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June 9th, 2005, 7:07 PM
The Trainer Diaries: Adventures on Pokemon Island

Somewhere in Kanto, 8:30 AM


It all started simply enough--I was crawling around my room, picking the various items they lay scattered all over the place. As well as the typical items you'd find in a teen's room, my room has a few other things inside it too--cameras, film canisters and small photo albums. You see, I'm an avid photographer, and nothing is too large or too small for me to take a picture of it--whether the subject is just a Butterfree outside my window, or Master Ash stepping outside the Pokemon League to address a standing room only crowd.

My camera has taken me to places near and far, allowed me to meet more famous people that most people will ever meet in a lifetime, and won me countless awards and recognition. But little did I know, it was about to take me on my biggest assignment yet.

So here I was, cleaning my room on a typical summer morning--and still in my pajamas, no less. The floor was now relatively clean at this point, so then I decided to polish the trophies in my awards cabinet. Just seeing the glint of gold and silver made my heart swell with pride--Photographer of the Year, 2002, Best in Show, last year's Young Photographer contest. Out of all my ribbons and trophies, those two trophies were the ones I was the most proud of to have. So it was no surprise that I always polished them first when it came time for me to polish my trophies.

I had just started to dust off my Best in Show trophy when I heard the phone ring in the kitchen, followed by my mom answering it. "Hello? Oh, good morning, Professor...mm-hmm...yes...he's right here." I then heard her call, "Todd! Telephone!" which caused me to drop the feather duster and nearly drop the trophy. "What is it?" I called back as I hurriedly put the trophy back in the awards cabinet where it belonged.

"Prof. Oak's on the phone..." Mom explained. "He wants to ask you a favor."

"Coming!" At this, I bolted down the stairs and snatched up the phone from Mom's hand. "Hello?"

"Hello there!" Prof. Oak started. I smiled...talking to the professor was an experience in itself. No wonder people came from miles around to partake of his vast knowledge of Pokemon, but today he had some business in mind. "I've joined up with the other professors of the world to write a special report on the famous Pokemon Island..."

"Pokemon Island? You mean, THE Pokemon Island?" I was shocked. Pokemon Island, I was told, was home to a fantastic array of Pokemon, where they could roam in their natural habitats, free from capture. In fact, the only way to catch them was to catch them on film.

"Yes, Todd, THE Pokemon Island." Prof. Oak replied. "I've heard about your superb skill with a camera, so I was hoping you come join Master Ash and me on the island and take pictures for the report. Think you're up to the task?"

"Of course! I'd love to!" I blurted. I was psyched--I had wanted to go see Pokemon Island ever since I was little, and thanks to Professor Oak, my dream was finally coming true! I said my goodbyes to the professor and dashed upstairs to get packed for my adventure.

After throwing on a purple striped shirt and some shorts, I hauled out my suitcases and began throwing in mounds of clothes, toiletries, and anything else I felt I needed for the assignment. Once the bag of necessities was packed, I rounded up some comics, a few novals, and my CD player to take in my carry on bag. I saved the camera bag for last--I certainly didn't want to have to buy a new camera or run out of film on a remote island, so the cameras and the extra film were going in their own bag.

Once I had finished packing, I trooped downstairs with my luggage, where Mom stood, ready to load them in the car...

Pokemon Island, 8:30 PM


Prof. Oak met me at the airport and took me to his private beach house, where he, Ash, and I were staying. I tried to catch a little sleep as we drove along, but the moon shining in my face made that rather difficult.

After a while, we came to a stop by the house--a simple one story town house with a front porch. A small table and few chairs stood nearby the entryway...but it wasn't the house that caught my interest at that moment--I was more interested in observing the Ponyta that stood off in the distance, watching the waves with its rider.

I had taken plenty of pictures of Ponytas before--some with their riders, and some without a rider--but this Ponyta looked dramatically different from most Ponytas I'd seen.

It wore a sparkling saddle blanket decorated in the colors of the three leagues--red for Kanto, blue for Johto, and yellow for Houen--The way the moon shone upon it made tiny flicks of red, blue, and yellow go dancing across the sand.

