notices a little girl with a pet Purin walking by her side. The Purin has a bow on its head.
"Perhaps I should consider Pokemon training, maybe I should get away from here."
As he's saying this, he feels something rub up against his leg, causing him to trip onto his face.
"****" he swears as he tries getting up. He looks back to see an Ibui behind him, likely the cause for his tripping just now. The Ibui runs up to be in front of Hiro's face. It has a very sweet smile on it as it closes its eyes and says "bui..."
"Well you're pretty cute" Hiro says as he scratches under its chin. Suddenly, the Ibui bites his finger. Hiro's eyes widen and he clenches his teeth, then you see the view of the city as you hear a "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hiro walks up to his home to find his grandfather coming out of the house.
"Huh? Hiro, you're home pretty early" says the grandfather.
"Konnichiha, Jii-san. I'm sorry, but I'd rather not talk about that" replies Hiro.
"Ah, I understand. Hiro, before you go into the house, I think I should warn you that a stray Pokemon wandered in there."
"I tried to get the thing out, but it's very resiliant."
Hiro holds granpa's broom as he slides open his bedroom door to see.....
"WHAAAAAAATTT!!!!!!??? YOU?!" Hiro sees that the Ibui from earlier managed to dash over here before he could. Hiro tries swinging the broom at the Ibui to shoo it away, but it keeps jumping out of the way of the broom. Eventually it jumps on top of Hiro's shoulder and starts nuzzling his face. Hiro lets out an agitated sigh.
"You are very wierd."
Hiro suddenly thinks back to what he said earlier, "Perhaps I should consider Pokemon training, maybe I should get away from here", and his eyes moves towards the Pokemon that's affectionately rubbing up against his face. He walks out of the house, he's changed into his casual dress now, puts on his wooden sandles by the door, and goes up to his grandfather with the Ibui on his shoulder.

His grandfather says "You... you befriended that thing?"
"Yeah. I met the thing earlier. It must've been so passionate towards me that it followed my scent to my bedroom."
"I see."
"Hey, Jii-san, I need to talk to you about something."
"What is it?"
"I... I want to leave on a trainer journey."
"Eh? Why'd you so suddenly change your mind?"
"I thought I liked it here with you guys, but the fact is, I only get pestered by everyone, because no one believes who my sisters are. I've just been thinking that maybe travelling away from this place would be nice for me, and I think I just found the Pokemon who could accompany me in it." Hiro points to the Ibui.
"So you want to journey? Hehe, you wouldn't believe how proud this makes me. I've never been a Pokemon battler myself, but I do admire them. Your sisters only danced with their Pokemon, they got my hopes up when they first got their Pokemon, but you, I'm finally getting a battler out of one of my grandchildren. Please, by all means, go register."
"Arigatou, Jii-san." Hiro changes back into his shoes and runs over to the Enju City Pokemon Center. He goes in and finds the registration counter. The woman there gives him a Pokemon's trainer test. Hiro, despite having ignored most Pokemon classes, managed to pass the test and get his trainer's license approved.
The woman notices the Ibui and says "Oh, I see you already have a Pokemon. Usually, we just give trainers a starter of some kind, but if you manage to get a Pokemon on your own before even becoming a trainer, you get a good start on your trainer ranking. Ibui are also pretty rare, I'd rank that specimen at B-rank at least. Congratulations on having such a good start."
"Wow!" Hiro awes. The counter lady hands Hiro a small handheld computer and six small red and white balls, all attached to a belt.
"Here, each new trainer is given a Pokemon Zukan to look up data on certain Pokemon. We also give 5 Monster Balls to catch new Pokemon with. As soon as you run out, though, you have to buy some more with your own money."
"Thank you" Hiro replies.
"So, are you gonna put your Pokemon in one of those Monster Balls?" The lady points to Ibui and Hiro looks at it.
"Actually, I'm kinda used to it following me. It seems to like me alot." Hiro walks out of the Pokemon Center after he says this. On his way home, he runs into Chris.
"Hey, Hiro." Says Chris.
"Hello. Hey, Chris, about me walking out of school, well, after I...."
"It's alright. I realize you couldn't put up with the teacher not believing you."
"That's not what I was going to say...."
"School's over, so would you like to see my Pokemon now?" Chris says as he takes a Monster Ball off his belt, and he's about to throw it when he notices an Ibui trailing behind Hiro, and that he's wearing a trainer's belt.

