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June 4th, 2005, 7:20 PM
Hi all! I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and I decided to write my own fanfic:
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order. Shortly after I began writing I decided to make a game to follow the story, as I'm also a fan of fan-games. Here is the story so far:

After the death of the Sith Lords, Darth Sidious (Senator/ Emperor Palatine) and Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), The only Jedi/Sith Knight alive was the son of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker. Skywalker restarted the Jedi tradition by taking his sister, Princess Leia Orgona, now Leia Solos two children, Padme, named after Leias biological mother, and Bail, named after Leias Stepfather, Senator Bail Orgona, who perished in the destruction of the planet Alderan, as his own Jedi apprentices. They each took their own apprentices once their training was done and soon the New Jedi Order had risen. Luke Skywalker took another apprentice, Carl Evans.
But on a mission to Dxun, a moon of the planet Onderon, Evans stumbled upon a sith monument, re-constructed from the remains of Sith Lord Freedon Nadds grave destroyed by another Sith Exar Kun, 3000 years ago. Evans became enticed by the monument, and was corrupted to the Dark Side. During the stay on Dxun, He killed his master in his sleep, the Sith had risen again
Chapter 1
Jedi Master, Rikku-Strife, and his apprentice, Leon Aeris, were making their way to the planet Tatooine, to attend a funeral service for the former leader of the Jedi Council, Luke Skywalker. Did you know Skywalker, master? Leon asked as they made their descent onto Tatooine.
No, but my master, Bail Solo, was his former apprentice. He was quite a good master. Hes actually taking over as leader of the Jedi Council today. Rikku replied. The funeral was taking place in Mos Eisley, where Luke grew up. All the Jedi not on important missions would be there, as would the only living veteran of the battle for Vavin, Wedge Antilles, Lukes best friend Han Solo, accompanied by his new wife, Leia. The funeral was taking place in Mos Eisley, where Luke grew up. All the Jedi not on important missions would be there, as would the only living veteran of the battle for Vavin, Wedge Antilles, Lukes best friend Han Solo, accompanied by his new wife, Leia.
The Jedi exited the Jedi transport from Coruscant and walked the short distance to the Mos Eisley arena, where the ceremony would be taking place.
When they arrived, they found the Jedi Council standing in a row, with Bail Solo standing on a podium in the middle, looking very sad. On the left side of the Jedi council was a weeping Leia Solo, being comforted by Han. On the right, was Wedge Antilles, with no expression on his face.
Shortly the ceremony began, Bail Solo was the first to speak, then Leia, followed by Han and Wedge. Another apprentice of Skywalkers, and Jedi Council member, Theron Leven stepped up. He opened his mouth to say something, but as he was about to speak, there was a loud BANG!
There was smoke everywhere people were coughing. Someone had thrown a smoke grenade; Rikku and Leon rushed to the front. There were half a dozen Gamorreans, 2 metre tall pig like creatures wielding axes, attacking the members of the Jedi Council, and a giant Mantellian Savrip, standing 4 metres tall, the Savrip had a dinosaur like face, and was grasping an unconscious Theron Leven in his gigantic hand.
Immediately, Rikku ignited a Purple lightsaber, while Leon ignited a blue one. Rikku cut through a Gamorreans axe and severed the head of the wielder. He then moved for the Mantellian Savrip, which 2 other Council members where already fighting.
Behind him Rikku! He heard Bail shout. Rikku rolled between the legs of the Savrip and executed an amazing force jump. He sunk his lightsaber into the shoulder blade of the Savrip, and it let out a roar that shook the arena. It seemed the Savrip had taken enough damage, because it started sprinting, with enormous speed, to an enormous sleek black spacecraft. Rikku could not keep up so foraged in his bag for a tracker, and through it at the ship it connected and stuck to it as the Savrip boarded and the entry hatch closed.
Chapter 2
Rikku had been called to the Jedi temple by the council for a meeting. He made his way up with a turbo lift and entered the council chamber. All the seats were filled except for Theron Levens. Bail started the meeting.
Rikku we have called you here to congratulate you on your excellent performance in Mos Eisley. Thanks to your quick thinking we have been able to track the ship Theron was kidnapped in to the Sith planet Iridonia. Which leads us to believe Carl Evans has something to do with it.
Thank you master. Rikku replied, relieved he wasnt here for a bad reason.
We also offer you, if you are willing to take it, a seat on the Jedi Council. Bail said, gesturing to the empty seat. I would be honoured master! Rikku said, overjoyed. Very well. You will begin work for the council tomorrow by travelling with your apprentice to Iridonia in hope of finding Theron Leven.
I will inform Leon immediately. Rikku said bowing. He exited the chamber to look for Leon in the living quarters. When he did not find him he dialled his number on his Commn-unit.
Master? Leons voice, slightly distorted, was played through the Commn.
Leon I have been to see the Council. He paused I now have a place on the Council. You will face the trials to become a Jedi Knight after one last mission together.
Thats great master! Leon replied. What is the mission?
Come to the living quarters, I will meet you there.
Rikku shut off his Commn-Link. In a couple of minutes the doors to the living quarters slid open and Leon entered.
Congratulations master! Said Leon enthusiastically.
Thank you, Leon. Rikku replied. Our last mission is to take place tomorrow. We believe Carl Evans is holding Theron Leven on Iridonia. Our mission is to find him and take Evans into custody. Rikku explained.
Iridonia Leon said thoughtfully. The Sith planet?
Exactly, we leave tomorrow. Be ready by 6:00 to be briefed by the council.