But even more impressive than the Ponyta was its rider. How could I not forget how magnificent Master Ash looked like in full ceremonial costume after all the pictures I had taken of him?

He wore a sparkling jacket that had the same colors and patterns as his mount's tack, which covered a white shirt. Some sparkling black pants completed the look. Even more amazing, the very emblem of the Pokemon Master--the Pokemon Sword--was at his side, resting in a sheath studded in rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The words 'Machite na Pokemon'--"Pokemon Master" in the Mew language--was embroidered in a swirling white script that was woven into the jewel inlay work.

I unzipped my camera bag and knelt down into the sand in preparation to get a shot of the ethereal spectacle--until I heard Ash whisper to the Ponyta "A****u, Epona!"--which I figured meant "Come on, Epona!" in Mew. With that, the Ponyta obediently trotted closer to me until both of them were in the viewfinder. Once I was happy with the placement, I pressed the shutter, capturing His Masterness in all his glory on film.

The Ponyta, meanwhile, seemed more interested in my carry-on bag, and it wasn't too long before it found the apples I was saving for a snack. Now what was I going to have if my planned snack was becoming dinner for a Ponyta?

Just before the Ponyta could help itself to the remaining apples, Ash gave the reins a light tug. "No, Epona...those are not for you." He then whispered "Hut!", and galloped off towards the house. I ran to keep up as best I could, but I knew full well that human feet were no match for a galloping Ponyta.

"Well, Ash...did you enjoy your ride?" Prof. Oak asked as Ash dismounted Epona and led her off to a stable not to far away from the house. Ash gave an affirmative nod, then disappeared back behind the house. "I hope you got a picture, Todd..." he began.

"I did, Professor." I replied as I climbed onto the porch and made myself comfortable on the swinging loveseat. "I've never seen Ash on horseback before..."

"He is quite a sight to behold when riding..." the professor smiled. "You must be tired from the trip here, so why don't you make yourself at home?"

"I think I will..." I replied as I climbed off the loveseat and strolled into the house. The cold tile of the kitchen felt refreshing to my aching feet, but I took a moment to stretch before continuing upstairs to a bedroom. Both beds looked the same-each with a plaid comforter on top of fresh white sheets--but the bed on the left was the one I assumed Ash was sleeping in, judging from the array of his belongings adorning the both the nightstand nearby and the hat stand by the closet. Sure enough, Ash walked over to the closet and changed into his night clothes. I soon followed suit, and climbed into the right bed. The ocean breeze drifting in the window was enough to send me off to sleep...

Pokemon Island, 8:00 AM

"Good morning!" Prof. Oak called from the kitchen table as I trooped downstairs the next morning. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah..." I yawned as I grabbed a piece of toast from the counter. It appeared that the professor and Ash had already eaten breakfast, so I just chose a place overlooking the beach to enjoy my breakfast.

"Well, come with me, and I'll show you your vehicle for your assignment." Prof. Oak smiled, motioning for me to follow him into a back room.

The room smelled a bit dusty, and papers were literally scattered all over the place--falling out of cabinets, in file folders, on a desk to the left of the doorway, piled on top of a PC...every object in the room had paper on it--except for a small yellow jeep-like vehicle in the center of the room. The top part of the vehicle resembled a jeep, but instead of wheels, it had tank treads on the bottom. The passenger area didn't look too comfortable either...it looked like one person could sit comfortably inside, but two people?

"This is my newest invention, the Zero-One transport." Prof. Oak explained as I climbed into the passenger's seat. "Don't let its size fool you--it's actually nice and roomy for two people."

"This is where I come in..." Ash smiled as he climbed into the driver's seat and turned the key, making Zero-One hum to life. "Just consider me your guide and driver for your assignment." I sighed, relieved. Since Ash was going to be driving, I could focus on my part of the mission: taking pictures. I sat and waited as Ash told Prof. Oak, "Set our course for Sunshine Beach...We'll be back around lunchtime." I held my camera close as we disappeared into a teleporter...