"What? You did become a trainer afterall?" Says the astonished Chris.
"That's what I was trying to tell you. After I ran out of class, I realized I don't want to stay here and go on a trainer afterall, and this Ibui here just happened to come up to me." says Hiro.
"Wow, that's amazing. Having your starter Pokemon find you sounds pretty nice, but this one's pretty nice too. They were only giving this one out to a few trainers, and I was one of the lucky ones." Chris says as he tosses a Monster Ball and an Airmudo comes out.
"Wow. I wish I had such a cool Pokemonl." As Hiro says this, Ibui takes it as an insult and starts nibbling on his head. "gyaaaa~~~~!"
"Magmarashi, Speed Star!" That boy and his Magmarashi from earlier seemingly appear out of nowhere. Magmarashi shoots a stream of tiny stars at the Ibui, knocking it off of Hiro's head and onto the ground. Hiro runs to it and picks it up.
"Ibui! Are you OK?"
"I'm sorry, judging from the way it was biting you, I assumed it was wild" says the boy.
"Hey, who are you?" asks Hiro.
"My name is Kenta, I come all the way from Wakaba Town. Who are you?" asks the boy.
"I'm Chris, and his name's Hiro" says Chris.
"Nice to meet you" says Kenta.
"You too. Chris and I are beginner trainers" says Hiro.
"Hey, I just realized, if we're both beginners, maybe we should leave together" says Chris.
"Good idea. How about you Kenta, would you like to tag along?" asks Hiro.
"Nah, I'm doing fine by myself so far." replies Kenta.
"Then would you at least stay for our farewell party next week?" asks Hiro
"I love parties. I guess I'll stay. I heard the gym leader here is very strong, so I'll need to spend a while training anyway."
"Glad to hear that, Kenta."
One week later, there's a party at Hiro's home with him, his sisters and grandfather, Chris, and Kenta. Hiro's being honored for becomming a trainer and for being ready to leave for his journey. The party starts off with Hiro's sisters setting off party poppers. After some eating and drinking, one of Hiro's sisters comes up to him. This sister has wavy blue hair.
"So Hiro, what do you plan to evolve your Ibui into? Is it gonna be a nice Booster?"
"No," interrupts a sister with pink hair and 2 pony tails at her side, "He should evolve it to an Eefi"
Eventually, all 5 sisters jump into a cartoony fight dust cloud where you hear shouts of "Blackie!", "Showers!", "Thunders!", "Booster!", "Eefi!", and Hiro just watches on as he gets a giant sweatdrop behind his forehead.


May 22nd, 2005, 7:53 PM
Yamato: In Pocket Monsters Chronicles, Legendary Pokemon are referred to as gods, similar to how they were in the Japanese version of the second movie. As I said earlier, the storyline was trying to tie in with the anime here, but my brother also tried to make it tie in with a scene in the games. It could still work out if you make this scenario take place shortly before Satoshi reaches Jouto, which is where he sees a Suikun roaming freely. Watching the legendary beasts awaken didnt seem to have any bearing on the story as a whole, since even if Hiro encounters them later on, theres no reason they couldnt have just been free the whole time, thus the reason I ditched it in the revision. Anyway, with this chapter, you see a reason Hiro has for starting his journey off in Wakaba Town. but it is a whole lot different, and seemingly stupid, compared to the revised version, which involved some antics between Hiro and Chris that I found very funny. [Laughs.] For that matter, Chris therefore had a bigger role in the revision, another major improvement I think I did from this.

-Officer Junsa=Officer Jenny
-Utsugi-hakase=Professor Elm

-'Itadakimasu' is said as gratitude for the food before eating, and 'gochisousama' is said after eating.
-Sashimi is strips of beef or some other kind of meat.
-'Yatta' is a Japanese expression exclamating stuff like "I did it!" and stuff like that.


Inside Hiro's house, we see Hiro and his family sitting at a table with tons of food on it. Everybody claps their hands together and say "Itadakimasu!" and start eating. In a corner of the room, we see Hiro's and his sisters' Pokemon eating out of dog bowls on the ground. Hiro takes a large helping of sashimi and ramen and starts slurping it up using his chopsticks.
"So, you're leaving for your journey today, Hiro?" asks Satsuki, the sister with wavy light blue hair.
"Hmm.... yeah. I'm gonna be meeting with Chris as soon as I'm done eating." says Hiro with his mouth full.
"You're gonna make lots of friends in far-off places and build up a large array of Pokemon for battle. Oh that sounds like such fun!" says Sumomo, the sister with bobbed brown hair.
"Speaking of friends, I wonder if Hiro will meet that one 'special friend'," Tamao, the sister with long purple hair says as she nudges Hiro with her elbow, an evil smirk on her face. When Hiro hears this, he nearly chokes on his ramen, taps his chest with his fist, and takes a tall sip of water before he breathes out a heavy tuft of air.
"Tamao, you need to stop going into personal matters like that" says Sakura, the sister with pink hair ponytailed on each end of her head.
"Hehe, sorry, sorry" replies Tamao, eyes closed and smiling as she waves her hand up and down.
"You alright, Hiro?" asks Koume, the sister with wavy dark green hair.
"Yeah" replies Hiro. Hiro finishes the last of his meal, puts down his plate and chopsticks, and says "Gochisousama. If you don't mind, I gotta get ready."
Hiro calls Ibui as soon as it's done eating. As he's loading his backpack, he notices the outside.
"It's foggy today, how odd."
"Yes, it's really strange. In the last week, we've been having some wierd weather. First there was the lightning storm, and then that heatwave," says grandpa.
"What do you think might be causing it?" asks Koume.
"If you'll remember, shortly before these events, someone's been vandalizing the sacred tower. The gods are angry." replies grandpa.
"Who do you think would do such a thing?" asks Sakura.
"Maybe I can go check it out. The old burnt tower's just on the edge of town, I can pass by as I'm leaving." says Hiro.
"You shouldn't bother, the police are checking it out, and they'd hate you getting in the way," says grandpa.

