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  • I guess Misty really is gone from the anime forever. All your hopes and rants back in 2003-2005 in the Misty club were all in vain. Makes you wonder why misty leaving was such a big deal in the first place
    Hi Kaga! It's been awhile. How's it been going?

    I still remember when we used to talk on AIM. I still have it and Windows Live Messenger. I also have Skype now too. It wounld be fun to talk to ya on one of those sometime.^^
    Same here! Phff, I'm so nosey, I had to see what everyone was up to.
    Haven't seen this name on in a while c:
    You know what Kaga, you need to keep in touch with me outside of PC lol... but I'm back again (for now at least)
    There's still more I wanted to say, of course.

    I've still been playing the Pokemon games since the 3rd era. Things have defiantly changed since then. There's now over 600 Pokemon, and many older ones got new abilities though the Dream World. And now, Black and Whites getting a sequel, with new forms for Kyurem.It looks like it could fuse with Reshiram and Zekrom.It we'll be getting it this fall!

    I've also gotten into other games too. I like Persona 3 and 4. They're both really good. I got the FES and Portable versions of 3. I still have yet to beat 4 though.
    Fat cats <3

    Nope, it doesn't show as a .gif on Safari. =(

    Nisemonogatari? All right.

    I'm not doing much, studying math and Japanese on my free time, flirting with girls over the internet mostly youtube.
    I noticed. I've been trying to be here more often myself. I do miss having the member clubs. They were really fun. If they were still here, I'd make ya a new club.

    Yep,I've got many things I really like, like Pokemon, Sonic,Phineas and Ferb, and many other things I discovered since we last talked. And I did see that new Misty club. It's been almost 6 years since she last appeared.She last appeared in the Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon 10th anniversary special. Lots of things have happened since then. Heck, last year, it was the 15th anniversary. That says how time's past.

    Yep,I turned 25 last July. Wow, that's really neat. Happy birthday! Yeah, there's defiantly plenty of teens here. I do have fun talking to them.Sure,I think of a few past and present things to say!

    Not to long after I graduated in 2006, I got to go to the Journey Across America tour. It was really fun. I finally got a Celebi there. I brought plushies of Lucario and Weavile[Lucario's movie came that fall]. I got to hug a Pikachu and Munchlax. My sister had fun too. She's gotten back into Pokemon not too long ago too.

    Recenty, I got my aunt's old Sega Genesis last Saturday. I got 29 games ,4 controllers, and a cleaner, all for 50 dollars. I've been having fun with it since I got it.
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