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June 13th, 2005, 5:45 PM
Pokémon: Back to Kanto

Quick Guide:
Author: Paul
Rating: PG
Overview: Written in episodes, like the TV series.
Episode: 001

Notes: This isn't a lame anime rip-off ^^; Yes, the characters are named after their respective games, but NO this is NOT based off of that story line -.-;; So READ it! I used -text- to show what a character is doing and [text] for camera and general movement. Please give comments...I NEVER get comments -.-;;

[Camera zooms in on a dark room. Inside a boy sleeps peacefully, snoring softly. His alarm clock ticks the seconds quietly, and soon reaches seven o'clock. Suddenly, alarm clock springs to life and begins TINGing violently. The surprised boy jumps out of bed, skewing the covers. He trips and sprawls on the floor, desperately trying to turn off the earsplitting alarm.]

Boy: -sigh- [He sits down and rests against the cabinet.] Too early to wake up...-snore-


[Green springs into action, suddenly remembering what day it is. He grabs a pair of loose jeans and a green T-shirt. After he's done getting dressed he bolts out of his room and down the stairs.]

Green: COMING MOTHER! Just can't wait until I can get my very first poké- [Green misses a step and goes tumbling down the rest of the staircase, coming to a halt after a bone jarring crash into the wall.] -sweatdrop- Owww...

Green's Mother: Green...was that you...? Come here! I need to take a look at you now! What did I tell you about running down those stairs?!

Green: -picks himself up and starts walking gingerly. Finding no apparent injuries, he resumes his brisk pace into the kitchen- I'mfinemom! RightnowI'llbeheadingovertoOak'shouseBYE! -Green bolts out the door, grabbing his toast on the way out-

Green's Mother: -deep sigh- That boy...

[Camera refocuses on Green running down the dirt path, making a cloud trail behind him. Oak's Labratory looms up ahead, and soon Green arrives.]

Green: -Knocks on door softly- Professor? -Knocks door louder- Professor Oaaaaak. -Begins to pound on door- PROFESSOR! I'M HERE!

Professor Oak: [Audience sees Green staring sulkily at the door] I'm coming, I'm coming! [The door slowly opens to reveal a very tired Prof. Oak.- Why Green! I wasn't expecting you for another -checks watch- 3 hours. But, come in, I won't turn a young trainer down. -smiles warmly-

Green: Why thanks professor!

[Green begins to walk in, and Oak shuts the door behind them. Camera switches to a frontal view of Oak and Green walking down the front hall.]

Prof Oak: So, what do you think you want? Bulbasaur? Charmander? Squirtle?

Green: BULBASAUR! BULBA-BULBA-BULBASAUR! -his eyes turn to hearts as he imagines getting his very own bulbasaur-

Prof Oak: Heh, well, glad you have a lot of enthusisium! I have the pokéballs stored over here, in the library.

[Camera swings around and faces forward. Audience is overwhelmed by the multitude of books on rows and rows of shelves. Camera slowly pans over them until it gets to a small pedestal holding three pokéballs.]

Green: There it is! That's where my bulbasuar is! -runs up to the pedistal and starts examining each and everyone- Which is it Professor?

Prof Oak: -slowly walks over- If my memory serves me righ, and lately it's been pretty bad truthfully, it should be that one. -points to the one closest to Green-

Green: -picks up the pokéball reverently- This one?

Prof Oak: Why don't you open it up and see? -chuckles-

Green: Go-o! Pokéball!

[Camera zooms in on the white shape that turns out to be a fine looking bulbasaur.]

Green: Oh! Bulbasaur! -drops down and immediately starts to hug it intensely-

[In the background, a knocking is beginning to become apparent. It's getting louder.]

Prof Oak: Ah! That must be another eager trainer! Green, why don't you bring bulbasaur and come greet them?

Green: sounds ok to me! -turns to bulbasaur- OK buddy?

Bulbasuar: -nods affirmatively- Bulba!

[Camera follows the three as they walk back down the main hall. The knocking has remained polite, but has a definete impatience to it.]

[The trio gets to the door, and Oak pulls it open. Camera gets blinded by sunlight, fade out. TO BE CONTINUED shows onscreen.]

Niko- I realize that this beginning sounds like what you'll be closing, but don't. I have a pretty unique plot lined up. =D I know the beginning is pretty traditional, but this is a rather light hearted story, and it fit real well.

June 14th, 2005, 11:48 AM
Note: I'll start off each new episode with the last couple of lines from the old one as a recap.

Episode 002

[Camera follows the three as they walk back down the main hall. The knocking has remained polite, but has a definete impatience to it.]

[The trio gets to the door, and Oak pulls it open.]

Girl: Heya Oak! -turns to Green- And GREEN!

Green:YELLOW! Glad you could make it! -beams-

[Camera backs up to include the newcomer, Yellow, into the screen. She has on short jean shorts with a turquiose belly shirt. She's wearing a yellow bandana over her long brown hair.]

Yellow: Professor...can I get my pokémon now?

Oak: Of course Yellow! Green's already taken bulbasaur-

Bulbasaur: BULBA!

Oak: As you can see, so we have charmander and squirtle left.