June 9th, 2005, 7:23 PM
Hm... Very interesting. Ash, a car driver? I thought they might have ridden a charazard or something. 9/10 Good Job. ( all though, I'm not good writer myself, your work enspires me)

June 9th, 2005, 7:28 PM
Actually, the fic is based on Pokemon Snap, but I figured Todd would need a guide and someone to drive Zero-one so he could take the pictures...so Ash was my choice.

Thanks for reviewing!

June 9th, 2005, 8:22 PM
Interesting Ash being a pokemaster would be a good choice

June 10th, 2005, 5:40 AM
I've always wondered what the life of a Pokemon Master would be like, so whenever Ash appears on his own to interact with original characters, I make him the Master

June 15th, 2005, 12:13 PM
Sunshine Beach, 8:10 AM


The morning sun was already high over the surf by the time we arrived at Sunshine Beach. As I sat in my seat and watched the surf glitter with sunshine, I felt like taking a picture of it, at least until Ash gave me a concerned glance. "What's the matter? Aren't you saving your film for Pokemon?"

"I am...I just want to get a shot of the sun shining on the water first." I assured Ash as I pressed the shutter.

"Now...are we ready to move on?" Ash asked. I gave an affirmative nod, and with that, we sped off across the sand.

Sunshine Beach, 8:15 AM

For a while, we didn't see too many Pokemon...at least until I saw a few Pidgeys roosting in some palm trees. They appeared to be sleeping, so I figured one shot of them wouldn't hurt. I motioned for Ash to slow down as we approached the palm trees, buying me time to ready the camera.

The flash of the camera must have scared the Pidgey, because no sooner had I snapped the picture, three of them began to swoop down at Zero-One! Before long, Ash was yelping in pain as the Pidgeys fluttered about him, angrily pecking him and squawking a warning cry. "All right! We're leaving!" I assured the Pidgey as we sped away, but I could hear them squawking in the distance as we whirred across the sand.

"That was a close one..." Ash sighed as he tended to the various scratch and beak marks that decorated his hands and arms, making him look like a picture drawn by a young child.

"I'll say...I agreed as I snapped a Doduo running in the distance nearby the surf. "Those Pidgeys probably didn't like the camera, I guess." With that, I leaned over the right side in an attempt to snap some Krabbys that were scuttling across the sand, obviously trying to follow us. Then, I heard a familiar squeak difting across the sand. "Pikachu....Pikachu......Pikachu...." Piqued, I glanced towards the Krabby's burrow off in the distance, and saw a group of Pikachus huddled together in the sand, nibbling on some fruit and chattering to each other. There were three in all: one that looked larger than the other two, one that was slightly smaller than the first one, and one that was significantly smaller than the others. I assumed the largest was the father, and the smallest one was not quite fully grown.

Ash noticed my enamored smile and stopped before where the family of Pikachus were. "Photo op?"

"Yeah...in fact..." I paused to point out a pink surfboard with a thunderbolt pattern on it embedded in the sand. "Try luring one of them onto that surfboard."

"All right..." and Ash heaved an apple towards the smallest Pikachu. I watched as he approached the apple, sniffed it, and then decided to call its parents over. The mother Pikachu took a bite and practically jumped for joy!

"Try making a trail!" I suggested. Ash just reached for a few more apples and heaved them into the sand. The young Pikachu, not surprisingly, began to follow the trail until it had climbed on top of the surfboard. I couldn't resist laughing as I snapped the little guy doing all kinds of cute surfing poses, much to the delight of his parents.

"Aren't they cute?" Ash smiled as we drove off.

"Yeah..." I smiled as I heard the Pikachus laughing in the distance. After pausing to snap some Lapras in the surf and some Butterfrees gathered around patches of wildflowers, I turned to look in Ash's direction. There appeared to be a grassy plain overlooking the beach, but what caught my interest was a pile of rustling twigs and leaves. "Hey Ash..."

"What?" Ash slowed Zero-One down enough to take a look at the rustling leaves and smiled. "I think a Pokemon's hiding there, but there's only one way to find out..." With that, he reached for a bright rainbow colored ball and tossed it into the grass, dousing the rustling leaves in tiny purple spores. No sooner had he done that, did a green mantis Pokemon leap from the grass! "Scyther!" he screeched, slicing the air with his claws.