Hiro finishes putting on his shoes by the door and exits the house. As he's walking down the stone pathway, we see him and his family waving their goodbyes to eachother. In the next scene, we see Hiro walking with Chris up to the burnt tower, which has a bunch of police signs around it.
"Hiro, are you sure we should be doing this?" asks Chris.
"Yeah. You want to find out what's causing this, right?" asks Hiro.
"I think I'll just wait here for you. Be careful."
"I will." replies Hiro as he lifts up the police tape, ducks behind a car, and dashes into the tower with Ibui. As Hiro does this, we see one last scene of Chris looking up at a Yorunozuku perched on a branch. When Hiro enters, he's shocked at all the ink markings, potato chip bags, and soda cans everywhere. Ibui tries nudging one of the wrappers with its paw. Hiro hears someone coming so he grabs Ibui by his back fur and runs into the basement. Ibui's set down, and he stumbles a bit dizzily, and Hiro sees statues of 3 giant dogs covered in ink markings. He goes up to one of the statues and notices all the mist is pouring out of its open mouth. This statue has a very slim body compared to the other 2, tufts of fur down its back, and a diamond shaped horn on its forehead.
"Is what Jii-san said true? Are these statues really angry?"
"Hey, stop right there!" a voice comes from up the stairs, startling Hiro. We see Officer Junsa descending the stairs, and Ibui's sniffing the ground.
"So you're the one who's been vandalizing this place?" she says.
"N... no... I was just curious so...." stutters Hiro.
"...so you sneaked in here, into a police investigation area?" Junsa finishes his sentence. Hiro nods.
"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to get into your way!" pleads Hiro.
"I'm afraid I'm still gonna have to take you in. Sneaking into areas like this is still a violation of the law and.... huh? What?" Junsa notices Ibui sniffing the ground.

"I think he's on the trail of the culprit." says Hiro.
"That's impossible. Our entire team of Guardie couldn't even find it." replies Junsa.
Ibui stops sniffing and looks at a zigzag marking made of blue ink. It growls at a part of the zigzag and rams into the wall.
"Ibui, what are you doing? What?" Hiro's startled to see part of the wall move and turn into a Chacleon that just had the wind knocked out of it.
"So that's what's been causing this the whole time?!" shouts Junsa. "I'm gonna call back-up to send me a cage."
"Wait Junsa! I'm a Pokemon trainer, so let me catch it!" says Hiro.
Junsa looks at him for a second and says "By all means, help get rid of it. If you can, I'll drop your charges for sneaking in here."
"Thank you, Junsa. Go Ibui, use Taiatari!" commands Hiro.
Ibui rams into the Chacleon again. Chacleon removes a box of markers from its mouth, takes out a black one, and draws a glasses and moustache pattern on Ibui's face. Then it camouflages. Ibui's confused, but Hiro notices the blue zigzag stripe left behind.
"Ibui, attack the moving stripe. Use Kamitsuku!" he commands.
Ibui bites the moving zigzag and Chacleon reappears screaming and turning his color black (side note: Chacleon's special ability is to changes its color based on its type, which depends on the last attack to hit it. Kamitsuku's a Dark attack, so it turned black).
Hiro pulls out a Monster Ball from under his belt and tosses it at Chacleon. Chacleon becomes imprissoned, the ball wobbles a bit, but then it stops.
Hiro starts grinning and runs up to the ball shouting "YATTA! I caught my first Pokemon."
Hiro picks up the ball, shrinks it to a marble-size, and puts it back on his belt. Junsa picks up one of the potato chip bags.
"Good job, kid. Hmm... that Chacleon, it came from the Houen continent, and these potato chips and this cola, they're distributed from a company in Houen" she notes.
"Oh, so the Chacleon must've snuck aboard a shipment going over to here, snuck out some food, and hid here. But what explains the markers?" asks Hiro.
"Who knows. It must've found a lost case full of them on the ground." answers Junsa.
"So, what about this mess?" asks Hiro.
"Don't worry. Being a famous landmark, the city will definitely take care of it."
Hiro goes over to look at the statue pouring out mist again. He observes it for a minute, and then, it cracks, causing Hiro to jump back.

"Officer Junsa, the statue, it... it cracked!"
Junsa goes over to the statue to take a look at it, and she notices that blood is leaking out of the crack.
"What the hell is happening?" asks Junsa.
Suddenly, all 3 statues produce cracks all over their bodies, each of them bleeding out of the cracks. Eventually, 3 beasts shaped like the statue emerge out with blood on their bodies and dash out of the tower.
"What? Were... were those the gods my grandfather was referring to?" asks Hiro.
Screams are heard from above. Hiro, Ibui, and Junsa run out to see what happened. They just see some police officers shivering on the ground from the sight that passed them.
"You, did you see where those Pokemon came from?" asks a voice. Hiro looks around to see Utsugi-hakase, the famous researcher from Wakaba Town.
Hiro replies "Yes. I saw everything. Let me show you where it happened."
In the next scene, Hiro, Ibui, Junsa, and Utsugi are standing before the rubble that the 3 beasts came from.
"So it's true. These Pokemon have been imprisoned in stone all these years" says Utsugi as he picks up one of the bloody pieces of stone.
"Utsugi-hakase, what were those things, and why were they bleeding?" asks Hiro.
"Those were Raikou, Entei, Suikun, the 3 gods created by Houou many millenia ago. According to legend, there was a great battle between all the gods at some point, and these 3 got imprissoned after sustaining bloody injuries" explained Utsugi.
"Cool" awed Hiro.
"You're a beginning trainer, am I correct?" asked Utsugi.
"Eh? Yes.. yes I am" replied Hiro.
"To pay you back for explaining what I missed, how about I take you back to my laboratory with me. Wakaba Town is said to be one of the most perfect places for beginner trainers because the wild Pokemon around the area are weak. Would you like to go there?" asked Utsugi.
"Really? Thank you so much" said a gracious Hiro.
"My plane leaves tomorrow at noon. I hope you can make it."
"I'll be sure to" replies Hiro.
Utsugi-hakase leaves the tower. Hiro's about to leave too until Junsa tells him "Hey kid, I appreciate your help with ridding of that Chacleon!"
"Hehe, no problem."
"But, I kinda feel bad for you being stuck with such a rebellious Pokemon."
"I'm a trainer, and Pokemon obey their masters." Hiro takes Chacleon out of its ball. "See" he says before Chacleon almost immediately scribbles all over his face with a marker. Hiro gets a giant anime sweat drop.
"Chacleon, stop it" but Chacleon still scribbles. Hiro recalls it to its Monster Ball.
"Good luck raising such a thing" says Junsa.
"Thank you" says Hiro as he leaves.

