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January 18th, 2004, 9:26 PM
Yep, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction. It takes place after Sonic Battle.

Disclaimer: This story contains spoilers for many Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Sonic & Knuckles. Do not read if you do not wish to ruin these games endings. Also I am not affiliated in any way with SEGA, Sonic Team, or any other company that is associated with Sonic the Hedgehog.

A massive hurricane is heading towards Station Square and it is currently over a deserted island off the coast. On this island is the current base of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who is also known as Dr. Eggman due to the egg-like shape of his body. His new base is still under construction and is about two thirds complete. It is spherical, sticking out of the ground and going all the way up to the top of the sole mountain on the island. The base is massive, about half the size of Space Colony Ark. Eggmans main control room is at the top of the base and it is where he is currently at.

I cant believe all my recent plans have been so disastrous! I have even had to help that wretched Sonic out. My new Death Egg and Final Egg Blaster mysteriously self-destructed, the Gizoid is missing, Metal Sonic stole my Egg Fleet and got half of it destroyed, and worst of all I still never got to use my true secret weapon! Eggman complained to himself, But luckily it wont fail. The world will soon be mine! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

There is a sudden large noise and Eggman turns around to see a giant hole in the roof of the control room. Then five large silhouettes hover in and land in front of Eggman. Three of them have spikes coming out of their heads and our somewhat human-shaped. One of them is short and bulky, another, tall and skinny, and the last is in between the other two. The other two figures are human-shaped, but are larger then normal humans and one has thick legs and arms.

What is this? Inquired Eggman, Who are you and what do you want? How dare you break into my headquarters like that?

We have come, said the mild height, spiked head robot, To make a deal.

ooo, suspense.. More coming soon!

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Umm thanks for the comment though you should try to have more than one word in a post...

Chapter 1: The Storm Approaches

The edge of the storm has reached Angel Island, which is floating off the coast of the Mystic Ruins. On it rests the shrine of the Master Emerald, where Knuckles and Tikal guard the Master Emerald.

This storm is very bad Tikal sighed.

A storm usually means something bad is going to happen. Knuckles said.

What do you mean?
When on the Egg Carrier, right before Chaoss attack there was a storm, and on Eggmans fleet of ships there was a storm before Metal Sonic transformed

You and your friends overcame all of those troubles right?

Yeah, but the storms werent this bad. Knuckles said as he stared at the oncoming storm.

Chao Chao! A Chao called as it flew over holding a sparkling gem.

Is that? Knuckles wondered as the Chao drew closer.

A Chaos Emerald! Tikal exclaimed as the Chao dropped the yellow Chaos Emerald into her hand. Where did it get it from?

I think I know Knuckles said as he noticed a puddle of water in the direction the Chao came from.

Chaos? Tikal said also noticing the puddle, But he only comes out when.You may be right Knuckles, this storm is bad

Meanwhile, Station Square is getting ready for the oncoming hurricane. People everywhere are boarding up windows and getting ready to evacuate. The wind is starting to pick up as well. Even Amy and Cream are getting ready to leave.

This is the last one, Amy says while pounding in the final nail using her Piko Piko Hammer.

And Cheese and I have everything packed up, Cream replied.

Amy Chao Chao Cheese added.

So were all ready! Lets go to Casino Park! It would be a good place to stay and have fun while the hurricane hits! Amy said cheerfully.

Yeah, I sure did have fun last time. And hopefully there wont be any of Eggmans robots there. Cream said somewhat anxiously.

Dont worry. We got rid of them all last time, Amy said as a Taxi pulled up. Then Cream, Cheese and her got in and it sped off towards their casino vacation.

January 19th, 2004, 7:36 PM
ji_ji_rachi, don't do that again that is clarly spam, and a waste of time and space.....

Shadow, your fan-fic seems very well put together with the prologue explaing whats going on ahead of time before going straight in the story, thats always good and Chapter 1 dousn't disapoint either. Its freshing seeing a sonic-type fan-fic, and I hope to see more.

January 20th, 2004, 1:04 PM
Thanks LiquidThunder! Time for Chapter 2, it's not as long as Chapter 1 though...

Chapter 2: Silver Sonic Appears

Sonic is up on Amys roof watching the taxi leave the city.

Heh heh, I can enjoy a little Amy-free vacation until the storm hits. He remarked.
VACATION TERMINATED, a monotonous robot voice said. Sonic turns around to see a grey robot that looks similar to him land on the roof behind him. The main differences are that it has guns for fingers, it only has 3 spikes which are all in a single row, and is shorter and more bulky then Sonic himself. It is completely grey, except for its dull orange eyes and its red feet. It raises its hands and fires bullets at Sonic who easily jumps to dodge them. Then the robots spikes spin and it curls into a ball and moves across the ground towards Sonic (slower then Sonic can of course) and jumps into the air, but Sonic dodges this. The robot clone uncurls in mid-air and Sonic kicks it to the ground, creating a small crater on the neighbors roof.

I remember you now, Sonic said while landing on Amys roof. Youre that hunk of junk from the Death Egg right?


Cant talk well can you? Sonic said starting to charge towards it. A slow badnik from the junk pile doesnt deserve the name Sonic!

Silver Sonic fires more bullets but Sonic dodges them and rams Silver Sonic knocking him towards the edge of the roof. Silver Sonics hands glow and combine with each other to form a giant laser cannon.

ACTIVATE POWER LASER, Silver Sonic said as he fired a large blue laser towards Sonic.

What the? Sonic manages to say before the laser hits him knocking him off the building onto the back of a parked 16-Wheeler. Silver Sonic hovers down onto the truck on the end opposite where Sonic is laying.


January 20th, 2004, 1:25 PM
Woah, thats pretty intense, it would be great if it showed something like that on Sonic X, it dousn't really mater how long it is, as long as it has interest, great chapter all around again Shadow.

January 26th, 2004, 8:40 PM
Sorry I haven't replied in a bit. I've been doing my sprite comic and I've been neglecting to reinstall Word after I crashed my computer. I should be able to add to it tomorrow though...

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I beleave tommorow has passed :P just kidding, but please keep writing if you have the time its still very good.