"Just what did you throw to lure out the Scyther?" I asked, all the while snapping the Scyther's war dance among the plain.

"That was a Pester Ball." Ash explained as we drove on towards some mossy cliffs. "When thrown, they make a puff of purple spores, which drives Pokemon into the open. The spores taste and look like salt, which many Pokemon don't like."

"I see...: I explained as I snapped a flock of Wingulls circling above us...until I noticed a huge mass of teal and cream blocking the path ahead. "Uh oh...how are we going to pass this guy?"


Ash made a face as he brought Zero-One to a halt before the dozing Snorlax. "For one thing, food won't wake them up...so let's try this." With that, he heaved another Pester Ball at the Snorlax, coloring its massive stomach purple. The Snorlax, interested in the powdery spores, decided to taste them--and was surprisingly pleased by the salty taste!

"Well, he must like salt..." I laughed as I snapped the Snorlax eating. "The next question is: How do we get him off the path?"

"Maybe he'd like a little music while he dines on his Pester Spores?" Ash joked as he reached for a brown instrument slightly longer than a recorder--a Pokeflute...or rather, one of Ash's many Pokeflutes. I had always heard that he loved collecting Pokeflutes, so important guests were told to bring a flute for him whenever they came to visit the League.

Just seeing the instrument brought back memories for me too--my first and only attempt at playing the Pokeflute in the third grade. Despite our teacher's bravest attempts to teach us to play, the resulting noise sounded more like a Meowth fight than music. But I took comfort in knowing that Ash sounded MUCH better than the squeaks and groans of 28 kids trying to play.

"Earth to Todd..." Ash waving a hand in front of me suddenly snapped me back to reality. "Ready to snap?"

"Okay..." I readied my camera and snapped as Ash started a slow and relaxing air, causing the Snorlax to yawn and lumber off towards the cliffs, granting us passage. But one question burned in my mind: During the song, Ash appeared to be wobbling his fingers on the fingerholes--but why? With that thought in mind, I lightly nudged Ash. "Um..."

"What?" Ash asked as he slowed down enough for me to snap a passing Meowth romping in the sand.

"Why did your fingers wiggle on the Pokeflute like that?" I asked.


"It's a trick the pros use..." Ash replied as we rounded a curve towards a couple of rock formations. "It creates a vibrato effect, but it's subtle enough that you don't hear the vibrato unless you're blowing rather hard, like I was." He paused to toss some food to a curious Eevee, then continued. "A Pokeflute's similar to a saxophone in that how hard you blow determines how loud your note will be. So, it takes some practice to develop good breath control and good vibrato. Which reminds me..." and he began to play a rousing dance tune, making both the Eevee and a passing Chansey dance with joy. Not only that, but the Kangaskhan, Taillows, and Roselias on my side were dancing too!

After getting some shots of each of the dancing Pokemon, I noticed that the "Low on Film" light on my camera was flashing. "Ash...I'm running low on film, so let's head for home." Ash gave a affirmative nod as he concluded his song, then dialed Prof. Oak's communicator frequency. "Ruby to Master Jewel...Sapphire and I are coming home." No sooner had he said that, did a teleporter appear in the sand...

Oak's Beach House, 12:15 PM

"Professor! We're back!" I smiled as Ash parked Zero One.

"Perfect timing, you two!" the professor smiled as I climbed out of Zero One and stretched. "I was about to have lunch without you!" He gestured to three plates on the kitchen table, each one with a steaming hot grilled cheese sandwich on it.

"Am I starved!" I cried as I took a huge bite of my sandwich, causing Ash and the professor to laugh.

June 24th, 2005, 6:49 AM
Oak's Beach House, 3:00 PM



After we had rested and had lunch, I decided to show some of our pictures to the Professor. After developing the film, I brought the pictures into the lab, just in time to see Professor Oak organizing his work area. Zero One was parked in a corner with a cover draped over it, probably to shield it from the afternoon sun.

