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Hiroshi Sotomura
February 6th, 2004, 9:00 PM
The PokéCommunity Get-together 4 - 2nd Creative Writing Competition
Here is the community's Second Creative Writing Competition. Like writing? Perhaps poetry? Pick your subject free choice! See how good you write when me and Shadow rate it.

February 6th, 2004, 9:09 PM

No one ever listened, they never knew, how badly I wanted to be. Alone
Can't you see, it's only what's inside of me, I just really want to be. Alone
Furious and Angry, why do you torment me, I said I was sorry, May I be. Alone
Alone, Alone is what I want to be, Alone can't you see? It's only what's inside of me.

February 6th, 2004, 9:16 PM
I'm entering!


Exploring Unknown Ruins
Deep inside a cave
seeking out the answers
to the questions that you crave

The caves are filled with monsters
And things that crawl about
You know it isn't certain
that you'll ever make it out

You wear protective armor
that shields you from most harm
a large and powerful cannon
replaces your right arm

in spite of all the gear you have
some are stronger still
I'm talking about the monsters
It's you they seek to kill

The visor of your helmet
shows maps and readouts, too
everything you need to know
is all right there for you

the most important readout
is your energy supply
if it ever reaches zero
you will surely die

as you are exploring
there's not much that you'll find
questions more than answers
seem to fill you mind

you must keep your focus
you're running out of time
these are thoughts you're thinking
when you're playing Metroid Prime.

February 6th, 2004, 9:44 PM

I never knew pain, I never knew you.
Together forever, that wasn't your view.
My heart was shattered, like a broken pane.
Who ever thought, that you'd be so vain?
Twirling in the wind, choking on the smog.
It makes me sick, this poisonous fog.
I've finally found my place,
no time for disgrace.
I'm alone in the ground.
My body never found.

Latios Master
February 6th, 2004, 10:23 PM
LMSpecial: Dream Island

It was a bright and sunny day on Dream Island, an island in the Mystery Islands, which are southwest of Hoenn. Many old stories have been passed down by generation to generation that a legendary Pokemon will one day awaken and grant people wishes- Jirachi...

Song: http://borabora.globat.com/~pokemon-music.net/M4/Pokemon_4Ever_Title_Theme.mp3

The cruise ship sailed into the harbor of Dream City, the urban part of Dream Island. The passengers then got off. Look who's coming! It's our heroes: June, Alex, and me. Behind them is my rival, Brandon.
Brandon: "So, this is Dream Island. Nice spot for a ballte. What'da say, Keith?"
Me: "Alright, let's get this thing started!"
Brandon: "Go, Blaziken!"
Me: "Go, Swampert!"
Brandon: "Blaziken, use Mirror Move!"
Me: "Swampert, Hydro Cannon!"
Swampert blasted a very strong blast of water at Blaziken. Blaziken jumped in the air, dodging it, and sent Swampert's attack back at him!
Me: "Swampert, Muddy Water!"
Brandon: "Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!'
As Blaziken jumped sky-high, Swampert prepared a blast of Muddy Water. Blaziken then came down, ready to knock out Swampert, but Swampert made him miss with the Muddy Water! Both Pokemon were too tired to continue.
Brandon: "Well, that was a good battle. Maybe I'll see ya around."

Later on, we went to the local museum and joined the tour that just started.
Tour Guide: "This is a painting of a great battle that occured on our island long ago. What you see is a dream granting Pokemon saving this city from from a giant fire-type Pokemon. Legends say that the fire-type Pokemon will arise again at the sign of the red moon. 3 gates will unlock power that will destroy the world. A dragon will come to protect us, but will fail. Then the granter of wishes will arrive." We then went and stayed at a local hotel. I turned on the TV but nothing good was on. I turned it off and looked out at the moon. It appeared as if it was turning red. I then fell asleep.

On the rooftops, two shadows moved along. They were Team Rocket members. Their names were Butch and Cassidy.
Cassidy: "Come on, Butch. The gate is just outside of the city."
They later arrived at a giant door. A gate which had the folowing description on it. 'Here is the Master of Ice'. Behind them, the moon beat a strong red. Then the ground began to shake. The ground opened up to reveal a giant Magmar. It seemed to stand a mile high, and it was dark looking. It then shot a beam of fire at the Ice Gate which melted it open. Inside, stood a Regice. Two other gates opened up around the city. Magmar stomped toward the city and began to destroy buildings. Registeel and Regirock began to destroy the city too. Regice started to chase Butch and Cassidy around.
Butch: "I think we got it mad!"
Cassidy: "It's not my fault!"
By the gate sat Jessie, James, and Meowth eating ice cream cones. Jessie mumbled something.
Jessie: "About time they payed for what they did to us."