Hiro's now at the registration counter in the Pokemon Center. The woman there says "Wow, you're pretty impressive. You see that blue zigzag on your Chacleon. That means it's a shiny Pokemon, a very rare type of Pokemon with a color different from the rest of its species. And this is your very first capture?"
"Being a shiny Pokemon, I'm gonna give this an S ran..." the counter lady's saying until Chacleon suddenly marks all over her face.
"I mean, it's a D rank."
"WHAT!?!?" says a shocked Hiro.
"Shiny or not, this thing is too **** disobedient. In fact, the fact that it is shiny is the only thing saving it from an E ranking" replies the lady.
At another counter, a man's saying "Congratulations, sir! Your Yorunozuku is a very fine specimen. So powerful and obedient, and you say you just caught it?"
"Yes." Chris is talking with the guy at the other counter.
"Wow, this is so great, it deserves an A rank!"
"Thank you very much." Chris puts Yorunozuku back in his ball. Hiro's head lowers with gloomy wavy lines over him after hearing that Chris got an A rank for a very common Pokemon while he got D for a shiny.
"So you're leaving for Wakaba Town, eh?" says Chris, who's now outside, talking with Hiro as the sun sets.
"Yes, tomorrow at noon."
"I guess this is where we part ways, then, huh?"
"Yes, it is. I hope we cross paths sometime during our journey."
"I do as well. For now though, sayounara" Chris says as he walks away.
"Bai bai, Chris-kun" Hiro waves as he walks in the other direction with Ibui at his side.


May 22nd, 2005, 7:54 PM
Yamato: In case you ask, yes, my brother intended for Hiros Kakureon to have the anime Purins trait of scribbling on peoples faces. I thought having Kakureon carry markers under its tongue all the time was a bit much, and it seemed rather unoriginal to copy Purins trait, so I just made Kakureon a simple trouble-maker in the revision. This works considering, unlike Purin who was mad at those who fell asleep during its song, Kakureon had no reason for scribbling other than to cause trouble, so I figured he could drop the markers and still have such an impulsive personality.

[I stand up from the side of the boat, put both hands behind my head, and lay down on the sand with my head against the boats hull.]

Yamato: I started doing the storyline myself starting with chapter 4, but by the end of this chapter, I feel I made a pretty major change concerning Kiryuu, who at this point in the old version is simply the unnamed, talking Kimori. Even though my brother drew those pages and made up the setting for the main plot, Kiryuu is entirely my character, thus why I prefer him so much. Way back when, he told me how he planned to have more talking Pokemon appear in Rocket Gang throughout the story, Pokemon who were apparently influenced by the animes Nyaasu. I suggested a recurring talking Pokemon character, one who could provide serious dialogue from a Pokemons perspective as opposed to the wasted opportunity in a comic-relief type of character that is Nyaasu. At first, I suggested Bashamo, or Blaziken, because I thought itd look cool talking. He turned that idea down, then I remembered how cool Satoshis Kimori was, and how it could manage to provide serious dialogue. He approved that idea, but I get the feeling he was gonna reduce my character to a one-shot instead of recurring, because by the end of chapter 3 in the comic, Hiros Kakureon defeated him, he got tied up and then sent to jail. I obviously changed that, though I still find his defeat looks pretty d*mn pathetic, but at least he stayed around for me to build on him in the story. The thing here is that I was intending to make Kiryuu just plain prideful, because I made it so Kimori are just a prideful species of Pokemon in general, and hed feel embarrassed when humans see a talking Pokemon and thus run away when hes unveiled. It later got through to my head that such a character would suck, so I really thought hard on how hed be like and what hed do throughout the series, and by the time of the revision, changed that airship scene according to how I changed his character. I now think hell end up being one of my most developed characters by the end of the story. He sure came a long way from a one-shot who goes to jail, didnt he?

Psyche Kousen=Psybeam
Night Head=Night Shade
Rocket Dan=Team Rocket
Yoshino City=Cherrygrove City

-'tachi' is a name suffix that indicates that a person has a group of other people with them. It's kinda equivalent to our 'and co.' phrase.
-'san' is a name suffix that's showing some respect for the person you're talking to.