Just then, Prof. Oak saw me standing by his desk. "Oh, Todd! I didn't see you there! What can I do for you?

"Could you take a look at some of the pictures we took this morning? I asked as I offered the pictures to him. "I want to know which ones would be suitable for the report."

"All right, then..." Prof. Oak minimized the e-mail he had been writing and took the pictures from me. He studied the picture of the Pidgey attacking Ash first. I heard him chuckle a little at Ash's panicked expression. "Poor Ash...this would be perfect for a humorous shot!"

[Pidgey score: 2000]

"I didn't know they would do that when I took the picture!" I explained as Oak looked at the Doduo shot next. "You got him a little off center here..."
"He was running, so he does look slightly blurry." I explained as Prof. Oak set the picture aside.

[Doduo score: 1600]

Next, Prof. Oak looked at the running Krabby shot. "Look at that! These Krabbys probably were interested in you..." he laughed, but his smile got even larger when he saw the surfing Pikachu in the next picture. "This one's very nice! Creative, too..."

"I just saw the surfboard and suggested that Ash make a trail." I laughed. "The little Pikachu looked like he was having fun!"

[Krabby score: 1200]

[Surfing Pikachu bonus: 500]

[Total Pikachu score: 4500]

"Oh...yes...very nice..." Prof. Oak ruffled through the various Lapras and Butterfree shots. "I'm surprised you didn't get the Lapras a little closer..." he began. "but the Butterfrees are cute."

"They were pretty far out in the surf, so that was the best I could do." I sighed.

[Lapras score: 800]

[Butterfree score: 2400]

Prof. Oak laughed a bit at the Meowth in the next picture. "He looks like he was enjoying chasing that Pidgey in the background." he smiled.

[Meowth score: 2500]

"Wow!" the professor gasped when he saw the Scyther. "Lovely battle pose here..." His expression changed to a smile when he saw the Snorlax and various Pokemon dancing. "Master Ash must've serenaded them, right?"

"Oh he did!" I laughed. "If the pictures look a bit jittery, that's probably because I was trying not to dance myself!" We both laughed at this as Prof. Oak marked off the last of the pictures and set them aside.

[Gotta Dance bonus-500]

[Snorlax score-3500]

[Kangaskhan score-3000]

[Taillow score-3000]

[Roselia score-3500]

[Eevee score-2000]

[Chansey score-2300]

"What's so funny?" Ash asked as he walked in the room, piqued by our laughter.

"All these dancing Pokemon pictures are very funny!" the professor chuckled. He calmed down for a moment, then got up from his chair long enough to uncover Zero One again. "If you'd like to take some more pictures...there's an abandoned tunnel north of here...."

"An abandoned tunnel?" I asked as I climbed back inside Zero One again. "What happened?"

"Houen's Devon Corp. was building it to tourists could have an easy way to cross the island." Ash explained as he started Zero One again. "But, the construction bothered the Pokemon in that area, so they stopped. Now a lot of electric Pokemon call it home." With that, he piloted Zero One to the teleporter. "We're off to the Devon Tunnel...be back in a few hours..."

June 24th, 2005, 9:42 AM
Hmm, not bad! Its interesting enough to keep the reader hooked, which is hard to pull off. I like your word choices as well. You need to work more on your description though, since there is barely any. I can tell this is just the like the Pokemon Snap game even though I never played it. While the first chapter seemed pretty interesting, the second chapter was kind of...dull. Its written alirght but theres nothing that exciting that wants the reader to have more. There are a few spellign and grammar mistakes here and there, but I wont get into them.

Overall, I give this fic a 6/10. It needs work on desscirpition and excitement

June 24th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Thank you!

I'm planning to introduce new courses soon--with new Pokemon to boot

June 29th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Devon Tunnel, 3:45 PM

http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...es/Illusion.mid (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/Illusion.mid)

"Here we are!" Ash announced as we materialized before what looked like an entrance to a cave. "This is the Devon Tunnel." He waited as I snapped a couple of Electrode rolling about, then began to approach the cave entrance. "I wouldn't advise bothering an Electrode..." he started, but gasped when he saw a curious Pikachu hop aboard one of the Electrode as it rolled by.