Yellow: That's good, because I want charmander!! -sighs in contentment-

Oak: OK, let's head over to the library.

[Camera follows the four walking down the hall. A paras waddles out from the shadows and began to scuttle in front of them, heading for the library.]

Oak: Paras! You rascal! I've been looking for you. Come here!

Paras: -turns around and scuttles back to the Prof- Pa-ras!

Oak: There we go!

[Paras scuttles up his arm, coming to a rest on his shoulder.]

Yellow: OMIGOSH! THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! Oh Professor, can I pweeeaaaase have it!?!

Oak: -sweatdrop- Well...I guess if you really want to-

Yellow: THANK YOU! -dances around hall- I got a PARAS! I got a PARAS!

[Green and Oak look at each other and sweatdrop.]

Yellow: Comer here itty-bitty paras! I'm going to name you Shroom! -gently lifts paras off of Oaks shoulder and holds it in her arms-

Shroom: -clicks its teeth happily- Paras!

Oak: Have any of you seen Blue? He was supposed to be here -checks watch- oh. I guess you two were so early you've got me confused now! He still has two and a half hours! -laughs heartily-

[The two trainers join in laughing. Yellow sets down Shroom, and it goes over to talk to bulbasaur. Camera lifts up to rejoin the people's interactions.]

Green: So I can leave now, on my own pokémon journey?!

Oak: Yes, just say goodbye to your mother -winks-

Green: Ok! Bye! Thanks again!

Yellow: Ya! Thanks bunches! I just love my new paras!

[Green and Yellow collect their respective pokémon and start to head down the hallway towards the door.]

Oak: Oh! Yellow, can I see you for a moment?

Yellow: Sure...what do you want professor?

[Green doesn't stop walking and exits Prof's lab.]

Oak: That paras was found damaged in the forest, and is a bit skittish! Make sure you handle it with a lot of love.

Yellow: Don't worry Prof! -grins widely-

Oak: I can see it's already starting to warm to you, so I won't. Here's its pokéball!

Yellow: Ok. I think I'd rather just carry it right now. -clips pokéball to her belt- By the way, is it a boy or a girl?

Oak: It's a girl. I guess you can catch up with Green now...have fun on your trip!

Yellow: Sure. And thanks again Professor Oak! -starts to run out to catch Green-

Oak: -yelling out the door- You're welcome!

[Camera switches to Green coming out of his house, backpack in hand.]

Green: Now where did Yellow go...?

Boy: Why ya wanna know?

[Green jumps. He turns to face Blue.]

Green: Blue. -scowl- Yellow and I are leaving to start our pokémon journey. Hmph.

Blue: Let me guess, you chose that overgrown weed bulbasaur, right? -snicker-

Green: It's not a weed! It could whip that puddle of a pokémon squirtle that you want!

Blue: Oh ya? Let's see!

Green: Why don't you go get your squirtle before you start instigating battles! Forget that part? -rolls on the ground laughing-

Blue: Maybe I WILL! Now! -Runs off to the lab-

[Green begins to head over to Route 1. As it begins to come into view, we see that it is way overgrown and dark. Green frowns and sweatdrops.]

Yellow: Hey! Green! Wait up!

Green: -turns towards Yellow running after him- I was wondering why you'd show up! -smiles-

Yellow: Sorry I'm late. My mom had to make sure I had everything! Oh, and I need to tell you something...-fidgets-

[Camera circles the pair, and slowly backs up, getting bulbasaur and Shroom, sitting on the ground, into the shot . Camera fades out on a side profile of the pair facing each other. TO BE CONTINUED shows up onscreen.]

June 14th, 2005, 1:08 PM
It's Awesome! Cool, PJ :D It's Actually The First Fan-Fic I've Read Completely XD

June 14th, 2005, 3:02 PM
Episode 003

Yellow: Hey! Green! Wait up!

Green: -turns towards Yellow running after him- I was wondering when you'd show up! -smiles-

Yellow: Sorry I'm late. My mom had to make sure I had everything! Oh, and I need to tell you something...-fidgets-

Green: ...what is it...?

Yellow: Blue kinda asked me if he go go along and...I said-


Yellow: -cough- I kind of did...oops...

Green: -depressed lines cover face- no...

Yellow: C'on Green! You two need to be better friends anyway! This will help you a lot. -giggle- And I think he's kinda cute!

Green: You did NOT just say that.

[Camera switches to a view of Blue, wearing black and blue shorts, with a blue t-shirt. A large backpack rests on his back. Blue's mother is coming in from the kitchen, carrying some food.]

Blue: Awww mom! Don't worry about me! I'll be OK!

Blue's Mother: -sniff- I don't like that you're going away, but if you have to, you need to bring the proper supplies!

Blue: Fine! -starts grabbing items and stuffing them in his bag-

Blue's Mother: -also putting things in Blue's bag- I'm really going to miss you Blue. And you know that I love you...don you...?

Blue: Of course mom! I'm gonna miss you too!

[Someone can be heard coming down the stairs, and Blue's Father steps down from them. He's carrying a present.]

Blue's Father: Son, I'd like you to have this.