Hiro and Ibui walk up to the Enju City gym.
"I have until tomorrow to leave for Wakaba Town. I might as well try my luck at this gym battle while I'm still here," Hiro states as he opens the door and walks in.
"Hello! Are you in here, Matsuda-san?!" Hiro shouts when he sees the gym desserted. He turns around and sees a Ghos, which startles him and causes him to fall over.
"I see you've got yourself an Ibui, just like your sisters before you." says a voice behind the Ghos. A man wearing a blue bandana and blond hair steps out from behind Ghos.
"But unlike your sisters, you plan to quest with your Pokemon. Correct, Kimono Hiro?"
Hiro gets up and replies "Yes, Matsuda-san."
A little naration box next to Matsuda states "Matsuda has known Hiro's grandfather through exorcism ceremonies at the burnt tower for years."
"It's about someone in your family did. Please, follow me" says Matsuda as his Ghos trails behind him.
Matsuda leads Hiro to a ring with a flag-wielding judge next to it.
"We'll hold our battle here. I must warn you, however, I'm a bit advanced for someone just starting like you. Do you still want to proceed?" Matsuda asks. Hiro just nods.
"Alright then. Under special gym rules, we'll use up to three Pokemon each. Are you ready?"
"I only have two Pokemon" Hiro mentions. Matsuda just falls over in a comedic anime style.
"Alright then, we'll just have to see how well your two stand up to my three. For my first Pokemon, I'll use Ghos!" The Ghos that had been following Matsuda earlier floats into battle.
"Alright, I will see if my two will hold out. Go Chacleon!" Hiro shouts as he throws a Monster Ball and releases Chacleon.

"So, your first catch was a shiny Pokemon? You're pretty impressive, Hiro." Hiro puts his hand behind his head and grins. "But you might've just gotten that through dumb luck. Let's see how this shiny Pokemon fares against Ghos!"
"Alright, we will. Chacleon, use Psyche Kousen!" Hiro commands. Chacleon, however, just sits there admiring the gym's scenery. It sees Ghos, takes a marker out from under its tongue, and goes up to scribble its face. However, Chacleon's hand just goes right through Ghos, and Chacleon closes his eyes and lets out a cartooney anime stream of tears because it can't scribble. Hiro, with a huge sweatdrop on his head, recalls Chacleon.
"So I see. While your Pokemon is extremely rare, it's as equally disobedient." Matsuda chuckles at this as Hiro mutters "Shut up".
"Alright, I guess all I can rely on now is Ibui. However, the only attack that will work on them is Kamitsuku. I guess if I have some chance, I'll use it anyway. Ibui, uses Kamitsuku!" Hiro commands as Ibui jumps into the ring and tries biting the Ghos continually. Ghos gets hit a few times, but most of the other times, it dodges.
"Your Ibui's too slow. I warned you not to challenge me this early. I guess I might as well finish this off now. Ghos, use Night Head!" Ghos lets out a wave of black energy that it shoots at Ibui, who collapses after being hit by it. The judge raises a flag and proclaims "Ibui's defeated!"
"****" curses Hiro.
"Heh, to be tooken out by one Night Head also means your Ibui's low on stamina. Hiro, don't battle me again until you've trained your Pokemon a little better." says Matsuda as he walks away.

Later, at a Pokemon Center, Ibui's put into recovery, but Hiro has to spend the night. Night passes, and Hiro's seen sleeping on the Pokemon Center's couch. He wakes up, gets Ibui back fully recovered, and walks over to the airport, where he sees Utsugi-hakase.
"Ah, Hiro, you're just in time" he says.
Hiro and Utsugi-hakase are now boarding a plane to Wakaba Town.
"Excuse me, sir, but you're going to have to put your Pokemon into its Monster Ball to board this plane." says a guy at the loading dock.
"Well, if I have to...." Hiro takes out an empty Monster Ball out and shoots a red beam from it at Ibui, but Ibui jumps away.
"I've heard about these types of Pokemon. They consider Monster Balls to be a tight space they don't want to be cramped in." states Utsugi.
"If it won't go in its Monster Ball, then what am I supposed to do with it?" asks Hiro.
In the next scene, we see Ibui in a pet carrier with a miserable frown on its face. As it's being loaded into the cargo hold, Ibui notices 3 figures, two large, one small, sneaking into the plane.
On the plane, Hiro sits next to Utsugi, holding the ball containing Chacleon. He discussed his problem with Utsugi about Chacleon's personality.
"Oh, just keep using it in battles a bit, it should grow on you after a while and obey you a bit."
Just as Utsugi says this, the 3 figures Ibui saw earlier run into the Hiro's section of the plane, the 2 tall ones, who appear to be wearing black uniforms with a big, red 'R' on the chests, pointing guns at everybody.
One of them shouts "Everybody, give us all your Pokemon and nobody gets hurt" as the other holds out a sack.
Everybody on board is screaming in terror, but they realize they have no choice but to throw their balls into the aisle. The short, migity figure that Ibui saw earlier is shrouded in a cloak so no one knows what he looks like. He walks back to the sack holder carrying all the Monster Balls and dropping them in, stating "We got quite a hefty haul this time around."
Hiro leans over to Utsugi and frightenly asks "Who... who are they?"
"They're members of Rocket Dan, a crime organization bent on stealing and controlling powerful Pokemon" answers Utsugi.
Unbeknownst to everyone, one Monster Ball rolled behind the Rocket Dan, and as they were running away, the sack-wielding member slipped on the marble-sized ball, dropping all the Monster Balls and causing the one he stepped on to crack, releasing the Pokemon within, Hiro's shiny Chacleon. The sack wielder shouts "****!", while the short one commands "Hurry, restrain that one!".