"Isn't that cute?" I giggled as I snapped the Pikachu happily running on top of the Electrode.

"I'm amazed..." Ash gasped, dumbfounded by the scene. "that the Electrode didn't Selfdestruct right there...but he looks fine with that Pikachu, so lets go on inside the tunnel."


"Wow..." I stammered as I glanced around the first room of the tunnel. A few more Electrodes rolled about in a small alcove...but a patch of dirt was wiggling around, tipping me off that something was beneath it. "Hey, Ash...I see a bit of dirt moving over here by these Electrodes..."

"That's nothing a Pester Ball wouldn't fix!" Ash laughed as he hurled the rainbow colored ball at the moving patch, coloring it purple.

"Plusle!" squeaked a pale yellow mouse as it shook off the spores from its red ears. A second mouse Pokemon popped up from the hole, similar in appearance to the first, but its ears were blue. The blue eared mouse didn't have as many spores on its ears, but it ran over to the red eared mouse to help it clean up. I snapped a few shots of them cleaning themselves as we drove by.

"A Plusle and a Minun together are very close friends." Ash explained as we continued into the cavern. "One won't do anything without the other helping in some way."

"I see.." I laughed as I turned to look out at Ash's side. Suddenly a rapidly moving yellow blur caught my attention. "What's that?"

"Huh?" Ash stopped for a moment to observe the blur as it sped about in an erratic circle. "I'm not sure what it is...it'd be best to wait and see if it stops moving so you can get a clean shot of it."

"Good idea!" I agreed, patiently watching the blur speed by me again and again.

After a minute or two, I gasped at the blur slowed down, allowing me to see what it actually was. It looked very much like a dog in appearance, only it had flowing thick yellow fur, whiskers on its face like a cat's, a mane that looked like a storm cloud, and a long tail that resembled a thunderbolt...a description that fit the Legendary Beast Raikou! But what was it doing here in this tunnel?

It turned out that I wasn't the only one surprised; Ash was also gawking at the beautiful Beast, and at the same time eyeing two Pikachu that were frolicing by a giant yellow egg. After staring at Raikou for a few moments, Ash heaved an apple at him in hopes of luring him closer to us.

Raikou sniffed the apple for a moment, then bent down to enjoy his little treat. However, the Pikachus took advantage of Raikou bending down to hop on his back! By the time Raikou had finished eating, both Pikachus were on top of him!

"They must want a ride..." I laughed as I snapped Raikou.

"Hope they're ready for the high speed..." Ash chuckled as he watched the Pikachus fly off of Raikou's back. Thankfully, both appeared unharmed; so they romped back towards the egg.

"What I really want to do is snap whatever's in that egg." I interuppted, pointing out the egg as we drove by.

"Then let's launch some fireworks!" With that, Ash started a rollicking dance tune, causing the Pikachus to fire some Thunderbolts in delight, cracking the egg open. I was surprised again as the legendary thunderbird Zapdos soared over my head! I quickly snapped a few shots of him shocking an old generator, causing it to sputter back to life.

"I can't believe it...two Legendaries in one day!" I gasped as I snapped some Zubat hanging overhead.

"Even Legendaries make their home here..." Ash explained as he slowed down enough for me to snap a pair of Haunters teasing an Electrike. "so prepare to be even more surprised."

"I will..." I stammered as a Shuppet emerged from the cave wall, piqued by us. He laughed as I snapped him, just as we rounded the corner into the next room.


The next room was filled with still functioning machinery...and it appeared that some Electabuzz on my side were enjoying the hum of the generators, so I got a few shots of them basking in the electricty.

"Electabuzz are very aggressive, so its best not to disturb them." Ash cautioned as we drove along.

"Why?" I asked as I snapped a Diglett conversing with a Pikachu.

"Let me put it this way: They'll shock any and all intruders, so don't bother them unless you want to be shocked." Ash replied, but just as he concluded, two Electabuzz started firing Thunderbolts at us! In his panic, Ash set Zero One to full speed, sending us speeding out of the tunnel and away from the Electabuzz.