Chapter 3
Leon awoke very early the next morning to prepare for the 3-hour trip to Iridonia. He packed many food capsules and tracking devices. They would dress as Sith Cult members, as many others would be on the evil planet. When he was ready, he met Rikku at the Council Chamber, to be given a full briefing.
Bail greeted them with a small smile. Master Rikku, Leon, we have arranged a ship for you. Wedge Antilles will be the pilot, he knows the area well. He will meet you at the landing platform. The last known area of Theron was at a secret meeting place for the Sith Cult, Bane Warriors. The meeting place is the abandoned Senate room, a few miles east of the spaceport you will be landing at. Once you find Theron or Evans, contact the council immediately.
They left the chamber in a hurry and made their way to the spaceport. Wedge approached them and told them their ship was ready to leave. They would stowaway on a cargo ship Wedge was piloting to Iridonia.

I know that was a bit of a read :confused: but i hope you liked it. Now with the game. You can choose to play as either, Rikku, Leon, Carl, or Theron, each with their own set of missions. I will use a cbs, cms, a lightsaber building system ( For the Jedi, they will eventually have their lightsabers destroyed) and a force system. I will need: Starwars chipsets, if you have charasets I would be greatfull if I could use them, and consstructive critiscim. Could you please tell me how to screenshot as well, pics coming soon.

By the way I'm also working on a POKe'Game!!!

June 4th, 2005, 7:22 PM
ehm....wrong section bud....(gay 25 minimum)

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Instead off this being in gam e development it should be in fan fiction right?

June 5th, 2005, 2:18 AM
Yeah, this is in the wrong place. I think it belongs in Other Writing since there is only a Pokemon Fan Fiction section so...


June 5th, 2005, 11:58 PM
I'm making a game if ud actually read it!!!!!!!!!

June 6th, 2005, 1:00 AM
One thing, unless you are planning to go in a completely different stroy direction. Leia Organa had two children, twin boy and girl. Their names were Jaina and Jacen, and later had a thrid, a boy called Anakin Solo.

June 6th, 2005, 8:49 AM
Nice Fanfic. But as Murpheos pointed out, the names XD

June 7th, 2005, 8:41 AM
It is good, but you might wan't to think about making the chapters longer.

The Dark Jedi
June 9th, 2005, 8:26 AM
nice story u shouldsighn up forstarwars.com fanclub of story writing ^^

June 11th, 2005, 4:36 AM
I hoep you will coninue the story soon, oh and I noticed one thing: Try to make a empty line before making a new chapter, and Make the "Chapter x" be bold


June 12th, 2005, 8:58 PM
k thanx 4 the comments i no the real names as well but thanks anyway i just wanted to be different, and the spacing is because it was originaly on word

June 13th, 2005, 5:22 PM
I'm making a game if ud actually read it!!!!!!!!!

Nice story, and good luck on the game

June 15th, 2005, 2:24 AM
K thanx but i discontinued it to make my POKe'Game if u no could u tell me how 2 take screenies on rm2k3?

June 21st, 2005, 4:26 PM
Press Print Screen and then paste it onto word. The screen should be there. Note: Print Screen takes a pic of the whole comp so you might want to have program on full screen