Both Rocket Dan members try to grab Chacleon, but Chacleon slips away, scribbles all over their faces, and wanders over to the Monster Balls, and curiously pokes their buttons, releasing all the Pokemon that were stolen earlier. The gun-wielder points his gun, but a Kirinriki shoots it out of his hand with a Psyche Kousen.
"Cha... Chacleon did something useful?" questions Hiro.
The short one says "Dammit, retreat while we still can!" The 2 taller members open a hatch and jump out with parachutes, but the short one, however, is being held back because Chacleon's dragging onto his cloak. As he's being held back, the trainers are walking over to retrieve the Monster Balls on the ground and recall their Pokemon. Hiro walks up to Chacleon, still pulling on the mysterious guy's cloak.
"You did a great job Chacleon. Shorty, prepare to be turne in" he says as he and a couple other trainers are about to grab it. The mysterious guy however, tears off his cloak and punches and kicks Hiro and the other trainers down. Hiro gets up and is shocked to see who was under the cloak. It was a Kimori wearing a parachute backpack.
The Kimori started speaking. "I'm not going anywhere" as it dashes to the open hatch. It gets an evil look at Chacleon. "Kid, I'll return one day to get my revenge on your Pokemon there" as he jumps out the door and pulls out his parachute.
Hiro shuts the hatch and asks Utsugi "Why was that Pokemon talking?"
Utsugi answers "It's been said that many Pokemon at the Rocket Dan base started suddenly speaking the human language, apparently inspired by some Nyaasu that began the trend. I didn't think those rumors were true. Boy, what a surprise that turned out to be."
Down in the cargo, Ibui's still grumbling because it's stuck in its cage, not doing a thing this whole time.
"Attention all passengers, our plane will now be landing in Yoshino City. Please be ready to depart" says the loud speaker.
The plane lands in an airport, and Hiro, Utsugi, and Ibui all get off the plane.


May 22nd, 2005, 7:56 PM
NOTE: If you only read the archives and don't keep up with the new chapters (I'm looking at you, Frostweaver), I highly advise you stop now to prevent spoilers.

Yamato: [Stands up and peers over at the battle descriptions in the opened manuscript. Covers face with hand.] Oh god, that was just horrid. [Pulls hand away.] I didnt feel right having everybody shout commands in a narrative form, so I figured Id just show the Pokemons actions and only show the trainers talking when they make an observation or something. Looking at it today just makes me sick. On top of that, I had Hiro defeating a team of mostly-evolved Pokemon with Pokemon that were still rather young and recently caught. Thats the same kind of crap the anime pulls all the time. The fact that Im using untranslated Japanese names may make it all the more difficult to read. I am so sorry for this one.

[The visual looks down at the sand. One of the gloved hands grabs a nearby stick and draws a picture in the sand. The picture resembles Mutou Yuugi from the anime/manga, Yu-gi-oh! The visual turns to look at me.]

Yamato: Huh? No, I was not influenced by that crappy Yu-gi-oh! dub, in fact, when I wrote this, I was fully aware that the storyline for Battle City was being screwed up by giving the pharaoh a false name that early on. I just knew, for a good while now, that in Japan, Hikari is a common girls name. I figured Yami, which has the opposite meaning, could also be someones name, so I could form a pun with it. It wasnt until later on that I discovered that Yami actually isnt used as a common name, if a name at all. In the revision, I just left these two characters, who are very minor anyway, unnamed. [Looks straight at the visual.] What, you dont believe me? You actually think 4kids, a company known for totally raping anything that comes from Japan, influenced me, a person whos very much interested in Japan and uses several elements from the country in his writing. [Crosses arms and leans head upwards.] Hah! [Leans head back down.] Dream on, bub!

-Suna Kake=Sand-Attack
-Denkousekka=Quick Attack
-Tosshin=Take Down
-Abo=Ekans (note: Like 'Ekans' is 'snake' backwards, 'Abo' spells 'boa' backwards when using the Japanese symbols 'a' and 'bo')
-Mizu Deppou=Water Gun
-Doku Bari=Poison Sting
-Kiai Dame=Focus Energy
-Denki Shock=Thundershock

-'arigatou' means 'thanks'.
-'nee-san' means 'big sister', and in case of future references, 'nii-san' means 'big brother'.
-'Hikari' means 'light', and 'Yami' means 'dark', so the brother and sister together form a pun.