"That was close..." I gasped as I snapped a curious Magnemite.

"I'll say..." and Ash fumbled for his communicator. "Ruby to Master Jewel...we're coming home." With that, the teleport appeared...

July 11th, 2005, 1:41 PM
Oak's Beach House, 7:30 PM



"Professor!" I called as I entered the workroom, where Prof. Oak was covering up Zero One for the night. "We're back!"

"Oh, and with more pictures, I see...the professor smiled as I handed the pictures to him. "Let's see..." He studied the Electrodes first, but tried not to laugh at the Pikachu picture. "How cute...Pikachus are such clowns for the camera!" he laughed.

[Electrode score: 2000]

[Ball Pikachu bonus: 500]

[Pikachu score: 3000]

"I like the Plusle and Minun picture..." I smiled as the professor chuckled over the next picture. "I guess they do everything together because they have such an attraction to each other, no pun intended."

[Plusle & Minun score: 2000]

"Wow!" Prof. Oak was stunned at the Raikou picture. "Very nice picture of the Legendary Beast....and those Pikachu look like they're riding him!"

"For about three seconds." I laughed as I leaned back in my chair.

"You should explore the inside of Mt. Inferno tomorrow..." Professor Oak suggested. "You may find the Beast Entei there."

[Raikou Rider bonus: 500]

[Raikou score: 3000]

"The Zapdos one's my favorite!" I smiled. The professor nodded as set the picture aside with a smile.

[Zapdos score: 3500]

"Oh! What a lovely Thunderbolt!" the Professor smiled as he admired the Electabuzz picture.

"We narrowly escaped being shocked!" I explained. "so if they look blurry, we were going fast when I snapped them."

"I see..." the professor replied as he set the pictures aside.

[Haunter score: 1500]

[Electrike score: 1500]

[Zubat score: 1000]

[Shuppet score: 2000]

[Diglett score: 2000]

[Electabuzz score: 2500]

[Magnemite score: 2000]

"So...where is Mt. Inferno?" I asked as Ash joined me in the room.

"Mt. Inferno is the island's volcano." Ash explained. "While it has not erupted in a long time, many fire Pokemon call its internal crater home...but now's not the time to explore it."

"I agree, you've done a lot of exploring today, both of you." the professor agreed. "So why don't you two rest for tonight?"

"I think I will..." I smiled as I left the room.

To Be Continued...

July 12th, 2005, 1:50 PM
Again, very nice. I have liked it more if Ash had gotten shocked at least once. Oh well. Whats done is done, and I guess Ash has gotten shocked anough by pikachu. Hee..

July 22nd, 2005, 6:58 AM
Thank you!

Coming up: Mt. Inferno!

July 23rd, 2005, 11:25 AM
Oak's Beach House, 8:00 AM


"Morning!" I called to the professor as I entered the room, where he and Ash were discussing our imminent journey into the heart of Mt. Inferno. I made myself comfy in Zero-One's passenger seat and finished my breakfast as Ash finished going over the checklist, then climbed in the driver's seat.

"Good morning, Todd..." the professor replied. "Mt. Inferno makes the perfect place to get shots of fire Pokemon..."

"I can see why; it is a volcano, after all!" I laughed. My laughter was interrupted when I heard Zero One announce "COOLING SHIELD ENGAGED" followed by waves of cold air wafting over us. "What happened?"

"I engaged the cooling shield so we don't burn to a crisp in the crater." Ash explained as he turned the key to start Zero One. "We'll definitely need it today."

"You also might want to explore the Misty River later..." Prof. Oak suggested. "But for now, I'm setting the course for Mt. Inferno." With that, the teleport appeared...

Mt. Inferno, 8:15 AM


When we emerged on a path of cooling lava a few moments later, I could see why Ash had engaged the cooling shield: lava pits were all over the place! It looked like enough to melt the whole island, but the various Pokemon were enjoying the heat. But the giant pit on our left was much bigger than any of the others nearby--I was curious at to what kind of Pokemon would need such a large pit to call home. My interest piqued, I motioned for Ash to stop, nervously reached for a Pester Ball, and heaved it towards the lava.