Blue: What is it...?

Blue's Mother: Why don't you open it and find out sweetie...?

Blue: OK. -starts unwrapping gift- Oh wow! An ultraball?!

Blue's Father: Yes. -smile- We want you to be ready to catch that super powerful pokémon! -winks-

Blue: Thank you both so much! -runs up and hugs them both- I'm gonna miss you a lot!

Blue's Parents: We'll miss you too! Be safe, and we love you!

[Blue's Mother begins to cry as Blue walks out the door, waving to them.]

[Camera switches back to Yellow and Green waiting my Route 1.]

Green: I say we ditch him.

Yellow: -glares- He should be here any minute! Just wait!

Green: -deep sigh- Fine! -taps foot impatiently-

Yellow: Why don't we just play with our pokémon a bit?

Green: I suppose you don't want to battle...? -looks at her slyly-

Yellow: You're absolutely right! I'd never want to battle. It might hurt my wittle Shroom! -grabs her paras and hugs it- Just against wild pokémon!

Blue: Hey guys! Thanks for waiting! -pants-

Green: Sneaky as usual...we didn't even hear you come up. -glares-

Blue: Dude...-pant- let's quit arguing and just get going! Go! Squirtle!

[Camera zooms in on the squirtle that imerges from the pokéball.]

Yellow: CUTE! A squirtle!

Green: (dejectedly) You didn't say that about bulbasaur...

Blue: Aw well. Maybe yours isn't that cute! -laughs uproariously-

Green: Bulbasaur! Use tackle now!

Blue: Uh oh... -begins to run into Route 1-

[Camera focuses on the back of the group, but suddenly Blue stops. Green runs into him and they go sprawling. Yellow trips on Green and falls on top of them.]

Green: Why'd ya stop?! That hurt!

Blue: That! -points-

[Camera zooms in on a dark shape that Blue pointed at. Screen fades and TO BE CONTINUED shows onscreen.]


Ok...that was probably the most boring episode you'll see >>; Sorry about that ;-;

Chairman Kaga
June 14th, 2005, 3:25 PM
I almost never, ever come into the fanfic forum but since you asked me to read your fanfic I did XD As far as script fanfics go, I can't see many problems. I know all fanfics take time to work up, and I see this one's still in the stage of wading through preliminary details, but you're promising great things and why would I doubt you? XP~ I look forward to further posts, and if you need me to scan it for anything (i.e. grammar, anything like that) I can, though I can't guarantee 100% accuracy ^_^


June 14th, 2005, 3:49 PM
I'm trying to get through the boring introductory stuff >>;

Episode 004 luckily focuses a lot more on the battling/actual fun stuff XD

June 16th, 2005, 9:33 PM
Yays! I Can't Wait For Chapter 4, As You Know PJ :P

June 18th, 2005, 3:18 PM
Episode 004 - by PokéJungle

[Camera focuses on the back of the group, but suddenly Blue stops. Green runs into him and they go sprawling. Yellow trips on Green and falls on top of them.]

Green: Why'd ya stop?! That hurt!

Blue: That! -points-

[Camera zooms in on a dark shape that Blue pointed at.]

Yellow: -shivers- What is it?

[Rattata steps out. It peers around for a second, then darts back into the bushes.]

Yellow, Blue, and Green: Phew! -sweatdrop-

Green: I for one was ready to catch that!

Blue: Oh ya? I bet I could've caught if faster!

Yellow: Guys! Stop arguing! It's gone now, so no one can catch it!

Green: I guess you're right. -sigh- I don't have a pokéball either.

Blue: Well...my parents gave me an -smirk- ULTRA BALL!

[Yellow and Green step back and gasp as Blue pulls it out from his backpack.]

Yellow: Wow!! That is soooooo cool!

Blue: I know -winks-

Green: Oh ya? Well my mother gave me a MASTER BALL!

Blue and Yellow: REALLY?!?!?!

Green: Well....if she would've had one...I know she would have given it to me...

Blue and Yellow: -sweat drop- Oh...

Green: Let's run up ahead to Viridian City! I know the PokéMart there has some 'balls! I go shopping there with my mom sometimes.

Yellow: I'm always up for some shopping! -grins- What about you Blue?

Blue: Sure. I don't really mind, and I don't want to use my Master ball on some weak pokemon. Let's go!

[The 3 travelers start running up through the grass, passing a lot of pokémon by. They soon are in sight of Viridian. A shady stranger steps out of the woods.]

Stranger: Any of you kids want to buy a fine water pokémon?

Green: Who are you, and what pokemon?

Stranger: I'm a magikarp seller... Want one?

Blue: NO way! I've heard of this scam before.

Stranger: Oh please! I need this job to support my family! It's the only one I could take!

Yellow: Awwww...

Blue: Heard that one before too! -runs over and kicks the guy in the shins- Take that swindler!

Yellow: Blue!

Green: -snickers- Nice one!

Stranger: You little...

Blue: RUN!

[The trainers take off at a much faster pace than they had been going before they were stopped. All of them laugh as they run, while the stranger nurses his shin back in the fading distance. The screen goes black and TO BE CONTINUED shows onscreen.]