Hiro is back in Yoshino City, sitting along a river bank holding a fishing pole, waiting for a bite while Ibui runs around on the shore. While waiting, we see a silent flashback of Utsugi driving Hiro to his lab in Wakaba Town. In the lab, we see him holding up a Pokegear and talking about it, then hands it to Hiro. He also takes the Monster Ball, the one that the Rocket Dan member cracked when he stepped on it, and hands him a new Monster Ball. We then see Hiro smiling with his mouth open, very thankful for the gifts. Cut back to the present, something's tugging on Hiro's line.
"Huh?" notices Hiro. Flashback again, Hiro's walking through the wilderness between Wakaba Town and Yoshino City. Suddenly, a fisherman comes up to him.
"Hey kid, are you on your way to Yoshino City?" he asks.
"Yeah" Hiro replies.
The fisherman hands him a fishing pole. "Here, take this. I found this old thing abandoned at the docks, and figured I'd give it away to some trainer such as yourself. Yoshino City has a river going through it, and with a pole, you can lure out a few Water-type Pokemon."
Hiro observes the fishing pole and stutterly says "A... arigatou..."
Back to the present, Hiro gets up, grabs his line, and pulls hard. Ibui stops running around and watches. Hiro keeps pulling, and a Tattsuu comes flying out of the water and landing on the ground. It flops for the bit, but then manages to stand on its fin.
"Tattsuu?" the thing's confused as to what's going on around it.
"Ibui, Taiatari!" Ibui rams into Tattsuu. Tattsuu finally understands it's under attack and fires a bubbly foam at Ibui. Some of the foam gets stuck to Ibui's feet and causes it to slow down. Ibui tries ramming into Tattsuu again but it hops out of the way.
"****, the bubbles slowed down Ibui, so now it can't hit Tattsuu. I got it, Ibui, use Suna Kake!"
Ibui kicks up a ton of sand that obscures the battle field. While Tattsuu's being cautious of where Ibui is, something hits it from behind, and before it could turn to see what it was, it gets sucked into something. The dust clears to reveal a Monster Ball wiggling and then stopping. Hiro picks up the Monster Ball and lets Tattsuu out. Tattsuu looks up to its new master and then to Ibui, which scares it for a moment, but then notices Ibui's smiling at it now. Tattsuu feels comfortable now and lets Hiro pick it up.

While Hiro's happy over his new capture, he hears someone scream in the distance. Hiro runs over to investigate and sees a scenery full of blackened cars and broken windows, and he sees the cause, a Mareep that's walking up to a little boy with a mean look in its eyes and sparks flying out of its wool.
"Oh my god. Ibui, save that boy using Denkousekka!"
Ibui instantly runs up to the boy and pushes him out of the way before the Mareep rams into Ibui, causing him to fly into the air and bounce off the ground a bit. Mareep turns to see Hiro. It begins scratching the ground with its left hoof and starts charging towards him.
"UWAAAAA!!!!" Hiro starts to run away from it.
"Dammit, what am I supposed to do?" He suddenly notices he's still holding Tattsuu. Hiro turns around and commands "Tattsuu, use Awa!" Tattsuu shoots out a stream of foam and causes Mareep to get stuck in it.
"MARIIIIIIIIPU!" it cries at it shoots a beam of electricity at Hiro, shocking him and instantly causing Tattsuu to faint. He recalls it into its Monster Ball.
"Mareep's slowed down, but it still has a long-distance attack. What should I do? Tattsuu's fainted and wouldn't stand a chance against its electrical element either way, I don't want to trust Chacleon, and Ibui's...." Hiro looks over to Ibui, still laying on the ground until he suddenly gets back up struggling to its feet.
"Yes, Ibui's still capable of fighting. Alright Ibui, try to endure the shock and use Tosshin." Ibui nods understandingly, runs up to Mareep at an incredible speed, and slams it hard enough to send out a few short-ranged shockwaves. Mareep collapses, and both the electricity and the recoil from the powerful attack causes Ibui to tumble back and faint.
Mareep's now struggling to get back up, and Hiro takes out a Monster Ball saying "I am not going to let you cause anymore havoc in this peaceful city. You are going to become tamed" as he tosses it at Mareep. Mareep becomes engulfed in the ball, the ball falls into Tattsuu's foam, wriggles a bit, and stops. The little boy from earlier gets up and runs away.

Hiro's now at the Pokemon Center and gets his Pokemon back after getting them all recovered. As he walks out, "Hey you, wait up," a woman with long straight black hair wearing a light blue summer dress stops him.
The little boy from earlier's following behind her, "That's him Nee-san. He's the boy who saved me earlier."
"My brother told me that you saved him from that troublesome Mareep earlier. You helped the whole town out by doing so, and I'd like to personally reward you" Hiro blushes.
The girl giggles, "No, not like that. I just thought you might be interesting in having a Trainer Battle with me."
"Alright, I accept." Hiro and the girl, her brother still following begin walking looking for a clearing of some kind. They start conversing
"So what's your name? Mine's Hikari, and that's Yami."
"I'm Hiro."
"Are you a travelling trainer?"
"Yes. I'm from Enju City, but I ended up on a plane to Wakaba Town. I'm still new to Pokemon raising, so a battle might be good."
"Well, I'm pretty impressed with you. You've got low-level Pokemon and you still managed to take out that Mareep."
"Hey, exactly how long has that thing starting causing trouble?"
"It wandered in here from the wild about two weeks?"
Hiro gapes "WHAT?! You mean to say no one caught that thing that whole time?"
"We tried, even the city's more powerful trainers made an attempt, however, whenever Mareep was low on health, it'd run away. No one ever considered slowing it down. By the way, my brother told me you slowed it down with a Tattsuu. Water vs. lightning, you must be some risky trainer."
"Well, I remember when I first captured it in battle, its bubbles slowed down Ibui. I figured I'd just use Tattsuu for that one attack only."
"That was some nice thinking. Ah, here's a good spot" Hikari stops at a clearing in the middle of a park.
"How many Pokemon do you have?"
"Mareep was my 4th."