Unfourtunately, I didn't throw the Ball hard enough to reach the lava, so it burst open as so as it hit the ground, spilling the purple spores it carried into the magma below. For a while, nothing happened...and then a large red Pokemon poked its head up from the lava, interested in the spores that were floating in its firey pool.

"What's that?" I asked Ash as the dinosaur-like Pokemon decided to stand up, allowing me to see just how large it was. Its thick red scales resembled the very path we were traveling on...and it looked much stronger than most Pokemon I'd seen.

"That's Groudon, the ancient Pokemon of the earth." Ash explained. "It was rumored that Team Magma tried to catch him when he appeared in Houen last year..." He let that hang as Groudon let loose with a mighty roar, making the ground around us shake! I shakily snapped a picture as Groudon bellowed again and again. "All he's doing is telling the other Pokemon that this lava pit is his turf." Ash assured me, although I could detect a note of fear in his voice as we prepared to drive away.

"He can have it, then!" I yelped as we whizzed off down the path.


"Oh!" I gasped as a herd of Rapidashs galloped by my side. "They're so pretty...but how can I get one to stop long enough for me to snap it?"

"Easy!" and Ash hurled an apple at a Rapidash, making it rear up and whinny in surprise...which I caught on film just as we rounded a bend in the path. Some Cyndaquils peeked out of some holes in the rock...just as a Ninetales emerged from her den farther up the hill, a pair of Vulpixes in tow. I couldn't resist laughing as I snapped the Cyndaquils trying to impress the Vupix by making embers with their quills. The Ninetales, meanwhile, started to approach us, curious as to why we were interested in the Vulpixes.

"Hey, I'm not gonna hurt your brood, okay?" I assured the Ninetales. She flicked her tails in approval as I snapped her picture.

"They're cute, aren't they?" Ash smiled as we drove on.


As we passed a few cliffs rising from the magma, I took a moment to observe this section of the crater: On my side, two Magmar were patrolling a rock that jutted out of some hardened lava. However, there were more Pokemon on Ash's side...some Charmanders romped among the rocks, playfully chasing a red blur that was racing around a red egg sitting in a small alcove.

I instantly recognized the blur as Entei. "Hey, Ash...think you can lure Entei closer?"

"I'll try..." and Ash hurled an apple at the blur, but it bounced off a rock and landed in the way of the Charmanders!

One Charmander sniffed the apple, then called the others over to enjoy the treat. Not only that, but a few Torchics decided to join the feast as well! Suddenly, Entei stopped running long enough to see why the Charmanders were so excited.

"He must be their guardian..." I noted as I snapped Entei watching over the other Pokemon, the lava making his ruddy brown fur gain an eerie red glow.

"I'm sure he won't mind if I entertain his charges with a song..." Ash started as he reached for his Pokeflute and started playing a lively reel.

"Char!" the Charmanders cried with delight. Some of them swept a Torchic into their paws and began dancing to the song, while the Charmanders and Torchics that didn't want to dance stood nearby, either clapping or moving their heads to the beat. They all applauded; and Entei barked with approval when Ash concluded the song.

"Thank you..." Ash replied to his makeshift audience. He was about to start another song when he saw the red egg begin to crack. "Huh?"

"I got it!" I assured Ash as the firebird Moltres emerged from the egg, leaving a trail of embers on the ground as she flew. I snapped a shot of Moltres beautifully spreading her wings in preparation to fly off as we drove along.

Just as we rounded another bend in the path, an Arcanine emerged from a cave nearby a lava pool, piqued to all the noise coming from down the hill. I laughed as I snapped the Arcanine's three Growlithes playfully chasing each other...they looked like they were having fun!

Suddenly, a Charizard sleepily peeked from the lava...but it was not happy for being disturbed; we narrowly missed being singed as it blew a flame at us as a warning! We raced down the path, then came to a stop nearby some craters.

"Ruby to Master Jewel...we're coming home." Ash called as the teleport appeared...

August 3rd, 2005, 1:22 PM
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