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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Happy birthday, Latios Master!! :D
    Sorry for disappearing so suddenly like that! I've been away without Internet for a few weeks, but I should be back by the end of June. You're in charge until then! ;)

    Good luck on your hunts!
    When writing out the Monthly Quest this time (awesome idea, by the way, about the Christmas colors), I realized that what we're doing is pretty revaluing shinies to certain weighted values; ie., red and green shinies count as 1 but all other shinies count as 0 for this month. I think we can do a lot with that, playing with the values to add more stuff to the Quests. Like, we could try randomly assigning different values to different groups and letting people hunt normally, seeing what shinies they get and then valuing them accordingly. This would let people hunt whoever they want and would reward people for getting more shinies. For example, if someone is looking for a particular shiny to complete a Quest but accidentally runs into a different one, that has no value under the current arrangement. But if we assigned a random number from 1-17 to each type, we could have people go about hunting in a way that encourages people to search for the type that's valued at 17, but it would still reward someone who has 2 9-value shinies over someone who only caught one 17.

    Just a crazy idea to throw out there, figured I'd see what you thought. Then again, it's 4:13 AM and I'm probably just rambling, "lol."
    You know what surprises me? You've been a member for over 8 years, yet I notice you don't have a single emblem. Not even the PC Veteran emblem. (Random VM, I know)
    Hey Latios Master! Landorus has given up ownership of the club, and he's named me the new owner. Being the co-owner and de facto administrator of the club, you deserve to have a large say in this. Would you be alright with me being owner?

    If so: Would you like to be a co-owner in the new club?
    If not: Would you like to be the owner instead?

    I'm definitely open to suggestions if you have any other ideas about anything and would be totally cool with whatever you decide. :)
    hey dude, i knw people arnt allowed to post links to other sites in the shc, but im hosting a shiny hunter event and id really like it if i could post in the shc for that without getting a strike, since more ppl could participate
    I figured that out once I bothered to click through to your Twitter page. Good riddance, McKinnie!

    Who do you think has claimed Thome and Kubel?
    Your Tweets... you're from Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota/Iowa/Wisconsin, aren't you?
    hey there, i just posted in the shiny hunters club...just wondering, do you have to fill out a form or something to become a member?
    No... when I got to your profile it read "This page has had 666 visits." Not now, but it was when I viewed your profile.
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