"Alright then, let's have a 4 on 4 battle. Ready, go!" She throws out a Monster Ball that releases a Abo, and Hiro releases Tattsuu.
Abo uses Makitsuku and constricts Tattsuu, but Tattsuu squirts it in the face with Mizu Deppou, causing Abo to let it go. Abo tries using Kamitsuku to bite it, but it jumps out of the way and uses Enmaku and forms a cloud of black smoke, obscuring Abo's vision. However, Abo uses Doku Bari, shoots out a stream of purple needles and scores a perfect hit on Tattsuu, and Tattsuu slumps down a bit due to the poison taking effect.
Hikari says "You fool, that won't work. Snakes can feel vibrations in the ground and can easily tell where your Pokemon is, no matter how blind it becomes. Abo, finish it off!"
Abo leaps out of the smoke, whirls around, and uses Tataki Tsukeru, smacking Tattsuu away with its tail. Tattsuu faints and gets recalled.
"Ibui, your turn." Ibui runs in and uses Tosshin, knocking Abo to the ground and knocks Ibui back a bit. Abo faints and is switched in for a Kortoise. Kortoise is commanded to use Overheat, so it glows a bright firey red and rams into Ibui. Ibui manages to hang on and uses Suna Kake and begins kicking up sand, but Kortoise blows it away with its steam.
"Lowering its stats doesn't seem to work. In that case, I'll just raise Ibui's stats." Ibui is told to use Kiai Dame, so Ibui just sits there focusing. While it does that, Kortoise uses Smog and shoots a stream of gray smoke at Ibui, but it dodges and it uses Denkousekka and rams into Kortoise at a quick speed and with a hard blow that sends Kortoise tumbling. It gets recalled and Hikari calls out Ootachi. Ibui is tired from the previous two opponents, and Ootachi finishes it off with Kirisaku. Hiro runs over to pick Ibui up and hold it.
"Hey Hiro, why don't you try showing me the Mareep you just caught. I always wanted to have a battle with that thing." Hiro gives in to Hikari's request and releases Mareep. Ootachi is told to use Taiatari, tries ramming into Mareep, but while it only does a small bit of damage to Mareep, Ootachi gets a huge shock from coming in contact with Mareep's sparking fur and is shot backwards. Mareep finishes it off with a Denki Shock, which sends a jolt of electricity at Ootachi and causes it to faint.

"Wow, what power. But power still can't stand up to elemental matches" exclaims Hikari as she releases a Saidon. Saidon uses Jishin, stomping on the ground causing waves, one wave knocking Mareep up into the air and causing it to drop, that being all it took to knock Mareep out. Mareep is recalled, but Hiro's a bit hesitant to release his final Pokemon.
"What's wrong?"
"I... I don't know if I should send out my last Pokemon..."
"If you don't, you'll have to be forced to forfeit the battle."
"I guess I have no choice. Go, Chacleon!"
The shiny blue-striped Chacleon comes out and Hikari just stares at it for a moment.
"Now what's wrong with this Pokemon?"
"Just watch."
Chacleon looks up at Saidon, removes a set of markers from under its tongue, jumps up to Saidon's face, and begins scribbling doodles all over it. Chacleon jumps away and Saidon's puzzled for a moment. It then hears Hikari screaming behind it, turns around and sees Chacleon scribbling all over her face as well. Saidon lets out a roar and starts charging towards Chacleon. Hikari jumps out of the way, and Chacleon looks on. When it realizes it's being threatened, it uses Psyche Kousen, a colorful rainbow beam shot out of its mouth, and knocks out Saidon. It then walks over to the fainted Pokemon and begins scribbling on its side and tail.
Hikari looks at it "Your Chacleon is very strange..." as she recalls her Saidon.
"And it's disobedient" says Hiro. He notices Chacleon charging towards him with marker in hand now that it doesn't have Saidon to draw on anymore and immediately recalls it, "...that's why I was so hesitant."
"Well, you should be proud of it this time. It just won you the battle."
Yami is sitting on the side of the battle field and says "Hikari, it's getting late."
"Oh, you're right, I better get back home. Hiro, good luck on your journey" Hikari says as she runs off with Yami.
Hiro looks at Chacleon's Monster Ball, then closes his eyes and gets a sweatdrop on his head. "I may have won my first battle, but it was mainly finished out of pure amusement from this little guy, not my strategy at all," Ibui, still in his arms, looks up at him as he slips Chacleon's ball back onto his belt.
"Come on Ibui, we need to take another trip to the Pokemon Center."


May 22nd, 2005, 8:08 PM
[My hands creep up to the manuscript and slam it shut.]

Yamato: "You only read my revision before this, haven't you? So you have no clue what happens next. I really wouldn't want the plot being spoiled for you, especially if you're seeing it for the first time in such a badly-written style, so I forbid you to read any further." [Pulls manuscript away.] "I'll give this back to you when I post more of the revision. Besides, I think you've tortured yourself enough so far, you need a break. Until then...." [Walks away and holds up hand.] "Jaa!"