In the city, people ran from buildings and into the woods. June, Alex, Brandon, and I were standing outside. Then, a shadow started coming from the sky! It was Rayquaza! The Rayquaza fought with the giant Magmar, but started loosing. After awhile, the Rayquaza weakened and collapsed on the ground. I ran toward it.
Me: "Rayquaza, you've gotta get up and fight! You must! The fate of the world is in your claws...I just wished you had your energy restored."
At that moment, a strange yellow light came floating down from the sky. There appeared.....Jirachi.
Jirachi: "I have awakened from my sleep to grant your wish...Rayquaza, lift your body and save the world."
The Jirachi then disappeared. At that moment, Rayquaza Lifted his head and blast a Hyper Beam at Magmar! The Magmar fell down and into the ground. The Regis went back into their caves, and Rayquaza thanked me and left. The moon then turned back to normal.

I woke up to a bright, sunny day. The city was back to normal and people returned to their homes. We then all boarded the next cruise out. I looked in the sky and I thought I saw Jirachi's facing winking at me. Then a yellow, glowing orb came down from the sky and into my hands. It was Jirachi's gift to me. I then got on board and joined my friends. Who knows what other great adventured await us in the future... The End

February 8th, 2004, 3:23 AM
Ending date, please? I'll write something, but the stories I have stored at the moment are for a writing competition here in Melbourne.

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 8th, 2004, 3:37 AM
Definitely won't end at the end of the Get-together - it ends at the end of this month. You'll find the creative writing competition somewhere (possibly Other Fanfiction or Pokémon Fanfiction).

February 8th, 2004, 12:22 PM
I'm entering!


Gold Raikou, unless you can prove yourself otherwise, I'm charging you with

That poem was from a reader's letter in an issue of Nintendo Power (I've included a scan of my issue in this post). Could you explain yourself?

February 8th, 2004, 12:28 PM
Looks like Gold Raikou got BUSTED

oni flygon
February 8th, 2004, 1:04 PM
You would never have thought someone like me writes poetry eh? XD

BitterSweet Sorrow

What I hear
is the silence of your lips
your deep blue eyes
tearful and naive

Your sweet sobs
and your salty tears
I wish I felt the same
the pain inside your heart

It's bitter sweet sorrow
sorrow I couldn't feel
sorrow of love and truth
alongside the pains I bear

Sweet sorrow as
I held you in my arms
withing a tearful embrace
I comfort your sorrow
as I kiss your mourning lips...

Mystical Mewtwo
February 8th, 2004, 1:43 PM
Daughter of the King

"Do not turn your back on destiny, or it might turn its back on you!"

June just ran. She ran right out of the courtyard, ran up the tower stairs, and sat on the edge of the castle walls, stairing right over the valley. She watched the sun slowly sink over the horrison.

The sun was a pinkish-orange, and as it faded slowly over the horison, it turned all the clouds around it the same beutiful color. June wasnt really thinking about that; in fact, her eyes werent even open.

She let out a sob, almost silent. She would never forget the words her father told her.

"You will become queen, my dear, weather you like it or not!"

Her father had just announced to her that she would become the heir to the thrown, and she would get all the power. Most people in the kindom would die for that chance. Not june. She hated the thought of being queen, for one simple reason.

Her father.

He was almost as bad as our king henry the 8th, always beheading and killing. She did not want that life. She did not want the kingdom because she was afraid what that power would do to her...

Her thoughts were interupted by a sudden voice. "Beutiful, isnt it?"

She turned around to see her best friend, Hunter. Hunter, around her age, was a squire, and was attempting to reach knighthood. His smile, almost ever present on his face, imediatly faded when he saw her tears. June quickly turned back.

"What is it? Whats the matter?"

She said softly, it a somewhat quivering voice, "I am going to be queen."

"Thats great! But why.... are you sad?"

"I dont want to be queen! I dont want the power that corrupted more kings in our history than i know! I dont want to behead people, just because they dont like me! I dont want to be... like... my father," she ended, somewhat sofly.

Hunter sat down next to her on the edge of the wall. "You think of what it is and what it was, but not what it will be."

"But it will be, i know it."

"You dont! You think of how your father runs things, not how it can be run. Listen, i know some with a good heart like yours will not go corrupt. In fact, i imagine that the kingdom will become somewhat peacefull after you become queen."

She sniffed. She thought, 'I hope so. But that was sweet of him.'

She turned to look at her best friend, who was looking at her with worry in his eyes. But something was different than before. Something was... odd. In her and in him. They both looked at eachother, and for a second, nothing else mattered.

It was sudden, it was random, and no one knows why, but they both kissed. Not a serious kiss, mind you, but almost like two butterflys touching; bumping against eachother.

Oh yea, then they really kissed. Do i need to discribe?

They broke the kiss and staired at eachother for a minute. Suddenly June said, "You know what? I dont think being queen will be so bad."

YAy! A story! Just made it up!

February 9th, 2004, 9:35 AM
Gold Raikou, unless you can prove yourself otherwise, I'm charging you with

That poem was from a reader's letter in an issue of Nintendo Power (I've included a scan of my issue in this post). Could you explain yourself?

Well, I happen to be VGMasterGCN and I have an NP subscription. I also hame MP on my GameCube.